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A Nourishing? & Wholesome BREAD 

for Family Use, Delicious to Eat 

and Always Fpesh. 

Only Bakers who hold the BERMALINE AGENCY can Sell BERMALINE. 

There is a First-Class Agency in nearly Every District. (In Rothesay — 

G. Mum, Castle Bakery.) When you ask for Bermaline GET Bermaline, 

If y<u have any difficulty, write Montgomerxe & Co., Ltd., Ibrox, Glasgow. 

Established 1SSO. 

To Subaorikera, 

Price, One Shilling. 


Fop 1917 -18 



•SP J* 



#X I^M^M^tt^^^M^^t^^^^ «^H^^^«^H^^<$M^M^^t^«^^^l^«^<|^<^^ 













Estimates Furnished on Application. 
All Orders Punctually Attended To. 

















Arabic Numerals, 

Staff Notation, 

Code of Signals, 

and Esperanto — 

based on 
- solid and sure 
are now used for 

the pleasure 

and profit of the 

human family: 

so distinct that 

wayfaring men, 

tho' fools, 

ne«d not err 


Each is highly 

and everyone h»s 
come to stay. 





are Powers which are transforming 
Thk World. 

School Of 


*§fr Am 


4* 22 Bridge Street, ^ 
\%. Rothesay. *? 




and Assistants. ' ' 


jT Protptekuet en Application 

By means of 



persons in any 

country can, and 

do, correspond 

with persons in 

other countries, 

without the 

necessity of 

knowing each 

other's language 

In order that 
old national 
languages -may 
be simplified, 
their spellings 
are also desired 

to be made 
purely phonetic. 

Study vrith a view to Efficiency. 

That which is easily gained 
is lightly valued. 





- SI€r€fiS & 




JUatriage anfc jpuntral ^tinting a &pccialttg>. 




Reliable Goods at Popul ar Prices 

~\\TE specialise in Ladies' Blouses and Golf Jackets. We hold a Magnificent Stock 
* * of Ladies' Neck Wear, Gloves, Corsets, Underclothing, Skirts, Belts, Bags and 

Umbrellas, Ladies' Watererproof Coats, special line from 2 Is to 45s. 
Our LADIES' COSTUM1E and GENT.S' SUIT DEPTS. are now under the personal 

supervision of Mr Caldwell. A trial solicited. 
We direct your attention to the fact that we now have a splendid New Stock of Boys' 

and Youth's Ready-to- Wear Suits — the Very Latest Styles and Good Value. 
Our Challenge Two-Guinea Gents' Blue Serge Suits are Unbeatable for Wear, Colour 

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Trousers in Great Variety. 
The Leading House for Sents' Showerproof Coats from 25s to 50s 
Every Size in Oilskin Coats for Ladies', Girls', Boy's, Youths and Men. 
Great Variety of Hats, Caps, Searfs, Braces, Sox and Underwear. 
Our New Department of NAPERY is now complete. The value is excellent in Towels, 

Table Cloths, Blankets, Sheets, Quilts, and everything useful for the Home. 
Your visit will be esteemed a', the 

The Royal Corner House* 





The Real Scotch Ionic : 


Thfe Grea' Brain, Nerve, 
:: and Muscle Builder. :: 

NERVETONINE is the Supreme Tonic, makes 
Brave Men ami Women bv evercoming Nervy 
Symptoms, Irritability, Depression, Brain Fag, 
Rhcumati-m, Neuralgia, Lam hag", Sciatica, 
Hysteria, Sleeplessness, &e. 

Bottles, 1 9 2/9, 4/6, post free. '■ . , 


M. F. T. Ideal Skin Food 
Complexion Wax. 

Daily Delight of Discriminating Persons of Distinction 
because the Safe and Ready Promoter - Sustainer of 
Pleasing Countenance." Yes, this Every Weather 
Treasure Con ects Extremes, of Sun, Wind, Fog, Frost, 
&c, refines away Wrinkles and other Traces of Work, 
W orry and Years. 2s vnd 4/6 post free. 

T?nr\+ Trx^r /THOMPSON'S! JOY rids Crippling Corns, 

JT %J\J t U My \ CORN PLASTER J Bunions and Swollen Joints 

— safely, Speedily. Yes, this is the famous " Comfort, for the Feet" you hear of! 

Only in M. F. T. envelope. Large Sheet, 1/2 post free. 


Gifts for your Fair Friends— M. F. T. Rose Ottoes, Lilies, Violets, Lilacs, Sweet Pea 
Blossom, Olde English Lavander,and Real Flower Quintessences, in Fine Art Cases 
Assortment Caskets and Sprays. Quite unique variety and value, 1/6 to 80s. 


M. F. T. Scotch Mountain Heather ! 2/9, 3/9, 5/9, and 10/9 post free. No Per- 
fume it* equal : so fix on it ! 




Homoeopathic Chemist, Perfumery and Toilet Expert, 



° $ft 

Published Annually. Price, One Shilling. 

(To Non-Subscribers, 1'6.) 



Fop 1917- 18. 










Applicable only within tlie United Kingdom, 

«- - 3Q JM JE » J%_ IBL. 



Chief Offices— 

General Buildings, Perth, Scotland. 
General Buildings, Aldwych, London, YV.C. 

P. NORIE-MILLER, J.P., General Manager, 

To whom Notice of Claims under the following conditions must be 
sent within seven days of Accident. 

filAA ONE HUNDRED POUNDS will be paid 
oUX U U by the above Corporation to the legal per- 
sonal representatives of any person who is killed by an 
accident causing material damage to the passenger 
train or steamer connecting with the Mainland, or 
tramway car or public omnibus in Buteshire, in which 
the deceased was travelling as a ticket bearing or pay- 
ing passenger, or who shall have been fatally injured 
thereby, should death result within one, calsndar 
month after such accident, Provided that the person 
so killed or injured had upon his or her person (or had 
leit at home) this coupon, with his or her usual signa- 
ture, written prior to the accident, in the space pro- 
vided below, which, together with the giving of notice 
within 7 days to the above Corporation is the essence 
of this contract. 

This Insurance only applies to persons over 14 and under rjj years 
of age, is subject lo the conditions stated above and contained in the 
General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Corporation Act, 1907, does 
not extend to cover deaths caused by or resulting from war or invasion, 
and holds good from 1st August, 1917 to 31st July, 1918. 
No person can recover wider more tha.7i one coupon Ticket in respect of the 
same risk. 


Thi«"Coupon mint not lie cut out, but left intact in the 1917-1918 issue ol the 

BUTE*COUNTY DIRECTORY, as that. being dated, forms the only evidence 

of its c 



WE have again diligently and carefully collected and 
arranged useful information regarding Buteshire 
as it is bo-day — with its officials, householders and business 
people — and once again have pleasure in giving the com- 
pilation the honours of the Press. 

Notwithstanding the strain, economies, and consider- 
able increases in the prices of material and labour, conse- 
quent upon the continuance of the Greatest of all Wars, 
we have made sacrifices to produce our Directory as com- 
plete as formerly— and that without any advance in price 
to former patrons. Complimentary copies restricted. 

As our Advertising friends appreciate the continued 
distribution of their announcements facing the ordinary 
reading matter, with prompt receipt of orders, we intend 
to keep permanent this decided benefit. 

Our desire is to overlook no interest ; and therefore, 
we respectfully solicit notices of alterations or additions 
as early as possible, so that these may be given effect to. 

This Directory is a much more important publication 
than many imagine. One of the earliest publications con- 
nected with Buteshire was a Directory, issued about one 
hundred years ago in conjunction with Renfrewshire. The 
printing of portions of it about forty years ago in one of 
the local papers made such interesting reading, that the 
idea of having such a present-day record for Rothesay took 
the popular fancy and led up to our present compilation 
for the whole of Buteshire. 

This Directory is not only at hand for refei^ence at all 
times throughout the whole county, but it is also ready for 
reference in the libraries of Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, 
Dublin, Cambridge, Oxford, &c.,and in numerous business 
houses and agencies in busy centres throughout the king- 
dom; so we are particularly anxious that nothing of benefit 
to Buteshire be. omitted, but that all interests have a good 
show, and everything be brought thoroughly up to date. 

Our best thanks are again accorded to those who have 
in any way helped us in this compilation. It takes long 
and careful vigilance to ascertain and give effect to the 
continual changes. Notwithstanding the upheavals of the 
the world war, our county as well as the glorious British 
Empire, is intact; and will, by strenuous endeavour, sur- 
vive the blast recuperate, and flourish again — brighter and 
better than ever. HIGGIE & CO., Publishers. 

Rothesay, July, 1917 


Part I. 

LOCAL CALENDAR, .. .. 5—16 

Part II.— Officials. 



Parish and Burgh of Rothesay ... 3 
Parish of North Bute ... ... 59 

Parish of Kingarth • ■■ ••■ 63 


Parish of Kilbride... ... ... 69 

Parish of Kilmory ... ... 73 


Burgh of Millport . ... ••• 79 

Part III.— Householders. 


Rothesay ... ... •■• 81 

North Bute.. ... ... ...121 

Kingarth ... ... ... 125 

Part IV.— Traders. 

Rothesay ... ■•• — 129 

North Bute... ... ••■ ...137 

Kingarth ... ... ••• 139 


Millport, .. ■■ •• un 


Postal Information, .. 57, 61, 65, 142 






Calendar— Anniversaries, etc. 



1 French Cadet Ship in Rothesay Bay, 1905. 
Steamboat boycott of Millport [three days], 1906. 
Rev Canon Matthews, St Paul's Church, Roth., died, 1909. 
Archibald Campbell Black, writer, Glasgow, died, 1912. 
Formation of Bute Cycling Club, 18w5. 

6 Fri King married, 1893. Marquis of Bute married. 1905. 

7 Sat (9) George Jarvie, scoutmaster, Rothesay, died, 1917. 
Sun Lieut Jas Cunningham, Rothesay, killed at the Front. 1916. 

9 Mon (10) Lord Bute brought his bride to Mountstuart, 1905. 

10 Tues Alex. Campbell appointed Rothesay Registrar, 1916. 

11 Wed (14") Rothesay Pier New Waiting Rooms opened, 190-1. 

12 Thur Heritors agreed to excamb St. Mary's Chapel, Roth., 1880. 
lSjFri Rothesay Free Parish Church opened by Dr Guthrie, 1845. 
14Sat Inauguration of Albert Memorial Fountain, Rothesay, 1864. 
15'SunjSaint Swithin's day. (14)Kilchattan Bay Pier opened, 1880, 
l6JMon (15) Captain Harding appointed Chief Constable, 1898. 
17iTues (18) Sudden Death of D H M'Fie, painter, Rothesay, 1916. 
18;Wed King George V, visited Edinburgh (Buteinen honrd ), 1911, 
19|Thur|(20) Captain Webb swam in the'Clyde, 1880. 

20;Fri iSaint Bruix day fair instituted, 1585. 

21Sat Rev John R. Scoular, Cupar-Fife, died 1915. 

22 Sun iRev John Saunders, Kingartb, inducted, 1879. 

23 Mon Dr Daniel Reid, Rothesay, died, 1916. 

25; Wed 
29 San 

Dr Andrew J. Hall, Rothesay, died, 1916. 

Rev D. M x Cormick, inducted, Chapelh'l Free Cli., Ry., 1877. 

(25) St Blane's Bawling Green, Kilchattan Bay opened 1903. 

(26) Marchioness of Bute as Dame Wales at Cardiff, 1909. 
Love with life is heaven ; and life unloving, hell.— Tupper. 

Sir James Lamont, Knockdhu, died, )913. 

Poll Tax for building Rothesay Parish Church, 1692. 

Annual Game and Gun licenses expire. 



Calendar— Anniversaries, ete. 

8 Fri 

5 Sun 

6 Mon 

House of Lords decided in favour of Remainant Frees. 1904 

(I) St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Millport, opened, 1848 
(2)Chas. Thomson, blacksmith, Port-Bannatvne. died, 1911 
Earl of Dumfries born at Mount Stuart, 1907. 

Bute Family appointed ktepers of Rothesay Castle, 1498. 

(7) A. W. Herbert appointed County Clerk, 1909. 

Corp. John Caldwell, Rothesay, awarded D CM, 1916. 

Scots Coronation Stone taken to England, 1296. 

Late King's Coronation (postponed from 26th June), 1902 

St Blane canonised 1000. 

Rev Jas. Graham ordained first dissenter in Rothesay, 1784 

(II) Win. Spencer, J. P.. Southpaik. < ied, 191 1 
Ballard Fountain, West Esplanade, presented, 1861. 
Kothesay Electric Tiamways Inspected by Bd of Trade, 1902 
(14) Sergt. Dune. Ferguson, killed at the Front. 1916. 
Late King's first visit to Rothesay, 1847. 

(16) Rothesay Esplanade Russell Band Stand opened, 1873. 
Rothesay Town Council purchased fire engine, 1918. 
Rothesay Electric Tramways opened for traffic, 1902. 
Agricultural Society's Free Gift Sale at Roth. Castle, 1917. 
Archd. Brown, banker, Rothesay, died, 1903. 
Presbyteriani.-m established in Scotland, 1567. 
Visit of Foreign Esperantists to Rothesay, 1907. 
Steamer "' Comet " launched at Port-Glasgow, 1812 
(24) George Innes, pawnbroker, Rothesay, died, 1913. 
Sheriff* Wilson introduced to Rothesay Sheriff" Court, 1912 
Sheep Dog Exhibition before the late King in Arran, 1902» 
Private Gavin FlemingH, . L.I. , killed at the Front, 1916. 
Memorial Stone of Bridgend New U. F. Church laid, 1908. 
Death of P B. Ferguson, journalist, London. 1905. 
(3) Sudden Death of Wm. Fullarlon. Rothesay. 191 f. 


It is the Language of the Cosmopolitan Red Cross Society, 

is More Scientific, Easily Learned, Up-to-Date, and LTseful than 

any other Language — because it is intended to be an 

Auxiliary to each and all. 




Calendar— Anniversaries, etc. 

1 Sat 

2 Sun 




























30 Sun 

Princess Louise and Marquis of Lome visited Rothesay, 1874 
(1) Rothesay Academy extension opened, 1910. 
Freedom of Rothsy. to A B. Stewart and Thos. Russell, 1875 
John Reid gifted Frskine House for Soldiers' Hospital, 1916 
Kx-Bailie Aitchison, Rothesay, died, 1908. 
Sergt. T. Hamilton killed at "the Front, 1916. 
Committees appointed to promote t-abbath observance, 1837 
Soldier Harvesters arrived in Bute, 1916. 
ex-Bailie Muir won Scottish Bakers' Champion Cup, 1909. 
(9) Chapelhill Free Gaelic Church. Rothesay, opened, I860. 
Sergt. Donald M'lntyre awarded Military Medal, 1916. 
Rothesay public street lighting by electricity, 1899. 
Chapelhill bought bv Town Council, 1858. 
Ex-Provost Sharp, J.P., D.L.. died 1914. 
Institution of Rothsy. Parliamentary Debating Assoc, 1880 
Bute Shinty Club formed. 1907. 
John Cruickshanks, plumber, died, 1907. 
Lieut. D. Morrison killed at the Front, 1916. 
jCorp. Robert C. Miller, Canada, killed at the Front, 1916. 
Franco-Scottish Society visited Bute, 191 1 
(22) First Belgain Refugees arrived in Rothesay, 1914. 
Ex-Provost Brown, Rothesay, died, 1878. 
Traelic Mod opened at Rothesay, 1908. 
Wm. Tytler appointed agent. Royal Bank, Roth., 1906. 
Opening of '\Ladv Margaret" Hospital, Millport, 1900. 
(John Paterson, Whinnie Brae, died, 1912 
Welcome home to Rothesay soldiers in Hotel Victoria, 1901 
Freedom of Rothesay to first barber, 1764. 
Use of Iron Harrow Pins enacted in Bute, 1720. 
Prince Leopold visited Rothesay, 1876. 
: He that gathereth in summer is a wise son.--Solomon 


Shorthand, Type- Writing", 

and Esperanto Classes. 

Session, from October till March. Prospectuses on application. 



































Calendar— Anniversaries, ete. 

Present Cumbrae Lighthouse first lighted, 1793. 

First Arrival of Wounded Warriors at Mountstuart, 1914. 

Battle of Largs, 1263. Jewish New Year begins. 

Lord Ninian Stuart killed in action in France, 1915. 

A. Graham Murray, M.P., appd. Secy, for Scotland, 1900. 

Sudden death of Robert Gemmill, Yeddo, Rothesay, 1916. 

(8) William Miller, slater, Rothesay, died 1911, 

Rothesay Town Council allowed Coal Digging at Ascog, 1664. 

(7) Sudden death of John Currie, farmer, Westland, 1912 

Freedom of Roth, to G. R. Stephenson of Glen Caladh, 1869. 

Boer War began, 1899. 

Roth. Branch An Comunn Gaidhealach formed, 1906. 

James Dobbie, florist, of Dobbie & Co., Rothesay, died 1905. 

Glasgow Water works opened, 1859. 

No life can be dreary when work is delight.— Havergal 
(17) John Gibson, butcher, died, 1909. 
Bute Primrose League gained championship banner, 1913. 
(19) Robert Laidlaw, Balmory, died, i.907. 
Sudden death of Councillor TJ. I. Morris, Rothesay, 1911. 
Ex-Bailie Hicks died, 1914, 

Telephone connection with Kilchattan Bay opened, 1908. 
(21) Andrew Dodds, joiner, Rothesay died, 1903. 
Ordination and Induction of Rev Wm. Galbraith, Rotli., 1 888. 
(23) County Committees formed under Pensions Act, 1916. 
James VI styled King of James I Great Britain, 1664. 
Golden Wedding of Robert Brown, ex-Bellman, 1906. 

(28) Home Squadron arrived in Rothesay Bay, 1903. 

(29) J L Masterton apptd. agent, Bank of Scotland, 1901. 
Freedom of Rothesay to Marquis of Lome, 1 874. 
Opening of Rothesay New Gas Works, 1896. 

New Stand. Weights and measures got, 1825. (cost £108 5s. 


JEBricig-© Street. 

Established as the Rothesay School of Shorthand in 1872. 

Classes re-Open at the Beginning of this Month for Two Quarters' Instruction in 


Prospect me on Application. Gkokgk HlGGIE, Principal. 




Calendar -Anniversaries, etc. 

Thur Rev T Beale, b a, inducted rector, St Paul's, Rothesay, ; 09 
Fri James Lyon, farmer, Drumachloy.died, 1913. 
Sat Mrs Galbraith, Bridgend U F. Ch., Rothesay, died, 1912. 
Sun Institution of Anct. Order of Forresters, Court Bute, 1871. 
Mon Whale caught in the Kyles, 1880 
Tues Ex-Bailie Squair, J. P., Rothesay, died 1911 
Wed Dr Scougal, Inspector of Schools, died, 1916. 
Thur (9) Rev Donald M'Kay, late Roth. Gaelic Ch., died 1910. 
9 Fri John M. Lamont appointed Clerk to Lieutenancy, 1915. 

10 Sat Bute Fire Assurance Coy. established, 1878. 

11 Sun Martinmas Term. 

12 Mon First Newspaper in Glasgow, 1715. 

13 Tues Roth. Harb. Trust agreed to impose Id toll on pier. 1916, 

14 Wed Rev. Kenneth Smith elected to Roth. Gaelic Church, 1906. 

15 Thur (14) Fishery Conference at Rothesay, 1905. 

16 Fri ;(17) W. A. Wilson, Proprietor of " Buteman," died, 1908. 

17 Sat l" Duchess of Rothesay" Chapter 15, O.E.S., instd., 1905. 
18[Sun A. Scott-King, Elysium Boarding House, died, 1910. 
19 Mon Semi-Jubilee of Rbt. A. Mason, supert., Prudential, 1915. 

Tues Ex-Provost Orkney, Rothesay, died, 1909. 
Wed (22)Cmndr. Evans, lectured in Rothesay on South Pole, 1913 
Thur Roth, celebr. union of Free and U.P. Churs., [31st Oct.] 1900, 
Fri' (24) John Knox died, 1572 

Sat Capt. Claud Gray Buchanan, killed in action. 1914 
Sun First newspaper printed in Bute, 1839. 
Mon Extraordinary take of Herrings in Kyles (200 boats). 
Tues Rothesay Town Council took over Gas Works, 1843. 
Wed Opening of Bute Savings Bank Premises, Castle St.. 
Thur (30) Bute Burns Club instituted, 1887. 
Fri. (Presentation to Win Black, Coal Merchant, Rothesay, 1916. 
[Foundation of Chaprlhill Free Church laid, 1859. 







2 Sun 

3 Mon 

4 Tues 
























31 Mon 

Calendar -Anniversaries, etc. 

Queen Alexandra born, 1844. 

(3) Old Mountstuart House destroyed by fire, 1877. 

New Rothesay Masonic Temple opened, 1909. 

(5) A. M. Mackay, farmer, Bruchag died, 1913 

Bute Branch Conserv. & Union. Franchise Assn., frmd, 1911 

George Shiells, J. P., Rothesay, died suddenly, 1915. 

(8) J. Windsor Stuart; Factor on Bute Estate died, 1905. 

Public Halls, built by ex-Prov. Chas Duncan, opened, 1879. 

First Lighthouse in Clyde (Cumbrae), opened 1757. 

Grouse and Black Game shooting ends. 

New Street behind Glenrosa PL sanctioned by Tn.Cncl., 1911 

Nothing will profit you which is dishonest.— Cicero 
" Buteman" Jubilee Celebration and Presentation, 1904. 

Custom doth make dotards of us all.— Carlyle 

(16) Rothesay Advertising Association instituted, 1903. 

(17) New Zealand Flag unfurled, Rothesay Academy, 1910. 
Resuscitation o f Prov Grnd Ldge of Argyll and Isles, 1875. 
Rothesay publ'c records lost when being returned, 1660. 
Rev John Dunlop, North Bute, died, 1913. 

Captain John Mackirdy, Beechwood, died, 1913. 

Inaug. Meeting of Roth. An Comun Gaidhealach, 1906 

Kyles of Bute Hydropathic burned, 1909 — Re-opened, 1911 

Ex-Bailie Brown, Rothesay, pres. Liberal Assocn., died, 1912 

Lady Margaret MacRae born, 1876. 

Christmas Da)'. Imperial penny postage, 1898. 

Rev. Alex. Stirling inducted to Free Church, 1905. 

St John's Day 

First Tay Bridge blown down. 1879. 

Absence of occupation is not rest.—Cowper 
Not one false man but does unaccountable mischief.— Carlyle 

BITK ((>r\TV 1)1 |{K( TORY 


1 918. 
Tlmr 1 

Calendar— Anniversaries, ete. 

















28 Mon 



31 Thur 

New Year's Day. 

(1) MTfody & McMillan, Lmtd.. Rothesay, formed, 1898. 

Dr Watkin Penney, Ardbeg, died, 1905. 

Tragic death of Major GH~Fenton Newall, 1916. 

James Heron, Rothesay merchant and Volunteer, died 1903. 

Bridge over Lade, Rothesay, opened, 1769. Cost £41 3/6. 

Peier Leith, chemist, Rothesay, died at Glasgow, 1915. 

Rev J. King Hewison inducted to Rothesay parish, 1884 

David Robertson, baker, Rothesav, died, 1910. 

(9) Dr John Maddever, Walsall, died 1911 

Golden Wedding presentations to ex-Provost Milloy, 1911, 

Rothesay erected into a Royal Burgh, 1400. 

Memorial Stone of Millport Hospital laid, 1901. 

New Roman Catholic School, Rothesay, opened, 1908. 

Sir John Cheyne, Sheriff of Renfrew and Bute, died, 1908. 

John M'Callum apptd actuary of Bute Savings Bank, 1913. 

(16) John Mackinlay, ex Postmaster, died, aged 91, 1911. 

He's armed without that's armed within. — Pope 
David Wilson, tobacconist, Rothesay, died 1916. 
J. J. White appointed postmaster, Rothesay, 1908. 
(22) Queen Victoria died, 1901. 
Lord Bannatyne, of Kames, admitted advocate, 1765 
Discontinuance of Rothesay as a Fishing Station, 1911 
(25) Colonel Maclsaac, V.D.. Rothesay, died 1915. 
Robert Burns, Scotia's Darling Bard, born 1759 
Comply. Dinner to Bute M.P. attaining Cabinet rank, 1904 
(24) Freedom of Rothesay to first local Shipbuilder, 1765. 
Prof. Neil J. D. Kennedy. K.C., apptd. Sheriff of Bute, 1908 
Marquis of Bute enlisted as Private Soldier, 1916. 
James Thompson, bootmaker, Rothesay, died 1915. 
A. G. Murray appointed President, Court of Session, 1905. 


Calendar— Anniversaries, ete. 

City of Glasgow Bank Directors sentenced, 1879. 

R D Macmillan appointed Procurator-Fiscal of Ayr, 1916. 

(2) Provost Muivn, Rothesay, died, 1858. 

Pleasure is the greatest incentive to evil.--Plato 
Order of Victoria Cross instituted, 1856. 
Duncan Maclea, writer (" Delta'), died at Glasgow, 1915. 
H. S. Bates apptd. manager of Rothesay tramways, 1913 
Inauguration of Equifex Disinfector at Rothesay, 1906. 
Robert Orkney, Rothesay, died at Sea, 1916. 
J. R. Yeates, County Proc. Fiscal, pres. Commission, 1916 
Hugh Lauder, Jeweller, Rothesay, died, 1917. 
Inaugural Meeting of Bute Fabian Society, 1908. 
Councillor Neil M/Callum died, 1911. 
Wm. Grant appointed Procurator Fiscal for Roth., 1916. 
(14) St Valentine's Day. 

(17) Death of Andrew Holmes, grocer, Rothesay, 1916. 
Presentation of Weights and Measures bv Marquess, 1816. 
North Bute Golf Club formed, 1912 
Rothesay's Privileges confirmed by James VI, 1584. 

Friendship is a sheltering tree. —Coleridge 
First Hydropathic in Scotland (Glenbum, Rothesay), 1843. 
Robert Stuart, II, began to reign, 1371. 
County Volunteer Regiment formed at Rothesay, 1917. 

It is wisdom alone that can recognise wisdom. --Carlyle. 
Ex-Bailie M'Coll, Rothesay, died, 1917. 
Rev. Dr Somerville, late of Rothesay, died 1903. 

He who ordained the Sabhath loves the poor.--Holmes 
Rev J. F. Padkin inducted to Rothesay W. U. F. Ch., 1911. 
(28) Order of St Patrick instituted, 

Adversity is the only balance to weigh friends.— Plutarch. 








Calendar— Anniversaries, ete. 

















13 Wed 



19 Tues 

20 Wed 











St' David's Day. 

i(l) Mrs Black, School of Cookery, Glasgow, died 1903 

[Norman Lamout first elected M.P. for Buteshire, 1905. 

(3) Formation of Liberal Club at Rothesay, 1900. 

(4) Bute Bee- Keepers' Association formed, 1916. 
Ex- Provost Thomson, Rothesay, died, 1910. 
Win. Miller, Depute Procurator Fiscal, Rothesay, died 1914: 
Late Lord Bute's Wedding Dowry intimated, 1897 
(10) Resuscitation of Bute Primrose League, 1903. 
George Halliday, Sawmiller, Rothesay, died 19] 5. 
Bute Agricultural Society established, 1806. 
Wm H Squair, flpsher, Rothesay, died, 1916. 

Catcli My Pal Union formed in Rothesay, 1911. 

£10 Rothesay tenants allowed to keep beeskeps, 1678. 

Introduction of Sheriff Kennedy to Bute Court, 1907. 

Rev John Forsyth inducted to Whiting Bay U F Ch„ 1917, 

(16) Lieut. Ernest M Leith awarded Military Cross, 1916. 

Sheriff Wilson apptd. to Renfrew and Bute, 1912. 

(18) Marquisof Bute recommended Roth, gas lighting, 1834 

(21 ) James Allan, Arran,appd. Hon. Sheriff Substitute, 1907. 

(22) Consecration of Galbraith Memo. Hall, Rothesay, 193 3. 
(23)Williain iVPKay apptd. Chief Constable, Rothesay lJ-96. 
Ministerial Jubilee of Rev. Samuel Crabb, Rothesay, 1915. 
Consecration of St Blane's Royal Arch Chapter, 163, 1876. 
North Bute Unionist Association formed, 1909. 
Parliamentary Commission issued for Bute, 1647 

Lieut. Fullarton Boag killed at the Front, 1916. 
Thomas Gilmour, Kilchattan Tile Works died, 1916. 
Pipe Major M'Kellar killed at the Frout, 1917. 
Sheriff Prin. O A Mackenzie introduced to Roth. Crt., 1917. 
(30) Roln. Brown, Town Crier, Rothesay, died, 1916. 




Calendar -Anniversaries, ete. 

; Wed 
Tli ur 
> Fri 
I Sat 
! Mon 
14 Sun 
1-6 Tnes 

19 Fri 

20 Sat 
22 Mon 

28 Tnes 
2 4, Wed 
27;Sat j 
28'Suli | 

29 Mon 

Robert III died in Rothesay Castle, 1406. 

Opening of Turnstiles on Rotlmsay Pier, 1917. 

Sudden death of James Kay, Forester on Bute Estate, 1 i' 17. 

(3) John M : Calliim, joiner, Rothesay, died 1905. 

Tragic death of James Cameron. u>s, 1912. 

(7) "Bute" Tent, I. 0. Rechabites formed, 1893. 

Rev Jas Girvan, M.A., inducted to Nth. Bute IJ.F. Cli., 1914. 

Lord Bute offered Skeoch Wood to Burgh of Rothesay, 1912 

Formal opening of Albert. Place Improvement, 1909. 

James Hunter, Rothesay's oldest shopkeeper, died. 1911. 

Capt. Robt. M-Fie, late harbourmaster, Rothesay, died, 1913 

Ex-Bailie Win Lyle sworn as Hon Sheriff Substitute, 1917. 

Robert III began to reign, 1390. 

A. D. Macbeth, gave £1500 to maintain free Pier. 1917. 

Golden Wedding of .lames and Mrs Smith, Rothesay, 1012. 

Lieut .:" A Miller, Port-Bannryne, killed at the Front. '17, 

Roth. Boy Scouts New Hall opened by Mr Reid, 1915. 

(19) Primrose Day. Lord Beaconsfield died, 1881. 

Sudden death of George Stuart, florist, 1912 

Engnr. J S B Macrone, drowned in torpedoed steamer, 1916. 

(22) Rev. Alex Stirling. Rothesay Free Church, died, 1907. 

Major Newall installed Provincial Grand Master of Argyll 

St George's Day. [and the Isles, 1911. 

John Patience, bootmaker, Rothesay, died 1916. 

(26) Rothesay Charity Organisation Society formed, 1909. 

(27) Duke of Rothesay visited Arran, 1914 

Captain McLean, of " Marquis of Bute" Rothesay, d. 1 DO 6. 
(27) Memorial Stone of St Brendan's Church laid, 1889 
(30) 106 Bntemen offered service to the State, 1798. 
Rev. Neil M'Dougall, Rothesay Gaelic Church, died, 1906. 





2 Thur 

3 Fri 

Calendar— Anniversaries, ete. 





























Sir Thomas Lipton's steam yacht '• Erne, ' mined, 1916 

Accidental death of John MTie, farmer, Ballycaul, 1916. 

Consecration of Cumbrae Cathedral, 1876. 

Garden Party for Red Cross at Mountstuart, 1916. 

F. W. F. Clark installed P. G. M. M. at Rothesay, 1916. 

(5) Capt J C Fisher, Rothesay, killed at the Front, 1917. 

HJG Ross appointed headmaster of Roth. Pub. Sell., 1906 

Lady Mary Stuart born at Edinburgh, 1906. 

Daniel Duncan of " Thin Red Line," died, Rothesay, 1 902. 

Particular Service Squadron in Rothesay Bay, 1905. 

Foundation Stone of Rothesay Academy laid, 1868. 

Ascog Water Supply for Rothesay adopted, 1856. 

(12) Provost Walker, presented to the King, Edward, 1903. 

(13) Joseph D. Wilson, " Buteman " died, 1910, 
(17) Charles MTie, farmer, Inchmarnock, died, 1913 
(17) Tragic Death of John Lister, Florist, Rothesay, 1916. 
Rev Canon Ball, Cumbrae Cathedral, died l!'17. 

Rev John Dickie, d.b., inducted to New Rothesay, 1911. 
Rev Adam Hunter called to Rothesay Free Church, 1913 

(19) Lieut. John M'Donald Smith, killed at the Eront,1916 

(20) Swing Bridge, Rothesay Mid Pier opened, 1908. 
Thomas Reid, retired schoolmaster, Arran, died, 1910. 
Unionist Club Rooms, Millport, opened, 1906 
Queen Victoria born, 1819. Empire Day. 

New Post Office, Millport, 1902. 

John M'Cord, builder, Rothesay, died 1915 

Daniel Duncan, Woodend, died 1915. 

(27) A. B. Stewart, Convener of the County, died 1880. 

Cumbrae Women's Unionist Association opened, 1905 

Rothesay Sawmills burned, 1913. Damage, £20,00u 

(30) Rothesay Shorthand Writers' Association formed, 1872. 




Calendar— Anniversaries, etc. 

Sat Opening of Tramway line to Port-Bannatyne, 1882. 

Sun Scottish Newspaper Owners visited Rothesay, 1911 

Mon King George V, born, 1865. 

Tues Rev Robt. Inglis indctd. to Kingarth United Free Ch, 191.2. 

Wed (4) Albert Pier, Rothesay, opened, 1909. 

Thur (7) Rev Dr Rutherford inducted to Craigmore U. F.Ch., "17. 

Fri |Golden Wedding of uev Alex and Mrs Cossar, Rothesay, '16. 

Sat j(7) Golden Wedding of Hugh and Mrs Lauder, Roth., 1916. 

Sun (Business Jubilee of Founder of Bute County Directory, 1912. 

Mon Ex-Provost Milloy, J.P., Rothesay, died 1914 

Tues Archibald Murray, ex-carrier, Rothesay, died 1915. 

Wed Hector Mackinnon, Registrar, Rothesay, died, 1916. 

Thur Lance-Corporal Andrew Woodburn killed at the Front, 1916 

Fri ;Lady Mary Hamilton and Marquis of Graham mar., 1906. 

Sat I (12) Inauguration of Bridgend U. F. Church organ, 1910 

•Sun Lord Ninian Stuart married, 19U6. 

Mon (18) Battle of Waterloo, 1815. 

Tues (19) Opening of Bridgend New U. F. Church, 1909. 

Wed 1(20) Sir Charles Dalrymple, late M.P. for Bute, died 1916. 

Thur Marquis of Bute born, 1881. 

Fri JGolden Wedding of Wm and Mrs Hnnter, Rothesay, 1916. 

Sat jKing George V crowned, 1911 



Duke of Rothesay born, 1894 (24) Bannockburn Day, 1314 

Rev Joseph Traill inducted to U. F. Parish Ch., Roth., 1902. 

Rev Adam Hunter, inducted to Roth. Free Ch., 1913. 

Rev. J. J. Dawson, St Andrew's KC Ch, Roth., died 1903. 
Thur Welcome Home of Marquis and Marchioness of Graham, 1906. 



30 Sun 

(27) Wm M'Farlane, farmer, Lochend, died, 1916 
Dugald APAlister Black, grocer, Rothesay, died, 1912. 
Rothesay Aquarium opened, 1875. 

Generosity should never exceed ability.— Cireco 




I^HE COUNTY OF BUTE comprises the seven islands in the Firth of Clyde, viz. 
— Bute, the most populous; Arran, the largest ; the Great and Little 
CuiibrAes, off the Ayrshire Coast; Holy Isle and Pladda, off Arran; and Inch- 
siaenock, off Bute. 

The total Area of the County (land and water, exclusive of tidal water) is 
139,658 acres, of which 53,5L0are mountain and heath lands used for grazing. 3,806 
acres are under plantations, and 794 are covered with water. There are 25,981 acres 
under all kinds of crops, bare fallow and grass, which is a gradual inroad on the 
mountain heath and hitherto uncultivated land. 

The principal Industries are agriculture, horticulture, and fishing The islands 
possess great and varied natural attractions, and are in the forefront as holiday resorts. 

The Population of the County (including its Burghs of Rothksay and 
Millport) in 1801 was 11,791 ; 1831, 14.151: 1861, 16,331; 1881, 17,657. In 
1891 it was 18,248 (8,057 males and 10,197 females) : and in 1901, 18,786 (8,412 
males and 10,374 females) — being an increase of 255 in the ten years — 2T per cent 
There were 4,270 inhabited houses in the islands. 
For 1911, the figures were as follows : — 
Arran - - - 2,169 

Bute (including Rothesay) 5,081 
Cumbrae - - - 704 

*The increased total issued in the Quarterly Return of the Registrar- 
General compared with the returns lodged with the Sheriff-Clerk, 
may be accounted for by the enumeration of the shipping. 
The decreases since 1901 are as follows: Arran, 209; Bute, 330; Cumbrae, 62 — 
total, 601. 

VALUATION. — The Rental, as ascertained at the recent Valuation Courts, is as 

follows : — 
Isle of Bute — North Bute Parish 

Kin garth „ 
The Cumbraes Cumbrae, 
Islp, of Arran — Kilbride, 

County of Bute - 
Burgh of Eothesay 

Tramways, Rothesay 

North Bute 



Revised total. 












£16,440 6 


£16,447 6 


10,077 4 


10,007 19 


23,207 18 


23,147 19 


17,105 15 


16,688 5 


12,565 3 

11,889 9 


£79,396 7 










£166,632 7 9 £165,501 8 


Assets Exceed 


Claims Paid, 

Over £9,000,000 

By Appointment, 

Accident Fire and Life 
Assurance Corporation, Limited, 

General Buildings, Perth, Scotland. 
General Buildings, Aldwych, London. 

Established .'885. 


TN consequence of the War, the cost of build - 
-*- ing material and labour has increased 
nearly 50 per cent. All owners of Property 
should therefore increase their Fire Insur- 
ances ; this they can do at little or no extra 
cost by taking a Fire Bonus Policy with this 
Corporation, and thus affect a saving of 20 
per cent, of each premium. 

Particulars on receipt of post card at 
either of the above Offices. 

F. Norie-Miller, J. P., General Manager. 

Statistics— County of Bute. 





£1 12 

£2 10 



1 6 


£1 12 3 

2 4 8i 

3 5 


9 2 

1 8 7| 

1 12 Of 
1 10 

2 6 


1 18 


2 6 

3 0" 

3 16 



1 1 H 

1 2 7i 

1 14 


The Fiars Prices, by which the parish ministers' stipends are regulated, were struck 
in the Sheriff Court, Rothesay, for crop of the previous year, as follows: — 

Wheat per quarter, 
Barley ,, 

Oats ,, 

Bere ,, 

Beans „ 

Oatmeal, boll, 

.Fishery —The members of the Scottish Fishery Board are as follows : — Mr Angus 
Sutherland, c b, chairman; W Lyon Mackenzie, k c, sheriff of Ayrshire, legal 
member and deputy chairman ; professor D'Arcy Wentworth Thomson, c b, 
scientific member; the Marquess of Breadalbane, k g; Jas Archibald, provost of 
Buckie; John H Irvine, and Malcolm Smith, provost of Leith. i<vj6. 

Number of herrings credited to Rothesay district,... 11,706 crans £27,956 

Total and value of all kinds of fish caught, ... 47,153 cwts. 33,847 

Value of shellfish taken, ... ... ... ... 984 

In the district there are $2 boats, manned by 110 resident fishermen and boys 

The Secretary of the Fishery Board is David T. Jones. The General Inspector of 

Fisheries, Wm Jeffrey, Edinburgh 
Head Office, 101 George Street, Edinburgh. 
Local Office, 2 Oswald street, Glasgow. 

Officer, Douglas Cruden (on active service) ; William Nisbet, acting. 

Assessments.-— The following local rates are imposed by the County Council, viz : — 
On the County — General Valuation of Lands, Registration Own- Occu- 

of Voters, Lunacy, Police, Diseases of Animals, and ers. piers. 

General Purposes, - 5"00d 5'0d 

County Consolidated Assessment,- - - 6-25d 2d 

Registration of Voters, County of Bute, *17d ; Burgh of Rothesay, "20d 

On the Bute District — Roads, 
Puhlic Health 
Port-Bannatyne Drainage, 
Kilchattan Bay Drainage. 
Kilchattan Bay Water Supply, 6d 

lieutenancy. — Lord Lieutenant and High Sheriff, John Crichton Stuart, Marquis 
of Bute. Vice-Lieutenant, captain Patrick James Crichton Stuart. Deputy 
Lieutenants — Archibald Louis Fullarton Robertson Fullarton ; Richard Carnaby- 
Foster ; and the Provost of Rothesay. 
Clerk, John M Lamont, Rothesay. 

Uember of Parliament. — Mr Harry Hope, farmer, Barneyhill, Dunbar. At the 
General Election, December, 1910. the candidates were — Harry Hope, (Unionist), 
who polled 1,569 ; and Edward Rosslyn Mitchell, M a, i,l b, writer, Glasgow, 
(Liberal); who polled 1,316 — majority, 253. 
Constituency — The Roll of Parliamentary Voters is as follows :— Bute, 2326 
Arran, 789 ; Cutnbrae, 659 — total, 3774: increase of 122 over previous issue 
Supplementary voters for County Councils in 1914, 970. 








On the Arran District — 



Roads, - - - 8d 




Health, Id 




Brodick Scavenging, - 4d 




On the Cu. vi brae District — 

Roads, &c, - - Id 



'Phone, 63 





Charges : 
Per Annum— 

For Gentlemen, ... ... ... 21s 

„ Ladies, Boys and Girls, ... ••■ 10s 6cl 

(Boys and Girls being reckoned from 12 to 18 years of age) 

For Period from 1st October to 15th May, 10s 6d 
„ Do- for Ladies, Boys and Girls, ... 5s 
Charge per Day, ... ... ••• Is 

Week, ... 4s 

„ Do., for Ladies, Boys and Girls, 3s 

„ Fortnight... ••• ... 6s 

„ Month, ... ,.. ... 8s 

Boys' and Girls' Monthly Tickets,.. . . 4s 

Lockers for any period up to a year, 2s 6d. 



^hile the Directory sheets were on the machines we learned that the 
King had, on the recommendation of the Secretary for Scotland, ap- 
pointed David Anderson, k c, Sheriff of Dumfries, to Renfrew and 
Bute, in place of A O M Mackenzie, translated to Lanarkshire. 

! * 

Volunteers. — Major A. J. Peacock to be Lieutenantin charge of " B' 
(Rothesay) Company Argyleshire Regiment vice Major J. Richardsor 
Yeates, who has resigned to devote more time to his duties as tht 
Military Representative for Buteshire under the Military Service Act. 

Assessments — Officials— County of Bute. 

Auxiliary Forces. — 1'erritorial Forces — Buteshire Association. — Presi- 
dent, The Most Hon. the Marquis of Bute. Military members— Lieut-Colonel 
Robertson and Captain MacBae, Millport ; Major, Andrew M MTvinlay, and 
Capts. W A Stewart and George Hicks, Rothesay ; and Lieut A H Hill, Largs. 
Civil members— Lieut.-Colonel M R Gray-Buchanan, Etlrickdale (Chairman) ; 
ex-Provost Fisher, Rothesay; and Alex MTntyre, [farmer, Dunallan (vice-chair- 
man.) Secretary, James Alexander, 78 St Vincent street, Glasgow. Treasurer 
George Smith, Clydesdale Bank 
Mountain Artillery Brigade — Royal Garrison Artillery. — Head- 
Quarters, Rothesay - Hon Colonel, The Marquis of Bute. Chaplain, Rev J King 
Hewison, dp. Surgeon- Major David J Penney, Rothesay. 

War Tribunals under the Military Service Act. — The King, on the recom- 
mendation of the Secretary for Scotland, has appointed the following : — 

For the Sheriffdom of Renfrew and Bute— Sheriff John Wilson, kc (chairman) ; Jas 
Allan, Balnacoole, Arran ; Provost Robertson, Paisley; Arthur Kerr, Greenock; 
Provost M'Millau, Greenock; Robert Russell, Thomas Reid, Robert Carruth 
Young and David Rowatt 

For County of Bute— The Marquis of Bute ; Lieut Col M Gray Buchanan ; A S 
Black, Bogany: Jas Allan, farmer, Balnacoole; J B Sweet, banker, Lamlash ; 
Neil Robertson. Kilpatrick, Sbisken ; and James Wilson, Port-Bannatyne. 

For Burgh of RothesaySheriff Martin, Messrs Donald Buchanan, Peter Monie, 
John Cunningham, Robert Miller, John Slaven and Hugh Thomson. 

Military Representative for Buteshire Major J Richardson Yeates, Rothesay 

National Service Scheme — County of Bute — Provost M'Millan and ex-Bailie 
Lyle, Rothesay; George Laidler, Brodick; John M Lamont, Port-Bannatyne ; 
•lames P Maleom, Edinbeg, North Bute; George K Baillie, Kingarth; Provost 
C'ockburn, Millport; and James Crawford, Cumbrae 
Voluntrers — Argvllshirc Regiment. Colonel Bnrnley-Campbell, Ormidale, Com- 
mandant. "E" Company, Bute, Lieutenant Commanding, J R Yeates, Rothesay 

Sheriff Court. — Bute is joined with Renfrew. The Court meets at Rothesay on 
Thursday forenoons at 11 o'clock. Circuit Small Debts Courts meet quarterly at 
Brodick, Arran, on the third Wednesdays in March, June and November, and 
about the end of September ; and at Millport, Cumbrae, in March and Sep- 
tember. Sheriff, A M Mackenzie, kc, advocate. Sheriff-Substitute, Thomas J 
Martin, m.a, advocate. Hon Mieriff-Substitutes, Adam D. Macbeth Alister H 
Forbes, and Win Lyle, Rotbesay; Colonel M Gray Buchanan, Port-Bannatyne; 
James Allan, Balnacoole, Arran, and Wiliam Martin, Millport 
•Clerk, Thomas VV Alexander. Clerks-Depute — Rothesay, Wm Watson and T Alex- 
ander, jn.; Lamlash JAMaeRae; Millport, Wm Hunter. Procurator-Fiscal, J 
Richardson Yeates ; Depute, William Grant.. Nautical Assessors, capt. Wm 
Erskine, St Leonard's Row, Ayr; capt. A G Braes, Nithsdaleroad, Pollokshields; 
capt. John Young, Ravenswood, Irvine ; and capt Jas H Taylor, 23 Holmhead 
road, Cathcart. Medical Referees appointed under the Workmen's Compensation 
Acts: — Butesh re — John Marshall, m d, Rothesay ; Island of Arran, Robert 
Allan, M», Ardrossan. For Industrial Disease — Dr Alex Scott, 4 Newton ter, 
Glasgow. For Ophthalmic cases — Dr A Maitland Ramsay, 15 Woodside place, 
Glasgow. Inspector of Mines— Scotland District— H Walker, Tyne lodge, Grange 




COY., JLti>. 

Eleetpie Cars Run Every Few Minutes Daily 

ETTEICK BAY, - - - 5d 

Special Cars and Tepms fop Parties. 

Handsome Shelter Free to Car Passengers. 

Teas and Eefreshments. 

Sand Castle, Wild Flower, and Other Competitions. 

Full Particulars from Car Attendant, Guildford Square, 

or Offices of Company, Point- House. ('Phone 76). 

Printing, Publishing, 



OFFICIALS— County of Bute. 

loan. Edinburgh. Sheriff-Officers, Alexander Campbell, and Walter M'Kendrick, 
Watergate, Rothesay; James Boyd, Dairy; John Brown, Ayr; John Albert 
Carson, 8 Duke st, Kilmarnock; Joseph ftFCulloch, Ardrossan; Henry Devlin 
and James Richmond, 13 Hamilton st, Greenock; Jas Crossley, 116 St Vincent 
st, Glasgow, and John Stuart, Gourock. Auditor, T W Alexander. Interim 
Keeper of Court- House and Bar Officer, Alex Stewart 

The Circuit Court for Buteshire meets six times a year in Glasgow 

Justices of the Peace — Quarter Sessions are held at Rothesay on first Tuesdays of 
March, May, and August, and last Tuesday of October ; and Courts of Petty 
Sessions are held as required 

Jsle of Butk— Ex-Provosts D. M'Millan, Robert Burness, Robert C. Miller and 
Fisher, Rothesay ; and M r Intosh and Walker. Glasgow; ex-Bailies M'Bride, 
Buchanan, Muir, Lvle and Cunningham; Wm. Hunter, builder ; James Smith, 
Fergusson place; James Duncan, Marine place; John Reid Ardencraig ; Thomas 
Barr. Eskechraggan; John Williamson, Rock villa; Hugh M'Lean, Ascog; James 
C Sinclair, Burgh Chamberlain; and captain Geo. Miller, Rothesay; colonel 
Michael R. Gray Buchanan, Ettrickdale ; John Ferguson, Pointhouse; John 
Macfie, Alt-an-righ; Wm P Dickie, Cranslagvourity ; Arch Malcom, Port-Ban- 
natyne; Alex M'Farlane, Meilde Kilcliattan ; and A. R. C. Pitman, w.s., Edin- 

Island ob' Arran — John Spiers, Bennecarrigan; Robert Hamilton, ex-piermaster, 
Brodick; James McGregor, quarryrnaster, Corrie; Dr Neil Fullarton, John B. 
Sweet, banker, and James Hodge, piermaster, Lamlash ; James Allan, Balna- 
coole; James M'Kinnon, farmer; Jas Campbell M'Gill, joiner, and Thomas 
Miller, piermaster, Whiting Bay; Alex M r Bride, Sh'skine; Robert Kerr, jun., 
piermaster. Lochranza ; George Laidler, Brodick ; James John Morton, Mach- 
rie; John Brown, Corriecravie; Alex Spiers, Clachaig; and Alex N M'Niel, Kil- 

C umbrae — Ex-Provosts Allan, Duncan, Rowatt and Clark, ex-Bailie Cunning- 
ham; Jas C Sharpe, Wm Martin, Freeland; and James Crawford, Figgtoch 

Ex-Officiis — The Sheriff and Sheriff-Substitute; the Provost, Bailies, and Dean 
of Guild of Rothesay ; the Baron Bailie of Mountstuart ; the Chief Magistrate 
of Millport ; and the Chairmen of District Committees and Parish Councils 

Clerk, Thoihas W Alexander. Deputes, William Watson arid Thomas Alexander, 
jun. Procurator-Fiscal, J Richardson Yeates. Water Bailiff, Charles Wright 
Morris, 24 Charlotte Sq., Edinburgh. 

County Licensing Court.— Ex-Provost Burness and James Duncan, Rothesay; John 
. Ferguson, Pointhouse ; Provost Cockburn, Millport; George Laidler, Brodick ; 
John M Lamont, Port-Bannatyne ; capt Colin MacRae, Ascog Hall ; and Jas 
Crawford, Figgitoch 

County Licensing Appeal Court. — Appointed by the Justices of the Peace— John 
BPFie, Port-Baniiatyne ; William Hunter, Donald McMillan and James Smith, 
Rothesay; Jas Allan and Jn Cunningham, Millport; and Jas A Walker, Glasgow 
Appointed by the County Council — Wm Hamilton, Whiting Bay ; Wm Brown, 
Shedog ; Donald M'Kellar, Lamlash : Wm Cook, Auchenhew, Torrylinn ; Dun- 
can Currie, Port-Bannatyne; Colin M r Leod Robertson, and John Rowatt, Mill- 





with which is incorporated 

The Bute Insurance Company. 

Accident, Plate Glass, Fidelity Guarantee, and Burglary Insurance, 

iC-c. transacted. 
Prospectuses and Forms of Proposal may be obtained from any of the Agents of the 
Company, or at the Rothesay Branch Office. 28 Castle Street, 

A. D. MACBETH, District Secretary. 
Chief Office for Scotland, 141 West George Street, Glasgow, 

ARTHUR MOFFATT. District Manager 

Alliance Assurance Compy., 

L im ited. 

Established 1824. 

Hon. N. Charles Rothschild, Chairman. 

ASSETS EXCEED £24,000,000. 

The operations of the Company extend to the following among other branches of 

Insurance : — 


Consequential Loss following- Fire. 

Workmen's Compensation, including Special Domestic Servants' Policies. 
Personal Accident & Disease. Third Party & Drivers' Risks. 
Motor Car & Lift. Plate Glass & Hail Storm. Burglary & Theft 
Fidelity Guarantee. 

The Company also grants- { gk^Sf ife^^Mor, F>olieie S . 

For Prospectuses, &c, apply to 

W. TYTLER, Agent, Royal Bank of Scotland, Rothesay. 

North British and Mercantile 


See Cover of Directory. 

Agent in B,othesay — 
J. L. MASTEIITON, Bank of Scotland 

OFFICIALS— County of Bute. 

County Council, — Convener, Marquis of Bute, Mountstuart. Vice-Convener, George 
Laidler, Brodick. Members representing Electoral Divisions. 

Arran — Corrie— Robert W r yld Forsyth. Brodick— George Laidler, Strabane Lam- 
lash— Donald M'Kelyie. Whiting Bay— William Hamilton. Lochranza — Robt. 
Kerr, Dougarie — James John Morton, Machrie. Shedog— Wm Brown. South- 
end — William Cook, Torrylinn. 

Bute — Port-Bannatyne (East) — John M Lamont, Fernbank. Port-Bannatyne 
(West), James Wilson, Victoria place. North End--Capt. Colin MacRae, Ascog 
hall. Mountstuart— The Marquis of Bute. Kilchattan Bay — Alex. Macfarlane, 
Meikle Kilchattan. 

i Cumbrae — James Crawford, Figgitoch Millport (East)— C. M'Leod Robertson, 
Millport (West)— John Bo watt. 

Appointed by Rothesay Town Council — provost James McMillan, ex-Bailie E R 
Macmillan, and ex-Bailie John Cunningham 

Officials. — County Clerk and Treasurer ■ — AW Herbert, Rothesay. District 
Collectors : Kilbride and Kilmory, John B Sweet, Lamlash. North Bute--Archd 
Brown, Port-Bannatyne. Kingarth— W T Esplin ; Cumbrae--Jas Stewart, Mill- 
port; Rothesay (Burgh) James C Sinclair. County Auditor— Adam Ker, 
154 St Vincent Street, Glasgow. Chief Constable — Charles Harding, County 
Buildings, Rothesay. Valuation and Registration Assessor, Wm MTntosh, 142 
St Vincent Street, Glasgow. County Medical Officer — Dr Thomas Rutherford, 
Sbiskine, Arran. County Sanitary Inspector — Wm Dunlop Brown, County 
Buildings, Rothesay. Inspector of Weights and Measures — Wm Clark, County 
Buildings, Love Street, Paisley. Veterinary Inspector — Wm Moodie, mrcvs, 
Rothesay. County Analysts, John W and Wm L Biggart, Greenock 

Committees of the County Council — Road Board— The Marquis of Bute 
(chairman), Capt. MacRae, R W Forsyth, William Cook, James Wilson, Alex 
Macfarlane, John M Lamont, C M'Leod Robertson, Wm Brown, Wm Hamilton 
and Jas Crawford 

Valuation — The Marquis of Bute, chairman ; George Laidler, R W Forsyth, 
Wm Hamilton, James John Morton, Wm Brown, Donald M r Kelvie, William 
Cook, Alex Macfarlane, James Crawford, C M'Leod Robertson, and John Rowatt 
Appeal Courts held in September at Brodick, Millport and Rothesay 

Finance— Captain Colin MacRae, chairman ; John M Lamont, Donald M'Kelvie; 
R W Forsyth, Wm Hamilton, James J Morton, Wm Brown, James Wilson 
Alex Macfarlane, James Crawford, and John Rowatt. ' Sub- Committee- -Captain 
Coin MacRae, the Marquis of Bute, James Wilson, John M Lamont and Alex 

Executive under Diseases of Animals Act-- James Crawford (chairman), Captai-G 
Colin MacRae, R W Forsyth, Wm Brown, Jas J Morton, Provost McMillan, 
Councillor Cunningham, James Wilson and Wm Cook 
The Convener and Vice-Convener, ex officiis, members of the foregoing committees 

Standing Joint — Sheriff Martin (chairman). Appointed by Commissioners of 
Supply— George Laidler, James Duncan, John Ferguson, Archd Lamont, John 
M Lamont, Capt MacRae and the Provost of Millport. Appointed by the County 
Council — The Marquis of Bute, Donald M'Kelvie, James John Morton, James 
Wilson, R W Forsyth, C M'Leod Robertson and John Rowatt 



Bonnie Scotland's Resorts. 

Is Esperanto Worth Learning"? 

Belega SkOtlandO. (Bonnie, Bonnie Scotland). 
Scottish Scenery. (Skotlanda Pejzago). 
Skotlanda Pejzag"0. (^cottishJScenery).. 
Boni Skotland in Fonetik Speling. 

Beautiful British Scenery. 
Gvidfolio Tra Rotseo. 

La SkotO Alilande. (The Scot Abroad). 

La Enamigo fie la Naeioj. 

(The Courtship of the Nations). 

Esperanto Tabulated. 

Esperanto Post Cards. 
Esperanto Song's. 

For full particulars apply to 

Higgle & Co., Publishers, Rothesay. 

OFFICIALS- County of Bute. 

Licensing — Members appointed by the County Council to the Bute Licensing 
Court — George Laidler, Alex Macfarlane, Captain MacRae and John M Lament. 
Appointed 10 Court of Appeal— Wm Hamilton, Win Rrown, George Laidler, 
Duncan Currie, Alex Macfarlane, James Crawford and C M'Leod Robertson 

Board of Control — Members appointed by the County Council — Capt MacRaev 
Wm Cook, James Wilson and Jas Crawford 

Prison — Appointed for visiting the Prison at Greenock — ex-Provost Rowatt aud 
John M Larnont 

DISTRICT Committees: Arras- Geo Laidler, chairman ; R W Forsyth, Donald 
M'Kelvie, Wm Hamilton, Robert Kerr, James J Morton, Wm Brown and Wm 
<!ook. Appointed by the Parish Councils— Robt Hamilton, Kincardine, Brodick 
(Kilbride); and Donald M'Donald, farmer. West Benan (Kilmory); 

Clerk and Treasurer, Geo Robertson, Brodick. Medical Officer, Dr Rutherford, 
Skiskine. Road Surveyor and Sanitary Inspector, Andrew C Crockett. 

BuiE—JoIm M Lamont, chairman ; Marquis of Bute, Capt MacRae, Jas Wilson 
and Alex Macfarlane. Appointed by Parish Councils— Ach Lamont, North Bute, 
and Geo K Baillie, Kilchattan Bay, Kingarth 
Clerk and Treasurer, AW Herbert, Rothesay. Road Surveyor, Duncan Currie. 
Medical Officer, Dr Berwick, Ardbeg. Sanitary Inspector, W D Brown, County 
C umbrae — Colin M'Lend Robertson, John Rowatt and James Crawford. 
Appointed by Parish Council— Bobt Robertson, farmer, Breakough. 
Clerk, Treasurer and Road Surveyor, Jas Stewart, Millport, Medical Officer, 
Dr Rutherford ; W D Brown, Rothesay 

Old Age Pensions — All the County Councillors are members, and their powers 
have been delegated to the Arran. Bute and Gumbrae sub-Committees, as follows; 

Arran— Geerge Laidler. R W Forsyth. J .: Morton, Wm Brown, Donald M r Kelvie«- 
Wm Hamilton, Robt Kerr and John Cook. 
Clerk, John R Thomson. Lamlash 
Bute (outside Rothesay) and Cum brae- -Marquis of Bute, chairman ; John Fer- 
guson, Alex Macfarlane, John M Lamont, M'Leod Robertson, John Rowatt, 
Captain MacRae, James Wilson and James Crawford 

Clerk, A W Herbert, Rothesay 
Rothesay Burgh— All the Town Councillors. 
Clerk, R D Whyte 

There are about 150 old age Pensioners in Arran. and 70 in Cumbrae and Bute 
(outside Rothesay). The number in Rothesay is about 260 

War Pensions — The following Committees have been formed to carry out the pro- 
visions of the Naval and Military Pensions Act, 1915, in conjunction with the 
Statutory Committeee of the Royal Patriotic Corporation (of which the Duke of 
Rothesay is chairman). 

Appointed by the County Council— capt Colin Macrae, Messrs Donald M'Kelvie, 

R W T Forsyth, John M Lamont, and ex-provost Rowatt 
Appointed by Town Council of Rothesay— Provost M'Millan, Bailie , Messrs 

R C Miller and D Buchanan 
Appointed by Town Council of Millport—Police Judge M'Kay 


Hotel Victoria 

Opposite the Gardens and Band Stand. 


Two Burroughs & Watts Tables. 

Splendid Ear in Connection with Hotel. 
Commodious Lounge, 

Telephone, No. 53. 

JOHN BLAIR, Proprietor. 

Bute Arms Hotel 



fTTHIS First-Class HOTEL is the Largest and Best-Appointed 
-*- and occupies the Most Central Position in Rothesay. It is 
Well-Known for its Comfort, Excellent Cuisine, and Moderate 

Nearest Hotel to the Golf Course. 

Sanitary Arrangements Perfect. 

Telephone No. 15. 

Mrs SMITH, Proprietrix 

OFFICIALS -County of Bute. 

War Pensions Committee — Chairman, John M Lamont ; Secretary, A W Herbert; 

Treasurer, J L Masterton, Bank of Scotland, Rothesay 
Soldiers' and Sailors' Families Association; Arran--Mrs Sweet ; Miss Allan, Shis- 
kine ; and George Laidler, Brodick 

Bute--i J ady Margaret MacRae ; Mrs Dickie, New Rothesay manse ; and colonel 
M R Gray Buchanan 

Cumbrae--Mrs Crerar, Bank House, Millport 
Soldiers' aud Sailors' Help Society--Mr George Smith, Clydesdale Bank 
Labour Representatives — Jas Hyndman, Win M'Fie, joiner; and Wm M'Kay, 

printer, Rothesay ; and Jas Wilson, Port-Bannatyne 

Commissioners of Supply — James Duncan, convener ; the Marquis of Bute, John 
Ferguson, George Laidler, John M Lamont, Provost of Millport, Thomas Duncan 
ar.d Areli Lamont. Clerk, A W Herbert, Rothesay 

Secondary Education. — Chairman of Committee, Wm Hunter, Rothesay : Medical 
Officers--Bute, Dr Lawson; Arran, Dr Rutherford; Cnmbrae, Dr Sinclair. 
Secretary and Treasurer, Robert D Whyte, Rothesay 

County Police. — The last annual report shows that the force consists of one Chief 
one sub-chief, one inspector, one sergeant, six constables and 16 special eon- 
stables. It is efficient and popular. There is an absence of serious crime in the 
county. There are 25 licensed premises in Arran, Cumbrae and Bute outside of 
Chief- Conatable, Charles Harding, Rothesay. Depute, Alex Stewart, 37 High 
street. Rothesay. Inspector, John MacRae, Lamlash 

District Board of Control — Provost M'Millan, Treasurer M'Millan, Robt C Miller 
and Donald Buchanan, Rothesay ; Captain MacRae, Ascog ; James Wilson, Port 
Banuatyne ; Wm Cook, Lamlash ; and James Crawford, Millport 
Clerk. John M Lamont, Rothesay 

Property and Income Tax Commissioners — Marquis of Bute ; Michael R Gray 
Buchanan, Ettrickdale ; John Ferguson, Pointhouse ; John M Lamont, Port- 
Bannatyne; James Duncan, Marine place; and John Reid, Ardcncraig, Sheriff 
Mackenzie, or, in his absence, Sheriff Martin, ex-officio. 

Olerk, Thos W Alexander, Rothesay. Surveyor, E Prendergast, Greenock. 
Collector, J Barry, Greenock. 
Income Tax Appeal Court — Marquis of Bute, Sheriff Martin, James Duncan, John 
Ferguson, John Reid and John M Lamont 

Inland Revenue. — Collector and Distributor of Stamps, J Barry, Custom House r 

Greenock. Sub-Distributor of Stamps and Sub-Collector of Legacy and Succes- 
sion Duties, Post Office. Surveyor of Taxes, J S Cater, Greenock 

Customs and Excise. — Collector, J Barry, Custom House, Greenock. Surveyor, E 
Prendergast. Officer of Customs and Excise and Pension Officer, WA M*Auslan, 
28 Wyndham Road, Road, Rothesay. 
The dates of the Pension Committee meetings are— Burgh of Rothesay, last Tues- 
day in month. Millport, first Tuesday in month County of Bute, Bute and 
Cumbrae sub-Committee, first Tuesday in month. 

' 29 

OFFICIALS -County of Bute, 

IBritish Eed Cross bociety —Buteshire Branch — President, Marchioness of Bute- 
Mountstuart House, Isle of Bute; Vice-Presidents— the Dowager Marchioness of 

Bute, the Garrison, Millport; and the Marchioness of Graham, Brodick Castle, 
Arran ; hon Treasurer, Lady Margaret MacRae, Ascog, Isle of Bute; hop County 
Secretaries— George Grayson Hill. Rothesay ; A C Crockett, Woodside, Lamlash; 
and Rev A Grierson, Millport, Acting County Director, Lady Margt MacRae ; 
assistant, Mrs Gray Buchanan, Ettrickdale, North Bute. 

"National Health Insurance. — The determination of questions and the granting of 
exemptions are dealt with hy the Customs and Excise Department 

Provincial Local Insurance Committee— Chairman, ex-Provost Burness, Rothesay. 
Secretary, A W Herbert, Rothesay 

IBute Assurance Company, Limited (merged in the State Fire Insurance Limited)— 
Chairman, ex-Provost M'Millan. Local Secretary and Treasurer, A D Macbeth 

Eoyai Northern Yacht Cluh — Club-House, Argyle Street. -No fixtures for 1917. 
Clubmaster, John Macphail 

IPolitical Associations —Buteshire Liberal, established, 1879— President, Jams 
Brown. Secretay, Harry R M'Nab. Treasurer, Donald M'Callum 
Liberal Club — Chairman, R Burness. Secretary, Donald Grant 
■Unionist — Election Agent, James Kerr, b l, Glasgow 
For Local Clubs, see Districts 

Miscellaneous Associations— Buteshire Wine, Spirit and Beer Trade-President, 
John Blair. Secretary, Alex Campbell, auctioneer. Treasurer, WE Montgomerie 

Buteshire Natural History Society— Museum, Aquarium. Patron, the Marquis 
of Bute. President, Dr Marshall. Hon Secretary and Treasurer, R D Whyte, 
Librarian, W Dunlop Brown. Meteorologist, J Davidson, Ardencraig 

Bute County Committee Light Horse Breeding Society — Chairman, Alex- 
M x Intyre, Dunallan, Bute. Secretary, A W Herbert, Rothesay 

Bute Clydesdale Breeders' Society,— Secretary, A W Herbert 

Boy Scouts — County Chairman, Marquis of Bute. County Commissioner, John 
Reid, Ardencraig, Rothesay. For local companies, see Districts 

Bute and Renfrew Dairymen's Association — President, Sir Hugh Shaw 
Stewart. Secretary, Archd Blair, grain merchant, Rue-end st, Greenock. Bute 
representative, Arcli S Black, Bogany 

Glasgow Bute Benevolent Society, instituted 1867, for the aid of indigent 
persons belonging to Bute, particularly such as are of advanced age and respecta- 
bility of character. A maximum payment of £2 2s constitutes life membership. 
Ladies admitted as life members on payment of £1 Is. President, James 
N Kirsop. Secretary, Alexander Robertson, 243 West George street, Glasgow 
Treasurer, James A M'Leish, 197 St Vincent street, Glasgow. The total in- 
come for 1916 was £142 ; and the expenditure included £124 to 48 pensioners. 
>'' The funds in hand amount to £3400. 

Glasgow Buteshire Association.— President, D M"Lau^hlan. Secretary, A D 
Crawford. Treasurer, J T Train 

(Fur District Officio,'* nee District Lists). 

The Isle of Bute 

IS 16 miles long, -with an average breadth of 4 miles. It is rocky in the north and 
south, but fertile in the intervening districts. The climate is milder and more 
equable than on the mainland; and the place is, in consequence, a favourite health and 
pleasure resort 

Lord of the Manor — John Crichton Stuart, fourth Marquis of Bute, Mountstuart 
House. Estate Office, 43 High Street, Rothesay. Factor, James Fairweather 

•Satieties, Clubs, &c. — Bote Agricultural Society (Established 1806). — 
President, Ninian Duncan, Kilmory. Secietary James Mackiimon, Albert place. 
Treasurer, A W Hejbert 

■Bute Unionist Association, established 1880. — President, John Reid, Arden- 
craig. Vice-President, Charles M'Kay, Victoria street. Secretary, James Mac- 
kinnon, accountant, Albert place. Treasurer, Archibald Montgomerie 

Bute Auxiliary of the National Bible Society of Scotland — President 
Rev Ougald M'Cormack. Secretary, Rev Win Galbraith. Treasurer, James 
Brownlie, Royal Bank 

Bute Sabbath School Union— Meets monthly in one of the Church Halls — 
President, Rev Win. Galbraith. Interim Secretary and Treasurer, Angus Thomp- 

Bute Women's Temperance Prayer Union. — Meets in the Good Templar Hall 
every Thursday afternoon at 3.30. President, Mrs David Stewart, Westwood. 
Secretary, Miss A Robertson. Treasurer, Mrs Andrews 

Bute Women's Liberal Association.— President, Mrs R W Campbell ; Secre- 
tary, Misses Maggie Macnab and Kate Stewart ; Treasurer, Mrs Storer 

Bute Primrose League. — Habitation No. 1182.— -Dame President, mis Harry 
Hope. Ruling Councillor, Henry C Stuart. Secretary, Miss Millo.y, Elmbank. 
Treasurer, Miss Jack, Hillside house 

Bute and Cowal Colportage Mission.-— Bute Chairman, Bute ministers in 
rotation. Secretary, Dr Hewison. Treasurer, J L Masterton. Colporteur, Geo 

Bute Fanciers' Society, estab. 1902, for the improvement cf the various breeds 
of poultry, pigeons cage-birds and cats.— President, David Brown. Secretary, 
John Holmes, joiner, Montague st. Treasurer, John M'Crone 

British Women's Conservative and Unionist Association. --Bute Branch. 
—Secretary, Mrs Somerville, Woodbine, High Craigmore 


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Head-Quarters of All Kinds of Coast Shoes. 

A^thup gwanston & S° n > 

Family Orocers, ------- 

. - - Wine & Spirit Mercnants, 


and 2 Bishop Street. 

Next General Post Office. 

Established 1SU5. 

Miss M. M'L. Higgie, 

(Mrs R. Nicholson, Successor to Miss M'Lea), 

Dressmaker, and Costumier, 

20 Bridge street. 

Trimmings, Linings and Furnishings Kept in Stock. 


OFFICIALS- Isle of Bute. 

Food Production — Local Committee appointed by the Board of Agriculture for the 
Island of Bu^-~ Alex MTntyre, Duuallan ; Hugh M'Lean, Ascog ; Jas P Mal- 
com, Edinbeg ; Jas Ritchie, Gortans ; James Fairweather, Bute Estate; Provost 
M'Millan ; and Jas Fisher, grain merchant. At their first meeting, Mr MTn- 
tyre was elected chairman ; and Mr Fisher, executive officer 

In Bute, Cumbrae and Inchmarnock 1130 more acres are under cultivation 
than in 1916. (In Arran there are 330 more). 

Vegetable Products Committee — President, Lord Beresford. Local President, 
Lieut-Col Gray Buchanan. Secretary, J L Masterton Bank of Scotland 

Red Cross Society, see County lists, page 30. Secretary for Bute Branch, ex- 
Bailie Hill 

Employment Exchange and Unemployment Insurance — Local agent, William 
Watson, County Buildings 

Carting Contractors' Association — Secretaries, John T Wilson & Alexander 

Comunn Gaidhealach Biioid — To promote the cultivation of the Gaelic lan- 
guage, literature, music, art and industries — President, the Marchioness of Bute 
Convener of Committees, captain James Kennedy. Treasurer, Archd Campbell. 
Secretary, John Macphail, R N Y C 

Bute Camanachd Club. — President, provost James M'Millan ; Secretarv, John 

Bute Bee-Keepers' Association — President, Archd. Montgomerie. Secretary, 
George M Allison 

Bute Whist League, to arrange matches with the various clubs — In Abeyance 

Royal Samaritan Hospital, Glasgow (for treatment of respectable poor women 
afflicted with diseases peculiar to their sex)— Rothesay superintendent, Mrs 
Campbell, St Regulus, Craismore. Port-Bannatyne superintendent. Mrs Shanks, 
Omaha. Collectors, Mrs Thomson, Miss Rosa Finlay, Miss Bell, Miss J Allison 
and Miss Kershaw 
Glasgow and West of Scotland Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 
established 1856, to prevent cruelty to animals, and to encourage humanity and 
gentleness towards animals. President, the Hon the Lord Provost of Glasgow. 
Chairman, Professor Robert Latta, ma, d phil, University, Glasgow. Secretaries 
and Treasurers, Lowndes & Renwick, writers, Glasgow, Local Headquarters, 3a 
Victoria street — Inspector, James Alexander. Superintendent, Major S H 
Evans, 28 Bath street, Glasgow 

Bute Farm Servants' Union — President, Peter M'Dermid. Secretary, W B 
M'Kay, Balliacrach. , 

Lloyd's Agent. — captain M'Nair, harbour-master, Rothesay. 

Coast Guard. — Head- quarters transferred to Toward. Bute regularly visited. 


Heaton's Liqueur Whiskies* 



Highland Malt, 

Clynelish 9 and 

Bute Blend. 

COCKBURN'S PORT and SHERRY WINES, Bottled by ourselves 
from 3,6, 4s, 4/6 and 5s per bottle; and a very High-Glass POUT WINE 
from tbe famed Douro district, shipped from Oporto direct, 6s per hottle. 

MARTELL BRANDY, vintage 1895, landed 1896, and bottled in Bond 

12s a bottle 


IftJhje emir UJljtaktt ipterrljcmt, 
Phone, 99. 7 Victoria Street, Rothesay 

" In the Good Old Summer Time." 

Drink BARR'S Aerated Waters. 

A Guarantee of Strength, Aroma, Purity, Cleanliness. 

As supplied to the Military, Territorials, Leading Hotels, 
Clubs, Bars, etc. 

" Manufactured with much skill and Sold by all 

thoroughly wholesome, palatable, Shopkeppers and Hotel-Keepers, and 

stimulating and invigorating. Pre- Manufactured in the most modern 

pared from ingredients of the very best-equipped and largest Aerated 

highest quality." — Granville H. Sharp, Water Manufactory in the United 

F.C.S,, London. Kingdom. 



Branches, Falkirk, Wishaw, Dalmtjir, Paisley and Kirn. 

Agencies, Stranraer, Campbeltown and Rothesay. 

Local Branch, 12 Watergate, Rothesay. 

Parish and Burgh of Rothesay. 

ROTHESAY, tlie carital of Buteshire, was originally a village in connection with 
the Castle, and was created a Royal Burgh by Robert III in 1400. It became 
place of considerable importance in fishing, coopering, and cotton spinning and 
weaving, and now it is noted as the most popular Summer resort in Scotland. 

Twenty-two years ago the landward portion of the Parish of Rothesay being 
amalgnmated with North Bute, henceforth, for secular purposes, the boundary of 
the [ arish is the same as that of the burgh. 

Duke of Rothesay — The Heir Apparent to the throne. H R H Prince Edward 
of Wales. Keeper of the Great Seal, Andrew Graham Murray, Baron Dunedin 

(For Courts and Court Officials, Justices of the Peace, and 
County Boards, see County Lists. ) 

Heritors Committee — Provost McMillan (convener), ex- Provost Walker; ex-Bailie 
M f Bride, and Mr James Smith 
Clerk — Donald Grant, Castlehill Street 

Births, Marriages, and Deaths. — A birth must be registered within 21 days ; a mar- 
riage within "three davs, and a death within eight days. Registrar, Alexander 
Campbell Hours— 10 till 1, and 2 till 4. Saturdays,' 10 — 1 

Births, 159; Deaths, 164; marriages, 34 in 1916 
„ 143; ,, 156; ,, 64 1915 

Session Clerk — Andrew Clark, Glendela, Glebe lands 

Constituencies. — Parliamentary, 1734. Municipal, 2912 ; see Wards— pages 39-41 

Valuation of Burgh. 1915. 1916. 1917. 

Ward No. I, ... £12.186 £12,306 £12,276 

II, ... 10.776 10,848 10,883 

HI, ... 13,121 13,188 13,167 

IV, ... 18.319 18,305 19,153 

V ... 13,962 14,022 13.890 

VI, ... 16,700 17,287 17,201 

£85,064 £85,956 £86,570 

Tramways, ... 114 73 

£58.178 £86,029 £86,570 

Population — In 1871, 7,760 ; 1881,8,291; 1891,9034; 1901, 9323; 1911, 9299 

First Ward, 406 males, 751 females, total 1159, of whom 168 were visitors. 

Second 526 729 1255 91 

Third 875 1053 1928 34 

Fourth 773 984 1757 39 

Fifth 794 1004 1798 79 

Sixth 440 9L2 1352 220 

Totals, 3.S14 5433 0247 631 

Assessments, Benefactions, &c, Parish and Burgh, Rothesay. 

Assessments. — Parochial — The following have been imposed by the Parish Council 
Poor Rate, 7fd: Burial Rate, §d ; per£l; School Rate,. 1/1. 

Bukghal — The Town Council have imposed 2s Od per £1 for Burgh General and 
other Assessments — equally divided between landlord and tenant. 

Land Tax and Registration of Births, &c, ^d ; County Voters Registration, Od — 
— payable by proprietors only. Water, 6^-d per £1. Gas, 4s 9Jd per 1000 
cubic feet (less 10% ' n a mon th) ; pre-payment meters, 5/2 less 10%. 

Benefactions — Mrs Ann Taylor or Jackson's Bequest. — The annual interest 
of £100 is expended by the Provost and Magistrates in providing coals for per- 
sons of the name of Taylor, and natives of Skipness or Rothesay. 

Miss Janet Gibson's Bequest. — The interest of £200 is invested with the Min- 
ister of the parish, and the Provost and Magistrates of the burgh, for the benefit of 
old and infirm poor, and applied annually at Candlemas — -each recipient receiving 
a sum of about os. 

The James Duncan Charity — £2000, reduced to £1600, bequeathed by the late 
Jas Duncan of Valparaiso and Rothesay, for the annual benefit of 10 old women. 

Bute Wedding Dowry.— £1000 bequeathed in commemoration of the silver wed- 
ding of John Patrick Crich ton- Stuart, 3rd Marquess of Bute, to be given by the 
Provost and Magistrates annually to enable some girl or girls of the poorer classes 
to be married. 

Educational Grant. — In terms of a grant made by the Town Council, and 
arrangement with the School Board, six children are entitled to free education in 
the Academy for three years 

Duncan Thomson Bequest. — £2000 bequeathed to the Provost, Magistrates and 
Town Council of the burgh, and the Parochial Board of the parish, for the erec- 
tion of a statutory poor house. The Parish Council two years ago bought a field 
at Townhead for £1066 18s 8d, on which they purpose to build. With interest, 
the sum now stands at £9833 17s Id 

Paterson Bequest. — The interest of £300, bequeathed by the late Miss Jane 
Paterson, Whinny Brae, is divided annually at Candlemas, through the Provost 
and Senior Bailie, among aged and infirm persons. 

Mrs Mary' Miller Bequest.-— The interest of £60 is, also through the Provost 
and Magistrates, applied for coals to the poor. 

Archibald Brown Bequkst. — The interest of £100 bequeathed by the late 
Archibald Brown, banker, is annually divided by the Provost and Magistrates at 
Candlemas amongst the poor and infirm of the town. 

Bethia Wkir Bequest. — Interest on £51 Is, to be applied annually by the 
Magistrates and Town Council for supplying coal to the poor. 

TOWN COUNCIL. — Meets at noon on second Monday of each month. Provost — 
James M* VI illan; Bailies — Archibald Montgomerie, John Lyle and Alexander 
Brown ; Dean of Guild, James Howitt. Treasurer, Eben R Macmillan ; Coun- 
cillors -Donald Buchanan, John Cunningham, George Halliday, George Hicks, 
George Grayson Hill, John Morton Lavvrie, Robert Miller, Robert Craig Miller, 
Jolin Maclachlan, John Slaven James Smith and W. Alex. Stewart 
The Magistrates and Town Council are also Police Commissioners Six members 
(one representing each ward) retire annually on the first Tuesday of November 
in normal times — when new elections take place. There have been no appeals to 
the constituency since the Great War started — vacancies being filled by the Cor- 
poration 36 


OFFICIALS— Rothesay Parish and Burgh. 

Officials — Town Clerk and Legal Assessor, Robert Duncan Whyte. Depute, 
James Rose, ll b, w s. Collector of Rates and Valuation Assessor, James 
Colquhonn Sinclair. Burgh Prosecutor, William Grant. Master of Works, 
Water Manager, Sanitary Inspector, and Inspector under the Food and Drugs 
Act, John Morrison. Chief Constable, and Inspector under the Shops Act, 
William M r Kay. Gas Manager, William Whyte. Electrical Engineer, 

Medical Officer. James Stewart Hall, m b . Analysts, J W & 
W L Biggart, Greenock. Inspector of Weights and Measures, Win Clark, Pais- 
ley. Interm Court-House Keeper, Alex. Stewart. Slaughter-Hou^e Super- 
intendent, James M'Lean. Auditor, David Guthrie, ca, Glasgow. Veterinary 
Surgeon, Wm Moodie, Rothesay. Golf Clubmaster, Donald Bremner 

PARISH COUNCIL — Meets on the first Tuesday of each month. Ex-provost 
M'Millan (chairman), Messrs Donald Buchanan, Robert Burness, James Cun- 
ningham, Michael Cuthbertson, James Heaton, Henry R Leiteh, Donald 
McMillan. Archibald Montgomerie, Frank Montgomerie, Charles Muir, John 
Slaven, James Smith and Angus Speirs. The members are elected every three 
Officials — Inspector of Poor, Clerk, and Collector — A Ross Thomson Medical 
Officer, James Burnett Lawson, md. Auditor, C A Cadell 

"Wards — The Burgh was, in 1886, divided into wards for municipal purposes. 

No. I — Ardbeg road, Ardinory road,Argyle place, Argyle terrace, Landward, Marine 
place, Mackinlay street, Macnab's brae, West-wood, Wyndham road. Valuation, 
£12,276. Constituency — Males. 214; females, 238; total, 4.52 Representa- 
tives: Town Council — >Dean of ouild James Howitt, Bailie Archd Montgomerie 
and Mr John Maclachlan. Parish Council — Messrs Muir and Speirs 

No. 2 — Alma terrace (part of), Bridgend street (west side), Argyle street, Ballochgoy 
terrace, Bridge street, Cliapelhill road, Gallowgate (west side), Havelock terrace, 
Hillhouse road (west side), Inkerman terrace, Landward, Lilvoak terrace, Staff* 
place, York terrace, Westland road. Valuation, £10,883. Constituency — Males, 
252; females, 190'; total, 442. Representatives: Town C >nncil — Messrs Donald 
Buchanan, B R Macmillan, and John M Lawrie. Parish Council — Messrs Jas 
Cunningham and Harry R Leiteh 

No. 3 — Alma terrace (part of), Barone road (west side), Bridgend street (east side)' 
Columshill place, Columsliill street, Gallowgate (east side), Glenhead place> 
Gowanfield place, Hillhouse road (east side), John street, King street, Ladeside 
street, Landward, Maoalist-er's court, Mill street (west side), Montague street 
(from Gallowgate to Tower street), Tower street (west side), Victoria street 
(from Gallowgate to Tower street), West C-istle street. Valuation, £13,167 
Constituency — Males, 366 ; females, 193 ; total, 559 Representatives: Town 
Council — Bailie Alex Brown, and Messrs G G Hill and Robert C Miller. Parish 
Council — Messrs Buchanan, Heaton and Slaven 

No. 4 — Castlehill street, part of Castle street, Guildford square. High street, (from 
Guildford square to Castle street). High street (west side), Landward, Meadow- 
cap, Montague street (from Tower street to Watergate), Mill street (east side), 
Russell street, Stuart street, Tower street (east side), Union street, Victoria street, 
(from Tower street to Guildford square), Watergate (west side), Ascog Loch road 
(south side). Valuation, £19,153. Constituency — Males. 402; females, 181; 
total, 583. Representatives: Town Council — provost James M'Millan, George 
Halliday and John Slaven Parish Council — Messrs Burness and F Montgomerie 


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OFFICIALS— Burgh and Parish of Rothesay. 

No. 5 — Alliert place, Bishop street, Bishop terrace. Bishop terrace brae (west side) 
Castle street, Croft lane, East Princes street (to number 21), High street east 
side, from Castle street to Minister's brae), Landward, Minister's brae (north 
side), Store lane, Watergate (east side), West Princes street, Mountpleasant road 
Serpentine road. Valuation, £13,890. Constituency— Males, 285; females, 192; 
total, 477. Representatives: Town Council— Eailie John Lyleand Messrs Cunning- 
ham and Smith. Parish Council: Ex-provost McMillan and Mr M Cuthbertson 

No. 6 — Albany road. Ardencraig road, Battery place, Bishop terrace brae (east side). 
Craigmore road, Crichton road, East Burgh Lands, East Princes street (from No. 
22), Eastlands road, Landward, Mountstuart road. Valuation, £17,201. Con- 
stituency—Males, 157; females, 242; total, 399. Representatives: —Town Coun- 
cil— Bailies W A Stewart and G Hicks, and Mr Robert Miller. Parish Council — 
Messrs Arch Mongomerie and James Smith. 

Town Council Committees — Burgh Lands and Golf Course— Bailie Montgomerie 

(convener), provost M'Millan (sub-convener), Dean of Guild Brown, Treasurer E R 

Macmiilan, Messrs Hicks, Lawrie and Halliday 
Gas — Messrs Jumes Smith (convener), Cunningham (sub-convener), provost 

M'Millan, Bailie Lyle, and Messrs Hill, Maclachlan, Slaven and Stewart 
Water — Bailie Brown (convener), Mr Hicks (sub-convener), Bailie Lyle, Dean of 

Guild Howitt, Messrs Buchanan, Halliday, R Miller and R C Miller 
Finance — Treasurer E R Macmiilan (convener), provost McMillan (sub-convener), 

Bailie Montgomerie ; Messrs Buchanan, Hill, Cunningham, R C Miller and W A 

Polio; and Electric Light — provost M'Millan (convener), Bailie Montgomerie 

(sub-convener), Treasurer E R Macmillaan, and Messrs Cunningham, Halliday, 

R C Miller, Slaven and Stewart 
Roads — Bailie Lyle (convener), Dean of Guild Howitt (sub-convener), Bailies Mont- 
gomerie and Brown ; Treasurer E R Macmiilan Messrs Halliday, Lawrie and W A 

Public Hbalth — >ir Hill (convener), Mr Stewart (sub-convener), the provost, 

Messrs Maclachlan, Hicks, R C Miller, Sla'ven and Smith 
Parks — Mr Stewart (convener), Treasurer E R Macmiilan (sub-convener), Dean 

of Guild Howitt, Messrs Buchanan, Lawrie, Hill, Cunningham and R Miller 
Dean of Guild Court — Dean of Guild Howitt, Bailies Montgomerie and Brown 

Messrs R C Miller, R Miller and Slaven 
Stewart Institute, Members of Board of Management — provost M'Millan, and 

Bailies Montgomerie and Lyle and Mr Stewart 
Pmson — Member of Greenock Prison Visiting Committee, Mr Cunningham 
Old Age Pension Scheme — provost M'Millan, Messrs Buchanan, Cunningham, 

Hill, Howitt, Lawrie, R Miller, R C Miller, MacLachlan, Slaven, Smith and 

Stewart. (There are about 260 pensioners in the Burgh) 
Representatives to County Council — provost M'Millan, Bailie Montgomerie, 

Treasurer E R Macmiilan and Mr Cunningham 
Lunacy, Representatives to the District Board — provost McMillan, Treasurer 

E R Macmiilan, and Messrs Buchanan and Mr R C Miller 
Royal Burghs, Representatives to the Convention. — Commissioner, provost 

M'Millan ; Assessor, Treasurer Macmiilan 
Representativk Elder to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland — 

Robert Prentice, High Craigmore 39 


'Phone No. 145. 

Queen's Hotel 


On the West Kay. 


HIS First-Class HOTEL has been re-Decorated and re- 
Furnished. Excellent Cuisine. New Smoking' Room. 

Large Gardens. Moderate Tariff. 

A Few Minutes from Golf Course. 




Opposite the Pier. 

Spacious Public and Bed-rooms. 
Telephone No. 44. Moderate Tariff. 

Mrs HAGGART [ ute °Su2£K Bl, > Proprietrix. 

OFFICIALS— Rothesay Parish and Burgh. 

Licensing Appeal Court — Appointed by Justices — ex-provosts Burness and 
Miller and ex-Bailie M'Bride Appointed by Rothesay Magistrates — Bailies 
Montgomerie and Brown, and ex-Kailie John Cunningham 

Harbour Trust — The Provost, Magistrates, and Town Council, along with the fol- 
lowing shipowners' representatives : Messrs L H Gilchrist, John D Rodger, James 
Smith and Peter Burgoyne 

Harbour Committee — Mr Buchanan (convener), provost M'Millan (sub-con- 
vener), Treasurer Macmillan, councillors Hill, R Miller and Slaven, and Messrs 
Gilchrist, Rodger, Smith and Burgoyne 

Officials — Clerk, R D Whyte. .Depute, James Rose. Harbour- Master, capt 
David M'Nair Master of Works, John Morrison. Bridge attendant, D M'Lellan 
Overseer of Turnstiles, George Allison 

Parish Council Committees.— Law— The Chairman (ex-provost M'Millan), Messrs 

Donald Buchanan, Robert Burness and Arch Montgomerie 
Finance — The Chairman, Messrs J Heaton, D Buchanan, Jas Cunningham and 

Angus Spiers 
Cemetery— Messrs James Smith, M Cuthbertson, James Cunningham, Donald 

M'Millan, Angus Speirs, John Slaven, F Montgomerie and Charles Muir 
Visiting — The Chairman, Messrs Buchanan, Burness, Heaton, H R Leitch, A 

Montgomerie, F Montgomerie, Muir and Slaven 
Casual Sick-House— The Chairman, Messrs Burness, Heaton, A Montgomerie, 

Slaven and Speirs. Matron, Janet Steven 

School Board — Meets on the first Monday of every month. — William Lyle, (chair- 
man), Revs J M Dickie and Dugald M'Cormick, Messrs George Hicks, William 
Hunter, Thomas Maelagan and Peter M'Aftbnr. (The members are elected 
every three years). 
Committees — Secondary Education — Dr Lawson (convener), Revs J M Dickie and 
Finance — Messrs Hicks (convenor), Hunter, Lyle, Maclagan and P M'Arthur 
Works — Messrs Hunter (convener), Lyle and M'Cormick 
Officials — Clerk and Treasurer, Win Grant. Medical officer, Dr J B Lawson 
Officer, Edward M'Nah. Auditor, C A Cadell 

Police. — Chief Constable, Win M'Kay; inspector, Win David; Sergeants, Wm Cuthbert 
and Alex Gray ; and ten constables. The annual Report for 1916 states that 13 
members of the force have been instructed in ambulance work, and the good feeling 
between the police ana the public continues. There has again been an absence of 
serious crime. There are six licensed hotels in the buigh, 19 public houses, and 
12 licensed grocers; and no special permissions were issued during the year. 
There were also licensed 7 brokers, 51 cab-drivers, 37 hackney carriages and 
taxi-cabs, 12 porters. 2 chimney sweepers, 10 omnibus drivers. 2 omnibuses, 6 
halls, 2 billiard rooms, 7 motor omnibuses, 3 premises for cinematograph exhibi- 
tions, and 20 pedlars' certificates were issued. 1025 houses were closed during 
the winter months, (976, 827 844 851, 886 and 894 during previous years.) 
There were 15 sudden deaths, 5 deaths by drowning, 5 fatal accidents, 1 fire, 
and 4 minor accidents during the year 

Fire Brigade. — Firemaster, John Morrison, Master of Works; firemen, John 
Connor, 87 High st ; R Hislop, 82 Highst; A M'Fie, 6H Montague st ; P 
M'Fie, 117 High street; A Campbell, 29 Oolumshill st; John Paterson, Croft 
lodge; D Hyndman, 28 Montague st ; Rankin Harper, 3 King st ; and John 
Gillies, 56 High st 41 



(2000 Volumes). 

21 Victoria Street, 

(Formerly Rothesay Post Office.) 









OFFICIALS— Rothesay Parish and Burgh. 

CHURCHES. — The Established Presbytery meets at Dunoun on last Wednesday ini 
xApril and September and first Wednesday in July; at Rothesay on last Wednes- 
day of March and November. Clerk, Rev John Saunders, b d, Kingarth. 
The United Free Presbytery usually meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 
Rothesay and Dunoon alternately. Clerk, Rev J MTv Campbell, Lochgoilhead 

Parish Church, High street (Hours of worship, 11 30 am and 6.30 p m ia 
Summer. 1130 pm in Winter). Minister, Rev James King Hewison, dd. 
Session-Clerk, Andrew Clark. Superintendent of Sabbath Schools, Rev. Dr 
Hewison. Conductor of Psalmody, James MArthur. Harmoniumist, Miss 
M'Arthur. Church Officer, Wm Cunningham, Barone road 

New Parish, Argyle street (hours of worship, 11 a.m and 6.30 pm)— Rev John 
M Dickie, bd. Session Clerk, Angus Spiers. Clerk and Treasurer, George Smith, 
Seat-Letter, J A Urquhart. Organist, Arthur S Christie. Superintendent of 
Sabbath School, Frank Montgomerie. Church Officer, Donald M"Eie, Bishop st 

Craigmore Parish (St Brendan's), (hours of worship 11 a.m and 6.30 p.m) — 
J Morrell M'William BA. Session-Clerk, J F Wallace. Clerk to Managers,. 
Robert Prentice. Treasnrer, D D Shaw. Organist, David Rodger. Church. 
Officer, D J Penney, B ogany cottage 

Established Gaelic, Russell street (hoars of worship, Gaelic at 11 am, and 
English at 630 pm) — Rev. D W Mackenzie. Organist. Anna Waugh. Treas- 
urer, Rev D W Mackenzie. Church Officer, Lachlan M'Fadyen 

United Free Paiush, Castle street (hours of worship, 11 a m and 6.30 pm)— Rev 
Joseph Traill, bd. Session-Clerk, J L Masterton. Clerk to Deacons' Court, 
Chas Paterson Treasurer, D Buchanan. Seat-Letter, Peter M 'Arthur. Super- 
intendents of Sabbath Schools, John Morrison and James Duncan. Conductor 
of Psalmody, Peter M 'Arthur. Acting Organist, Miss Mary Morrison. Church 
Officer, Robert Young, Castle st 

United West Free, Argyle street (hours of worship, 11am and 6 30 p m) — 
Rev James Ferguson Padkin. Session Clerk, David Stewart. Clerk to Dea- 
cons' Court, Daniel Lamont. Treasurer, James Smith. Seat-Letter, Andrew 
Hamilton. Superintendent of Sabbath School, James Porter, ma. Organist and 
choirmaster, John M'Ewan, ltsc. Officer, James Hunter, 24 Argyle st 

Chapelhii.l United Free Gaelic, High street — (hours of worship: English, 11 
a in, and 6-8t> p m ; Gaelic (first Sunday in each month) at 12 30 p m) Rev~ 

Dugald M'Corniick. Session Clerk, capt Kennedy. Clerk to Deacons' Court,. 

Peter M'Lean. Superintendent of Sabbath School, 'Edu- M'Nab. Choirmaster,. 

Edward M'Nab. Church Officer, Duncan Currie. Bishop st 
Bridgend United Free, Bridgend street (hours of worship, 11 a m and 6*30 p in. 

— Rev William Galbraith. Session-Clerk, Alex M'Nab. Preses, William Lyle. 

Clerk, George Hitrgie. Treasurer, Wm Meldrum. Seat-letter, Alex Macrone. 

Superintendent of Sabbath School, Rev Win Galbraith Organist, Daniel Lamont- 

Church Officer, James Pinkerton, Church buildings 
Craigmore United Fi^ee. Crichton road (hours of worship, 11 am and 6.30 p m- 

— Rev Dr Rutherford Session-Clerk, Wm Tytler, Royal Bank. Preses of 

Congregation, Arch Ewing. Clerk, A Ross Thomson. Treasurer, Wm Tytler. 

Organist, Robt Pollock. Church Officer. James Semple, VI Mansetield pi 
Free, Chapelhill, (hours of worship, 11 am and 6 30 p in.) — Rev Adam Hunter- 

Session-Clerk, D. M'Intosh, Orchard villa, Port-Bannatyne. Church officer, A 

Weir, 14 Argyle pi 


T. M. CLAY, 


Stationer, and 

Fancy Ooods Merchant, 

11 Victoria Street. 


Large Selection of Souvenir Goods, Electro- Plate and Jewellery. 

"■Charles Muir, 

Family Bpead, Biscuit and Pastry Baker, 
17 Argyle street and 17 High street. 

Maker of Montgomerie's latent Bermaline Bread as used in the Royal H msehold. 

Hot Pies Daily. Marriage and Birthday Cakes made to Order. Confections. 

Try Muir's Famed Oat Cakes and Self-Raising PloUP. 

Gold .Medalist, London Exhibition, September, 1908. 

Winner of the " British Baker'" Silver Challenge Shield. June, 1909, and June, 1'910. 

Winner of D.a nonrt Jubilee Cup, London Exhibition, September, 1909. 

11 Meuuls and Diplomas in 1911. 

OFFICIALS— Rothesay. 

Ladeside Mission, in connection with the West United Free. Convener, James 
Brown. Sabbath 'School at opm. Superintendent, Kdward MTavish 
Savings Bank every Friday evening at 7. 
Gospel Temperance Association, Saturdays at 8 p m 
P. S. A.. Sabbaths at 2 30 p m 

Baptist, Ardbeg road (hours of worship, 11 am and 2 30 pm) — Rev Samuel Crabb. 
Superintendent of Sabbath School, Arch Crabb. Harmoniumists, Mrs Kennedy 
and Arch Crabb. Church Officer, John M'Lean, Mansefield pi 

Prayer meetings in connection with most of the Presbyterian and Baptist Churches 
on Wednesday evenings 

St Paul's Episcopal, Victoria street. — Established 1838: Church built in 1854 
and consecrated in 1862. — (Hours of worship, 8.30 and 11 a m and 6.30 p m) — ■ 
Rector, Charles Tindall Beale, ba. Secretary and Treasurer, A W Herbert, 
35 High street. Organist, H C, Fridays, Holy Days, and accord- 

ing to notice. Daily Summer Evensong, 6 o'clock ; Winter, 4 o'clock 

St Andrew's Roman Catholic, Columshill street (hours of worship, 8 [during 
July and August], 9 and 11 a.m and 7 p m) — Rev Angus Macdonald. Assistant, 
Rev Andrew Butler. Organist, Miss Alice McCarthy. Mass on holy days at 8 
and 9am; on week days at 8 am 
There is a Chapel at Mountstuart served from Rothesay. Mass on Sundays and 
holy days at 10 a m 

The Faith Mission, instituted in 1886 for evangelization in small towns and 

country districts. Head-quarters and publishing-office, Edinburgh. Founder, J G 

Govati ; lion, acting director, H E Govan 

The Faith Mission Prayer Union Local Branch, established 1881), for Christian 

fellowship and evangelistic effort, meets in the Good Templar Hall, Tower st 

Salvation Army, Citadel, Bridge street (services several times weekly 
Christian Brethren meet in the Gospel Hall, Bridgend st, on the Lord's Day, 
at 11 a.m and 6 30 p m 

Advertising and Town Purposes Asssociation. — The following Association for 
Advertising the Town for 1916, was appointed at a public meeting held in the 
Public Buildings, viz. : — Provost M'Millan (convener), Bailie Montgomerie (vice 
convener), Bailie Lyle, ex-provosts Fisher and Miller, ex-Bailies Hill and Buch- 
anan, Messrs John Blair, Duncan Dewar, G M M'Lintock, T M Clay, M Cnth- 
bertson, Geo Prentice, Angus Thompson and Duncan Brown 
Secretary, James Rose, Depute Town Clerk 

HOSPITALS — Robertson Stewart, Townhead— Medical Officer, Dr Hall. Visiting 
hours, 1 till 3 daily Matron, Annie M'Kenzie 

Victoria, High street. — Established and maintained for medical and surgical 
treatment of persons suffering from injuries or non-infectious diseases. — Hon. 
President, The Marquis of Bute. Chairman of Committee of Management, 
Sheriff Martin. Hon Secretary, Thos Maclagan. Hon Treasurer, Wm Grant. 
Interim Matron, Margaret A. Smith. During 1916, there were 131 admissions 
and 184 outpatients attended to. The total income for the year was £1007 18s 
2d, and the deficit at the end of the year was reduced to £13 9s lid The visit- 
ing days are Sundays and Fridays from three till four o'clock, and Tuesdays and 
Thursdays from seven till eight. 

Glasgow Western Infirmary — Local Treasurer, J R Campbell, Clydesdale Bank 




Boys', Youths' and Gent's, Clothier, 

Outfitter, Hosier and Hatter, 
25 Victoria Street, Rothesay. 

J . » . B « O W IT , 

Surgeon Dentist, 

3g Victoria Street 

Artificial Teeth on the Most Up-to-Date Principles. 

Children's Teeth Carefully Regulated. 

Teeth Extracted without Pain. 

Terms Strictly Moderate 
Business hours — 10 a.m. till 8 p.m. 

Established 1857. Telephone No. 102x3. 

fl>. C. MUM MAY <& CO., 
House, Coaeh and Motor Painters, 

"Decorators, C^Inftcrs, ano picture -{frame Xiftakcrs, 
86 Montague Street, 

Paints, Oils, Varnishes. Paperhangings. 
Glass, Polished and Rough Plate, Embossed and Ornamental, .Silvered .Mirrors, 
Sheet Glass, Lend Lattice Work, Picture Mouldings, Memorial Wreaths, 
Shades and stands. 

Glasgow and West of Scotland Society 


Prevention of Cruelty 


THE SOCIETY has during the Season a Resident Officer in Rothesay for the purpose 
of inquiring and investigating into all ACTS of CRUELTY to ANIMALS through- 
out the Counties of Argyll and Bute. Complaints left at his residence, 3| Victoria 
Street (2 up), or Police Office, will receive immediate attention 


(PHYSICIANS.— *Robt Armstrong, MB, oh b. Battery place. George Berwick, md 
Ardbeg. *Alex Hall, mb, cIib, and *James S Hall, MB, ch b, Battery place 
(Locum tenons, Dr Ncjtt). James B Lawsnn, m d, Battery place. John N 
Marshall., m d, Battery place. *David J Penney, m b, c m, Battery place. 
*On active service. 

Veterinary Surgeon, Wm Moodie, m r c v s, Watergate 

Nursing Association — Hon President, Dowager Marchioness of Bute. Presi- 
dent, Marchioness of Bute. Vice-President, Miss Helen R Wilson. Chapelhill. 
Hon Secretary, Miss Alexander, Greylands. Hon Treasurer, Mrs J NMarshall. 
Nurses, Misses Harvey and M'Conechy. During 1916, the nurses attended 
382 cases. Nurse Harvey had assisted at 28 operations and 61 maternity cases 
Nurse M'Connechy had treated 61 cases unassisted 

Casual Sick House, Bishop street. Visiting hours — Sundays, Mondays, Wed- 
nesdays and Saturdays, 3 till 4 pm ; Mondays and Thursdays. 7 till 8. Nurse 
Steven, matron 

WRITERS — T W Alexander, jun, Castle street. Donald Grant, np, Castlehill street. 
Wm Grant, Castlehill street. A W Herbert, 35 High street. Adam D Macbeth, np. 
Castle street. Thomas Maclagan, Castle street. James Rose, llb, ws, Castle st. 
Wm Alex Stewart, bl, Watergate. Robprt D Whvte, Castle street. John T 
Wilson & Alexander, np, Castle st. J Richardson Yeates, Watergate 

•BANKS — Royal, Victoria street: Wm Tytler, agent 

Bank of Scotland, Guildford square : J L Masterton, agent 
Clydi'Sdalk, Guildford square: George Smith, agent 
Bute Savings, Castle street : John M r Callum, actuary 

EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS. — Rothesay Academy and Thomson Institute. 
Rector, Alexander G Burgess, ma, f ei s. 

Higher Grade School — Annie M Douglas; Rachel P Reid, ma (hons); A G 
M'Kimmie, m a ; (hons); J Porter, M A (hons); R Stark, ma (hons); P C 
Gaskin, m a (hons); Miss M Baird, M a (hons); George T Scott , a r c a; 
J W Chapman, ma (hons); and Miss Grace Anderson, ma (hons). 

Primary School :_ Infant Division — Annie M Douglas and Annie D B M'Crone, 
Junior Division — Agnes C Hume, Rebecca Keddie and Jessie Menzies. Senior 
Division--H W Johnston, ma, John R Cattanach, ma, and Isobel W Cruickshank 

Music — Arthur S Christie. Cookery and Sewing— Isabella M C Skeoch. Singing, 
Jas IVPArthur. a o. Drill and Gymnastics — Marion R Bain 
Janitor, Wm Blue, Park pi 

Public School — Headmaster, Harry G Ross, m a Masters, Thomas W Doggart 
John M'Donald, W Living ton and Ronald McDonald. Drawing, Wilfrid Craig 
Pianoforte, George Dryden. Singing, James M' Arthur Mistresses, Williamina 
S Tulloeh, Mrs M'Millan, Misses Helen Stewart, E M M-mtgomerie, Kate M Whyte 
Mary J Christie, Alice Wylie, J Markinnon, Bessie Lyle, Minnie Sandison, ma, 
Jeannie Smart, M Reid, J Reid, J ;VI M'Phail and E A Cadger Cookery, Isa- 
bella M C Skeoch Janitors, Edw M-'Nab and Geo Brown 

St Andrew's R C School — Mistresses, sisters Collette and Mary, and Misses 
Dooley, Fitzgerald, Courtney and M'Giness. Singing, James M'Arthur 

Thk Bute Laboratory and Museum (formerly the Aquarium), Battery place. 
Curator, Mr L P VV Ri-nouf, b a hons., Dipl. Agr. (Cantab), late Scholar of 
Trinity College, Cambridge. The museum aims at getting together a collectior 



Phone No. 114. 

Rothesay Steam Laundry, 


R. S. Mackenzie, Proprietor. 

Goods Called for and Delivered by Van. 

Phone, No. 101 Yl, 





D. M. TaylOF, Limited, 

Wholesale &n& Family Wine IYIepefyan'bs, 

ctrj& Dealers in Old Seotefy WfyisKies 

2-6 Tower Street, Rothesay. 

This is the only Business in Rothesay which is exclusively that of Family Wine 

Merchants and Spirit Dealers, Wholesale and Retail. 

Telephone 28. Telegrams, "Taylor, Rothesay." 


A. H. Buchanan, 

Bookseller, Stationer, and 

Fancy Goods Merchant* 

49 Montague street. 

Souvenirs of Rothesay a Speciality. 

OFFICIAL^ — Rothesay Publications, Society Office-Bearers. 

representative of the fauna, flora and antiquities of Bute and its immediate neigh- 
bourhood, and already a creditable collection is on view. The Laboratory (which 
carries on research work on the local fauna and flora, more especially concerning 
economic problems) is fully equipped, and owns a motor-driven smack for use in 
marine investigations. Classes are held to meet the requirements of students, and 
outside workers are given every encouragement. All interested in biology are 
invited to consult the curator. The museum is open free to children in charge of a 
teacher, and on Saturdays from 11 till 12 o'clock, when the curator ispressntfor 
their benefit. Ordinarily the charge for admission is 2d for adults, Id for children. 
Elsewheie in the island, also at the expense of Lord Bute, properly-equipped labor- 
atories have been erected for scientific research relating to lobster and t"ort fish- 
eries, but these places are not open to the public. 

PUBLICATIONS —The Bcteman and West Coast Chronicle (Unionist), Id weekly. 

Published every Friday evening by Buteman, Ltd., Castle street 
Rothesay Express, ^d weekly, published every Tuesday evening by M Mackenzie 

Montague street 
Bute County Directory, Is, published annually in July by Higgie & Co, Bridge 

Bonnie Scotland's Resorts, 2d, 6d and Is, published by Higgie & Co, Bridge st 

The Coast Guide, Memorandum Book and Register, Id, published by Higgie & 

Co, Bridge street 
Belega Skotlando, an adaptation of the above into Esperanto (the first guidebook 

printed in the International Language). Id. Higgie & Co. 
Boni Skotland, in Pitman's Phonetic Longhand, adopted from the foregoing, and 

published in commemoration of Sir Isaac Pitman's Centenary. Id. Higgie & Co, 
Is Esperanto Worth Learning ? By Bernard Long, b a. Id, 2d, and 5 cents. 

Higgie and Co. 
SKOTLANDA PEJZAGO [Scottish Scenery] Typical Views, from Photographs, 

with Descriptions in English and Es] eranto. 6d Higgie & Co. 
La EN^Migo de la Nacioj (the Courtship of the Nations), (brochurets containing 

articles written, in Esperanto (the international language) by persons in all the 

civilised countries of the world, ^d. Higgie & Co. 
Guide to Rothesay and the Island of Bute, Id annually, Buteman Ltd 
Rothesay, the Odicial Guide, published by the Advertising Committee. Price, 6d 

Free (3d for postage) to persons outside Island. Chairman, Provost M'Millan ; 

Secretary, James Rose, Depute Town Clerk. 

Norman Stewart Institute, Montague street, erected by former townsmen (who re- 
membered their native place while prospering abroad) at a cost of about £10,000, 
for the benefit of working men and women. Chairman of Directors, Provost 
McMillan. Committee of Management - Sheriff Martin (chairman), Provost 
M'Millan, councillors E R Macmillan and Robt Miller, Revs Wm Galbraith and 
D M^Cormack, and Mr Matthew Swan 
Secretary and Treasurer, Wm Grant. Janitor, Thomas Campbell 

Rothesay Horticultural Society — Annual Exhibition, in abeyance — President. 
Provost M'Millan. Secretary and Treasurer, George Allison, Barone rd 

Joint Stock Companies. _ Tramway Co (Limited) — Chairman, A C Miles. 
Secretary, P N Gray. General manager, Archibald Robertson. Assistant mana- 
ger and engineer, H T Bates. 

D 49 


Angus Speirs, 

Clothier and Yachting Outfitter, 

Hosier and f clover, 


C. M'Connell 

IfFililners and toadies' Outfitters, 

21 Montague Street. 

The Newest and Most Fashionable Goods, 

Comprising Ladies' and Childrens' Underclothing. Hosiery, Gloves, Wool, Furnishing 


M'Connell & M'Carthy, 

(Branch from 21 Montague Street), 

ladies' and Children's Outfitters, 

59 Montague Street. 

Specialists in Ladies' Corsets and Hosiery. 
Agent for W. & A. Gilbey s Wines and Spirits. 

Joseph Maitland, 

(Successor to High Morton), 

Family Grocer and Wine Jfle reliant, 

62 Montague st. 0p ' P Sthe iw& Rothesay. 

Orders Called for and Promptly Delivered. 

OFFICIATE — Rothesay Company Office-Bearers 

Glk\rukn HYi>R"pvrmc Co Ltd — Visiting; Physician, Dr Marshall. Secretary, 

J. Campbell Dewar, a, IS Alva street, Edinhurgh 
Craigmork Pier Co — Chairman, ex-Provost McMillan. Secretary, James Mac- 

kinlion Piermaster, Colin B Turner 
Car ni agio Hi :isa and 'Bus C" — M'Kirdy & M'Millan, Ltd — Chairman, 

Arch Robertson. Secretary, W C King. Manager, James M'Millan 
Bute Srp. >m Launkry Co. — Se< retary, VVm Paul, Stonefield Lanndry, Paisley 
Geo kg i'. H vi,. iday, Limited — -Chairman and Managing D, rector, George Halliday, 

Secretary, Mak-ol n H illiday. Solicitors, Russell & Dancan 
D M Taylor, Lf wit- d— Manager, Donald .VFDonald. Secretary, R D Whyte 
Electric Theai res. Ltd. — Secretary, Carsewell, c A, St Vincent st, Glas- 
gow. Manager, Jas Watson 
Theatre de Lux*, Chairman, Robt Smith. Secretaries, T W Alexander, jun, 

and Wm Watson Manager, Fred Nettleton 
The Palace C nema Coy — Manager, Jas Gillespie. Secretary, George Smith, 

Clydesdale Bank 
The BtrrEMVX, Limited — Cha'rinan, John Reid, Ardencraig. Secretary and 

Manager, Charles M Stevenson, Buteman office 

friendly & Benefit Societies — Freb and Accfptrd Masons.— Prov. G. Lodge of 
Argyll and the [sles— P G M, Fred Waller Fell Clark, (ilen Caladh. P G M D, 
Cape Iain Ramsay, [slay SPG M. very Rev Charles Presley Smith, Dean of 
Arsjvll and the Isles. Oban. Chaplain, Rev Alex Wm Mitchell, B i>, Ardentinny, 
P G Secretary, John Macphail, Rothesay. Treasurer, James Heaton, Rothesay 

Lodge "Rothesay Sr Jonx," No. 2>2, EstaHlished 1821 — VIeets in Masonic Temple 
Chapelhill road, on Is' and 3r 1 Mondays of each month from Sep ember till April 
— RWM Thomas .M Clay. Secretary, George M'Lintock, 5 High st, Treasurer, 
Andid Hunter. Tyler, John M'Callum 

"Sr BbWii's" Royal Ar h Chapter, No. 163 — Meets in Masonic Temple, Chapelhill 
road i n sec >nd Monday of each month from September till April. -1st Principal, Z, 
J M Culloch. 2nd Principal. H, Alex Browu. 3rd Principal J, Andw B Baird. 
Scribe B, John Macphail. R N" Yachi Clubhouse. Scribe N, Alex Perston. Trea- 
sury- Arch Campbell. Janitor, John M Callum 

Oif eh OF Bastbrn Sr\R. — '' Duchess of Rothesay" Chapter No. 15. — Instituted 
Novemb. r. 1 M)5. — Meets i-i the Masonic Temple, on the fourth Monday of each 
month from September-till April. Matron, Mrs Jenny Thomson. Patron Robt 
Thomson. Secretary, Miss Catherine Cameron, Barone road. Treasurer, Mrs 
Diinlo . Brown. Sentiae . J ihn .M'Callum 

Ancibnt o i) ■ i: of F .it- steks -Rothesay, Bute, and Argyll Drsr*icr -Meets 
half yearly for business (lit Friday in April and last Friday in October) in For- 
esters' Hall. Castle street. Rothesay. 1) C R, Thos Napier, Rothesay. Secretary, 
John -illies. I) T. -Ims B Stewart, Rotnesav. 

Court 'Bo k" No oliSO — M-ets in the Foresters' Hall every alternate Wednesday, — 
CR, Jims bright. Truasurer, Thomas Napier. Secretary, Archd Cunning- 
ham. M: lical O ficer. Dr L-uvson Tlie b dance at the credit of the sick and 
funeral an I smaller funds is £2:100 
• Lov \i, i> k k A.N( iknt Shep ih.ros (Ashton Unity)—" Lord Bote" Lodge 
No —Meets every al eruate Wednesday in the Lesser Good Templar Hill— 
W M Jas B irn-. Medical Officer, J B Lawson, m d. Secretary, Geo Stark. 
Trea-urer, teo Oliphaiir, I -: Castle st. The recent annual statement showed that 
£l~> ii id benn paid in sick aliment last year, that there were 50 members on the 
roll, and a er.-ilit balance of £515 



Colin B. Turner, 

House Agent, Insurance Agent, 

and Piermaster, 



Ladies' and Gent/s Tailor, 

Opposite General Post Office. 

David Lawson & Son, 

Family Bread, Biseuit,&Pastry Bakers 

87 Montague street. 

Orders Delivered by Van to Port-Bannatyne and Mountstuart. 
Hot Pies every Saturday Night. 

Alex. Campbell, 

Accountant, House Factor, Insurance Agent, 

Auctioneer and Valuator, 

29 Watergate. 

Auction Sales Conducted in Town and Country. Furniture stored. 
Valuations Effected and Insurance Claims Adjusted on Every Description of Property 
—Heritable and Moveable— on Reasonable Terms. 

Furniture Bought and Sold. 

OFFICIALS— Eothesay Society Office-Bearers. 

Sons of Temperance — " Rothesay's Effort" Division, No 467 — Patriarch. 
John Hunter. Secretary, Norman Lamont, jun. Treasurer, Andrew Buchanan, 
Collector, Wm Lugton, Minister's brae 

Independeivt Ori>e t of Good Templars — District Lodge of Bute and Cowal, 
No 13— D C T, Rev Thomas M'Nab, b d, Innellan. D S, Hugh Peacock, Kirn. 
D T, Alex M'Nab, Rothesay 

"George Strphenson" Lodge, No 122 — Meets in Good Templar Hall, Tower 
street, on Tuesdays at 8 p m — Chief Templar, Jean Sinclair. L D, A M'Nab, 
B Secretary, A M'Nab, sen. Treasurer, Jessie M'Nab 

"Rothesay's Freedom" Lodge, No 228— Meets in the Good Templar Hall, 
Tower street, on Thursdays at 8 pm — Chief Templar, Alex Perston. Secretary, 
D Rodger, Victoria st 

" Hope of Bute" Juvenile Lodge, No 252 — Meets in the Good Templar Hall, 
Tower street, on Saturdays at 6 p m — Superintendent, Edward M"Nab 

"Freedom's Hope" Juvenile Lodge, No 135 — Meets in the Good Templar 
Hall, Tower street, on Thursday at 7 p m — Superintendent, John Hunter 
Independent Ordek of Rechabites — "Hope of Bute" Tent, No 2325 — 
Meets in St Paul's hall, Dean Hood place on alternate Mondays of each month. 
Chief Ruler, W Dryburn. Secretary, David Rodger. Treasurer, Robt Young 

Juvenile Tent, '' Duke of Rothesay," No 1273. — Superintendent, James Hyndman 
•Catch My Pal Total Abstinence Union. — Meets in the West United Free Church 
hall — President, James Brown. Secretary, J VV Mutch. Treasurer, G Maitland 
Dorcas Society, established 1881, to benefit the respectable poor — Meetsin Parish 
Church hall, Bishop st — Hon President, the Marchioness of Bute. Hon Secre- 
tary, Miss Maclsaac, Argyle street. Hon Treasurer, Miss Herbert, Brighton ter 
Rothesay Charity Organisation Society and Civic Guild— Instituted 11)09, 
to ameliorate the condition of the poor, repress mendacity, and expose impos- 
ture. — President, Provost M'Millan Hon Secretary, Wm Grant. Hon Treasurer, 
Win Tytler, Last year 28 families (totalling 144 persons) were cared for and 
visited by the guild and 288* dinner tickets distributed 

TRADE Societies — Building Trades' Federation — Convener, James M*Bride, 
Secretary, Wm M'lntosh 

Amalgamated Carp nter>>' and Joiners" Society — President, Alex M'Gaw, 
Secretary, Dugald Gillies. Treasurer. Jas W Dobbie 

Carters' Society -Secretary, Bobt Rose, Columshill st 

Factors' Association— President, Wm Hunter. Secretary. Alex Campbell, 

Merchants' Association — President, E R Macmillan. Secretary and Treasurer, 
John. Baxter 

Master Bakers' Society — President, Charles Muir. Secretary, 

Newsagents' Association. — President, T M Clay. Secretary, Andrew Buch- 
anan. Treasurer, James McDonald 

Scottish Typographical Association — Rothesay Branch — President, John 
Currie. Secretary and Treasurer, J R Whitelaw William M'Kay 

Mutual Improvement. — Rothesay Young Men's Guild— Meets in Old Parish 
School-room from October till March — In abeyance 
New Rothesay Literary Association, established 1906 -— Meets in the Masonic 
Temple on Thursday evenings from October till March. President, W A M r Aus- 
lan. Secretary, Miss Leitch. Treasurer, Miss lM f^peirs 
Young Men's Christian Association and Fellowship Union — Meets in Foresters' 
Hall, Castle street, every Sabbath morning at 10 o'clock. President, Jas Duncan 
Secretary, W Livingstone. Treasurer and Organist, A Ross Thomson 

5 J 


James Smith, 

Joiner, Cabinetmaker* 

and Funeral Undertakes',. 

15 Bishop Street, Rothesay. 

Family Grocer, Tea, 

Wine and Spirit Merchant,. 

21 East Princes Street. 

Orders Called for and Promptly Delivered. 

Established over Half a-Century. 

John MaeLaehlan 5 

(Successor to SAMUEL THOMPSON), 

Hatter, Hosier, Clothier & General Outfitter, 
67 Montague street. 

Phone, 87 

John Cruiekshanks, 

Plumber, Gasflttcr & Zinc fclorker* 

39a High street, Rothesay. 

Wash-Hand Basins, Plunge, Spray and Shower Baths fitted up for Hot or Cold Water 
Drain, Soil or Waste Pipes Tested 


Rothesay — Rothesay Society Office- Bearers. 

Young Womens' Christian Association — Institute, Battery place —Senior Branch 
meets on first Thursdays of every month in Summer; and Senior and Junior 
Branches or. Thursdays and Fridays in Winter. Vice-Presidents, Mrs Cruickshanks 
and Mrs ClisMuir. Secretary, Miss Brown, Culevin. Treasurer, Miss M'Kenzie. 
Matron, Mrs Waugh. 

Boys' and Gills' Rkligious Society — Meets in Tower Street Hall every Sabbath 
at 11 a m. Supported liy voluntary contributions— President, Jn Watson. Secre- 
tary, Helen Stewart. Treasurer, 

Amateur Dkamatic Society — President, Joseph Saunders. Secretary, James 
Donald. Treasurer. Martin O'Connor. 

Catholic Dramatic Society — President, Patrick Blue. Secretary Charles Boyle, 
Treasurer, Miss McCarthy 

National Home Reading Union.— Secretary, Miss Marianne Mackinlay, Ferny- 
crag. Cricbton road 

Boys' Brigade— 1st Rothesay Company meets in the Drill Hall, on Friday even- 
ings for drill only. Captain, Alex R Peacock Sunday Bible class at 3 HO 

; 2nd Coy. meets in the Public School, Fridays, for drill. Captain, J. M f Lachlan 
Sunday Bible Class at 2 3" in Ladeside street hall 
(In abeyance owing to War work). 

Bows' Scouts— Local Committee- Chairman, Major M'Kinlay. Secretary, Major 
Peacock No. 1 Troup, head quarters, New Drill hall, Broadcroft lane — Scout- 

Girl Guides — Lady Commissioner, Miss Gray-Buchanan. President, Lady 
Margaret Stuart. Captain, Katherine G Kay. Secretary and Treasurer, Miss 
Montgomerie. Birone road 

American League of Cami* Fire (Girls) — Guardian, Miss Somerville, "Woodbine, 
High Craigmore 

SPORTS and Pastimes — Golf Courses: Municipal, East Burgh Lands, opened 
May, 1908, Green-keeper, Donald Bremner. Westland, Green-keeper, John 
Currie, farmer 
Rothesay Golf Club — Captain, Wm Meldrum. Secretary and Treasurer, Wm. 

Cukltng Club — President, Chas M c Kay. Secretary, W Dunlop Brown Treasurer' 

Geo M'Lintock 
Bowling Clubs.— Rothesay— Green, B tllochgoy. Chairman of Directors, ex-Provost 
Miller. President, Jms Robertson. Secretary and Treasurer, Ronald McDonald, 
Green-keeper, Alex Weir 
Ardbeg and Port-Bannatyne — Green, Wyndham park — Chairman of Directors 

W Alex Stewart ; Secretary and Treasurer. Alex Campbell, 29 Watergate. 
. President, Arch Duncan; Secretary, G Gunn ; Green-keeper, 
Craigmore Tennis Courts. — Secretary, C B Turner, Craigmore Pier 
Quoiting Club — hi abeyance 
Shinty Club — In abeyance 
Ardbeg Tennis Club. — In abeyance 
Rothesay Sailing Ciub — [n abeyance 
Swimming Club — In abeyance 

Draughts, Whist and Chess connected with the several reading rooms. 
British Sea Anglers' Association, Rothesay Agent, 



27 Victoria street, Bo'liesay. 

Breakfasts. Dinners. Teas. 


Family Grocer and Tea Merchant, 

6 Montague street 

Orders called for Every Morning and Promptly attended to. 


Chemist and Druggist, 

64 Montague street 
Photographic Materials. Dark Room. Telephone 102Y1. 


Jobbing Mason and Licensed Chimney Sweeper, 

Church House, Bridgend street 

Ranges Cleaned and Chimneys Thoroughly Swept. 

ALEXANDER BROWN, Telephone, 101x2. 

Joiner, Glazier and. Funeral Undertaker, 

18 Mill street 

Orders promptly attended to. 


Successor to David Ferrier, 


54 Montague street 

Same Good Value and Attention to Business 


M o n u mental Wo r k s, 

Monuments in Granite, Marble and Freestone. Cemetery Gate 

Designs and Prices on Application. Jobbings Promptly Executed. 


Mountstuart Road, below Glenburn Hydro. 
Sailing Yachts and Rowing" Boats. 

Rowing Roats fid per hour. Special Terms for Parties per Hour, Day or Week. 

Fairs, Holidays, Communications and Postal Arrangements. 

Pairs. — Thursday before 28th May (hiring), third Wednesday and Thursday in July 
Brux Day (horse). Thursday before 28th November (hiring), and Thursday before 
Kilbarchan December Fair (horse). [The first Wednesday in May and last Wed- 
nesday in October used to be the dates of fairs, and are still published iu some re- 
ference books, but they are obsolete] 

Holidays — New Year's Day, Victoria Day, Brux Day Fair (18th and 19th July), 
and Thursday, 14th Sept. First Wednesdays in November, December, February 
and March are merchants' holidays. From October till April, Wednesday after- 
noons are shopkeepers' holidays 

Fast Days. — Thursdays before first Sabbath in May, and fourth Sabbath in October 

Communications — Steamers ply to the Kyles to Ardrishaig daily, and by Wemyss 
Bay communicattng with Glasgow and all parts several times a day. [In Sum- 
mer (prior to these War-restricted times) steamers plied regularly to Arran, Inver- 
aray and Campbeltown, and irregularly to all the surrounding ports]. Electric 
cars run to Port-Bannaiyne and Ettrick Bay, and Brakes to Mountstuart and 
Kilchattan Bay several times a day. 

Tostal Arrangements — Post Office, Bishop street. Postmaster, Alex. Black. 

Deliveries at (no special Summer arrangements) 9 am and 2 pm. Letters. &c, 

may be had at counter half-an-hour before delivery is due by payment of a fee 

of 3d. 

Despatches at 7 20, 9 55 (west), and 10 15 am, 150 and 4 15 pm, and in Summer, 

6 pm. 

Money Orders issued and paid from 9 a m till 1pm, and 3 pm till 7 pm. 

Savings Bank — Deposits received do. do. 

Postal Orders issued and paid do. do. 

Telephone Call Office open from 9 am till 7 pm On Sundays from 9 till 10 am 

When Public Office is closed, calls may be made from Night Call Office (side door 

entrance in Bishop st.) 
Telegraph Office open on week days from 9am till 7 p m. Sundays from 9 till 10 

am. Messages can besest at later hours by paying 2s extra 

When Public Office is closed between I and 3 pm telegrams are accepted at Store 

lane entrance. 

Ardbeg road (Telegraph, 9am till 7 pm), and High street (T S O) — Despatches 

to suit Rothesay. Postal, Money Order, and Savings Bank business from 9 am 

till 7 pm No Sunday service 
Craigmore Pier (T S O ) — Despatches to suit Rothesay arrangements. Telegraph, 

9am till 7pm Postal, Money Order, and Savings Bank business. No Sunday 


Sub-Post Offices at Colnmshill street and Gallowgate for the sale of stamps and sale 

and payment of postal orders 
Additional Letter Poxes at Argvle place, Ballochgoy, Columshill street, Cragie- 
lea, Crichton road, Fergusson place, Guildford square. High stieet, Mill street, 
Mountpleasant, Mountstuart road, Orcadia, the Pier. Serpentine road, Golf 
Course, and Rosemount, Barone road 



Geopg-e M. M'Lintoek, 


'Phone, 124 5 High street 

Mps Neil M'Callum, 

Tea and Coffee Merch.ant and General Grocer, 

96 Montague street 

J. M'Callum & Son, 

Joiners and Funeral Undertakers , 

'Phone 103y4 50 High street 

J. Miller & Son, 

Slaters and Cement Workers, 

House, Abbotsford, Barone road 5 Columshill street 

The Galatea Bap, 

3, 5 and 7 Br id ye- End Street, 

Families Supplied. Duncan Bell, Spirit Merchant 

The Saving's Bank of Bute, 7 Castle street. Rothesay. 

hums can now be deposited without reference to limits. 

Open Daily from 10 till 2 - 30, Saturday sf rom 10 till 12; Saturday Evenings from 7 till 9 

Deposits transferred from other Savings Banks free of charge. 

Alexander R. Peacock, 

Reyistered Plumber, Gasfitcer and Zinc Worker, 

23 High street 

House Address — Victoria Cottage. Barone Road. 
Hot and C"ld Water App iances, Be'l Hanging. Pumps, Rhones, Ridges, &c. 

N. Maenieol, 

Family Baker, Pastry Cook and I'urneyor, 

Speciality in Cakes, Shortbread, Rusks, etc' 23 Montague St. & 81 High st 
Hot Pies livery Saturday. Soirees and Excursions Supplied. • biscuits and Pastry in Great 
Variety. Cakes of Every Description Mads to Older. 
Marriage Parties Purveyed for in First-Class Style. Charges Moderate 

Parish of North Bute. 

r 1" , HIS is the northern portion of the island of Bute. Port-Bannatyne, its principal 
-*■ village, is two and a-half miles from Rothesay, with which it is connecled by tram- 
way. Karnes Castle, in the vicinity, is said to be the oldest inhabited castle in the 
country, and was the ancient seat of the Bauhatynes. The village was named after 
that family — two brothers of whom (John and Gilbert) — received a charter from King 
Robert the Bruce, for services rendered at Banuockburn. 

At the last census, the parish contained 449 males and 518 females, total, 1718' 
— being a decrease of «8 since 1901, which was an increase of 150 over 1891. 

(For Courts and Court Officials, Justices of the Peace, and County 
Boards, see County Lists). 

Assessments for 1910-17 — Proprietors: Poor rate, lfd ; burial, 2-1 Cths ; school 
rate, 3d; special parish, l-lGth; registration, 2-1 tiths — 5d l-16th. 

Occupiers; Poor rate, lfd ; burial, 3-lUths; school rate, 3d; special, l-16th; 
registration, 2-lUths — od 2-lGths 
Registrar, Archd. Brown. I In 1915 there were 24 births. 4 marriages and 24 deaths 
Asst., Miss Jenny Brown )' „ 1916 „ 29 „ 4 „ 29 „ 

CHURCHES. — North Bute Parish (hours of worship; Crockanrae, 1 30 pm; St 
Ninian's 11am and 30 p m) — Minister, Rev Peter Dewar, M a. Session Clerk, 
E S Matthew. Superintendent of Sabbath School, A H Yuille. Precentor, Geo 
Welsh. Harmoniumist, Miss A Welsh. Church Officer, Win Jardiue, Castle st 

North Bute United Free Church, Port-Bannatyne (hours of worship, 11am 
and 6' 30 pm) — Minister, Rev Jas W Girvan. Session 'Clerk, Archd Brown. 
Clerk of Deacons' Court, Stewart A'PAulay. Treasurer, Peter Finlay, Cen- 
tral Fund Treasurer, Jas L M'Fie, Superintendent of Sabbath School," James 
Howitt. Organist, Andrew R Love. Church Officer, David. Meldrum, Marine rd 

PARISH Council— James P Malcorn (chairman), Wm P Dickie, Archd Lamont, 
James Wilson. Wm Dallas, Hugh K Orr and Archd M'Intyre. Inspector and 
Collector, Archd Brown 

SCHOOL Board. -Colin M'Calluin (chairman); Revs Peter Dewar, ma, and Jas W 
Girvan, M R G Buchanan and John Mactie. Clerk and Treasurer, John M La- 
.mont Officer, James Wilson, Port-Bannatyne 

Schools — Port-Bannatyne Public, Edward S Matthews, M A, head master. Misses 
Robertson and Uiqubart, assistants 
Ballianlay, Mi.-s Hogarth, mistress 
Kildavannan, Miss Blaikie, mistress 

Public Companies, Societies, etc — Kamesburgh Gas Light Company— Chairman, 
James Duncan. Secretary, John M Lamont. Collector James Wilson 
Kyles of Bute Hydropathic Establishment — Chairman, sir John M'Callum, M P,. 
Paisley. Secretary, D Hill Jack, Glasgow. Manager, . Medical 




'Phone, 71, Rothesay. 

On Admiralty List. 


Yacht, Motor-Launch, and Boat-Builder, 

Joiner, Painter, & Chandler, 


High-Class Work at Moderate Prices. 

Yachts and Launches hauled up for Wintering 
and Repairs, or Moored Afloat in the Bay. 


t§Sf'First-Class Storage for Spars, Sails, 

Boats and Gear."W* 

Petrol and Lubricating Oils. 

Motors Installed and Repaired by Skilled Motor Mechanics. 


Groeer and Confectioner, 

Wine and Spirit Merchant, 


(Facing Top of Pier Lane). 

&m® f$\ 

Finest Quality at Moderate Prices. 

Orders Called for and Promptly delivered. 


In Splendid Condition. 

WMO^utQIgo [BM!K]®0[l©a WDM 

Trial Order Solicited. 

13 I BR 

OFFICIALS -North Bute. 

Port-Bannatyne Pier Coy, Ltd.; Office, Rothesay Pier. Chairman, Captain John 
Williamson. Secretary, Arch Meikle. Piermaster, Duncan Currie 
North Bute Golf Ciub — Convener, John M Lamont. Secretary, Archd Lamont. 
Treasurer, Arch Brown 

North Bute Shinty Club — In abeyance 

I.O/t.T. — Lodge "North Bute" No 649 — Meets in the Free Church hall, Stuart st 
on Mondays at 8 p m C T, W Webster. Secretary, 

North Bute Literary Society — In abeyance 

North Bute Liberal Club, West End House — President, D McMillan. Secretary 

and Treasurer, Stuart M'Aulay 
North Bute Unionist Association — President, Arch. Malcom Treasurer, Jms 

Wilson Secretary, Archd Malcom 
War Savings' Association — Chairman, John M Lamont. Secretary and Treas., 

Archd Lamont 
1st Port Bannatyne Camp, Boys' Brigade, meets in the United Free Church 

hall on h ridays. In abeyanee 
Govan Combination Convalescent Home, Stewarthall — Nurse Thomson, matron 

Fast Days — Thursdays before first Sabbath in May, and fourth in October 

Postal Arrangements — Sub-Postmistress, Miss J. Currie, Port-Bannatyne 
— Despatches to all parts, via Rothesay, at 5 30, 9 30 am, and 12 15, 3 45 

5 15 and 6 15 p m. (Summer only). 
Deliveries from all parts via Rothesay, about 10 a m, and 5 30pm 
Telegrams received and despatched from 9 am till 7 pm. 
Postal, Money Order and Savings Bank. No attendance on Sundays 

HIGG I £ & CO., 


22 Bridge St., Rothesay. 

All Orders Promptly Executed. 




c < 




,c rt 

p^ s ; 

S3 ttf> 


fcJD *- 3 

Li O 




















w r> 

Parish of Kingarth. 

THIS parish is ricli in ecclesiastical history. The Irish Bishop, St Cattan, landed 
here in the year -139. He was uncle of the famous St Blane. The parish includes 
has popular village of Kilchattan Bay, which is about seven miles from Rothesay, and 
the regular connection by steamer and 'bus. The population in 1891 was 1002 ; in 
1901, 1056: and in 1911, 907 

(For Courts and Court Officiate, Justices of the Peace, and County Boards, 
see County Lists). 

Assessments for 1913-14— Poor rate, education, and registration 8d per£l — each on 
proprietor and tenant. Id less than former year 

Registrar, W T Esplin, (During 1915 there were 17 births, 6 marriages and 12 deaths 
" School house. \ 1916 „ 15 „ 1 „ 14 „ 

CHURCHES — Parish (Hour of Worship, 12 o'clock no<m) — Minister, Rev John 
Saunders m a, b d Session-Clerk and Superintendent of Sabbath Schools, Eev 
John Saunders. Precentor, James Logan. Church Officer, W Stewart 

United Free, Ascoa; (Hours of Worship, 11 15 a m and 6 30 p m) Minister — 
and Superintendent of Sabbath Schools, Rev William Winter. Organist, James 
Winter. Church Officer, A S Dobbie, Rothesay 

United Free, Kilchattan Bay (Hours of Worship, 12 noon and 6 30 p m.) Min- 
ister, Rev Hubert Inglis, ma. Session-Clerk, Robt Kelso Precentor, T John- 
ston. Church Officer, James Coinrie 

PARISH COUNCIL — Mountstuart District— Robert M'Alister, Alex Macfarlane and 
Arch Vlutray. Kilchattan Bay District — George Baillie, flesher (chairman) ; 
Robert Kelso; T. os Gilmour; and Win Crawford, hotelkceper : Representative 
to County Council, Ge» Baillie. Inspector and Collector, Win T Esplin 

SCHOOL BOARD — r PV s John Saunders, Kingartb, (chairman) ; and Wm Winter 
Ascog; (i K Baillie, Langalbuinoeh ; and Duncan ( ell and Robt Kelso, Kil- 
chattan Bay. Clerk and Treasurer. James Mackinnon, Rothesay. Officer, Jas 
Logan, Kilchattan Bay 

SCHOOLS — Kingarth Public — W T Esplin, master Miss Christie, mistress 
Biwiidale Public — Miss Mary Ann Stewart, mistress 
Kerrycroy Public — Win Fulton, master 
Mountstuart Roman Catholic— John Linsley, master 

Kilchattan Bay Pier Company (Limited) — Chairman, Alex. M'Farlane. Secretary 
and Treasurer, W T Esplin. Piermaster, Duncan Hell, sen 

Total Abstinence Society meets on Fridays at 8 p.m. in the U. F. Church Hall. 

Coates Free Library, Public School, Kingarth — Secretary, Thomas Gilmour, Tile 
works. Librarian, Wm T Esplin 



















a s 





















, 1 
























OFFICIALS— Kingarth. 

Fublic Library, Kerrycroy — William Fulton 

Agnes Patrick" and " Stevenson" Home, Ascog, in connection with Glasgow. 
Poor Children's Fresh-Air Fortnight Scheme — Matrons, Misses Milne and Carson, 
Hon. Secretary, T Thornton Mackeith, 81 Mitchell street, Glasgow 

Bute Golf Club, the oldest course in the island, beautifully situated along Quochag 
shore — Captain, Rev J Saunders, B;D Secretary and Treasurer, W T Esplin, 
Schoolhouse. Visitors admitted. Subscription, 7/6 ; month, 5s ; week, 2/6. 

Kingarth Bowling Club — President, Wm MTarlane. Secretary and Treasurer, 
Charles MTarlane 

St Blane's Bowling Club — President, Jas D Hardie. Secretary and Treasurer, 

Shinty Club — Captain, John Morrison. Secretary, Wm Crawford 

Boy Scouts — No. 2 Bute Troup, Kilchattan Bay-James Logan, scoutmaster 
Do. No. 3 ,, Mountstuart — James M'Latchie, scoutmaster 

Kilchattan Bay Sale Fair — Second Thursday after Rothesay Cattle Show 
Fast Days — Thursdays before first Sabbath in May and fourth in October 

Postal Arrangements — Kingarth, Sub-Postmaster, R M*Fie, joiner. Kilchattan 
Bay, Sub-Postmistress, Mrs Morrison. Box closes at 6 a m and 2 10 p m 
Despatches to all part s via Rothesay, about 6am and 2 15 p m. 
Delivery from all parts via Rothesay, 2 about 1 30 a m. 

Telegrams from 9am till 7 pm. Sunday, 9am till 10 a m. 

Telephone, local and trunk 

Postal, Money Order and Savings Bank Business, and Express Delivery 

Wednesday half-holiday 

Ascog — Sub-Postmistress, Mrs Mitchell — Deliveries and despatches to suit Rothesay 
arrangements. Telegrams from 9am till 7 pm. Postal and Money Order and 
Savings Bank business No Sunday attendance (Closed at 1 p m on Thursdays, 
October till May) 





MnHIS DIRECTORY is the reference 
1 book to which ALL — whether strangers 
or residenters — turn for information regarding 
the resources available in town or country, for 
business or pleasure. 

It is not only found throughout the whole 
Shire, but also in the Public Libraries through- 
out the British Isles. 

We aim at giving complete and thoroughly 
up-to-date information, and for that purpose 
respectfully solicit the hearty assistance of the 
whole community. 

All Orders sent direct to the Head-Office, at 
Rothesay, will be carefully attended to. 

HIGGIE & CO., Publishers, 
Rothesay, 1917-18. 

The Isle of Arran. 

THIS island, the largest, in the group, is famous for the grandeur of its scenery and 
the variety of its geological deposits. The island is twenty miles in length, 
twelve in breadth, and is divided into two parishes — Kilbride on the east, and Kihnory 
on the west. The late King Edward and Queen Alexandra spent a very pleasant 
holiday ill the island after their Coronation in August, 1902, and witnessed interesting 
sheep dog trials 

(For Courts and Court Officials, Justices of the Peace, and County 
Boards, see County Lists) 

Population in 1881,4762; in 1891,4927; in 1901, 4779: 1911 (Brodick, 992; 
Kilbride, 1823 : Kilmory, 954 ; Shisken, 764 ; Lochranza, 585) 4628. 

For Valuation and Assessments see pages 17, 19 and 21 

Lady of the Manor- -Lady Mary (only daughter of the late William Alexander Louis 
Stephen D mglas Hamilton, 12th Duke of Hamilton and Brandon, &c), now Mar- 
chioness of Graham. 

Commissioner — The Marquis of Graham 

Factor on Estate — George Laidler, Strabane, Brodick 

Sheriff Court held once a Quarter at Brodick. Hon Sheriff-Substitute Depute 
James Allan, Balnacoole. Sheriff-Clerk Depute, Win Munro, 24 Hamilton Ter- 
race, Lamlash 

Arran Farmers' Society. — Annual exhibition of live stock in August, and of roots, 
&c, in November. President, Marquis of Graham. Secretary, Wm Brown, She- 
dog. Joint-Treasurers, John B Sweet, Lamlash, and G-eorge Laidler, Brodick 

Coast Guard Stations. — Lamlash — James Bunce. Kildonan, Frederick Warren 
Kildonan and Lloyd's Signal Station — Officer, Patrick Green 

Food Control, Executive Officer— George Laidler, Brodick. 

Arran Conservative Association. — Hon. President, Marquis of Graham ; Chairman, 
J Crockett; Secectary, Peter Allan 

Arran Golf Club — President, George Laidler ; Secretary, Peter Allan 




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Printing Embellished with Illustrations, should see our lists 
of several Hundreds of Electros for use by dealers in — 

Boots and Shoes 




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Sewing Machines 



Tobacco, <fcc 








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For Automatic Attachment. 

Always Neat, Bright and Clean. 

Price Lists and Samples from 


Parish of Kilbride. 

/"^HUEUHES — Established, Brodick. Rev W G- Johnston. Kilbride— Rev 
^-^ Andrew Wm Kennedy Corrie — Rev J Brown, M a. Whiting Bay — Rev John 
Dunlop Brown, m a 

United Free. — Brodick — Rev Wm M'Kelvie, ma. Lamlash — Rev Thos Suther- 
land Whiting Bay — 

Free Church. — Brodick — Whiting Bay — Rev John Forsyth 

Bennecarrigan. Rev J M'Ewan 

Congregational. — Sannox — Rev Allan C M'Dougall 

PARISH COUNCIL — Corrie Ward— Alex McMillan and R W Forsyth. Brodick 
Ward — George Laidler (chairman), Robert Hamilton, and Arch Brown, 
Lamlash Ward — Rev A W Kennedy and John W Inglis. Whiting Bay Ward — 
John Cook and Wm Hamilton 
Inspector, John R Thomson Collector, John B Sweet. Medical Officer, Robert 
Jamieson, m d 

SCHOOL BOARD — -George Laidler (chairman), and J Davidson, Brodick; R W 
Forsyth, Corrie; John Cook, Whiting Bay; and Rev T Sutherland, Lamlash 
Clerk and Treasurer, John B Sweet, Lamlash 

SCHOOLS. — Corrie — Mrs J C Burns. Brodick — W D Congalton M a. Lamlash — 
Charles Farmer, m a. Whiting Bay— Mrs M r Gichan 

Doctors — Neil Fullerton, m b, cm, Lamlash ; and Robert Jamieson, m d, Brodick. 

Bank of Scotland — John B Sweet, agent, Lamlash. Brodick Branch open on Tuesdays 
in Summer, Fridays additional 

Registrars of Births, &c — Brodick — W D Congalton Kilbride — John R Thomson 

Post Offices — Brodick — Annie E Ribbeck. Corrie — Mary Douglas. King's Cross — 
J Cook. Lamlash— R S M'Neish. Whiting Bay— Archibald M f Millan 

Piermasters — Brodick — A Currie. Lamlash — James Hodge. Whiting Bay — 
Thomas Miller 

Ferrymen — Corrie — Thomas Kelso. King's Cross, John Cook 

Masonic — " St Molio's' Lodge, No. 774, Lamlash — John Cnrrie, r w m. George 
M "Go wan, Secretary 

Lamlash Golf Club — Captain, Wm Robertson Secretary, P Allan. Treasurer, 
P Allan 






i— i 


Prints like a Press. 



New Models. 

New Line-Locking" Device, &c. 

No Ribbon. Compact Keyboard, 

Rapid. Strong*. Guaranteed. 


168a St Vincent Street. 

Local Agent, 
Geo. Higgle, 

Shorthand Teacher, 

22 Bridge Street, 


OFFICIALS— Kilbride. 

Brodick Burns Club — President, Robert Currie. Secretary and Treasurer, Hugh 
Miller Reid, Barnhill 

Lamlash Curling Club — Secretary and Treasurer, 

Lamlash Lawn Tennis Club — Secretary, D M'Kelvie 

Lamlash Bowling Club — Secretary and Treasurer, Daniel Crawford 

Communions — First Sundays in May and November • 

Fairs — Brodick — (Cattle, Sheep, and Horses) Tuesday after 20th June 

Lamlash — (Cattle, Sheep, and Horses) Friday before Irvine May Fair [first Tues- 
day], and Wednesday before October Falkirk Tryst [second Tuesday] 

Communications — Steamers to and from Ardrossan daily, and additional in Summer 
via Rothesay daily 

Christmas Cards. 

Real Soottisizi Heatiier Carets 


HIGGIE & CO., Publishers, Rothesay, Scotland. 

Bonnie Scotland's Resorts and Patriotic Heather Cards 

Shouther tae shouther >J f f~^~^ away they go ! 

Paper, 2d; Cloth, 6d; Leather, Is. 3d, 6d,and It Mch. 

These Publications can be had separately. 


Cannot fall to be appreciated wherever sent. 
' ' One of the most gratifying messages of good will that has reached 
us this season comes from Rothesay, Scotland, in the form of a ' Heather 
Christmas Card' issued by Messrs Higgie & Co. , of that favourite resort. 
. . . . The two inside pages are surrounded with mottoes, every 
one of which breathes a true Scottish sentiment of good will to absent 
relatives or acquaintances. Along with this card Messrs Higgie & Co., 
send us a copy of their guide to ' Bonnie Scotland's Resorts,' a wonder- 
ful little compendium of descriptive and historical information." — New 
Zealand Times, Wellington. 

" They're faur, faur awa\ but their hearts are kind and true — 
The auld house at hame is ever in their view : 
The Bonnie Heilan heather and the hilltaps clad wi' snaw— 
Their hearts are aye in Scotland though they're faur, faur awa.'" 

A Selection of Cards from our stock will be sent post free to any address on receipt 
of Is, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and upwards. 
These Cards are made at from Id to Is each. 






Tried, true, and always to be relied 
on, trivea instant relief in Asthma, 
and is of great value in Bronchitis 
and Whooping Cough, 1/ per tin 
from Chemists, or post free 1/, from 

& HINKSMAN, Chemist, Carluke. 

Send post card for Free Package. 

Parish of Kilmory. 

/ jHURCHES — Established. — High Kilmory — Rev Duncan Conacher. Shiskine 

Lochranza — Rev John Colville 

United Free. — Kumory and Kildonan — Wm M'Lean, m a Shiskine — John 

Bain. Pirnmill and Lochranza — 
Free — J M'Ewan. a licensed layman 

PARISH COUNCIL — Lochranza Ward— Duncan Sillars and 

Dougarie Ward — James Allan (chairman), Angus M'Alister, and Matthew 
McAllister. Shedog Ward — Neil Robertson and Chas M"Alister, jun. South 
End Ward — Peter Hamilton and Donald M'Donald 
Inspector, John R Thomson. Collector, Alex Robertson. Medical Officer, Thomas 
Rutherford, m b, c m 

SCHOOL BOARD.— John JVFLeod, Whitefarland ; John M'Kelvie, Kilpatrick; W 
Currie, Tormore ; Samuel Robertson, Feorline ; John Brown, Corriecravie : Rev 
Wm M'Lean, Kildonan; and P. M c Nicol, Dippin 

Clerk and Treasurer, Charles Sym, Machrie, Shiskine 

SCHOOLS. — Dougarie Public— Drimlabarra— J D M'Kinnon. Kil- 

mory — A F Duncan. Lochranza — Penrioch — 

Shiskine — Robert T Irvine. Slidderie — Miss I H Scott 

Doctors — Thomas Rutherford, m b, c m, Shiskine John Boa. m b c m, Dippin 

Post Offices. — Kilmory — James Cook. Lochranza — Robert Kelso. Shiskine — 
Jenkins. Blackwaterfoot— J Baunatyne. Pirnmill— Chas Robertson, Slidderie— 
Male. Anderson 

Registrars of Births, &c. — Kilmory— A F Duncan. Lochranza— Robert Kerr. Shis- 
kine— Robert T Irvine 

Piermaster.— Lcchranza— Robert Kerr. 

Ferrymen. — Blackwaterfoot— John Kelso. Machrie Bay— John Cochrane, jun. Pirn- 
mill— Chas Robertson 

Fair — Lochranza (Cattle, Sheep, and Horses), first Tuesday in June 

Communications — Campbeltown steamers from Glasgow and Greenock call at Loch- 
ranza and Pirnmill daily. Argyll Coast steamer from Glasgow, Greenock or 
Fairlie calls at Blackwaterfoot and Machrie Bay twice a week. 


The Bute County Directory 

is the only Publication of the kind printed and 
published in Buteshire. Its data is carefully- 
compiled, and much time and attention is devoted 
each year to the careful investigation and noting 
of the necessary alterations in the personnel of the 
occupants of public offices, the correct addresses 
of the general inhabitants, and the latest changes 
amongst those engaged in trade. 

The earliest publications connected with Ilothe- 
say were Directories, and they are interesting 
reading even at this time of day. 

Our publication not only includes Rothesay, but 
embraces the whole County of Bute, and though it 
has increased in usefulness and circulation, its 
price and advertisement tariff' have remained the 

Whole-Pase Advertisement, 

(.Special Positions by arrangement;). 
Eighth, .. 
Lines, each, 

Prominent Names, each. 
Copy of Directory (postage 3rl) 


June, 1917. 











Parish of Cumbrae. 

11HIS parish comprises the islands of the Great and Little Cumbrae oft' the Ayrshire 
coast. The Burgh of Millport, on the larger Isle, is a popular watering-place. 
This isle is 12 miles in circumference, and has a well-made road round it. On the 
smaller isle is the Cumbrae Lighthouse. 

( For Valuation, Courts and Court Offi.cia.ln, Justices of the Peace, and County Boa-ds, 
see County Lists— pages 17 to SO). 

Assessments: Consolidated Rates. - Owners, 0/5jd ; occupiers, Os 2^d 

Poor Rate, - ,. l^d; „ 1^1 

wSchool Rate, - - - „ 4|d; ,. Ud 

Registration, - - - ,, Od ; ,, Ud 

Lord of the Manor : The Marquis of Bute. Factor, 

Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths: James Stewart 

Sheriff Small Debt Courts — Held in March and September. Sheriff-Clerk Depute,. 
Wm Hunter, Gowan bank 

PARISH COUNCIL. — James C Sharpe (chairman). James Crawford, Wm Clark, 
John Mlvirdy, Robert Robertson, George W Thomson, and Robert Young. 
Inspector and Clerk, John Cunningham Collector, James Stewart 

CHURCHES. — Parish (hours of worship, 11 am and 6 30 p m)--Minister, Rev 
Archibald Grierson ma. Session- Clerk, Wm Crawford 

East United Free (hours of worship, 11 am and 6 30 p m) : Minister, Rev Alex 
Walker, M A. Colleague, Rev David B Nicol, M A 

West United Free (hours of worship, 11 am and 6 30 pm) — Minister, Rev James 
Frame, m a, b d 

Scottish Episcopal Church --Cathedral of Argyll and the Isles— 
Bishop, Right Rev Kenneth Mackenzie. dp. Provost, Rev Robt Oswald Patrick 
Taylor. Canons, Very Rev Dean Pressley-Smith, m A, W M Low, m a, C T 
Wakehham (Synod Clerk), and J Wedderburn. Honorary Canons, Revs Bishop 
of Moray, d d, J A M x Culloch, d d, and G R Vallings, M a. Chapter Clerk, 
Local Agent for Trustees, Archd Cameron 

Hours of service : Sundays (except first in month) H C 8 30 a in. Evensong and 
Sermon, 6 30 pm Holy Days, H C, 8 30 am; Evening 8 pm. Weekdays 
H C, 8 30 am ; Matins, 10 a m, Evening, 3 pm. (SO Surpliced Choir). 

St Andrew's ; Rector, Rev Robert O P Taylor. Hours of service; Sundays, H C, 
1015 am (first in month) ; Matins, 11 am. Holy Days, Matins, 11 am. The 
services in St Andrew's and the Cathedral are intended to be complementary of 
each other 

Bai'tist (hours of worship, 11am and 6 30 p m) : Pastor — Student supply 



Allan SpiePS, Family Baker, 28 Stuart Street-Branch, 22} Ke - 

burne Street.— Pastries, Hot Pies, &c. 

Crawford, Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician, 42 Stuart Street 

All the Latest Novelties 

ConnelFs Restaurant, 15 Stuart Street, at Head of Pier. 

Large Dining Saloon to accommodate 200. Catering a speciality 

Sommerville Royal George Hotel, Nearest Pier. 

Comfortable, Excellent Cuisine. M. T. Sommerville, Proprietor. 

Mrs Train, Wine and Spirit Merchant, 7 Cardiff Street. 

Finest Blends of Spirits, Wines, Porter and Ales. Families supplied 

John Cunningham, Baker 8§ Guildford Street. 

Hot Pies Every Saturday Evening Dishes Baked and Covered. Wedding Cakes 

Mrs Robert Holms, Wine and Spirit Merchant, 

1 Glasgow Street, Families supplied. 

James Paterson, Wine and Spirit Merchant, 

Glasgow Street. Family Orders get prompt attention. 

Views Typical of Scottish Scenery. 

[Vidajoj Karakterizaj de SCOTLANDA PEJZAGO]. 

Beautifully Printed from Photographs. 
First Published in Commemoration of the III International Esperanto Congress 
held in Great Britain in 1907, and re-published occasionally since. 
Thirty-four full-page Views, besides Descriptive Letterpress, Price Sixpence. 

Scottish Post Cards in the Universal Language: — 
Auld Lang Syne (three different styles). 
A Man's a Man for a' that (La Frateco de la Homo). 

Sweet Rothesay Bay (visited by a deputation from the International Congress), 
with View, and the verse, " It's a Bonnie Bay," in English and Esperanto. 

The Scot Abroad (la Skoto Alilande), with Illustration. 

Scots Songs — sentimental and comic. 

Id eacli ; four for 3d. 

OFFICIALS— Cumbrae. 

CUMBRAE SCHOOL BOARD_R e vs Archd Grierson (chairman), James Frame, D 
B Nicoll, Mrs Mary Mackay and 
Clerk and Treasurer, Wm Crawford. Officer and Janitor, Sergeant Leonard 

SCHOOLS— Cumbrae Public— Headmaster, Robt Paterson, ma, feis. Mistress, Infant 
and Industrial, Miss M'Dougall. Second Master, Jn Dickie. Assistants, Misses 
Morrison, Brewster and Lindsay 

Doctor ; H Sinclair, lfpso 

Bank ; Union, Stuart Street. Arch Crerar, agent 

Law Agent ; Wm M'Kinlay 

Masonic—Lodge " Kelburne" No 459— Meets on the first Friday of each month in the 
Masoric Hall, Crawford street, at 8 p m ; R W M, James Risk. Secretary 
Alex Caldwell. Treasurer, J D M*Kay 

Scottish Biological Association of the West of Scotland : President, H Barr. Secretary 
and Treasurer, George Middleton. ma, ll d. Director, Richard Elmhirst 

Cumbrae Branch of Buteshire Liberal Association ; President, John Cunningham, 
Secretary, John Paden Janitor, Mrs Gray 

Cumbrae Unionist Association : President, James Risk. Secretary, James A Mac- 
farlane. Janitor, Wm Macfarlane 

Cumbrae Women's Unionist Association. — President, Mrs King. Secretary, Miss 
Gardner. Treasurer, Miss Barclay 

Curling Club : President, D Forrest. Secretary and Treasurer, Alex Houston 

Cumbrae Golf Club: Captain, R Robertson. Secretary, Henry Taylor. Treasurer 
James Wallace 

Burial G<ound : Superintendent, Duncan Brown. Clerk and Treasurer, Jas Stewart 






No Rubber. 


Always Clean 

and Smart. 

Ink and Stain 


Cannot be Dis- 
tinguished from 

Can be Wiped 

Ordinary Collars 

Clean with 

Do not Limp 

a Damp Cloth. 

or Fray. 


The Best and 

Everclean Collars 

Most Durable 

will last a year. 

Ever Made. 


(2 SAMPLE COLLARS for 2/6. 
6 „ „ 6s. 

FRONTS, - 1/6 each. 

CUFFS, - - 1/ per pair 

Invaluable to those who travel, and for every day work. 
Order at once. 

Wm. ARTHUR & CO., 

147 Holborn Bars, London, E.G. 


Write for Illustrated Catalogue. 

Bupg-h of Millport. 

POPULATION of Burgh in 1891, 1662. In 1901, 1655 ; landward, 114— total, 
1769. In 1911, burghal, 1610; landward, 86— total 1696. Municipal con- 
stituency, 1016 
Assessments: Owners, Is Od ; Occupiers > 2s Id. 

CORPORATION.— provost Robt Cockburn ; Bailies Bobt Robertson and Wm Clark 
Police Judge, John T Mackay ; Councillors, Thos Clark, Arch Connell, Joh 
Cunningham, Robert Logan, and M T Soinmerville 

Committees— Finance— The Provost, convener 

Works — Robert Logan, convener 

Gas— J S Mackay, convener 

Lighting— M T Soinmerville, convener. 

Public Health— Arch Connell, convener 

Library and Town Hall— Win Clark, convener 

Piers— Thos Clark, convener 

Entertainments— Bailie MTvay, convener 

Dean of Guild— The Dean, The Provost 
Officials: Clerk, Wm Mackinlay. Procurator-Fiscal, David Harper. Treasurer 

aud Collector, Archd Cameron. Medical Officer, Geo Thomson, md. Inspector, 

of Nuisances and Burgh Surveyor, John Dymock. Gas manager, Alex Donald. 

Piermaster, Alex Caldwell. Keppel Piermaster, John J Miller 

Millport Bowling Club ; President, Thomas Melville. Secretary, Arch Cameron. 

Millport Trades' Association; President, John Cunningham, jp. Secretary, Jas Allan 

Mutual Plate Glass Insurance Association : President, Thos Duncan. Secretary, 
Charles Hunter. Treasurer, Wm Ross 

Co-Op'?rath'e Society, Limited: President and Treasurer, Thomas Reid. Secretary, 
John Dickie 

Penny Savings Bank; Trustees --William Martin, Freeland (chairman), Rev James 
Frame (secretary). 

Holidays: First Wednesdays after loth April and 15th October. Shopkeepers' holi- 
day each Wednesday afternoon from October till March inclusive 

Post Office ; Postmaster. James Cunningham. Arrivals and despatches twice daily 
in winter, thrice daily in summer 

Communications ; Steamers sail daily to Glasgow. Greenock, Wemyss Bay, and 
Fairlie during summer months. Daily to Largs and Wemyss Bay all the year 


House Address, 
Woodlea, High Craigmore, Rothesay. 


(Successor to Wm. Black), 


Stuart Street, Rothesay. 

Coals supplied in Tons and Cwts., and Ship Loads to any Beach or Pier. 

John Lamont, 

Family Bread, Biscnit 

and JPastry Baker, 

23 Gallowg'ate, Rothesay. 

Goods Delivered to Port-Bannatyne Daily. 

(Successor to Mrs Elder) 

100 Montague Street, 
and 1 Dean Hood Place. 



Ladies' and Children's 


and Shetland Goods Warehouse. 

Lace Curtains, Nets and Window Serenes 

Hugh Lauder, 

Watchmaker, Jeweller and Optician* 

8 Albert Place, {Opposite the Harbour). 

Souvenirs of Bute. Scotch Pebble Jewellery. 

Engagement Rings. Wedding Presents. 
Spectacles and Eye Glasses. 
Jewellery Repaired. 




Burgh and Parish of Rothesay. 

Adams, Jms , Braemar, Academy rd 
Adams, J« H., aroc u r, Barone Road ; 

lio., Barone villa, 3 Barone rd 
Agnew, John, arts'", 2 Bridge st 
Aim, Miss, 26 Ardbeg rd 
Aird, David, engineer, 1 Mill st ; ho, 52 

Montague st 
Aird, Jas., plumber, 72 Ardbeg rd 
Aird Thos., engineer, 31 Columshill st 
Aitchison, Mrs, Ardmory rd 
Aitken, Alex, 31 Battery pi 
Aitken, , 3 King st 

Alton, Mrs May, 44 Ardbeg rd 
Alexander, Jms., in-^pec or and collector, 

S.P.C.A.,3i Victoria st 
Alexander, Mrs Theresa. 11 Mill st 
Alexander, Thomas W., Sheriff clerk; 

ho, Graylands, 50 Mountstuart rd 
Allison, J. D., barber, 57 Ardbesr rd 
Allison. Mrs, Fden pi 
Allan, Mrs Alex., 17 Battery pi 
Allan, Edward J. , 65 Victoria st 
Allan, John, 21 Russell st 
Allan, Mrs Mary, Battery pi 
Alston, Mrs Sarah. 7 Mansefield pi 
Amos, Mrs H., 3 The Terrace 
Andersen, Alex., 6 Hillhouse rd 
Anderson, Andrew, Cro Mor, Ardbeg 
Anderson, Mrs Geo., 4 Moun'pleas nc 
Anderson, Hu.. grdenr, Hi Oolumshill st 
Anderson, John, slater, Ardmory 
Anderson, John, 4 Kim; st 
Anderson, Mi s Mary, 5 Academy ter 
Anderson, Peter, 11 Bridge st 
Anderson. Robert Gowaniield, Colums- 
hill st 
Anderson, R. D., 4 Alhany ter 
Anderson, Thos., A>h stiei, Marine pi 
Anderson, Thos. 41 Victoria bt 

f 81 

Anderson, Mrs, Toward view, Ardbeg 
Anderson, Miss, Braemar 
Anderson, Miss, 21 <'riohton rd 
Anderson , 36 Columshill st 
Aukftell, Mrs Eliz., 94 Montague st 
Armstrong, James. 13 Co'umshill st 
Arrol, Misses, H'asauids rd 
A«sur, Mrs Mary, 133 High st 
Astle, Mrs A., mi'liner, 100 Montague st 
Astle, J. A., 10 The Terrace, Wyndham 

Astle, J. A., Ardmount, Ardmory rd 
Auld, John, engineer, Dunira, Ascog 
Axworthy, Silverdale, Ardmory rd 


Baillie, Angus, accountant, 87 Ardbeg 
Bain, MissMry , Tot cot., H. Craigmore 
Bainbridge. Mrs, 5 Batterv j 1 
Baird. And, B , black-mith and farrier, 

113 High st; ho, Rosewood, Glebelands 
Baird, Geo . purv^yo-. 25 Columshill st 
Baird, Mrs Jane, 12 Argyle st 
Bald, Mrs Orace, 7 Wimbleton 
Barclay, Alex , mason, 4 Bishop st 
Barber, Mrs Ma-y. Ardbeg rd 
Barbour, 4i Watergate 
Barr, David, baker, Palace buildings 
Barr, David, engineer 26 Columshid 
Barr, David, steward, Barone rd 
Barr James K , Bute Mansions 
Barr, Mrs Janet, 85 Ardbeg rd 
Barr, John, chandelli-r, 314 Ardbeg rd 
Barr, Peter, fishcurer. 35 Watergate ; 

ho. Glebe lands, Mountpleasant rd 
Barr, Robt., 24Castlehill st 
Barr, Wm., engineer, Wyndham rd 
Banie Jms., mechanic, 2 Mansefield pi 
Barrie, John, 15 Bridge-end st 
Barrie, Mrs Margt., 9 Wyndham rd 


22 23rfoge Street, 


oibtfigro 80s 

Z^ 7 tydeedt nute Q/Mmmem. Q/cn/a 


'si; m€ti addus dun ; 

5^, ^^ (pwuevm&t /a mated/ Jkw Sd So, 

mm/, Stz eaua 



{mate enc\ 


m a new wxc m 

mu of ^ytaeet Q/l{im€dtm Q/oa 

7m (^/cstm 

Wadding and 3uneraJ Front im/ a speciality. 


Barrie, Matth., 2 Union st 
Barrie , 15 Bridgend st 
Barrie, 22 Watergate 

Barrowman, K. , moulder, Castle st 
Bates, li. T., asst. -manager and engin- 
eer, Tramways. Pointhouse 
Baxter, Arch., Meadowcap 
Baxter, Mrs Catherine, Townhead 
Baxter, James, carter. 169 High st 
Baxter, John, baker, Croft lane 
Baxter, John M:. grocer, 19b Argyle st : 

ho., Spriligbauk 
Beale, uev 'Jhas. T. b a, the Farsonage, 

York ter 
Beaton, Alex., stoker, 8 Tower st 
Beaton, Angus, 17 Russell st 
Beaton, Dugald, Minis er's Brae 
Beaton, John, quarryman. 1 Union st 
Beattie, L), dyke builder. 21 Russell st 
Beattie, Joseph, 27 B'id-e st 
Beattie, Miss Mrgt, fruiterer, 9 Argvle s 
Beckett, Adam, 78 High st 
Bedgar, Mrs Julia, 74 Ardbeg 
Begg Hugh, blacksmith, 86 igh st 
Begg, Wm., hlacksmitb, 6 Mansefield pi 
Beith Miss. 4 Bish p st 
Bell, Captain Duncan, spirit merchant, 

Galatea Bar, 3, 5, 7, Bridge-end st ; 

ho, 29 Victoria st 
Bell, James, gardener, 1 Mill st 
Bell, James, Bogie pi 
Bell, Wm., grocer, 72 Montague st 
Bell, Miss, Auchuacloieh rd, Barone rd 
Bell, Mrs, 72 Montague st 
Bennie, Mrs, Hign CraLmore 
Benson, John, 8 Mansefield pi 
Bernard, Mrs 71 Ardbeg id 
Berwick, Dr, 2 Marine pi 
Beveridge, G., 5 The Terrace, Ardbeg 
Binne. Mrs tSliz., High Craigmore 
Bilsland, Peter, polisher, 35 Staffa pi 
Bird, A. P., 18 Battery pi 
Bird, Mrs Mary, Ballochgoy 
Bird, Mrs Isa., 50 Crichton rd 
Birkett, Mi s, Dairy, Dean Hoo 1 pi ; ho, 

98 Montague st 
Black, Alex., clerk, Auchnacloich rd 
Black, Alex., pos. master, Mayflower, 

Barone rd 
Black, A. S., farmer, Bogany 
Black, David, 7 VV. Princes st 
Black, Duncan, 14 King st 
Black, Dune, jun,, joiner, 14 Russell st 
Black, Geo., mar. engineer, Mansfield pi 
Black, Mrs Jaidbe, 12 Argyle st 
Black, Miss Jessie, 12 W Princes st 
Black, John, grocer, 4 Mouutpleasan 
Black, John, cabman, 55 Montague st 

Black, John, shipmaster, 22 Argyle st 
Black, Wm., 31 E Princes st 
Black, Wm tt, 12 W Princes st 
Blackstock, Miss Janet, Fergusson pi 
Blackwood, J.O., Yarrow cot., Barone r 
Blain, Henry, Craigielea, Ardbeg rd 
Blain, Quinton, heritor, Argyle ter 
Blair, Duncan, joiner, 15 Bridge st ; ho, 

11 Bridge st 
Blair, James, (j Watergate 
Blair, Jms., mason, 4 Mountpleasant 
Blair, John, Hotel Victoia. Victoria st 
Blair. Mrs, 2 Wimbleton 
Blakey, Miss Sylvia, Pension Hotel, 

74 Urichton rd 
Blue, Alex., grocer, 3 Mill st ; ho, 22 

Russell st 
Blue, Chas , Ardbeg rd 
Blue, Miss Isabella, 13 Bridge st 
Blue, Jas., S., 8 Mansefield pi 
Blue, Miss Janet, Bishop ter br 
Blue, John, gardenei, Inkerman ter 
Blue, John, seaman, 5 Casde st 
Blue, Miss Marion, 17 Battery house 
Blue, Neil, seaman, 38 E. Princes st 
Blue, Patk., spirit merchant, Guildford 

sq and Montague st ; ho., Crosshill vis 
Blue, Peter, 18 Battery pi 
Blue, Peter, Glenfaulds 
Blue, Wm, cabman, Bute mansions 
Blue Wm., janitor, Academy, Park pi 
Blue, Wm., 113 High st 
Blyth John, butcher, 115 Montague st; 

ho. , Yeddo, Barone rd 
Boe, Mrs, 5 Mansefield pi 
Bogle, James, 1 Columshill pi 
Bogle, coun., Ellerslie, High Craigmore 
Bolton, John, carter, 6 Hillhouse rd 
Bone, Hugh, joiner, 20 Russell st 
Bone, Jms., mason, 5 Bishop ter brae 
B >ne, Lachlan, mason, 18 Russell st 
Bone. Robert, mason, 18 Russell st 
Borland, Miss, 29 Argyle sc 
Bowers, Mr.j A... Arras na Mara, Marine 

Bowers, Miss Chris., Columshill pi 
Bowie, Alex , 12 The Terrace, Ardbeg 
Bowie, Arch., labourer, 103 High st 
Bowie, Daniel, glazier, 73 Victoria st 
Bowie, Malcolm, baker, Good Templar 

hall. Tower st 
Bowman, Mrs Agnes, High Craigmore 
Bowman, Wm., jo ner, 1 King st; 
Boyd John, Ardbeg 
Boyd, Archd M., Riversdale Boarding 

House, Argyle st 
Boyd, J. H., Ricebank, Ascog 
Boyd, Mrs Margt., 17 Russell st 





6 Avgyle Street. 

'Phone, 15v! 



Sent to All Parts of the World. 

London Exhibition — second in Scotland for Hovis Bread. 

Presents from Rothesay. 


will be certain to find, what they want at 



25, 27 and 29 iSJLOlSTTJ^Gr-TJJZi ST_ 

(Corner High Street.) 



Boyd, Mrs Martha, Leopold villa, Ascog 
Boyd, Misses, Bute mansions, Princes st 
Boyle, Chas., vanman, 31 Coumshill st 
Boyle, Mrs Dennis, 22 Russell st 
Boyle, J., 5 Bridge st 
Boyle, Mrs Mary, 129 High st 
Boyle, Thos., clerk, 22 Bridge-end st 
Boyle, Mrs, hllerslie, High Craigmore 
Brackenridge, W., 54 Ardbeg rd 
Bradford, Mis, 8 East Princes st 
Brand, James, 2 Mountstuart rd 
Brash, Bobt., 21 Russell st 
Breckonridge, Miss, 4 Craigmore rd 
Breen Hugh, blacksmith, Eden pi 
Bremner, Don., golf course keeper, 

Mountpleasant rd 
Briton, Miss Mary, 13 Argyle pi 
Brodie, James, Venitza, Argyle pi 
Brooks, Mrs Agnes, 5 Russell st 
Brough, Mrs Jane, 95 Ardbeg rd 
Brough, John, 30 Bishop st 
Brown, Agnes, 77 Ardbeg rd 
Brown, Alex., joiner, 18 Mill st ; ho, 

Bellevue ter, Barone rd 
Brown, Angus, mason, SColumshill pi 
Brown, A. & Son, drapers, 33 and 35 

Montague st 
Brown, Miss Ann, Argyle ter 
Brown, Arch., baker, 6 Argyle''st 
Brown, Mrs Christina, 43 Ardbeg rd 
Brown, Mrs. 19 Argyle st 
Brown , Meadowcap 

Brown, D., Fauldmore, Serpentine rd 
Brown. David, spirit dealer, 18 High st : 

ho, Crosshill villas 
Brown, Geo, janitor, west entrance, 

Public School 
Brown, Miss Mary, Thornhill, Argyle pi 
Brown, James, grocer, 3 Argyle pi 
Brown, James, M'Nab's br 
Brown, Mrs Jane, Columshillst 
Brown, Jane D.. 6 Marine pi 
Brown, Miss Jessie, 8 Montague st 
Brown. Jn., insurance agf. , 5 Bridge st 
Brown, John, joiner, 19 Russell st 
Brown, John, shipmaster, 95 Ardbeg rd 
Brown, John R., dentist, 3$ Victoria st 
Brown, Joseph, gardener, la Mount- 
pleasant rd 
Brown, Mrs Margt., 3 ^ussell st 
Brown, Mrs Mgt., 18 High st 
Brown, Miss Marion, 42 Crichton rd 
Brown, Mrs Mary., Kir Buildings 
Brown, Mrs Mary, 5 Ardbeg rd 
Brown, Mrs M , Auchnacloich, Barone rd 
Brown, Mrs May Ann, Better y p 
Brown, M & C 22 E. Princes st 
Brown, Miss Susan, 6 Argyle pi 


Brown, Ths., crpntr., Clifton, Argyle pi 
Brown, Thos. S., burgh worker, 2 Albert 

Brown, Win., engineer, 72 Montague st 
Brown, Wm. D., sanitary inspector, 1 

Castle st ; ho, 59 Barone rd 
Brown, Mrs, grocer, 34 Columshill pi 
Brown, Miss, 92 Ardbeg rd 
Brown, Mrs, Argyle ter 
Brown, Mis?, 8 Montague st 
Brown , 45 Ardbeg rd 
Brown, , Fdg^hill, Crichton rd 

Brown, Miss, Craigmore villa 
Brownlie, Mrs Helen, 28 Argyle st 
Brownlie, Miss Helen S., Lilyoak ter 
Brownlie, Wm., butcher Watergate 

st ; ho, 28 Argyle st 
Bruce, Alex., 25 Columshill st 
Bruce, Alex , 9o High st 
Bruce, Hny., plumber, 5 Bishop tr brae 
Bruce, Mrs Mary, 83 Montague st 
Bryan, Reginald (t., 17 Battel y pi 
Bryan Mrs, 35 E. Princes st 
Bryce, Wit., fisher, 38 Bishop st 
Bryce Thos., draper, 43 Ardbeg rd 
Bryce. Mrs, Ardmory rd 
Bryce, Mrs , 11 Columshill st 

Br) den, Jn., 3 Vlansetield pi, High st 
Bryden, Mrs, 9 Mansefield pi 
Buchanan, Mrs Anna, 23 Ardbeg rd 
Buchanan, Miss Cath. D., 25 Gallowgate 
Buchanan, Chs. , engineer, 17 Battery ho 
Buchanan, Donald, restaurateur, 27 Vic- 
toria st ; ho. Bellfield, Barone rd 
Buchanan, Dugald, 11 Columshill st 
Buchanan, capt. George, Forest villa, 

Crichton rd 
Buchanan Geo, constable, Townheadcot 
Buchanan, Geo.. 41 Watergate 
Buchanan, Misses I. & M. , 15 Victoria st 
Buchanan, Miss Jane, 24 Russell st 
Buchanan, Mrs Jane, 1 Mackinlav st 
Buchanan, Mi-s Janet, 21 Argyle st 
Buchanan, Miss Jene., 8 Gowanfieldter 
Buchanan. Miss Margt., 5 The Terrace 
Buchanan, Mrs Mary, Clydesdale house, 

Buchanan, Wm., 22 Ardbeg rd 
Buchanan Miss, Nittingshall, Barone rd 
Buchanan Misses, Clydesdale house 
Bulloch, Jas, linesman, 178 High st 
Bunting, Mrs Agnes, 56 Cnchton rd 
Burgoyne, John, Glenhead 
Burgoyne , 95 Montague st 
Burgoyne, Peter, seaman, 32 Bishop st 
Buruess, Robert, saddler, 29 High st; 

ho, Helenslea, 45 Crichton rd 
Burness, Mrs, Heienslea, 45 Crichton rd 



Telephone No. 6. 

Bute Steam Laundry 

Ooy., I-iiroaiteci,, 


and Stonefield Laundry, Paisley. 

Goods Called for and Delivered by Van. 
Telephone No. — 61, Rothesay. 


(Successor to Peter Leith), 

Dispensing* and 

Photographic (lie* mist, 

43 Victoria Street, 

and Port-Bannatyne. 

Walter Mathers, 

Cabinetmaker and Upholsterer, 

3 Gallowg-ate. 

Carpets Cleaned and Repaired. All Kinds of Suites re-Covered. 
General Jobbing a Speciality, 

John Holmes, 

(Successor to Di'NCAN Dewar), 

Joiner and Funeral Undertaker, 
83 Montague Street, Rothesay. 

Estimates Given for All Kinds of Work connected with the Building Trade. 


Burnette, F. R., photcg., Dean Hood pi Campbell, Mrs, Colin, 7 Montague st 

ho, Toward view, Ardbeg 
Burns David, 15 Bridge st 
Burns, Jms, 2 Logie ;>1 
Burns, Mrs Lilly, 2 Columshill st 
Burns, Robt., 6 Columshill st 
Burns, Mrs, 13 Argyle pi 
Burridge, Jhn, gardener, Colbeck pi 
Burt, George, chemist, 51 Crichton rd 

Cairns, James, 34 Mill st 
Cairns, Mrs, 1 Union st 
Caldwell, Job, 21 Russell st 

Campbell D., Castle st 
Campbell, Dan., 20 Bishop st 
Campbell, David, 32 Lakeside 
Campbell, Did., grdnr., 10 Columshill pi 
Campbell, Donald, labourer, 32 Mill st 
Campbell, Mrs D., Auchnacloich rd 
Campbell, Mis Helen, 98 Montague st 
Campbell, Hu., Argyll Mansions 
Campbell, Hu., labourer, 24 Ladeside 
Campbell, Hu., yachtsman. 22 Bridge st 
Campbell, James, broker, 6 L'deside 
Campbell, Jms, flesher, 9 Hillhouse rd 
Campbell, Jms. A., insurance agent, 5 

Academy ter 
Campbell, Mrs Jane, 22 E. Princes st 
Campbell, Miss Janet, Argyle ter 
Campbell, Mrs John, iilm villi,, Mini- 
ster's br 

Caldwell, John, draper. 2 and 3 Albert Campbell, John, car driver. 75 Ardbeg rd 
pl; ho, Haslingden, Mountpleasant rd Campbell, John, 6 Watergate 

Caldwell, Misses, Adelaide hse, Mount 

stuart rd 
Callan, Geo., grocer, 6 E. Princes st 
Callan, John, moulder, 70 Ardbeg rd 
Callan, Mrs J. M'C 

East Princes st 
Cameron, Js, shop manager, 41 Victoria s 
Cameron, Alex , 3 Russell st 
Cameron, captain Arch., Argyle ter 
Cameron, Dun.,jun., grocer, Bishop st 
Cameron, Mrs Eliz., 19 Casr.le st 
Cameron, Geddes <)., hairdresser, 51 

Victoria st ; ho, Barone rd 
Cameron, Mrs James, 6 Argyle pl 

Campbell, John. Hawthorn cot, Argyle 

Campbell, John A., 17 Bishop st 
Campbell, J. A., 22 Russell si • 
Bute mansions, Campbell, J. J., p c, 5 Argyle st 

Campbell, R. W., 44 Mountstuart rd 
Campbell, Thos., janitor, 37 Montague 
Campbell, Wm.,8 Mansefield pl 
Campbell, Wm., 12 Mill st 
Campbell, Mrs Ardenlea, Ardbeg 
Campbell, Mrs, Ellerslea, Hi. Craigmore 
Campbell, Mrs, Toward view, A'dbeg 
Campbell Mrs, Hawthorn pk, Argyle pl 
Campbell Miss, Edgremont, Prighton tr 

Cameron, Jn, seaman, Mountpleasant rd Campbell, Mrs, Heathrnount, Crichton rd 

Cameron, Lach., plumber. 2L Kussell st 

Cameron, Robt., 5 Mansefiold pl 

Cameron, Witr., seaman, 17 Bishop st ; 

Cammock, Win., writer, 70 Ardbeg rd 

Campbell, Alx.. accountant, auctioneer, 

&c, 29 Watergate; ho, 17a Battery pl 
Campbell, Alex., cashier, 92 Ardbeg rd 
Campbell, Mrs Amelia, 5 Academy ter 
Campbell, Angus, spirit dealer. "The 

Thack " 

'ampbell. Miss, 36 Columshill pl 
Canning, Danl , shoemaker, 2 Mansefield 

P 1 . 
Canning, Jms., painter, 20 Bishop st 

Canning, Peter, farmer, Loohend 

Cannon, Mrs Angus, 16 High st 

Cardell, Thos.. steward, 19 High st 

Carden, Jms, 21 Ifussell st 

Cardwell, John, 103 Monta ue st 

Carmichael, Alex., 11 The Terrrce 

Carmichael , 4 W Castle st 

13 iStuaro st ; ho, Holyrood, 

Barone rd 

Campbell, Misses Ann & Isa., 15 Castle st Carrick John, 48 Ladeside 

Campbell, Mrs Ach., 12 King st Carrick, Miss, Pension, Crichton rd 

Campbell.Ach, bnrgh worker,29 Colums- Carroll Edward, 76 Montague st 

hill st Carruthers, James, 16 Castle st 

Campbell, Arch., spirit dealer. Tower Carson, John, 1 Wyndh.m rd 

and Castlehill sts 
Campbell, Arch., 11 Columshill st 
Campbell, Mrs Cath, 31^ Ardbeg rd 
Campbell, Mrs Clara, 4 Bridge st 
Campbell, Colin, steward, 32 Bishop st 
Campbell, Cln , house of rest, Aryyle fcei 


Carson, Samuel, joiner, 39 Wyndham rd 
Carson, Misr, < 'oin villa, Craigmore 
Carson, Mrs, 29 Ardbeg rd 
Carswell, James, seaman, 71 Ardbeg 
Carswell, John, seaman, Dunir», Ascog 
Casev , 65 Victoria st 


Miss Park, 

Draper, Ladies and Children's Outfitter, 

75 Montague street 

Underclothing a speciality. 

CliarleS S. SpeirS (Successor toJames if' Lean), On WAR SERVICE) 

Joiner, Cabinetmaker and Funeral Undertaker, 

22 Bridge street 

Jobbings promptly atte7ided to. Charges Moderate. 

James Thompson, 


94 Montague street 

Measurement Orders and Repairs promptly attende 1 to. 
Ladies' " Footgloves " and "Scot" Boots. Gent's. Moccasin Boots. 



D T£ A PE R Y. 

Flooreoveping's, Carpets, Rugs, Blankets, 

Linens, Hosiery, and Shetland Goods. 
Umbrellas re-Covered or Repaired on the Premises. 

ALEX. "liTc RONE, 


Mrs Johnston, 

Bute Luncheon and Tea Booms, 

72 Victoria St., Rothesay 

William Chisholm, ( o n war service). 

Plumber, Gasfitter, Bellhanger and Zincworker, 

Estimates given for all kinds of Plumber Work. 12 The Terrace, Ardbeg 

All kinds of Jobbing Work promptly attended to. 

James Henry, 

Glasgow and Rothesay Carrier, 

63 Osborne St.,*54 Mitchell St., 57 Buchanan St, and 66 Queen St., Glasgow. 
72 Montague Street, Rothesay. 
Goods and Luggage forwarded to all parts of the World. 

H OUSE H OLDERS— Rothesay . 

Oassidy, Ben., 1 John st 
Cassidy, Fd., gaidener-, 9 Mill ft 
Cassidy, James, mas«n, 103 High st 
Cassidy, Wm , gardenerj 2 Logie pi 
Caution, Mrs, 29 Wyndham rd 
Chalmers, Miss .Agnes, 21 Ardhei' rd 
Chantry, Wallace, 10 Mansefield pi 
Chapman John, teacher, Ballochgoy 
'Chisholm, W. , plumber, 17 Wyndham r 
Christie. Arthur >•., music teacher and 

organist. A rgi le ter 
Christie. Eobt, 23 Mountpleasant rd 
Chrystie, Robt., 2 King st 
Clark John, toy dealer, 50 Montague st; 

ho, 22 E. Frinces st 
Clark, Alex., 38 Bridge st 
Clark, Andw . Glenbuie, Glebelands 
Clark, Andw, 73 Ardbeg rd 
Clark, capf. Arch , 2 Chapelhill rd 
Clark, Duncan, 6 Mansefield p 
Clark F., 'bus inspecror, 6 Mansefield pi 
Clark, James, 38 Bishop st 
Clatk, Miss Joan, 20 Bishop ft 
Clark, John, painter, Oowanbrae 
Clark, Mis Jus, Gowi<nbrae, Columshlll s 
Clark, 1 ewis, grocer. 11 Montague st 
Clark R, 4 W C stle st 
Clark, Thos , fisherman, 19 Stuart st 
Clark Mrs, 6 Mansefield pi 
Clark, Wm., 90 Montague st 
'Clark, agent 9 High st 
Clay, Thomas M. bookseller, 11 Victoria 

st ; ho. Auchnacloich id 
Clayton, Wm., Bishop st 
Clubb, Alex , baker, 24 Castlehill st 
Coates, James, Ph.D., F. A.S., Clenbeg 

house, 57 A rdbet' rd 
Coates, J., II Mill st 
Coburn. Jms., watchmaker, 17 Bridge st 
Cochiane, Mrs, confect : oner, 6 Gallowgte 
Colclough . W» st.wood 
Collins, Chas.. fisherman, 29 Mill st 
Colville, Mrs Isa. , 78 High st 
Colquhoun, Miss, 'I oward view, Ardbeg 
Combs, F., 40 Bishop st 
Combs. W., 135 High st 
Conely, Donald, 27 Staffa pi 
Connell, Ms Agnes, 20 Mill st 
'Connell, John, 3 Russ-1' st 
Connell, John, engineer, 2 
Connelly, Mrs, 20 Hussell st 
Connelly, David, postman, 20 BusBeli st 
Connor, John, 83 Hi*. list 
Cook, Kobt. i ., emineer. Ardmory rd 
Coomin, John. 98 Monta. ue st 
Cooper, Miss Jeannie, 19 Stuart st 
Cooper, Mrs , Glei faulds 
Cormack, An., policeman, 27 Argyle st 


Corrigan, Mrs Dan., 21 Mill st 

Cowan, Dugald, farmer, Grenach 

Cowan, , Auchnacloich rd 

Cowie, Mrs Bella, 4 Hillhouse rd 

Cossar, Hev Alx.,Bowanlca, Minister's br 

Courtney, Mrs, InKerraan ter 

Crabt, Rev. Samuel, Baptist clergyman 

ho, Ardmount, Ardmory rd 
Craig, Miss Annie, 24 Mill st 
Craig, Dugald, 74 High st 
Craig, Miss Jessie, 31 Battery pi 
Craig Jms., 3 Bishop ter br 
Craig, Bobt , 31 Columshill st 
Craig. Miss E., 3| Ardbeg 
Craigl^ad, Mrs Eleanor, bookseller, &.C., 

Guildf rd sq,: ho. 2 E. Princes st 
Craighead, Miss M., 7 Wyndham rd 
Craigie , Glendermot cot 
Cranstoun, Mrs Dav d, 3 Mansefield pi 
Crawford Bros., flt-sheis, 17 Gallowgate 
Crawford, Dvd., carter, 46 Montague st 
Crawford Misses Frances and Margt. , 29 

Mountstuart rd 
Crawfird, Geo , coachman, Prospect ct., 

Ardbeg rd 
Crawford, Miss Jemima, Havelock ter 
Crawfor.i Mrs John S., 22 Bridge st 
Crnwfo'd, Mrs Margt., Argyll mansions 
Crawford, Mrs M-tt . 36 Mountstuart rd 
Crawford, Mrs Mary E., 41 Aidbeg rd 
Crawford, Peter, 22 E Princes st 
Crawford, Kobert,Queen's Hotel, Argyle 

Crawford, Stewart, spirit dealer, Bridg- 
end st ; ho. Osborne pi 
Crawford, Mrs. 15 High st 
Crawford , 81 Ardbeg rd 
Crawford Miss. 30 Marine pi 
Creeth, Mrs Jeannie, 27 Argyle st 
Creeth, W., 27 Ar.yle st 
Creigh/on, Miss Kliz.. 27 Argyle st 
Crichton, Mrs Jane, 10 Mill st 
Crombie , nurse. 33 Victoria st 
Crosbie , 38 "Bishop st 

Crossan, Mrs Janet 73 Ardbeg rd 
C;ui(k>hanks, Mis John, sm., 47 High st 
Ciuickshaiiks, John. | lumber, 47 High 

st ; ho., Auchnacloich id 
Cullen, mu-s Emilie M.. 29 1 ishopst 
Cuniming, Heriry. 37 Bridge st 
Cumminy, Mrs Jms 21 Mill st 
Cunningham, Ax.. 71 Victoria st 
Cunningham, And.. 48 L/'deside 
Cunningham Mrs Ann, 35 Mountstuart id 
Cuu: in*:ham, Arch., joiner, 34a Colums- 
hill st 
Cunningham, James, stewart, 5 Manse- 
field p 


DUNCAN BLAIR, (Successor to Lachlan Ferguson & Son), 

Joiners, Glaziers, Cabinetmakers, 

Funeral Undertakers, & Cartwrights, 

15 Bridge Street 

JAMES LECKIE, (O n war service.) 

Slater and Cement Worker, 

House— 4 Hillhouse Boad. John street 

Estimates Given, Chimneys Cleaned. 

HUGH M'COLL, (On war service) 

House Decorator and Glass Merchant, 

House — Amisfield, Barone road). 37 Mill street 

All manner of Coach -Painting done on the Premises. 

MEIKLE & M'KELLAR, Telephone, No. 65 

Steamboat Agents, Carriers and Carting Contractors, 

Luggage and Furniture Removed. Office on Pier. Rothesay 


Carrier and Carting Contractor, 

Yard 4 John street, 29 Mill street 

Furniture and Luggage Removed. 

MPS THOMSON, 'Rhone, 143 

Fishmonger and Poulterer, 

5 Tower street 

Orders called for and promptly delivered. 

FRANCIS DEWAR, Agent for Ross' Petrol, 

Carpenter, Boat Builder, Boot Hirer & Broker, 

Old Mission Church, High St., and Esplanade (Opposite Band Stand.) 
Repairs Promptly Attended to. Motor Launches. Boats and Fishing Tackle supplied. 

S I LLAR S, 6 7 Vic t o r i a s t r e et, It o t lies a ?/, 

Has a Large and Well-Selected Stock of Infants' and Children's Millinery, Coats and Pelisses 
Ladies' Blouses and Lace Goods, Gloves, Hosiery, and Fancy Goods and Needlework 
Every Requisite in Grave Outfits. 
House Address -Ha/.elcliff, 63 Ardbeg road. 'Phone, 75 

H OUSE H OLDERS— Rothesay. 

Cunningham, James, grocer, 79^ Mon- 
tague st: ho, Ashfield, lOCrichtonid 
Cunningham, James, 17 Russell st 
Cunningham, James, 70Ardbeg 
Cunningham, Jaities L , gardener, 70 

Cunningham, John, 5 Ferguss.on pi 
Cunningham, John, plumber 17 Bridge- 
end st ; ho, 2 Chapelhill rd 
Cunningham, Miss, 52 Ciichton id 
Cunningham M. sen., 26 Wyndham rd 
Cunningham, M , painter, Auchiemore 

Cunningham, Rbt., baker, Glebelands 
Cunningham, Thos., sticker, 133 High st 
Cunningham, Win., painter, 89 Barone r 
Cunningham. Wm VV, M <fe G Innes, 101 
Montague st; ho, Hawthorn park, Ar- 
gyle st 
Cunningham, Miss, 8 Argyle st 
Cunninghim & Co., aerated water manu- 
facturers, 17 E. Princes st 
Curran. Francis, 5 Russell st 
Curran, Margt., 21 Mill st 
Currie, Alex., draper, 47 Argyle st 
Currie, Mrs Alex, farmer, Ardbeg 
Currie, Arch., 77 Montague st 
Currie, Dan. , 19 Montague st 
Currie, Dan., shoemaker, 90 Montague st 
Cunie, Dan., engineer, 5 The Terrace 
Currie, Duncan, flesher, 3 Bishop ft 
Currie, Dun., upholsterer, 32 Bishop st 
Currie, Duncan, yachtniaster, 2 Mount- 
pleasant rd 
Currie Jms, 54 Lideskle 
Currie, John, carter. 38 Mill st 
Currie, Mrs John, farmer, Westland 
Currie, Lach., grocer. 4 Mansefield pi 
Currie, Mrs Margt , 17 Russell st 
Currie, Peter, 20 Russell st 
Currie Robt. cabman, 21 Bridge-end st 
Cunie, Robert, farmer, Crossbeg 
Cuthbert, Mi-s Km., Mountpleasmt rd 
Cuthbert,Wui, police srgb., 17 Bridge st 
Cuthbertson, Michael, 61 Ardbeg rd 

Dalgleish Mrs, Redholm, Watergate 
Daly , 2 Dean Hood pi 
Darroch Robt. H., painter, 13 Argyle pi 
David Wm., police inspector, 33 High st 
Davidson Mrs Ann, 20 Kussell st 
Davidson, J., gardener, Ar eucraig 
Davidson Miss Jemima, 31 Battery pi 
Davidson John, boxmaker, 78 Ardbeg rd 


Davidson Mi-s Mary, 24 Bishop st 
Davidson, Miss Maty, 20 W. Princes st 
Davidson Mrs, 3 Albany tsr 
Davis Geo., painter, 16 King st 
Davis, Mrs Maiy, 13 Argyle pi 
Davis, W. C, 94 Mon'agae st 
Davis , Craigmore house 

Dawson Mrs Jessie, 43 Ardbeg rd 
Dawson Wm, tailor, 28 Bridge st 
Day Win., baker, co-nperative, 7 East 

princes st; ho, 29 Colunishill st 
Deans M's, 1 Russell st 
Dempster , Cliffside, Craigmore rd: 

Denoon Mrs Rachael. 6 Bridge st 
Derby Mrs Jessie, 12 Ladeside 
Derby Thos., painter, 18 Castle st 
Dewar Andw , 7 Ga'lowgate 
Dewar Arch., 6a Castle st 
Dewar Miss Isabella, 8 Argyle st 
Dewar, Chas., spi i ic dealer, 8 Castle st 

ho, 32 bishop st 
Dewar Duncan, architect, ±5 Castle st 

ho, 23 Argyle pi 
Dewar Duncan, seaman, 24 Mill st 
Dewar Francis, c irpenter. Church lane, 

High st ; ho. 6a Castle st 
Dewar James, joiner, 4 Mansefield p 
Dewar, John, spirit merchant, 8 Castle 

st; ho, 30 Bishop st 
Dick Miss, Mart., 41 Mountstuart rd 
Dickie, Rev John M.. b d, New Parish 

manse, skeoch wood 
Dickson Stephen, Post Office buildings, 

Bishop st 
Dickson Mrs, A rdbesr rd 
Dnbbie Alex. S., joiner, Bishop ter br ; 

ho, Palace buildings 17 iC. Prinscs st 
Dobbie And., tail' r, 4 Bishop st 
Docherty Ed., contractor. 12 T Terrace 
Docherty Jn., gardener, 2 Minister's br 
Docherty John, gatekeeper, 86 High st 
Dcchety John J, painter, 1 Bridgend st 
Docherty Mrs, 8 Gallowgate 
Dodds, John (4., joiner, Colbec pi; ho, 

Sunnyside, Auchnacloich Barone rd 
Doggart Th W. , teacher, Concoid villa, 

Coinmshill st 
Donald John, 78 Hgh st 
Donald John, 7 Montague st 
Donald John, clerk, 113 High st 
Donald John, laundiyman, 2 M'Nal s br 
Donald Mrs Theresa, 27 Argyle st 
Donaldson Dvd., 27 Argyle st 
Donaldson Js. ' . heritor, 14 Ardbeg rd 
Donaldson Miss Janet,, 35 E Prince- st 
Donaldson Miss-s, Glenara. Craigmore 
Donnelly Joseph, 1 Russell st 
Doon Matthew, 40 Watergate 


Matthew Dunean & Co., 

Plasterers, Cement Workers, and Tile Layers, 

52 Ladeside street 

Peter Grant, 

Family Bread, Biscuit and Pastry Baker, 

104 Montague street 

Quality our Leading Feature. Goods Promptly Delivered. 

First-Class Carriages and Motors, ,pone ' 19 

At J. & A. Martins 

Stables, Chapelhill road 23 Bast Princes street 

Rapid Valet Service Co., 

Dyers and French Cleaners, 
6 Dean Hood Place. 

LADIES' COSTUMES and GENTS' SUITS, Dyed, Sponged or 
Cleaned and Pressed on the Shortest Notice. 

Goods called for on receipt of Post Card. A. R. LiOVC 

Established 1880. Telephone, 172 

James M'Intyre, 

Shipping and Family Butcher, 

Only Home Fed Beef and Mutton Kept. 81 Montague Street 

John Thorburn, Telephone m. no. 

Fishmonger, Ice Merchant & Licensed Dealer ™ Game, 

(A few doors West from Post Office). 18 West Princes street 

Poultry Supplied. 

James Fisher, Seed, Grain and Potato Merchant, 

5 and 6 King St., and 5 and 7 W. Castle st. 

Finest East Country Seed (Juts. Bote mid Ayrshire Ryegrass Seed. Seed Potatoes, 
Clo/er Seeds and Turnip Seeds of ( lie Various Sorts in ilieir Season. Special Potato, Grain 
and Turnip Manures, my Own Manufacture and Highest Analyses. My Garden Manure 
cannot be surpassed for Vegetables and Genera) Purposes. 'Phone, No. 2. 


Dougall, J. S., bookseller, jeweller, 
librarian, stationer, &c, Victoria st, 
and Montague St! ho, Bircbwood, 
Douglas Arch., 17 Russell st 
Douglas Miss Margt., East Princes st 
Douylas Mioses Je-sie and Marion, Beau- 
fort, Craigmore 
Douglas, W m , Beaufort, overseer, Post 

Office ; ho,, Beaufort, Craigmoie 
Douglas, Mis, 5 Koyal ter 
Douglas , 3 Argvle st 

Dow M's Jane, 14 Castlehill st 
Dow Mr-, 76 Ardbeg rd 
Dow Miss, 5 A Ibany ter 
Dowell, Mrs, 4 Dean Hood pi 
Druminoud Mi-s Cath., 40 Bishop st 
Drummoi'd Jn.. gardener 15 Bridgend st 
Dryburn Wm., carter, 76 Montague st 
Dryden Geo., music teacher, 30 Argyle s 
Dry nan Mrs, 1 King st 
Dunbar, Morrison, 2 Chapelhill rd 
Duncan Mies Amies, 57 Russell st 
Duncan Alex. 14 Mountstuart rd 
Duncan .-> lex., boot dealer, Bishop st ; 

ho, 8 Argyle, st 
Duncan Alex labourer, 18 Russell st 
Duncan Mrs Alex , Stewart villa, Barone 

Duncan, Mrs Ach, 2 Albany ter 
Duncan Miss Ca,th., Argyle ter 
Duncan < 'has , Bogie pi 
Duncan Mrs Daniel, Woodend 
Duncan Daniel, 1 Columshill pi 
Duncan D.vid, 7 Mill st 
Duncan Miss Helen, Ballonhpoy 
Duncan Miss Henrietta, 53 Mountstuart 

Duncan Jrmes, J P, Marine pi 
Duncan Jms, 9 Mansefield pi 
Duncan James, gardener, Logie pi 
Duncan Jins., mason, Kin garnet, Ba- 
rone rd 
Duncan Jms , steward, 35 Bridge st 
Duncan Misses Jane & Mary, 25 Argyle 

Duncan J"hn 21 Russell st 
Duncan Miss Jane, 12 Argyle st 
Duncan John, joiner, 77 Ardbeg rd 
Duncan Jn., watchmaker, 21 Mountpleas- 

ant rd 
Duncan Miss Mai jory, 21 Ardbeg rd 
Duncan Miss Mary, 77 Ardbeg rd 
Duncan Miss Mary A., 37 E. Princesst 
Duncan Miss Mary E., 53 Mountstuart r 
Duncan Matthew, plasterer, Ladeside ; 
ho, Academy rd 

Duncan Matth., jun., plasterer, 1 Co» 

lumshill pi 
Duncan Minian, grain and potato mer- 
chant, Store lane ; ho, 24 Bishop st 
Duncan Kb., postman, 73 Victoria st 
Duncan Mrs Bobt. Oraiy, 16 King st 
Duncan Mrs Walter, 33 Bridge st 
Duncan Wm., 1 Ardmillau, Crichton rd 
Duncan Wm., 15 High st 
Duncan Miss, stationer, Argyle st : ho> 

Auchnacloich rd 
Duncan Mrs, Ardbeg 
Duncan Mrs, Barone rd 
Duncan Mrs, Dunara, 3 Brighton ter 
Duncan Miss, 23 Aryyle ter 
Duncan , 19 M untstuart rd 

Duncanson John H., pawnbroker's as- 
sistant, 66 Montague st 
Dunlop Miss Ann, 90 Ardbeg rd 
Dunlop Mrs Eliz., Park pi 
Dunlop John H., postman, 30 Bishop st 
Dunn Arch. C, diaper. 85 Ar.lbeg rd 
Dunn, David, teacher, 5 The Terrace 
Dunn Isa., Cro Beag, Ardbeg 
Dunn John. 58 Lakeside 
Dunn Mrs Margt., 57 Ardbeg rd 
Dunsmuir. Allan, 10 The Terrace 
Dyer, Mrs Rebecca, 12 Bridge st 


Eadie Jane, 19 Russell st 
Eadie Misses, 32 Battery pi 
Eccles Mrs J. M., 31^ Ardbeg rd 
Edgar Mrs, 37 E. Princes st 
Elder Andw, 63 Montague st 
Elder Robert, engineer, Elderslie, Ser- 
pentine rd 
Elliott, Wm., 10 Mansfield pi 
Elmer Thomas, Aseog b >nk lodge 
English Geo, gardener, 113 High st 
Erskin, Mrs Mary H., 43 Mountstuart rd 
Espie , 101 Barone rd 
Evans Mrs Mary, 16 Castle st 
Ewing Ach., reporter, 45 Mountstuart rd 
Swing Andw. , 80 Montague st 

Fagan Mrs Mary, 13 Gallowgate 
Fairweather James, acting-factor, Bute 

Estate, Old Mansion House, High st 
Falconer Thomas, clerk, 1 Union st 


Andrew Hamilton, 

Grocer and Provision Merchant, 

Orders Called for and Promptly Delivered. 2 Bridge-end Street 

'Carriage Hiring and Livery Stables, 

William, Moodie, V. £., Proprietor, 

House, 18 Mouni stuart Road. 20 Watergate 

Riversdale Boarding Establishment, 

a. m. boyd, Proprietor. 36 Ar gyle Street, West Bay 

First-Class Accommodation. Perfect Attendance. Full View of Buy and Surrounding 

Mrs Clara Hadley , 

Ladies' and Children'' s Outfitters, 

85 Montague street 

The Stock comprises the Newest and Most Fashionable Goods. 

The Central Drapery Warehouse. 

Robert C. Miller, 

Draper, Furnisher and House Agent, 

48 Montague street 

Bute Temperance Hotel, Tne Leading Temperance House, 

Every Attention Given to Tourists TPrnnii'tm ilio Pi'dv Every Home 
and Commercial Gentlemen. J. I Ullllltij LUC X Itl . Comfort. 

Terms Moderate. From £2 2s per Week. James M'Millan, Proprietor 

Customers can always rely on getting the Finest Quality. 

William H. Sq.nair, 

F a m i I y Bute h e r , 

Established 1863. Telephone No. 89. 5 Gallowgate 

Freckleton's Boating Station, on Esplanade, first from Pier. 

Motor Boats sail Round the Bay at intervals. Fare, Adults, 2d; Juveniles, Id. 

Practical engineer on board each boat. 

Special Terms for Parties per Hour, Day, or Week. 

Rowing' Boats 6d per hour 


Falconer Ths, jun. grocer, Bishop ter br 
Fannan, Chas., 17 Bishop st 
Farmer D, gardener, Mill bank 
Farrell James, moulder, 85 Ardbeg rd 
Farrell Jeremiah, moulder, 85 Ardbeg r 
Faulds Jas., cartel, Ardlea, Ardmoryrd 
Faulds Mrs, 89 Montague st 
Faulds Mrs Mary, Ardmory rd 
Faulds Wm, carter, 29 Mill st 
Faulds Wm, jun, carter, Canada hill 
Fenton Roht., wool mercht, 74 Ardbeg 
Ferguson Mrs Agnes, 27 High st 
Ferguson Alx., painter. Noslin cot 
Ferguson Mrs Ann, 20 Staffa pi 
Ferguson Bryce, 32 Columshill st 
Ferguson D., 6 Hill house rd 
Ferguson Dune, LI Bridge st 
Ferguson Mrs Geo, Mill bank, Ascog 
Ferguson Jas. W., gardener, Mill st 
Ferguson John, J P, heritor, Pointhouse 

Ferguson John, postman, Clifton, Ar- 

gyle pi 
Ferguson Mrs Mary, 7 Tower st 
Ferguson ^eil, heritor. 15 Bridge st 
Ferguson Bobt, 98 Montague st 
Ferguson Wm, bootmaker, 7g Ardbeg r 
Ferguson Wm., 41 Aidbeg rd 
Ferguson Wm, 7 Gallowgate 
Ferguson Wm, 4 Mansefield pi 
Ferguson Wm, Meadowcap 
Ferguson Miss, Inkerman ter 
Ferguson Miss, Demerara, Ardbeg rd 
Ferguson Peter, tailor, Osborne pi 
Ferguson Mr^, 27 ' olumshill st 
Ferguson Mrs, Whinmonr, Crichton rd 
Ferguson , 17 Batteiy house 
Ferrier Mrs Maigt, Dun vegan, Marine pi 
Ferrier David, Rockhill Castle, High 

F'errier Wm, insurance agent, 84 Mon- 
tague st 
Findlay Wm, grocer, Mansefield pi; ho, 

Minister's br 
Finlay Misses Janet & Jem., 60 Mount- 
stun rt rd 
Findlay Mrs M, Minister's brae 
Finlay Mary Ann, 23 Crichton rd 
Finlay wiss May, 47 Mountstuart rd 
Finlay Miss Mary, 3j Victoria st 
Finlay Peter, grocer, Wyndham rd 
Finlay Kbt. , gardener, 61 Mountstuart rd 
Finlay Thms. 24 Watergate 
Finlay Mrs, 32 Mountpleasant rd 
Finlay Mrs, Brighton ter 
Finlay Mrs, 9 Mansefield pi 
Finlayson Edwin, seedsman, Public Prk 
nursery, 114 nigh st 


Finlayson Jms., 6 Mansefield pi 
Fisher .lames, grain merchant, King st 
and W. Castle st, and King's Mill, 
Mill st; ho. Orlington. 1 3 Ardbeg rd 
Fisher Mrs May, 18 Battery pi 
Fisher, MrsMargt., 2 Mountstuart rd 
Fisher, Kobt. Burns, Lilyoak ter 
Fisher Miss, Hillhead, Serpentine rd 
Fleming Misses Agnes G. and Janet, 24 

Ardbeg rd 
Fleming And., clerk, Adelaide pi 
Fleming Mrs Cth., Rosemount, Barone r 
Fleming Gav, journalist, 46 v'ontague st 
Fleming Jms. Ardmillan, Crichton rd 
Fleming Mr- Lilias, 10 Mansefield pi 
Fleming Mrs Mny, Barone rd 
Fleming Mrs, 55 Barone rd 
Fleming Mrs, 24 Ardbeg rd 
Flemmings Misses, Academy rd 
Foot Thms, 9 t hapelhill rd 
Ford Miss Eliz. B, 12 Argyle pi 
Forriyce John, upholsterer, 17 Montague 

st : 75 High st 
Fordyce Mrs Margr., 105 High st 
Forfar Miss, Ivy lodge; Bridge st 
Forrest Mrs Grace, Ardbeg rd 
Forrest Ax., tinsmith, 8^ 'tdbeg 
Forrest, Jm°, engineer, 4 Bi*hop st 
Forsyth Mrs Jeane, Argyle pi 
Foulds Mrs Eliz M., 45 Ardbeg rd 
Fonlds Mrs M*rgt., 97 M on 'ague st 
Foulis Robert, mason, 1 Hillhouse rd 
Fowlie Mrs W'ltr., Cast!egrove, York ter 
Fowlis Miss Agnes S, Eastlands rd 
Fox J, auctioneer, 9 Victoria st 
Fox John, 19 Mill st 
Fox Peter, 7 W. Princes st 
Franckie, W M., 26 Argyle st 
Fra-er Misss Cth. & M y, Auchnacloich rd 
Fra-er Isab 11a, 19 Mountstuart rd 
Fraser, Jms. policeman, 11 HJ Princes st 
Frasei Mrs Janet, 54 Lakeside st 
Fraser Jhn. , diaper, 1 The Terrace 
Fraser Wm., blacksmith, 4 Mackinlay st 
Fraser Mis, Crobeatr, Ardbeg 
Freckleton Miss Eliz. Wyndham pk 
Freckleton Chs, boathirer, Mountstuart 

rd ; ho, W. Princes st 
Freckleton Jms, boathirer, Esplanade 

ho, fi Argyle st 
Freeland Mrs Wm, 40 Osborne p 
Frew Mrs Mry L., Mordun, High Craig- 
Friel Hugh, labourer, 135 High st 
Friel Pat., labourer, 10 Mill st 
Fulton Mrs Eliz., 40 Crichton rd 
Fulton John, painter,8 Gallowgate 
Fulton Mrs Robert, 53 Ardbeg rd 


There are l,5oo, 000,000 Human Beings in the "World, 
Speaking over 6000 Languages. 

and Professing Thousands of Religions, 

and more than Christians believe that ive all shall yet live as brethren. 



The International Language. 

Up-to Date Mariners use the International Code of Signals at sea. 
Up-to-Date Musicians use the International Staff Notation for Music 
Up-to-Date Businesses use the International Arithmetic everywhere. 

Up-to-Date Persons all ) , lnternatinnal , ane-uaire I for intercom - 

over the World \ use the ""ernationai Language ^ municatioil . 

COMPAEED with National Languages ESPEEANTO is 
like a well-kept garden, the roots of the produce of which are 
taken from jungles and scientifically treated pro bono publico. 

The 1 1 tli Annual International Congress was to have been held in Edinburgh in 
1915, but the Great War, which prevented the holding of the 10th at Paris the previous 
year, was the means of causing the transfer of the 11th to Sau Francisco. To com- 
memorate the opening of the Panama Canal a big Exhibition was held there, and a 
Tuta Pacifika Esperanto Kongreso developed into the llt.h Tuta Mondo Esperanto 

The language of peace and universal brotherhood is spreading, and the wide- 
awake and subtle Germans were prompt to circulate, by its means, their version of the 
cause of this terrible war. They posed as an innocent peace-loving people, who had 
a cruel war thrust upon them, and the child-like and bland Teutons were forced to 
defend their homes from ruthless destruction (!) Esperanto is not desired by every- 
body, but it is much easier to learn and comprehend than any national language, and 
there is not a single civilized country in the world without an Esperanto group or 
individual members, and to these the German version went, and was translated into 
the languages of the different countries. These communications (circulated through 
the neutral language) were taken to be unbiased, whereas the communications in Eng- 
lish, French, Flemish, Russian or Italian, etc., were believed to be prejudiced. Truth 
and righteousness have bad much to overcome, but they will prevail. Germany long 
schemed for the good opinion of neutrals, while using red-cross ambulances for their 
machine guns, and sinking without warning (by their subniaries) any unarmed vessel 
they meet and rejoice at the drowning of thousands of innocent viciims, and (by their 
airships) bombard defenceless towns and glory in their own beloved " frightfulness. '' 
" Peace on earth and good will to men is comin' yet for a' that," but it is not coming 
through, but in spite of, German might and diplomacy. 

GEORGE HIGGIE, Delegato, Universala Espeianto Asocio, Rothesay. 


Fullarton Geo., 78 High st 

Fullerton Mrs Wm., Invergyle, M'Kin- 

lay st 
Fyfe Andw, 19 Russell st 
Fyfe Gen, fishmonger, 6 Bridgend st; ho, 

2 Hillhouse rd 
Fyfe Miss Ann, 13 ^allowgate 
Fyfe Mrs, 1 Mountstuart rd 


Galbraitli capt Alx. 16 Hillhouse rd 
Galbraith Mrs Cath., 77 Montague st 
Galbraith James, spirit merchant, 18 

Castlehill st ; ho, 47 High st 
Galbraith Rev Geo., 77 Montague st 
Galbraith Kev. William, U F, manse, 

Bishop ter 
Galbraith Mrs, Craigmore cot 
Galloway Edw., solicitor, Montford 
Galloway Mrs Jane, 8 Tower st 
Galloway Wm., manufactr., Bogany rd 
Galloway Mrs J iris., Auohnacloich rd 
Galloway Mrs, Montford avenue 
Gardiner John, barber, 16 W. Princes 

st ; ho, Argyll mansions 
Gardiner Peter, 29 (Jolumshil st 
Garvie Mrs, 2 Ladeside 
Garvie Mis, 63 Montague st 
Gaskin Percy, teacher, 37 E Pr'nccs st 
GaultMary, 10 The Terrac*, Ardbeg 
Geddes G., 11 The Terrace 
Geddi s Geo. , tailor, Barone rd 
Geddes Miss Jane, 5 Academy ter 
Geddes, John G., florist, 69 High st; ho, 

Crossbill villas 
Geikie Mrs Janet, 17 Columshill st 
Gemmill Mrs Hu., 23 Bridge st 
Gemmell John, chemist, 20 Argyle st ; 

ho, Ian villa, Academy rd 
Gemmill Thms, 19 >tuart st 
Gemmill Mrs, 1 W. Castie st 
Gemmell, Peter J., Glenhead pi 
Gentleman P., cabinet-mkr, 38 High st; 

ho, Mackinlay st 
Geophegan Martin, 41 Watergate 
Gerrard, David, 5 The Terrace 
Getty Robt, Colbec pi 
Gibb D H, Ardcaory cot, Ardbeg 
Gibb Mrs Margt. , 14£ Marine pi 
Gibbon Mrs, 34 Mountpleasant rd 
Gibson Mrs Helen, 8 Montague st 
Gilchrist Mrs Ann, Eden pi 
Gilchrist David, purser, Havelock ter 
Gilchrist Jms. Y., sculptor, 25 Colums- 
hill st 

e 97 

Gilchrist John, 18 Colum hill st 
Gi'lan Robt., moulder, Wyndham rd 
Gillan Robert, 70 Ardbeg road 
Gillan Mrs, Gowanbrae, Columshilll st 
Gillon Miss 14 Bridme-end st 
Gillespie, Campbell, 51 Ardbeg rd 
Gillespie Jms, manager. Palace cinema, 

ho , Park pi. Fair Fad rd 
Gillespie Win., 32 Batte-y pi 
Gillies Miss Agnes L. 41 Victoria st 
Gillies Alex., carpenter, 4fi Montague st 
Gillies Duif., joiner, Mountpleasaot rd 
Gillies Mrs Eliz. S. and Miss Mrt. E 37 

Ardbeg- rd 
Gillies Mrs Jms., 24 Ladeside st 
Gillies Tohn, cemetery superintendent, 

Gillies John, ironmonger, 45 Montague 

st ; ho, 19 Argyle st 
Gillies Neil, Brendan** ter 
Gillies Peter, labourer, 8 Mill st 
Gillies , 19 Argyll st 

Gilmour, Miss C, 5 Victoria st 
Gilmour David, 27 Argyle st 
Gilmour Mrs Mary, 17 Mountstuart rd 
Gilmour Miss, 27 Argvle st 
Gilmour Miss, 38 Columshill st 
Gilroy Wm, 19 Store lane 
Glass J, 11 Marine pi 
Glass Mrs Mary 41 Crichton rd 
Glen Mrs B , 3 Bishop ter 
Glen J, 3 Unioa st 
Glen Miss 3(3 E Princes st 
G'en John, seaman, 8 E. Princes st 
Glen Peter, shipmaster, Glebe land 
Glen Petei 20 Russell st 
Gold Mrs Jessie, 4 Ma ine pi 
Good , Argyll mansions 
Goodfellow J, 133 High st 
Goodfellow Jms., 1 J hri st 
Gordon Miss, Leopold villa, Craigmore 
Gordon, Miss B, Wellparkrd 
Gordon Miss Martha H, T< Victoria st 
Gordon , druggist, 17 Battery pi 
Gorman , 17 Battery house 

Gotten Wm. 74 A rdbeg rd 
Gourlay Arch., joiner, 17 Bridge st 
Graham Mi>s Eliz, Ba-onerd 
Graham Frank, engineer. 8 Staff pi 
Graham Henry, Mansefield pi 
Graham Jms., 98 High st 
Graham Jms., engineer, 80 High st 
Graham Miss, Fiona villa, 
Graham Peter. 4 W. Castle st 
Granger Mi s Janet, 10£ Ardbeg rd 
Grant A, Cro Beg Ardbeg rd 
Grant Mrs Agnes, 2 Bi-hop ter 
Grant Donald, writer, 20 Castlehill si 



h», 2 Bishou Vr 
Grant Mrs > liz , 13a E Princes st 
Grant James jeweller, 70 Ardbeg rd 
Grant John, warehouseman, 71£Ardbeg 
Grant 1'e e , baker, 104 Montague st ; 

ho, 19 Bridge st 
Grant Bhr M, joiner, 16 Mcuntpleasant r 
Grant Wm, barman, Park pi 
Grant Win., sol citor, 20 Castlehill st ; 

ho, Me 'dowbank, Auchnacloich rd 
Grant, Mrs 44 Argyle st 
Gray Alx., police .-ergt., 11 E Princes st 
Gray *irs ^ liz, Bishop teriace br 
Gray Mrs Georye. 40 Mouutpleasant rd 
Gray Mrs Hehn K, 97 Viont<g'iest 
Gray John, Oaks-haw, Argyle pi 
Gray Mrs, Woo lea, L'pr. Craigmore 
Gray \V m., 63 Montague st 
Green hdw., gardene , I ownhead 
Greenlee* Mrs, 16 Tower st 
Greenshields Mrs Gavin, 2 Mansefield pi 
Greer Alx, new-ag-nt, &c, 58g High st; 

ho, Eden ct, h igh st 
Greig Wm., 31 Battery pi 
Grierson i bt , tailor, 1 Bridge-end st 
Giieve Jii<s Rosa, 5 Bishop ter br 
Gribben Miss a me.. 16g Mountstuart rd 
Griffin Francis, 4 Man-tfirld pi 
Giindley Miss, Aigyle Hotel, Watergate 
Grindley Win., 1 Bridgend st 
Grove Jms., ca-hier. 56 Mountstuart rd 
Gunn Alex, P c, b 7 Ardbeg rd 
Gull n Mrs Elle , Aigyle |>1 
Guthrie John, 10 M.nsefield pi 
Guchiie Mrs, 5 The Terrace 
Guthrie Mi s, 17 Wyufihamrd 
Guy Miss, 20 Aidbeg rd 


Haddon Miss, 33 Wyndham rd 

Haddow Mi.-s. 32 Bishop sc 

Hadky J r, 89 M utague st 

Hagart Rich. B, nieasmer, 61 Ardbegrd 

Haggart, Mrs Koy;<l Hoel, Albert pi 

Hagga t, Mrs Jesse 61 Aidb-grd 

Haig Mrs Janet/, 13 (JoluiiiShill pi 

Haig J hn. 1.1 eksmith, 8 Hilihouse rd 

Haig Mrs Mgfc., Se bank buildings 

Hiig T , l35Higti st 

Hall Mrs Ln Andrew J, Ardmory rd 

Hall Wm 3 Kiua a: 

Hall, Mrs, 17 Bi h op st 

Hallid--y Geo , w.'od merchant, sawmill, 

Union st; hn, Aid arach, Academy id 
Halliday Jiin. w. od merchant, sawmill. 

Union st; ho, A, ddaioch, Academy rd 


Halliday Mrs Janet. 13 Columshill sd 

HaliHay J., 46 High st 

Halliday Mlcm., contra tor. Oak, villa 

Minis i er s brae 
Halliday Wm., com. agent, 24 Argyle st 
Hallig n Miss Katrine, 
Hamilton Miss A., 6a Gienrosapl 
Hamilton Andw., grocer, 2 Hndge-end 

et ; ho, Meadow view, B aione rd 
Hami ton Aich., 7 W sc 
Hamilton John, moulder, 37 Staff* pi 
Hamilton H., High st 
Hamil on Peter, 22 Argyle st 
Hamilton Wm., ins ector, 1 T Ter ace 
Hamilton M ss, Ascog bank 
Hamiton Mrs, 15 Bridge st 
Hamilton Mrs, li Moun>| leasan rd 
Hance , 5 Bishop ter br 
Hannay D C. Karl pi, Ardbeg id 
H.udie Jms., engineer, Clifton, High 

Hardii.g cp'ain, County Chief Con- 
stable. 37 High st 
Harding, I hos., 31 Staffa pi 
Harkius John J, Glenfau ds 
Harle o Mis, Buon rd. 
Harold Miss Kliz , 36 K. PrmcfS st 
Harper Jams, cle.k. 16£ Atdbeg rd 
Harper John, o£ Argyle pi 
Harper Kaukin, labourer, 3 King st 
Harris Mrs Ann Hawthorn pk 
Hairis l.obt., 3 King st, 
Harris W. W. , china dealer, 29 Gallow- 

Harris Miss, 12 Brighton ter 
Harrower Mrs 3 the Te race, Ardbeg 
Hart Mis iLiiz., 26 Bridge sc 
Hart Miss Eliz, 18 Bat ery pi 
Hart Mrs Jms., Wyndham id 
Hare Mrs Mgc. Argy'e ter 
Harvey C K M'L, C lnmshill st 
Ha v y, C F M'L, 21 Mou .tpleasant rd 
Harvey Mrs H'liz., 112 High st 
H rvey Miss Eliza, nurse, i ay cottage, 

Barone rd 
Harvey .Is., tobacconist, Kastlands rd 
Harvey Job i, labourer Brone rd 
Harvry Mrs John T , 20a Mgyest 
Harvey .Vlargt , 30 Bishop st 
Harvev Mrs Alary, grocer. 7 Mill st 
Harvey Mrs Toos. ii., f rnier, Windy- 

Harvey Wm , barman, 8 •'illhouse rd 
Haive John, obaconist, Kastlands 
Haslet Miss Ague-, 63 High >t 
Hastir Mis , toward view, Ardbeg 
Hay Mrs A, ] xcademy ter 
Hay John, stationer, A gyle ter 


Heaton Mrs Mary, 34 Ardbeg rrl 
Heaton Js , spirit merchant, 7 Victoria 

st ; ho, Ardbeg villa 
'Heaton James, spiit merchant, 12 East 

Princes st ; ho, 17 Battery house 
Heat' m Jms, jun, Carna,'h, Elysium 
Heaton John, saddler. Barone rd 
Heaton Mrs Thomas, 5 Castle st 
Heaton VVm. M., printer, 9 Victoria st 
Hector Geo , jeweller 57 Ardbeg rd 
Henderson Ach.. 7 Brighton ter 
Hend-rson Arch., grocer 54 Montague 

st ; ho, Whinniont, Craigmore 
Henderson Geo, 113 High st 
Henderson Herbert, supt., Prudential, 

2 Brandon ter 
Henderson .Mrs James, 163 High st 
H°nderson Mis* M*'., Bute mansions 
Hendersjn Mrs Rebecca, Auchnacloichrd 
Henderson Robt.. 8 Uallowgate 
Henderson Miss, High Craigmoro 
Henderson Miss 4 L)e in Hood pi 
Henderson Lily oak ter 
Henderson Mrs, SSha ieholm, 7 Brighton 

Hendry Miss Margt., Eden pi 
Hendry Ms, 32 Battery pi 
Henry Ar hd., grocer, if King st ; ho, 

R. slin pi 
Henry Jms., carrier, 72 Montague st 
Henry vv m ., lab mrer, 28 Mill st 
Henry Miss Winnif red M. 3 Russell st 
Hepburn J. S , Kagl sham, Mountpleas- 

ant rd 
Herbert. Alfred W., solicitor, 35 High 

st ; res, Albany ter 
Herbert Miss Mary, 34 Crichton rd 
Herd Wm H., gas worker, 1 King st 
Heron .tohn, i aw lock ter 
Herriot. Miss Eliz. M , Lome log , Mount- 
stun rt rd 
Hewi-i"n R v. James King, M.A., D.D., 

Parish Church manse, Minister's br 
Hicks Geo., chemist and dru^ist, 2 High 
st and 1 Victoria st ; ho, Kiithea, 
Criclitou rd 
Higgie i ie rg j , printer, publisher, short- 
hand wtierifc teacher, and insurance 
agent 22 Bridg st 
Hii-'uie Misses He'en and Margaret M'L., 

Hill M s* i arh., 30 Windham rd 
Hill Chs., mason. 10 Battery pi 
Hill Duncan, Crnib. Craigmore 
Hill Mis- Pica 64 Mountstuart -id 
Hill Geo., draper, 78 Montague st ; ho, 

80 Hiuh st 
Hill tx ( T , m ps, chemist and druggist, 
64 Montague so 

Hill miss Jut., confectioner, Ladeside 
Hill Jck, insurance agent, Ardnamar, 

Westland rd 
Hill Mrs Mary, 10 Battery pi 
Hill Kob-. H, 1 Russell sd 
Hill Miss, 7 Garthland. Elysium 
Hilton IN , seaman, 20 Bridge-end st 
Hislop Robt., 7 Union st 
Hislop Ch is, bookbinder, 31 Meadow pi 
Hodge Miss Margt. C, The Terrace 
Hodghton David, 3 Mansefield pi 
Hogan Stephen, 8 Columshill st 
Ho^'g John, writer, S bercorn 
Hogg, Mrs M K. milliner, 15 Argyle pi"; 

ho, I iVTackinlay sc 
Hogarth Jms, 129 High st 
Hogartb John, seaman, 13 Bishop st 
Hogarth ,7 Tower st 
Holmes Miss Agnes C , Montford house 
Holmes Mrs Andrew, 36 E Princes st 
Holmes Geo S, 70 Ardbeg rd 
Holmes Miss Isa., Baro'e rd 
Holmes John, joiner, 83 Montague st ; 

ho, 3 Brandane ter, Birone rd 
Holmes m s Margt, 6| Ardbeg rd 
Hou-ton Andrew, Man-efield pi 
Houston, Mrs Eliz. Balace buildings 
Hous f on John, shoemaker, 2 Mill st ; 

ho, 17 E Princes st 
Houston Mrs Mrgt. M.,27 Mountstuart rd 
Houston Robr,., 5 Fergusson pi 
Howard Mrs, Columshill st 
Howatt Jms., China and Eancy Goods 
mercht, 1 Albert ; ho, Ravenscraig, 
Howie Miss Jnt., 2 Columshill pi 
Howieson Alex, chauffeur, Glenburn cot 
Howies m Alex, 70 Ard'oeg rd 
Howitt Jms.. Ardmcy rd 
Howitt Mrs M try, Ardmory rd 
Hughes Jms., 98 Montague st. 
Hughes Stephen, Argyll mansions 
Hume Jms., engineer, Ardmory rd 
Hunter Miss A.. 2 < 'rcndia 
Hunter Archd., of M. & G. Innes, 101 

Mon'ague st : res, Mayfield villas 
Hunter Rev Adam, Oapel'dll Free Ch 
Hunter A nd., bl-icksmith,65 Victoria st 
Huntar Ms Annie Y., 43 Mouufs'.uart rd 
Huuter Christina, 6 Hd h 'use rd 
Hunter Miss E iz., Adelaide pi 
Hunter Ms Isa , Minister's br 
Hunter Jms., blacksmith, Argyle st 
Hunter John R , mason, 11 Castle st 
Hunter Miss Mart , 20 Argyle pi 
HuBter Mis* Mart., 1 The Terrace 
Hunter P. W., chemist's assistant, 34s 
Columshill st 



Hunter Robt. A., tailor, 6 Staffa pi 
Hunter Win., builder, Marionslea, 

Minister's br 
Hutecheon , T ilyoak ter 
Hutchison Mi-s, 20 Argyle st 
Hutton Andw. A., 20 B idgend st 
Hutton Mrs Jane. 63 Ardbeg rd 
Hyde Lieut Fred., Osborne pi 
Hyndman And., painter, 4 Minister's br 
Hyndman Jras , slater, Colbeck pi ; bo, 

28 Montague st 
Hyndman Jms.. 129 H'gh st 
Hyndman Peter, PC, 2 King st 
Hyndman Mrs , restaurateur, Norman 

Stewart Institute, Montague st ; ho., 

4 Bishop st 
Hyndman Rubt., Colbeck pi 

Ingram Mrs, 17 Battery pi 

Innes, Mrs Geo., Bruan, Bishop ter 

Innes, M. & G., furniture dealers, 101 

Montague st 
Irvine, Donald, 7 West Princes st 
Irvine Ma'c, 28 Bridge st 
Irvine Mrs Sarah, 4 Bishop st 
Irvine Miss n,nr>e, Eastlands 
Irwin J, 1 King st 
Iversen Fred , 22 "Watergate 
Ivory Miss, 17 Battery pi 
Izett Jms. G., Hazel wood, Glebelands 

J ack Mrs Mary, Hillside house, Serpen- 
tine rd 
Jack, capt. Wm.. Pointhouse cres 
Jack , 29 Barone rd 

Jackson, Dvd., 15 Cas'le st 
Jackson, G. D. , Lilyoak ter 
Jackson Mrs Mary, Mountpleasant 
Jackson Mrs Sarah, Inkerman ter 
Jackson, Ths., b'assfounder, 5 Argyle pi 
Jackson, Wm H, banker, 43 Ardbeg rd 
Jackson , Ch rhs villa, Skeoch wood 
Jamieson A., 20 Bishop st 
Jami^snn, Miss Eliz., 15 Castle st 
Jamieson v > m, 48 Ladeside st 
Jamieson J., M nsefield pi 
Japp, David, 7 West Princes st 
Jarvie, Mrs Georare 104 High st 
Jeffrey, Alex, fisherman, Gowanbrae 
Jeffrey, Miss Eliz , Hillhouse rd 
Jeffrey, Robert, 4 Hilihouse rd 
Jeffrey Mrs, 8 Hillhouse rd 


Jenkins, Mrs, Bellfield, Barone rd 
Jenkins Miss Susan, 4 Montfordte 
Jenkins, Wm., 46 Mont >gue st 
Johnson Geo. 8 Mansefield pi 
Johnston Alex., insurance agent, Bal- 
■ lochgoy ter 
Johnston Miss Flora, dressmakers, 9' 

Castle st 
Johnston, Chs. 38 Staffa pi 
Johnston Mrs Dan.,restaurateur,82 Mon- 
tague st : ho, 84 do 
Johnston, Mrs Hliz., Ill Montague st 
Johnston, Mrs Eliz . 5 Russell st 
Johnston, Mrs Georjina. tea rooms, 72 
Victoria st, ho, Mavis bank, 38 Bridge 
Johnston, James. 5 Bridge st 
Johnston Jms., 9 Chapelhill rd 
Johnston Jms, 11 Columshill st 
Johnston, Jms, 40 Argyle st 
Johnston Jms Y, tailor, 31 Columshill s- 
Johnston Bobt, 11 Mansefield pi 
Johnston, John shoemaker, 9 Castle 
Johnston John, 2 Hdlhouse rd 
Johnston, sirs, Castlehill st 
Johnston, Mrs, restaurateur, 7 Bridge st 
Johnston, Miss, Castlehill st 
Johnston Wm., 10 Millst 
Johnstone, Miss Agnes, 29 Barone rd 
Johnstone, Hurfx. joiner. Barone rd 
Johnston , Jn. D. tinsmith, 37 Staffa pi 
Johnstone Bobt , tobaccouist. 24 Mill st 
Johnstone, Kobt.. gaafitter, Lily oak ter 
Johnstone , Meadow bank, Auchna- 

cloich rd 
Jones, Mrs Mrgt, 18 Battery pi 
Joyce John, gardener, 74 Aidb^g rd 


Kane Mrs Harriet, Adel lide pi 

Kay,, Mrs Aon 22 Argyle st 

Kay Misses, 52 Mou ntstua 1 1 rd 

Kay, Mrs Jms., Barone cottage 

K«an, iw'iss Ann, Westwood 

Kean , 17 Battery pi 

Keith, Jrrs, resuaurateur, 15 Montague 

st ; ho 8 do 
Keith, John, storeman, 4 Mill st 
Keith Neil, fishesman, 8 Mill st 
Keith Mrs , Livingstonia Temperance 

hotel, Guildfoid sq 
Keith , vanman, 6a Castle st 
Kell, John, baker, 30 Ladeside 
Kell Wm, 74 High st 
McArthur Miss Chis., 21 Columshill st 


Kelly, Dan., carpenter, 36 Staffa pi 
Kelly Thos., coachman, 5 Victoria st 
Kemp , 83 High st 

Kendall Thos., 103 Montague st 
Kennedy, A., 87 High st 
Kennedy David, Gowanfield pi 
Kennedy, Duncan, 5 Minister's brae 
Kennedy, Jtns., shipmaster, 13 Marine pi 
Kennedy, Mrs Mary, 46 Ardbeg rd 
Kennedy, Mrs My., 13 Marine pi 
Kennedy, Thms., mechanic, 47 Argyle s 
Kennedy Mrs, 16 Bridge s-t 
Ker, Miss Agnes, 12 Marine pi 
Kernahan H, 1 the Terrace, Ardbeg 
Kerr, Bernard, 16 High st 
Kerr Donald. 27 Bridge st 
Kerr, Miss Grace, 24 Bishop st 
Kerr Hu., coachman, 6 Bishop st 
Kerr, Hugh S-. tailor, 38 Bishop st ; ho, 

1 Mountpleasant rd 
Kerr, Jms, seedsman, 3g "Victoria st 
Kerr Jms M. , HiUhouse rd 
Kerr, Mrs Mgt., nurse 17 Bridge st 
Kerr, Mrs, 25 Argyle st 
Kerr Miss, lla Gallowgate 
Kerr Miss, 4 Hillhouse rd 
Kerr, Mrs, Seabank buildings 
Kershaw Miss, Ardn ory rd 
Kilgour. J, 94 High st 
Kilgour Miss Margt., 6£ Ardbeg rd 
Kilgour sergt-Major, Bishop ter br 
Kiliin, Alex, Minister's br 
Killoch, Mrs Wm., lointhouse jrescent 
Kilpatiick John, 11 The Terrace 
Kilpatrick Miss, 7 W. Princes st 
Kilworth, Wm , moulder, 43 Ardbeg rd 
Kinchin, John T,, heritor, 15 Craigmore 
King C, 2 the Terrace 
Kinghorn , 27 Argyle st 
Kippen, Jms. M., heritor, Ardncory rd 
Kirk, Wm., 71j Ardbeg rd 
Kirkhope, Wm., sculptor, Tcwnhead 
Kirkland Ach., solicitor 60 Crichton rd 
Kirkland Miss Eliz., 17a Battery house 
Kirkland , Bed House, Craigmore 
Kirkwood, Dvd., cartwright, 111 High 

3t ho, 5 Union st 
Kirkwood, Miss Jessie, 8 Montague s + . 
Kirkwood, Thms. , 21 Mountpleasant rd 
Kirkwood , lla Argyle pi 
Knox, Dune, boatman, 8 E Princes st 
Knox, Mrs Jane E., 5 * ireadia 
Knox, capt John, Ardbeg rd 
Knox, James, painter, 77 Montague st 
Knox, Mrs, 31 Ardbeg rd. 
Kyle, J., Marine pi 


Laidlaw, Mrs Agnes, 67 Montague st 
Laidlaw, Mrs, dairykeeper, 11 Bishop st 
Laird, Mrs Eliz., High Craigmore 
Laird, Geo. , baker, 28 Bridge st 
Laird Mrs Isa, 86 Ardbeg rd 
Lambie, Jolin, grocer, 31 G-allowgate 
Lament, Mrs Annie, Staffa pi 
Lamont Arch., tailor and clothier, 15 

Gallowgate ; ho, 46 Argyle st 
Lamont, Miss Chris., 37 E Princes st 
Lamont, Daniel, gas inspector, 48 Ard- 
beg rd 
Lamont, Dan., jun., organist, 2 Bellvue, 

Barone rd 
Lamont Dan , plumber, 84 High st 
Lamont, Mrs Don., 1 Bellvue, Barone rd 
Lamont, Mrs Isabella, 141 High st 
Lamont, Miss Isa.. 52 Montague st 
Lamont, J., Windsor pi 
Lamont, John, baker, 23g Gallowgate ; 

ho, 23 Gallowgate 
Lamont Jolin, F baker, 67 Montague st; 

ho, Gowanbrae 
Lamont, Norm., boat-hirer, Windsor pi 
Lamont, Wm., gardener, 163 High st 
Lang, Andw, 22 Colurashill st 
Lang, And , ironmonger, 22 Columshill s 
Lang, Mrs T E, 13 Battery pi 
Langalbacher Mrs E, Wyndham rd 
Langton, Mrs C, 7 Wyndham rd 
Lauder A' ex. H , 39 Argyle st 
Lauder, Hugh, jeweUev, 8 Albert pi; ho, 

1 Crichton *d 
Lauder, Jms., Auchnacloich rd 
Lauder Miss Jane, Ballochgoy 
Lauder, Mr* Maria, 3 Stuart st 
I auder, iiobt., draper 7 Alber"; pi 
Lauder, Wm., joiner, 1 Bellevue rd 
Lawrence, Mrs Eliz, Kir buildings 
Lawrence Mrs, 103 Montague st 
Lawrence , 21 Mill st 
l,awrie, John M, Carlowrie. Academy r 
Lawson, Dvd., baker, 87 Montague st ; 

ho, Ivy Bank, Bridge at 
Lawsor, Dvd jun., Hotel Madeira, Vic- 
toria and Tower sts 
Lawson, Jms. Burnet ; md.,1 Battery pi 
Lav^son, WmJ, 59 Mountstuart id 
Leadbeater Mrs Cath, 4 Dean Hood ol 
Leckie, Jms, slater, John st; ho, 9 Bish- 
op st ■ • , 
Leckie, Wm. M., slater, 31 Bridge st 
Lees Alex,, 63 Montague st 



Lee, Chas, 2 Ca«tlehill st 

Lees Robt., ei gineer, 41 Battery pi 

Leigh John, E N, 5 Bridge st 

Leighton, Win., cleik, 52 Ardbpg rd 

Leitch Dune, c?rpente>, Wyndham rd 

Leitch, Geo, 17-.. Bishop st 

Leitch, Henry, restaurateur, * Argyle st 

ho. Academy rd 
Leitch, Jms. 78 High st 
Leitch, Jms., carter, 82 High st 
Leitch, Miss, 2' Mountpleasant rd 
Leitch Miss Eliza, 16 Tower st 
Leitch John, 21 Russell st 
Leitch Ms, the tables, Crichton id 
Lennie, Jms, baker, 10 The Terrace 
Lennox, Mrs A. P., 22 <;aHougate 
Lewis Mrs Christina, 42 Bishop st 
Liddle Ann, 4 Castle st 
Lindsay Mrs Cath , 11 Mansefield pi 
Lindsay, Mrs Mary Ann. 39 Ardbeg rd 
Lindsay Mattb, 29 Columshili st 
Lindsty Mrs. 11 Mountpleasant rd 
Lipton, Limited, provision dealers, 51 

Montague st 
Lister, Alex., nurseryman, Barone rd ; 

ho, Clutha vil., Barone rd 
L'stei, Alx , jun., 32 Castle st 
Lister And., Auchnacloich rd 
Lister, Mrs John. Croft Lodge, Argyle st 
Little, Kobt., grocer, 27 Argyle st 
Livie , retrd. police insp., Ardbeg 

Livingstone, Alex., 3 Husse 1 st 
Livin^rtone, Miss Jane, Arthurlie, 

Mountpleasant rd 
Livingstone Mis Janet, 5 Bishop ter br 
Livingstone, Ptr, police constable, Col- 
beck pi 
Livingstone. Rich., saddler. 14 Castlehill 

st ; ho, 47 High st 
Livingstone Robt, 94 High st 
Livingstone, Kobt,, 135 High st 
Livingstone, Wm, teacher, 15 Bridge st 
Livingstor e Mrs John, 11 The Tenace 
Livingstone, Mr-, 26 Castle st 
Livingstone, Mrs, 44 Ardbeg rd 
Loaghrie, Mrs Grace Ann, 52 Aidbeg rd 
Lochhead , Denierara vil., Ardbeg 
Lockhart, Mrs Mar-gt.,2 King st 
Lockhart, John, 87 Ardbeg rd 
Lockhart, W. , Columshill st 
Lockhart Mrs,Plantation vlla, Artryle tr 
Lockie Mrs, Girvan cot , Hi. Craigmore 
Lockridge Mrs, 5 Russell st 
Logan Hu., insurance agent, 18 Ardbeg r 
Lornie Mis, 5 Mountpleasant rd 
Lorraine. Miss Kliz. , nurse. 36 Ladeside 
Love, Jms. D. K., motorman, Gowanlea, 

Columshill st 


J ove, Thos., 46 Ardbeg rd 
Love, Mrs, 2 Columshill p 
Lowe Miss Jane, 41 > rgyle ter 
Lowtber Thos J.. 17a Battery house 
Lugtnn, Wm., seaman. 2 Minister's br 
Luinsden Robert, coach painter, 31 Co- 
lumshill st 
Lusk, Miss Cth., 27 Bridge end st 
Lye Miss Sarah, 12 Mountstuart rd 
Lyle Miss Helen, 13a E. Princes st 
Lyle, John. Lome Hotel, Guildford sq 
Lyle, l.'obt., builder, Townhtad 
Lyle, Miss, Townhead 
Lyle, Mrs Martha, draper, 54 High st ;. 

ho, 12 Barone rd 
Lyle, Wm.. chemist and druggist, 13 E.. 
Princes st ; ho, The Nook, Auchna- 
cloich rd 
Lyle, Misses, George Temperance Hotel,. 

Argyle 3t 
Lyon, Miss Eliz.. 48 Mountstuart rd 
Lyons, Francis, L«bou er. 21 Riusell i,t- 
Lyons Jchn, 7 Columshill pi 


Mair Wm, 94 High st 

Maitland Andw., tailor, 5 Bishop ter 

Maitland Mrs Cath., 12 Crossbill villas,- 

Maitland Misses Eliz and Ann, 5 Bishop 

Maitland Geo., gasfjtter, 1 Ladeside 
Maitland John, carter, 11 Mill st 
Maitland Joseph, grocer, 62 Montague 

st ; ho, Crossbill villas 
Maitland Thos., butcher, 60 High st 
Ma'colm Arch., 2 King st 
Malcolm Rbt., cabman. 22 Watergate 
Maltman Mrs Arch., 24 Mill st 
Maltman Thms. M, steward, 30 Bishop 

Mann, W M, warehouseman Olenlee 
Manners , Hillside. High Craigmore 
Marsh Chs , painter, 24 Russell st 
Marshall Prof. Dvd. H , 21 Ardbeg rd 
Marshall John N., m.D., 7 Battery pi 
Marshall i<bt , 4 West Castle st 
Marshall Wltr., baker, 36 Columshill st 
Marshal Robt, 4 W Castle at 
Martin Miss Jessie, 67 Moun'stuart rd 
Martin John & Alex., carriage -libers, 

214 East Princes st & Chapelhill rd 
Martin Alex, (above firm), 2 Chape hilli 



Martin, Jms., Palace buildings 
Martin Malcolm, cabowner, 12 Argyle 

Martin Thos. J., m.a , Sheriff-Substi- 
tute, Auchenross Craigmore 
Martin Thms, plasterer, 86 Ardbegrd 
Martin Miss, nurse, -6" Meadow pi 
Martin , joiner, Have'<>ckt-r 
Martin , 2 Montford ter 

Mason Mrs, Braemar 
Masterfon J. L., Bank of Scotland, 

Guildford sq ; res, Crichton villa, 12 

Cricht n rd 
Mather Miss, ] 8 Castle st 
Mathers Walter, house furnisher, 3 

Gallovvgate ; ho, Abho r sford, Rarane r 
Mathew i^e"., feuar, Eastlands road 
Mathew James, steward, 29 Colnmshill 

Mathews "R, steward. 1 Montford ter 
Mathiei-on , High Craigmore 
Mathieson John., 11 Rridgend st 
Maxwell h-x ML. Bishop ter br 
Maxwell Mr* Kobina, 8 Montague st 
Maxwell Willm., j p, heritor, Ardmory 

Maxwell m'ss A'derwo^d, 2 Craisrmore 
Mealmakrr Mrs Jnt.. 22 ' 'astle st 
Mearns Mrs Chi is R., 37 Rarone rd 
Meikle Aich, steamboat agent, Quay; 

lio, Inve'gvle 4 Mar-kinlay st 
Meiklejohn Mis. Altavona Avdheg 
Meldrum Wm., chemist and druggist, 43 

Victoria at; ho, Thi^tlebank, .^r^yle tr 
Menzies Mrs Kliz., Wvndham pk 
Middleton John, 2 Bridge st 
Middleton Mrs, 17 Bishop st 
Millar Andw. M.. grocer, 1 Argyle st 

ho, Argyll mansions 
Millar Arch., seaman, 20 Bishop t 
Millar Mrs tfliz., 12 The Terrace 
Millar IV'iss Jes< : e and Sarah, York ter 
Millar Wm C, butcher H Battery pi 
Millar Wm. J., C E , 31 Marine pi 
Millar Mrs. Glenhead, Ralh>chgoy 
Miller And, 4 Mans^fleld pi 
Miller Mrs Ann 25 Staffa pi 
Miller A lx , chimv. sweeper. 13 Stuart st 
Miller Mrs Cth., 21 Oduiushill st 
Miller, opt. George, Gordon villa, 28 

Crich'on rd 
Miller, Hannah, 4 Battery pi 
Miller Hu. ironworker, 28 Ardbeg 
Miller Mrs Isa.. 36 R Princes st 
Miller Jms., slater, Craigat;"il 
Miller Jms., slater, of J Mi'ler & Sons, 

Columshill st ; ho, Abboteford Barone 



Miller Jms., s'ater, 94 Hi^h st 
Miller John, 22 Watergate 
Miller John, baker. 2 Hillhouse rd 
Miller Mrs Mary. Glenhead 
Miller Mrs Mary 3 The Terrace 
Miller Mrs My., Mill st 
Miller Miss Margt., 13 VTountstuart rd 
Miller Miss Mary Ann M.. 23 Victoriast 
Miller Neil, labourer, 157 High st 
Miller Peter, slater, \ mbrisheg 
Miller Robt., heritor, Livorno, ) 1 Craig- 
Miller Robert C, draper, 48 Montague 

st ; ho. Alma ter 
Miller Thos., musician, 7 Mansefield pi 
Miller capt. Wm.. Gowanlea 
Miller Wm. S., 14 Craisrmore rd 
Miller Mrs Wm., Academy rd 
Miller Miss, 5 Columshill st 
Miller Miss, Hemerara pi, Ardbeg rd 
Miller Miss, 33 Ardbeg rd 
Miller . 29 « rdbeg rd 
Milligan Miss *Jiz. , 34 Argyle st 
Milligan Mrs, Eastland s 
Mill oy Mrs L, Elmbank, Ballgchgoy 
Miine , 5a Gallowtrate 
Mills, John S., 7 High -t 
Mincher Josph, ironworker, 1C The Ter- 
Mitchell Mrs A ndw., 20 Cricht >n rd 
Mitchell Miss Cecilia W, 31 Crichton 
Mitchell Geo, chemist, 4 Columshill pi 
Mitchell, Win, burgh worker, Colums- 
hill sn 
Mitchell Mrs Wm.. grocer, 8 W Princes 

st ; ho, Holyrood. Barone rd 
Mitchell Wm., 2 Dean Hood pi 
Mitchell Miss, Kdgermont, 9 Brighton tr 
Moffat Mis Helen. 19 Store In 
Moffat Mis Geondna, 179 High st 
Moffat Mrs He!en, Ardm rv rd 
Moffat Michael. 103 High st 
Money Miss 10 MansefieM pi 
Monie, Peter, retired rector, Hazlecliff, 

63a Ardbeg rd 
Mnntgomerie A ch.. auctioneer, 11 Albert 

pi; ho, Amisfi Id, Bar<-ne rd 
Montgomerie Miss A R., 49 Rarone rd 
Montgomerie, Frank, ,Barone id 
Montgomerie Brothers , butchers, 13 Al- 
bert pi 
Montgomerie Mrs Kite, 1 Ardbeg rd 
Montgomerie Mrs Margt , 47 Barone rd 
Montgomeri- W, 43 Ardbeg rd 
Montgomerie Wm R, spirit dealer, 5 W. 

Princes st ; ho, Rarone rd 
Moodie Geo. yrocer, 72 Ardbeg rd ; ho, 
81 Ardbeg rd 



Moodie Miss Cath., 44 Argyle st 
Moodie Wru., veteiinary surgeon and 

carriage- hirer, "Watergate; ho, 18 

Mountstuart rd 
Moore Mrs Ann, 11 Gallowgate 
Moore H., 18 ( 'olumshill st 
Moore Miss Marjory, Wyndham pk 
Moore Mrs W., Broomhill, Montford 
Moore Mrs, 16 Castlehill st 
More Andrew, 27 High st 
Morison Mrs Christina, 32 Marine pi 
Morrell Miss, 139 High st 
Morris, Mrs Helen, 16 Hillhouse rd 
Morris James, bake'-, 35 Barone rd 
Morris Mrs Mary, 37 Mountstuart rd 
Morris, Margt., Gowanbrae 
Morris, Mrs Mary, 7 \ Victoria st 
Morris Wm., fisherman. 76 Montague st 
Morrison, Alex. , 40 Bishop st 
Morrison Alex , 17 E Princes st 
Morrison Alex., 17a Battery house 
Morrison Alex, 3 Bishop ter br 
Morrison Archd., hairdresser, 92 Mon- 
tague st ; ho, 3 King st 
Morrison Bros., plumber 4, Watergate 
Morrison Ach., plumber, Stewai t villa, 

Barone rd 
Morrison Mrs Isa., Barone rd 
Morrison Jms, plumber, Barone rd 
Morrison John, gardener. 5 Argyle st 
Morrison John, master of works, 31 

High st ; ho, Hazlecliff, bSa Ardbeg r 
Morrison John, tt Watergate 
Morrison Mrs Neil, Columshill st 
Morrison. Mrs M;, 26 Bussell st 
Morrison Mis M C, Ellonsdale, Upper 

Morrison hobt., joiner, Chapelhill 
Morrison Thos., joiner, &c, 4 atuart st; 

ho, Mountpleasant id 
Morrison Win., 98 M mtague st 
Morton John H., draper, 29 Barone rd 
Motley Mrs. 5 Mountstuart rd 
Mowat, 1'eter M., tailor and clothier, 7 

Bishop st; ho, 5 Crosshill villas 
Muir Am Tew, smith, 5 Castle st 
Muir, Annie, 9 Bishop st 
Muir Mrs Chris., Fauldmore 
Muir Chs , baker, 17 High st, 17 Argyle 

st; ho, Newark, Serpentine rd 
Muir Colin K , postman, 11 Mansefield 

Muir Miss KHz., 9 Argyle pi 
Muir Hu., bus driver, 16 Hillhouse rd 
Muir Jms, 72 Battery pi 
Muir Jms, liellevue. Battery pi 
Muir Jms., 74 High st 
Muir Mis Jane, nurse, 22 Bridge st 


Muir Miss Janet, 13a E. Princes st 

Muir John W., Ardyne boarding house, 
7 Elvsium 

Muir Wm, 4 Mill st 

Muir Wm. C, draper, 19 Montague st 
ho, Fauldmore, Serpentine rd 

Muir Mrs 8 Kast Princes st 

Muirhpad Thos., Silverknowe, 57 Crick- 
ton rd 

Mullhollmd, Mrs, 31 Columshill st 

Mundella Joseph, nurseryman, 16 Hill- 
house rd 

Munn Mis-!, 30a Ai dbeg rd 

Munro John G., shopman, 52 Ardbeg id 

Munsie Mrs Eliz, 113 High st 

Murdoch Aug., shomkr., 24 Watergate; 
ho, 18 Mountpleasant rd 

Murdoch John, plumber, 7 Mansefield 


Murdoch Sam., 149 High ot 
Murdoch . 34 Montague st 
Mure Robt. M, 7 Wyndham rd 
Murray Miss Ann, 60 High st 
Murray And. joiner, 17j Marine pi 
Murray Mrs Cecilia, Inkerman ter 
Murray iJcn. C. & Son, paintei 8 , 86 

Montague st 
Murray Mrs Eliz , 10 Mansefield pi 
Murray John, heritor, Eastlands rd 
Murray Jhn J., painter, Westwood 
Murray mis IVlgt., 16 Windsor p 
Murray Mrs Maiy, 17 Marine p 
Murray Thos., joinei\ Bellevue rd 
Murray Wm, Chapelhill 
Murray Mrs, 9 Bishop st 
Murray Wm., joiner 36 Columshill st 
Murray Mrs, Mountpleasant 
Mutch, Jh W, postman, 66 Montague St 
Mylne Miss Mrgt. M., 73 Ardbeg rd. 


Mack Miss, 16 King st 
Mack John, barman, 78 High st 
Mack Robt, 71a Ardbeg rd 
McAdam , 4 Mountpleasant rd 
McAllesese Jane, 6 Academy ter 
McAlister Alex , carter, 74 High st 
McAllister John, 26 Castlehill st 
McAlpine Duncan, 18 Co umshill st 
McAlpine Ths., labourer, 2 John sr, 
McArravy J, Healtheries. Canada hill 
McA'a Miss Chris., 25 Crichton rd 
McAia 'I hos., heritor, 36 Crichton rd 
Mc Arthur Arch., 45 Barone rd 
McArhur Arch., carter. 31 Barone rd 
McArthur Miss Chis., Firwood 
McArthur Dan., slater, 1 Columshill st 


McArthur Don., gardener, 18 Ladeside 
McArthur Ed., postman, 94 High st 
McArthur Jms., music teacher, Wood- 
McArthur Jms, 2 Ladeside 
McArthur John, vanman, 25 Meadow 

McArthur Miss Mary, 2 Craigmore rd 
McArthur Pet., gardener, 8 Store In 
McArthur Peter, Colheck pi 
McArthur Peter A, draper, 10 Albert p; 

ho, Alma ter 
McArthur Kobt; 8 Gallowgate 
McAulay Mrs Chas., 86 High st 
McAulay Mis, Eden pi 
McAulay Mrs Mary, 1 Columshill pi 
McAulay Mrs Mary, 26 Mountstuart rd 
McAuslan Jms.. conk, 29 Ardbeg rd 
McAuslan Wm. A., inland revenue ofcr., 

28 Wyndham rd 

Macbeth Adam D. , writer, 28 Castle st 

ho, Ard-Asc 'g 
McBirnie Ths , Woodview, Glebelands 
McBride Mis, Agnes, 32 Mill st 
McBride Jms., joiner, John st ; ho, Cliff 

cot., High Craigninre 
McBride Mis Alary J ne, Hi. Craigmore 
McBride Rbt., b acksmith, John st ; ho, 

Summerlee, Hi. Craigmore 
McBride Ths., gn cer, 2 Hilihouse rd 
McBride, Peter, 52 Montague st 

McCabe , Mar.sefield pi 
McCaU Ax., 19 Gallowgat 
McOall Mrs i< liz., 24 Casde st 
Mcilall Malcolm, li Columshill st 
McCallum Miss Agnes H., 1'airCeld, 74 

Crichtun rd 
McCallum Miss Ann, 16 Castle st 
McCallum Miss i ath., 58 Crichton rd 
McCal um Mis Ann, Hoyrood, Barone r 
McCallum Mrs Colin, 3 Bishop ter br 
McCallum Donald of John McCallum & 

Son, joiners, 50 High st ; ho, Barone 

McCallum Duncan, Ardbeg 
McCallum Miss Jeannie, 27 Marine p 
McCallum John, banker, savings bank, 

7 Cast e s ; ho, Elderslie, Serpentine 
McCallum John, 41 Montague st 
McCallum Mrs Mary. Ardbeg 
McCallum Mrs L > eil, grocer. 96 Montague 

st; ho, 8i do 
McUallum Mrs Peter, 3 Bishop ter br 
McCallum i bos., b acksmith, 16 King s 
McCailum Wm., 3 King st 
McCallum , nuise, 13a E. Princes st 


McCarthy Miss Alice, ladies' furnisher 
21 & 59 Montague st ; ho, Clan villa' 
Biid^e st 
McCartney Mrs, 18 Bridge st 
McClure Mrs Magt and Miss Jessie., 18 

Batterv pi 
McColl Mrs Hugh, 37 Mill st 
McColl Mrs Jms., 33 K. Princes st 
McColl John C, engineer, 43 Ardbeg rd 
McColl Peter, sen., carter, 41 Watergate 
McColl Peter, jun., 19 >taffa p 
McComish , 7 W Princes st 
McConnechy , Ballochgoy 
McConriechy Miss Mrt, nurse, 17 Mount- 
pleasant id 
McConne'l miss Chris., ladies' outfitter, 
21 & 59 Montague st ; ho, Clan villa. 
Bridge st 
McGrd Mrs John, restaurateur, 89 Vic- 
toria .-t ; ho, Craigielea, Ardbeg rd 
McCo>d Misses L, & M,, confectioners, 

Victo ia st 
McCord Eoht., mason, Albert mansions 
McCormick Rev Du^a'd, Chapelhill ' ' F 

Gae ic Church, manse, Argvle ter 
McCormick Sum., mason, 5 Budge sc 
McCormick Mrs Mrt.h., 103 High st 
McCormick Wm, Meadowcap 
McCormick , 2 Bridge st 
McCra Miss, Graigpoint, Craigninre 
McCracken Mrs James, Glen Morven, 

Ardmoiy rd 
McCrae Miss Jane, 21 Argyle st 
McCree Miss, Montford cot 
McCready John. 5 Bridge st 
Mc( 'ready. Mrs , 83 Montague st 
McCristal John, Minister's Brae 
Macrone Alex., draper, Whitehou-e, 

Montague st ; Glenburn cnt 
Macrone Jms., draper, Tnwnhead 
Macrone Jms , shipmaster, Barone rd 
McCrone John, t ilor, Bishop ter br 
McOruden, Jms, 8 Muisefield pi 
McCue Mrs, 19 Stuart st 
McCull ch Miss Agues, ] The Terrace, 

Ardbeg rd 
McCuloch Hugh P.. stationer, 83 Vic- 
toria st ; ho, Abbotsford, Baione rd 
McCulloch Jms, flesher, Bellvue, 32 Bat- 
tery pi 
McCulloch John, 21 Batte^' pi 

McDade Mrs ^nes. 20 Marine pi 

McDermot Danl , 81 High 

McDermoit James, mason, 23 Monnt- 

pleas^nt rd 
McDermott Miss Mary, dressmaker, 23 

Mountpleasant rd 



McDermott Mich., painter, ll Colums- 

hill st 
McDermot Sam., sen, 103 High st 
McDermott Sam., 103 High st 
McDonald Rev Angus, Roman Catholic 

priest, 1 ColumshiU st 
McDonald Alex , Victoria villa, Barone 

McDonald Miss Cth., 56 Ladeside 
McDonald Don., n>anager, D. M Taylor 

Ltd., wine merchants, Tower st ; res, 

Bush, High st 
McDonald Mrs Dun., 15 Hi^h st 
McDonald Duncan, Kd'enpl, 179 High st 
McDonald Mrs Hu . 14 Bridge-end st 
McDonald Hugh. Ba-one rd 
McDonald J., 8 Mill st 
McDonald .Tins, 3 Russell st 
McDonald Mrs Jms., 14 Knssell st 
McDonald Mrs Jane, 86 Hk'h st 
McDonald John, cabman, 4 King st 
McDonald John, cabman. 5 Bishop tr br 
McDonald John, gardener, Aideneraig 
McDonald John, stoker, 2 Mansfield pi 
McDonald John, teacher, 18 Mount- 
pleasant rd 
McDonald John, writer, Ascog 
McDonald John K. , 43 -^rdbeg rd 
McDonald Miss Margt. High Craigmore 
McDonald Mrs Marion, 10 Ardbeg id 
McDonald Pt-ter. traveller. 54 ladeside 
McDonald Ronald, CJlifton. Arsrylepl 
McDonald Miss 31^ A-dbe^ rd 
McDonald Mrs, 31 ColumshiU st 
McDonald John, newsagent, Bridgend 

st ; ho, 25 ColumshiU st 
McDonald Miss, J 7-' Battery pi 
McDonald Mrs. 10 Ardbeg rd 
McDonald M's. Mansefield pi 
McDougall Miss Agnes, dairykeeper, 1 

M'Dougall Mrs Ann, 2 ('hapelhili rd 
McDongall Dan., carrier. 22 Watergate 
McDougall Dn.. shipmaster, 21 Argyle p 
MnDoiigall Jms, 22 E Princes st 
McDougall Mi*s Jaruet, Park pi 
McDongall John ClyJesdale Bankbldgs, 

Montague st 
McDougall John, teacher, Montford 
McDougall Mrs Margt, Montfor I 
McDougall Miss Mry, 31 Battery pi 
McDou-all Ts.. P.O. overseer, 1 Cios^hill 

villas, Glehelands 
McDougall Miss, Fearnoch. High Craig- 

McDougall Mrs, 35 Wyndham rd 
McDowell, Miss Janet, 87 Ardbeg rd 
McEwan Mis Agnes i>, 43 Am beg 

McEwan Miss Cath., Ardbeg 
McEwan I >un., Glebela' ds 
McEwan Dime, flesher, 33 Mill st 
Mc H 'wan John, organist, Ros hill 
McMwan Mis, 13 Mountpleasant rd 
McEwan , 31 Wyndham rd 

McFadyen John, gardener, 3 T Terrace 
McFadyen Joh-, seam«n 714 Ardbeg rd: 
McFadyen Lachlan, Meadowcap 
McFadyen Wm., designer, Bloomheld, 

28Maiine pi 
McFarlane Mrs Annie, 26 Argyle st 
McFarlai e Arch, gardener, 4 C<>lbec pi 
McFarlane Miss Cth., A>dtiory rd 
McFarlane Mrs Kliz., 16 ^ rgyle pi 
McFarlane Miss R A D, 31 Battery 
McFarlane G. , boat-hirer, 12 Bridge st 
McFarlane Misses Jane & Mart., retired 

farmers, < sb we pi 
McFarlane m'ss Mary, 10J, Ardbeg rd 
McFarlane Miss Mary, 3a Victoria st 
McFarlane Misses M& C, Minister's br 
McFarlane Robt., inspector of postmen,. 

S Argyle st 
McFarlane Sam., grocer, 9 Gallowgate 

ho , 11 bridge *t 
McFarlane St.wt., blacksmith, 99 Ardbeg 
McFarlane Miss. 65 Victoria st 
McFarlane Dr Wm. I astlands rd 
McFarlane Mrs, 33 Ardbeg 
McFarlane , Bellsvue, Battery pi 
McFarlane , cottage, Wimbleton 
McFeat John, E Princes st 
McFie Arch, burgh worker, 66 Montague- 

McFie Don., tailor, 36 Bishop st 
McFie Jms., florist, 34 E Princes st 
McFie Misses Janet & Sarah, Ivy GleD, 

Argyle pi 
McFie John, carter, 19 f'astle st 
McFie John, 119 High st 
McFie Miss Mary Ann, 112 High st 
McFie R"bt, house painter, 65 High st ; 

ho, Inkerman ter 
McFie Kbt., plumber, 23 Mountpleasant 

McFie Mrs Parah, Palace buildings, 24- 

E. Princes st 
McFie Wm, carter, 16 Mill st 
McFie Wm, joiner, 26 Bishop st, 
McFie Wm., joiner, Croft lodge 

McGallaglay Cornelius, pawnbroker, 

Bellevue id 
McGariity Mrs, 16 High st 
McGanity Wm., goods clerk, 22 East 

Princes st 


McGaw Alex., joiner, 19 Argyle st 
McGeachy Misses, 43 Barone rd 
McGee John, motorman. 21 Russell st 
McGlashan Jma, 96 High st 
McGlashan David, 6 Hillhouserd 
McGee Mrs Fanny, 18 Marine 
McGeehan, Mrs Jessie, 19 and 21 Castle 

McGichan , 43 Ardbegrd 
McGilivary Arch, farmer. Eastlands 
McGilivary Mrs Chris., 24 Mill st 
McGilvary Duncan. 84 Hiah st 
McGilvary John, compositor, Hazleton, 

Barone rd 
McOi] var y Male . plasterer, 24 Mill st 
McGilva'y Neil, farmer, Eastlands 
M(Ji]p, Daniel, carrier, 3 Tower st ; ho, 

Bishop ter 
McGinnes, spit-meriiht, 20 Gallowgate 

ho. Stewart villa Ba> one rd 
McGovern John, labourer, 36 Mill st 
McGovern John, 1 25 Hiah st 
McGowan M., 103 High st 
McGowan Jms., painter, 44 Argyle 
McGowan, 1 achlan, 103 High st 
McGowan Mrs Mary, 22 Watergate 
McGowan Mrs K'olit., 38 Argylest 
McGowan. Kbt , cabman, 37 Bridge st 
Mc^randles Jms., 106 Hiah st 
McGregor Hector, flesher. Columshill st 
McGregor John, chemist, G enhead 
McGregor Wm. , saddler 91 Ardbeg rd 
McGroutber Mrs. 8 Hill house rd 
MaGuire Cornelius, Union st 
McGugan Dan , 59 Ardbeg rd 
McGuire Thos., blacksmith, 19 CasQe st 
McGuire Jms, 19 Castle st 
McGuie Mrs. broker, 31 Mill st 
McGurk Mrs Mansefield pi 

McHaffie Wm., calenderer, 35 Ardbeg 

Mcllrny Jms., stoker, 8 Tower st 
Mcllroy Wm, mason, 19 Store In 
Mcllroy Mrs. 5 Bishop terrace brae 
Mcllroy . '25 Bridge st 
McTnnes Mrs Eliz , Wvndham rd 
Mclnt- sh A., 14 Argvle pi 
Mcintosh Mrs Alx., 13 A. gyle pi 
AIcTntosh Mrs Angus, 27 Hiah st 
Mcintosh JUon., engineer, Pointhousecr 
Mcintosh Mrs Isa., • xenford, Barone rd 
Mcintosh Jms, joiner, 40 Bi.-hop st 
Mcintosh mis Masrt., 177 Hiah st 
McTntosh Mrs Stuart, 22 Craiguiore rd 
Mcintosh Mrs 4 Mansefield pi 
Mcintosh Miss, 2 Orcadia 

McKellar Hec, steamboat agnt, Spring- 
bank, Chapelhill rd 
Mclntyre Alex., 14 Staffa pi 
Maclntyre Mrs Alister, Bellevue, Marine 

Mclntyre Misses Ann & Rachel, Serpen- 
tine rd 
Mclntyre Chas., 98 Monta°ue st 
Mclntyre Dan., carpenter, 27 Colums- 

hill sc 
Mclntyre David, 22 Waterg»te 
Mclntyre Mrs Jessie PJ., 23 Victoria st 
Mclntyre Jms , fleslier, 81 Montague st 
Mclntyre John, 17 Batrery pi 
Mclntyre John, Cro Beag, Ardbeg rd 
Mclntyre John, gardener, 2 "The Ter- 
race, Ardbeg 
Mclntyre John, 54 Ladeside 
Mclntyre Mrs Jn., Marine pj 
Mclntyre Mrs Mai., 23 Barone rd 
Mclntyre Robert, 51 Hitrh st 
Mclntyre Mrs, I'ndecliffe 
Mclntyre Miss, 8 Mansefie'd pi 
Mclntyre Mrs, 27 Bridge st 
Mclsaac Jean & Mrv Ann, 48 Argyle st 
Mclver Miss Cath., 75 High st 
McTver Jms., boat hirer, 15 Argyle p 
Mclver Neil, quariier, Broad croft 

McKay Arch.. 45 Watergate 

McKay Charles, tailor, 39 Victoria st ; 

ho, 42 Mountpleasant rd 
McKay Chas jun, insurance agent, 16- 

Windsor pi 
McKay Misses Eliz. k Isa., Java house, 

Crichton id 
McKay Mrs John, 34 Mill st 
McKay mis John, farmer, Barone park 
McKay, Kenneth, Seabank buildings 
McKay Mrs Kenneth 12 Bridge st 
McK«y Miss Magt , 9 Kir Buildings 
McKay Neil, 21 Columshill st 
McKay Wm , burgh chief constable, 

High st; res, Toweihill, Serpentine 

McKay Wm., compositor. Kir buildings 
McKay Wm., steward, 9 High st 
McKay Wm.. Minister's br 
McKay Mrs, 22 Staffa, pi 
McKean Mrs M B, Holvrood, Baron- 3 rd 
McKechnie Mrs Don., 25 Columshill st 
McKechnie Mrs Ma^t., 4 Hillhouse id 
McKechnie Mr* Johao, Gowaufield pi 
McKellar Mrs Agnes, 29 Argyle st 
McKellar Alex, 33 Brid e st 
McKellar Chas., plasterer, 45 Ardbegrd 
McKellar Duncan, contractr, Seauank 

buildings, Argyle sc 


McKellar Hush, draper, 70 Ardbeg rd 
McKellar John., 38 Bishop st 
McKellar Mrs Margt.. 43 Ardbeg rd 
McKe'lar Mrs Margt., 33 Crichton rd 
McKellar Mrs Margt., 90 Montague st 
McKellar Mrs Peter. Burnbink ter 
McKellar Robt, 4 Mausefield pi 
McKellar Robt., 33 Crichton rd 
McKellar Mrs, Rockfield, 11 Brighton tr 
McKelvie Wm., labourer. 2 John st 
McKer.drick Mrs Helen, 39 Watergate ; 

ho, 16 Castle st 
McKendrick Wrr>, travlr., 27 Ardbeg 
McKendry Ach , policeman, 7 Union ?t 
McKenzie Colin, engineer, 78 High -3t 
McKenzie Donald Mountpleasant 
McKenzie Don 1 Union st 
McKenzie, KevD. W., Darnley, Barone 
McKenzie Mrs Kliz.. 26 Ardbeg rd 
McKenzie Miss Grace, Gracefield, Crich- 
ton rd 
McKenzie John, 93 High st 
McKenzie John, sawyer. 80 Highst 
McKenzie Robert S. , Rothesay steam 
laundry, Bridge st ; ho., Creek drive, 
McKenzie Mrs May, 4 Columshill pi 
McKenzie Mrs M.. 3 Russell st 
McKenzie Murdoch, publisher, i xprens, 
11 Montague st ; fan,, Seafoith, Crich- 
ton rd 
McKenzie R. , 16 Windsor pi 
McKenzie Thomas 23 Bridgend st 
McKenzie Miss, Mountstuart rd 
M-ackie Miss, 16 King st 
McKillop Mrs Ann, 27 E. Princes st 
McKillop Mrs Mary, 2 Ladeside 
McKim M:s Helen, 33 Argylest 
McKinlay A. M., architect, 6 Castle st ; 

ho, Inkerman ter, Ballocngoy 
McKinlay And. M., temperance hotel 

keeper, 4 High t 
McKinlay Misses Margt. and Marianne. 

Fernycrag, 1£ < 'rich ton rd 
McKinlav Mrs Main., 47 Argyle st 
McKinnon Mie, 9 Chape Ihill rd 
McKinnon Chs., txiilermaker, 10 Marine 


McKinnon Dun., aerated water manu- 
facturer, Springbank 

Mackinnon Mrs Mry, Glen Lonon, Auch- 
nacl'iich rd 

Mackinnon James, accountant. 11 Albert 
pl ; ho, Baroje rd 

McKinnon Mrs Jessie, 2 King st 

McKinnon Mrs John, grocer, 6 Montague 
st : ho, Barone rd 

McKinnon Male, chef, 20 W Princes st 

McKinnon Mrs Marion, 44 Argyle st 
McKinnon Sarah. 3 Logie pl 
McKinnon Mrs, 7 Mansefield pl 
McKirdy Miss, 115 High st 
McKirdy Jms., 18 Russell st _ 
McKirdy Mrs John, Lenzie, villa, Crich- 
ton rd 
McKh'dy Jhn, blacksmith, 18 Russell st 
McKirdv Miss Mary, 15 Bridge st 
Mackirdy Taggart, coal merchant, 34 

Bishop st 
McKirdy Mrs Hugh. Mackinlay st 

McLachlan A, 17 Montague st 
McLachlan Mrs Agnes, 12 Argyle st 
McLachlan Alex. T., 42 Bishop st 
McLachlan Arch., 26 CdumshiU st 
McLachlan Camp., porter, 135 H-gh st 
McLachlan Dan., 4 Minister's br 
McLachlan Dug., labourer 3 Stuirt st, 
McLachlan Duncan, cabman, Columshill 

McLachlan Mrs Duncan, 19 High st 
McLachlan Mrs Isa., 8 Tower st 
Maclachlan John, hatter, 67 Montague 

st ; ho, Auchnacloich rd 
McLachlan John, latourer, Castle st 
McLachlan Miss M^ry, 12J Argyle pl 
McLachlan Neil, 26 Russell st 
McLachlan Robt., 6 Columshill st 
McLachlan Robt., 22 Russell st 
McLachlan Wm. labourer. 19 Russell st 
McLachlan Miss, Burnbank ter, A'dbeg 
McLachlan , Adelaide pl, Mount- 

stuart rd 
Maclagan Thomas, writer, 28 Castle st 

ho, Uxenford, Barone rd 
McLaren Alex., gardener, Ashfield 
McLaren Miss Annie, 29 Argyle ter 
McLaren Jms, nurseryman, Serpentine 

McLaren John, nurse.ryman, Braeside 
McLaren Wm., 17 Russell st 
McLay John, coalmastr, 32 Mountstuart 

McLea Mrs Maria, Havelock ter 
McLean Andw., saddler, 7 W. Princes st 
McLean Miss Annie, 6h Ardbeg rd 
McLean Ms Cath., 145 High st 
McLean Chas.. grocer, 30 Mdl st ; ho 1 

Columshill t>l 
McLean Dan., flesher, 38 Columshill st 
McLean, Don., 70 Ardbeg rd 
McLean Mrs l>or>., 16 Ladeside 
McLean Kd, 41 Watergate 
McLean Hu.. photographer, 8 Ladeside 
McLean Hugh, foreman lamplighter. 
Union st 


McLean Jan., inspector of slaughter- 
» house, 14 Ladedde 
McLean Miss Jane, 34 Mill st 
McLein Mrs Jean, 24 Bridge st 
McLean Mrs Jessie, 2 Chapelhill rd 
McLean John, 10 Columshill st 
Mclean John, 87 High st 
McLpao -Ti hn, P Russell st 
McLean John, fisherman, 32 Mill st 
McLean Lanhlan, slater, Columshill st 
McLean M-iom., carter, 40 Columshill st 
McLean Male, shopman, 29 Columshill st 
McLean Mrs Mary, 8 Battery pi 
McLean Mrs TV1 ary, 19 Castle st 
McLean Neil, 94 High st 
McLean Peter, clerk, 2 Mackinlay st 
McLean Simon, Naval reserve, 29 Co- 
lumshill st 
McLean Ths., cab owner. 9 Battery pi 
Mel eam Wm,, 7 Columshill pi 
McLean Wm, 15 High st 
McLean Mrs, 2 Mansefield pi 
McLeish Kbt.. porter, 20 W Princes 
McLellan Mre Ann, 17 Bridge st 
McLellan Dvd., bridgeman, 27 Colums- 
hill st 
McLelanDvd., 4 Mill st 
McLellan Mrs Don., 17 Montague st 
McLellan Lach., stoker, 87 High st 
McLellan John, cabman, 84 Montague 
McLellan M^a, 11 East Princes st 
McLellan Male, postman, 27 Argyle st 
McLellan Mis» Maiy. 27 Argyle st 
McLellan Miss Susan, 18 Bridge st 
McLellan Wm., cabman. 84 Montague st 
McLellan Mrs, Achnacloicb rd 
McLslland Mrs Ellen, 11 Bridge st 
Mcleod Angus, 87 High st 
McLeod Don, coachman 6 Battery pi 
McLeod Don., waiter, 18 Battery pi 
McLeod John, 1 Union st 
McLeod, John, steward, 83 High st 
McLeod Miss Mry. , Adelaide pi 
McLeod Mrs, Argyle ter 
McLeod Miss, 3 Craigmore rd 
McLintock Geo. M,, architect, 5 High 

st ; ho, 17 Wyndham rd 
McLinr.ock Miss Cath., 104 Ardbeg rd 
McLuckie Miss, 10 Wyndham rd 

McMeechan John, Eden pi 
McMillan Alex, carter, 19 Mill st 
McMillan Alx., labourer. 4 Mill st 
McMillan Arch., barber, 7 High st ; ho, 

15 Bridge st 
McMillan Mrs Arch., 9 Bishop st 
McMillan Mrs Cth., 4 W, Princes st 
McMillan Mrs Chris., 9 & 10 Argyle pi 


McMillan Dond., heritor, 47 Crichton r 
Macmillan Ebeti P., master mariner, 
Claremont, Argyle ter ; business ad- 
dress. 18 Argyle st ; 'phone, 92. 
Macmillan Mrs E. It., ladies' and child- 
ren's outfitter, 7, 18 & 21 Argyle st 
McMillan James, manager, McKirdy & 
McMillan, carriage - hirers, Albert 
mansion, 1 East Princes st 
McMillan Mrs Jane, 137 High st 
McMiVan Jms. shoemkr., 27 Bidgend s 
McMillan John, cabman, Westwood, Ar- 
gyle ter 
McMillan Jhn, coachman, 20 W Princes 

st _ 
McMi'lan John, farmer, Knockanreoch 
McMillan Jn , 'abourer, 8 Columshill st 
McM llan John 97 Montague st 
McMillan Jhn. potato me chant, High 

st ; ho, Concord villa, Columshill st 
McMillan John, shoemaker, 89 High st;. 

ho, 24 Russell st 
McMillan JVI ary, 12 The Terrace 
McMillan Thos. quarriei, 16 Store' In 
McMillan Wm., moterman, 16 Manse- 
field pi 
McMillan Wm., grain mercht, John st 

ho, Barone rd 
McMillan Mrs Wm., 12 The Terrace 
McMillan Mrs, 12 Argyle pi 
McMillan , carter, Mansetield pi 

McMinn , 27 Argyle st 
McMurchie Dugd., porter, 58 Ladeside a 
McMurdo Miss Mary. 70 Ardbeg rd 
McMurray Miss Su-^an, 36 Mountstuart r 
McMurray Thos., 4 Klysium 
McMurray , 7 Gallowgate 

McNab Alx., joiner, &c, 24 Watergate 

ho, Holy rood, Barone rd 
McNab Edw., janitor, Public School, 88 

High st 
McNab Hamltn., grocer, 84 High st 
McNab Jms, 16 High st 
McNab Jms., joiner, W. Princes st 
McNab John, tinsmith, W. Princes st 

ho, Inkeiman ter 
McNab Misses Mart. S & Mry. A, 16 

Craigmore rd 
McNab John W., tinsmith, Ardmory rd 
Macnair Capt. David, harbourmaster, 

McNair Wm., Westland rd 
McNair Walter, tailor, 7 W Princes st 
McNally Miss, nurse, 38 Columshill st 
McNaught, Mrs Euph., McNab's br 
McNaught&n Hu. A, blacksmith, 145 

High st 
McNeil A., 73 Victoria st 

HO USE HOLDE RS— Rothesay. 

"McNeill Alex., 16 K-axseH st 
McNeil Alex., 71 Victoiia st 
-McNeil Ann 31 Mountstfart rd 
McNeil! Miss Annie, Windsor pi 
McNeil capt Daniel, 13a K. Princes st 
McNeill Mis Eliz., 46 Ladeside 
McNeill Miss Jane, 24 Argyle st 
McNeil Jms., cart> r, 7 Mill st 
McNeill Jms., 36 Mill st 
McNeill John, car driver, 1 The Terrace 
McNeill Mrs Josephine, 17a Battery pi 
McNeill Kobt, Orcadia, 
McNeill Thos , cabman, 7 Bishon st 
McNtil Thomas H., postman, 17 Bridge 

McNeill Win., stationer, 17a B. Princes 

McNeill Miss, Clifton Boarding house, 

Argyle ter 
McNeil Miss. 30 Mountstuart rd 
McNicol Miss Agnes, 4 E Princes st 
McNicol Arch, se m.n. Gowanfield pi 
McNicol D, 5 the Ter ae8 
M'Nicol Dune , grocer, 89 High st; ho, 4 

Mc untuleasanr. 
McNicol rJiz., nurse, 11 Hillhouse rd 
McNicol Mis Hannah, 41 Adb-^ rd 
McNicol Jms., baker, 11 Wyndham rd ; 

ho, do 
Mc ic d Jms., shipmaster, 17a Rattei-y p 
McNicol Neil, baker, 81 Hijh st 
.McNicol Peter, 9 Colr.mshill pi 
McNicol Mi>s, tobaoconi-t, Bishop st 
McNiven Alex., 70 Ardbeg rd 
McNiveu Alex., factor, 36 Bishop st 

McPh'il Miss Agnes, 6 Watergate 
McPhail Dugd., seunah. 94 High st 
McPhal Don, West wood 
McPliail John, 47 Argyle st 
McPhail Male, 38 C ilumshtll st 
McPhnl Neil, ( 'olums' ill st 
McPhee Mrs Hu., 2 Argyle st 
McPhee r*tr. coachman, 20 W Princes 
Mcl'herson Alx.. ;-eamn., 38 Columshill 

McPherson Miss F., ladies' furnisher, 

Bri'lge-end st 
McPherson Mrs Hu., 3 Lngie pi 
Mel h rs'in, John, 98 Montague st 
McPher-on Jhn, labourer, Montague st 
Mcl'herson Mrs, 12 the Terrace 
Mcl'herson Mrs Mary, 20 Mill st 

McQnistan John, plasterer, John st; ho, 
58 Montague st 

McRtt Misses Jessie and Mary, 6 Craig- 
more rd 

Morally Miss Alice, Montgomery house, 

MoSally Miss \gnes We'lpark house 
McStay J., shoemaker, 13 Bridgend st 
McStpy Peter, 2 Ladeside 

McTaggart Miss. 7 Mill st 
McTas^gart '.ieo., 4 West Castle st 
McTaggart John, labourer, 7 Mill st 
McTavish Duncan, Alma cot 
McTavish K.lward, tinsmith, Bridge-snd 

st ; ho Firwoo 1 
McTavish Mrs John, 21 Ruasell si 

Me Vicar Arch., loiryman, 133 High st 
Mc Vicar Miss, 24 West Princes st 
MeVnar, Mrs, 18 Battery pi 

McWilliam Rev J Morrell, Craigmore 

Parish church ; inmse, Wellpark id 
Mc Williams Mrs, 54 High st 


Napier Mrs Ruph., 4 Hillhouse rd 
Napier Mrs .May, 8 Hillnoase rd 
Napier Thos , plumber-, aad i onmonger, 

68 Montague st ; ho.. 4 Hillhouse id 
Napier Wm , restaurateur, 111 Mon- 
tague st 
Napier , gas worker, 83 High st 
Napier , 9it Mbntague st 
Neill M's E.iz, 2 Ma-ishe d pi 
Neill Mrs Jessie D. Oicaan. 
Neilleay Miss Kllen. 16 KCh st 
Neilson M s-es Cath. Agnes, & Margt., 

20 Ardbeg rd 
Neilson Mrs hliz. & Miss Ann, 5) Mount- 
stuart rd 
Nelson <Je<>, Mountpleasant rd 
Nei son <ieo, Wy d am pk 
Neilson Jms, 71 Victoiia -t 
Neilson Miss M rg . 20 Aidb^grd 
Neilson Miss Janet, 73 Ardbeg rl 
Neils m M s Wary. h7 Ardbeg rd 
Neilson Thomas h .use factor, Ardbeg 
Nelson John, 7 - Ard eg rd 
Nelson M G, ccountant, Ardbeg rd 
Ni block Thos, 3 vlansfield 1 
Nicol Do aid, 109 Mo , st 
Nicol K. A. .den ist. 28 argyle st 
Nichol Mrs Helen, 41 ardbeg 
.Nicholson Mis HJ.iith Jane 5 Ardbeg rd 
Nic olson M:s Bti , 12 nnd,'e st 
Nieho son John, commission a^ent, 

\rdbeg rd 


Nicholson Mrs Margeret McLea, dress- 
maker, 20 Bridge st 
Nicholson Miss Mary S , 35 Baron e rd 
Nicholson .Neil, seaman, 37 E. Princes 

Nisbet Miss Mary. 6 Bridge st 
Nisbet John, cabman. 28 Bridge st 
Nisbet Miss May, 22 Columshill st 
Nisbet Miss, Mayflower, Bar>ne rd 
Nixon W., clerk, Underwood, Ardbeg 
Nolan Miss, Holiday Home, 16 Mount- 

stuart st 
Noriis Walter, 27 Columshill st 
Nugent Na'h., tailor, 7 Bishop st 
Nulshoof Alex, 96 High st 

•O'Brien J, Madura, (Jraigmore 
'O'Dowd Mrs. 16 High st 
Ogilvie Thos , 18 Columshill st 
^ 'gilvie Miss, 37 Bridge st 
O'Handlin Mrs, 17 Ku<sell st 
Oliphant Geo. S. , shoemaker, 18 Rus- 
sell st 
Oliphant Joseph, 3 Russell st 
O'Hara Patrick, grinder, 83 Montague st 
U'Kane Patrick, 4 Minister's br 
O'Neill M<s A^ni-s, 19 High st 
O'Neill Hu., 2 Johnst 
O'Neill Jm<, fishmonger, 17 B. Princes s 
O'Neill Mrs M rgr,., 125 High st 
Orkney Mrs Jessie, 6 < )rcadia 
OrrJohn. bl ck.-mirh 6 r, Uastle st 
Orr Mrs Sophia, 65 Ardbeg rd 
Orr VVm Vnill, Ciichton rd 
Orr Mrs, 19 Ar dbeg id 
Orr , Fra&ertori, 5 Brighton ter 

Padkin, Rev Jms. F., West U F manse, 
Argyle ter 

Pandalas Matt.h, 18 Callow-gate 

Papple The, 4 KussJi st 

Park Geo . Ml), B ie-an-lune, A'banyr 

Park Miss Isa, ladies' for isher, 75 Mon- 
tague st ; ho, 99 Barone rd 

Park Jms, bl-a:her. Alb toy rd 

Park Mrs. 24 Castlehill st 

Parker T., joiner. 16 M 11 st 

Parker Jms., painter-, Coibeckpl 

Parkinson Quiutin, 71 Montague at 


Paterson Alex., gardener, Wyndham 

Paterson Mrs Ann, 16 Castle st 
Paterson (Jhas., C K steamboat agent, 19 

Argyle pi 
Paterson Geo. H., West wood 
Paterson Henry C M, heritor, wynd- 
ham rd 
Paterson Mrs Jane, 14^ Marine pi 
Paterson Mrs Bliz., irMon'ague at 
Paterson John, 7 Chapelhill rd 
Paterson John, gas st ker, Columshill st 
Paterson John, milliner, 31 Victoria st • 

ho, 29 do 
Paterson J R, 2 M'Nab's br 
Pateison Miss M, 15 Castle st 
Paterson Mrs Margt W., 3 Royal ter 
Paterson, Mrs M., 72 Ardbeg rd 
Paters"n, Robt., carter, Seabank bldigs 
Paterson Robt., slater & cement worker, 

50 High st ; ho, Croft lodge, Argyle st 
Paterson Miss, Serpentine rd 
Paterson Mrs, 17a Battery house 
Paterson Mrs, Desmond bank, Wellpark 

Paton Ang., carpenter, 94 ffigh st 
Paul A, 96 High st. 
Paul Geo., 21 Kussell st 
Paul Robt., glass blower, 7 Marine pi 
Peacock Alex. K , plumber, 23 High st 

ho., Victoria cot., Barone rd 
Peacock Mrs A nie Mary, 17 Battery pi 
Peacock Geo., Battery pi 
Peacock Miss Jane, 25 Wyndham rd 
Pendre gh Mrs, 159 Hijh st 
Pendreuh John, labourer, 161 High st 
Pendreigh Wm , 25 Gailowgate 
Penney uv L>vd. J., surgeon. Battery pi 
Penney Miss, Prospect House 56 Ardbeg 
Pattison Jms., 41 Marine pi 

Penney Duncan John, Bogany cot 
Penney Miss L, Ard eg rd 
Pennicuik Mrs, ■ astlands 
Pentland Mrs Carolina, 2 Bellvue rd 
Perston Alex., Palace buildings 
Perston Gavin, p >stman, 54 Laleside 
Person Thos, line^mtn, 24 Bridge st 
Perston Wm., co op .sitor. Bishop ter br 
Pettigrew J M lighnamara, Montford 
PettUrew Miss Mar^t., 45 Ardbeg rd 
Phdlips Mrs, 18 Bridge st 
Pinkerton Mrs ila,'t„ Concord villa, 

Columshill st 
Pinkerton Jas., coffee stall keeper, 10a 

Bridge end st 
Pirie Mrs,, Osborne Temperance Hotel, 

87 Victoria st 



Pithie Mrs, 63 Montague st 

Plomber Henry, seaman, Wyndham pk 

Plomer Mrs Margt.. 2 Bridge st 

Pollock. Mrs Alia, Colbeckpl 

Pollock John, 6 MmsheH pi 

Pollock Robt.. chaff eur, Bishop ter br 

Pollock , Havelock ter 

Pollock W, 5 Wyndham pk 

Pope Dnl., 1 Elysium 

Porter Ben, auctioneer, 58 Montague st 

Porter John, accountant, Eastlandsrd 

Porter Ms John. 22 Ma'ine pi 

Potter Win., registrar, 74 Arlbeg rd 

Pratt Mrs John Henry, Loch view, Ba- 

rone rd 
Pratt Win., engineer, 2 King 3t 
Prentice Geo., ou 1 fitter, 25 Victoria st ; 

ho., Auchnaeloich rd 
Prentice R bt., collie y agent. Stuert st; 

ho, Woodl^a, High Cr igmore 
Protree Robt., grocer, 5 Argyle pi 
Proud"oot Miss, 27 Columshill st 
Proudroot, John, cierk, 71 Barone rd 
Provan Mrs Jane, 12 Argyle p 
Pullen C J, chauffeur, 9 Argyle ter 
Purdon Miss, 6i Ardbeg rd 
Purvis Mrs Atmes. 46 Montague st 


Quenlan Kate, 22 Watergate 
Quin Miss Margt, 1 Union st 
Quin Mrs, 9 Bishop st 


Rae Geo., 18 Gallnwgate 

Rse Wm, 5 M*nsefield pi 

Ramsay Dvd.. coachman, 97 Montague 

Ramsay Hu., tobacconist, 20 Argyle st ; 

ho, 27 Meadow pi 
Ramsay Jms., heritor, terpentine rd 
Ramsay Mrs Maryt., 10 Glenrosa pi 
Rankin Allan, cabman, 16 Store in 
Rankin Miss Jessie D. . 9 Albert pi 
Rankine Mrs Jane, 10 Ardbeg rd 
Rankine Miss Isa , 19 Store In 
Rankine John, steward, 16 Kingst 
Rankine Mrs Mary 17 Bishop st 
Rankine Peter ,109 Montague st 
Reichelt Mis Agnes, 6 Academy ter 
Reid Mrs Dr, Greenbank. 11 Ardbeg rd 
Reid Miss Jane, 25 Craigmore rd 
Reid Mrs Henrietta, 76 Ardbeg rd 
Reid Mis I, 27 Argyle st 
Reid J, 26 Marine pi 
Reid Misses J. & J., 21 Mountpleasantrd 


Reid Johu, engineer, Ardencraig 
Reid John, ga^fit.ter, 4 Columshiil st 
Reid Mrs John, 71 Victoria st 
Reid Mrs Magt , Wvndlam pk 
Reid Miss, Auchnacloich rd 
Renhie Miss Alice. 17 Bishop st 
Benouf Louis P W, curator, Museum 

ho, St Margaret's. Ascog 
Ren wick Mrs Euphemia, Ardwell, Craig- 
Reifzelier Chas., Tigh na Mara, Ardbeg. 
Reynolds , 32 Bishop st 
Rhind Mrs, 32 Bishop st 
Richmond Miss Mary, 22 Battery pi 
Richmond Wm., 17a Wyndham rd 
Riddle Mrs Helen, 43 Ardbeg rd 
Richardson Mrs, Lesmond bank, Craig- 
Richardson Mrs Grace, 23 Wyndham rd 
Richardson H, Wyndham rd 
Riesberg Miss, Clan vl, Rridi,'» st 
Rippie John labourer, 5 Russ°irst 
Rippie Wm., labourer, 125 High st 
Rrchie And. T, farmer, (iartnatkeillj 
Ritchie Mre Eliz , 41 Victoria st 
Ritchie Mrs Peter. 12 Argyle st 
Robb, Wm, grocer, 22 K Princes st 
Roberts Geo., tailor, 5 Co'umshill pi 
Roberts, Mrs 32 Battery pi 
Robertson A, Janefield, Wyndhamjrd 
Robertson And., heritor, 16 Marine pi 
Robertson Ang, upholsterer, 21i Bridge- 
end st ; ho, B >rone rd 
Robertson Mrs Ar.n, Argyle ter 
Robertson Mrs Ann. 3 Ministers' br 
Robertson Dan., mechanic. Glenburn 
Robertson H., Gl'-nbura cot 
Robertson H, 10 Wyndham rd 
Robertson Mi s Isa, 83 Ardbeg rd 
Robertson Miss Isa, Chapelhill rd 
Robertson Jas. , 5 Argyle st 
Robertson Jms, baker, 42 j Mountpleas- 

ant rd 
Robertson John, joiner, 31 Columshill st 
Robertson John, baker, 10 E. Princes 

st ; ho, 5 Moun'pleasant rd 
Robertson John, 38 Bi-hop st 
Robertson J. C, I Columshill pi 
Robertson John C, Alexsandrina, Craig- 
Robertson, Rbt, eDgineer,5 Wyndham rd 
Robertson Robt., 76 Montague st 
Robertson Robert, Wyndham rd 
Robertson Mrs Susan, Wyndham rd 
Robertson '' hos., baker, Russell st 
Robertson W., 78 High st 
Robertson Wm., spirit mercht, High st ;: 
ho, 17a Battery house 



Robertson Wm„ 78 Montague at 

Robertson Mrs, 10 Mans^-field pi 

Robertson Mrs, 2 Craigmore rd 

Robertson Mrs, Wynriham pk 

Robertson Misses, Auch' acloich rd 

Robertson Miss, 31 Gallowgate 

Roberts' n , 17 Craigmore rd 

Robert-on 25 CaPowgate 

Robinson Thos., seaman, 27 Bishop st 

Rodden Win., comisn. agent, 7 Manse- 
field pi 

Rodger David, organist. 9 Victoria st 

Roe Jonathan, Mataurieb, 14 Crichton 

Roebuck C. N , Bute Drug store, 95 
High st ; ho, Minister's br 

Rollo John, coachman. Ardencraig 

Rooney Thos, 58 Ladeside st 

Rose James, w. s., depute Town clerk, 
Glenellen, Glebelards 

Ross And, engineer, 61 Montague st 

Ross Geo., dentist, 8 Mansefield pi 

Ross H. J. G., M. a., headmaster, Pub- 
lic School, ho., 4 Bishop ter 

Ross Jms., grocer, 31 Stuart st ; ho, 5 
Minister's br 

Ross Wm ., 6 Ardbeg rd 

Rowan Mis A., 10^ Ardbeg rd 

Rowan Miss. Westwood 

Rowat John, 47 Ardbeg rd 

Roy Mrs Eliz , Store In 

Roy Mrs, 103 Montague st 

Roy , 26 Bridge st 

Boy , Auchnaclnich rd 

Runciman Miss, ladies' milliner. 14 W 
Princes st ; res, Hawthorn park 

Rush Miss Ann, Russell st 

Russell Mrs Ann, 2 Bridge st 

Russell Jms. M., engineer. 3 The Ter- 
race, Ardbeg 

Russell John, 3 Stuart st 

Russell Mrs Margt., 27 Battery pi 

Russell Mrs Margt., Stuart st 

Russell J., 16 Castlehill st 

Russell Wm., clerk, 3 Mountstuart rd 

Russell Miss, Gardfern, Montford 

Russell , 27 A rgyle st 

Rutherford Mrs Margt., 14 Russell st 

Rutherford Rev Dr, Craigmore U F Ch ; 
ho, 2 Bright' n ter 

Rutheiford Samuel. 10 Ladeside 

Rutherford Wm., Russell st 


Sacks Moses, tailor, 28 Mill st 
launders, Josei h A, 8 Bridge st 
Saunderson Jhn, bootmakr, 83 Montague 

Schroder Colin M. , seaman, Ivy b?,nk cot 

Bridge st 
Scobliie Mrs Isa. . 2 Ardbee rd 
Scobbie Robt , 29 Co'umshill st 
Scott Dr. locum tenens, 17 Battery pi 
Sco^t Mios Eliz , 1 Minister's br 
Scott Mrs Eliz., Have'ock ter 
Scott Geo., drawing master, Academy 

ho, Skeoch villa, Argyle ter 
Scott Geo., 6a Castle st 
Scott Jms, 10 Mansefield pi 
Soott John, 'bus inspector Havelocktr 
Scott Matt., ret. farmer, 4 Mountpleas- 

Scott Matth. B , Wyndbam rd 
Scott Robt., engineer, 36 Ladeside 
Scott Robt., stationer, 11 The Terrace, 

Scott Robt H, 21 Mountpleasant rd 
Scott Miss, Eoin villa, Montford 
Scott, Wm., 9 Argyle ter 
Scullion Mrs Mary Ann, 75 High st 
Sercpte James, 9 M msefield pi 
Semile Miss, Eureka, Montford 
Service Miss, Westburn, Crichton rd 
Shand Wm.. 3 Bishop ter br 
Shankland W, Eden nurseries 
Shanks John, 12 The Terrace 
Sharp Mrs Agnes, 5 Marine p 
Sharp Mrs Cath , 4 Wyndham pk 
Sharp Miss Cath., Victoria villa, Barone 

Sharp Miss Isa., J 5 Mountstuart rd 
Sharp M s Jane, Mountstuart rd 
Sharp Mrs Margt., 23 Victoria st 
Sharp Miss, Maryfield 
Shaw Angus, carter, 21 Mill st 
Shaw Daniel jun, blacksmith, Croft In 

ho, Bellevue, Barone rd 
Shaw Helen, 7 Montague st 
Shaw John, contractor, 2 King st 
Shaw John, joiner, 28 Montague st 
Shaw John, porter, 19 Victoria st 
Shaw Miss Mary. Montford 
Shaw Neil, carter, 27 Br i Igend at 
Shaw Peter, labourer, 38 Ladeside st 
Shaw Mrs, 26 Col um -hill st 
Shaw , 41 Mountstuart rd 
Shields Patrick, porter, 55 Montague st 
Shiells Mrs Geo., Amisfield, Barone rd 
Shirra Mrs, K., Park pi 

HOUSEHOJ iDERS— Rothesay. 

Sichi Sandrina, 16 King st 
Silllar-t Miss Amelia, 15 Bi3hop st 
Silars, ladies' furnisher, 67 Victoria st 
Sillars Wm, engineer, Staffa pi 
Sim Dan.. Bridgend st 
Simmons Mrs, Stuart st 
Sims David, 9 Chapelhili rd 
Simpson Miss Agnes, 14 King st 
Simpson Jms., gasfitter, 7 Tower st 
Simpson Mrs, 22 Castle st 
Simpson Mrs J, 17 Wyndham rd 
Sinclair Donald, 133 High st 
Sinclair Mrs D, 45 Watergate 
Sinclair Mrs D W, Havelock ter 
Sinclair Geo. W., cashier, 20 Mount- 

stuart rd 
Sinclair Jms. C, burgh chamberlain, 39 

High st ; ho., Glenfaulds, Mount- 

stuart rd 
Sinclair Mrs Jtannie. 24 Bridge st 
Sinclair John, Hillcrest. Crichton rd 
Sinclair John, builder. Eastlands rd 
Sinclair John, joiner, 63 Barone rd 
Sinclair John, shipmaster, 12 W Princes 

Sinclair P., 129 High st 
Sinclair Mrs, 20 Hussell st 
Sinclair , Clyde view, Craigmore 
Sinclair Mrs, Hillcrest, 5 Crichton rd 
Sinnot Mrs My, Gl- nara, 53 Crichton rd 
Slavt-n Jms , fruiterer, 10 W Princes st ; 

ho 12 do 

Slave n John, fruiterer, Stuart st ; ho> 

19 Hign st 
Slaven John, fishmonger, 22 High st 
Slaven Mrs J.ilias, 5 Kuisell st 
Slaven Maurice, labourer, 74 High st 
Slaven 'I hos., Hussell st 
Sloan Hu , agent, G. & S. W. Bail way 

Company quay ; ho., Brandane ter 
Sloan Dr, G<>wanlea, Ardbeg. "Phone 

58, Kothesay 
Smart Wm. i2 ''be Terrace, Ardbeg 
Smellie Miss, Ar beg rd 
Smith A., 36 Mil st 
Smith Alex., upholsterer, 2 Hillhouse rd 
Smith Arch, 11 Mansefield pi 
Smith Arch., 19 Jiussell st 
Smith Arch., postman, 11 Montague st 
Smith Chas. insu<ance agent, Montford 
Smith Dun, baker, 17 Bridge st 
Smi-h Mrs F., 27 Highst 
Smith George, agent, Clydesdale Bank, 

Guildford sq 
Smith Mrs Grace, 23 Mountpleasant rd 
Smith Henry M., lavatory attendant, 4 

Hillhouse rd 
Smith Jms., heritor, Fergusson pi 


Smith Jms., farmer, Wyndham pk 
Smith Jms., j<iner, 15 Bishop st 
Smith Jms., jun., Fergusson pi 
Smith Jms. M., 87 Ardbeg rd 
Smith John, joiner, 23 Etoslin pi 
Smith John, fishmonger, 35 Victoria st ; 

ho, 33 do 
Smith John, tailor, 78 Ardbeg rd 
Smith Rich, engineer, SO High st 
Smith Mrs Kbt., hotel keeper, Bute Arms 

Hotel, Guildford sq 
Smith Robt, 6 Mansefield pi 
Smith , 78 A rdbeg rd 

Smith Miss, Hawthorn park, Argyle pi 
Smith Mrs, 7 Wyndham rd 
Smith Mrs, Melbourne cot. , Craigmore 
Sneddon A., 11 Watergate 
Sonnets David, printer, Wyndham pk 
Somerv lie Mrs Helen, 11 Chapelhili rd 
Sommervilie Mrs Js. K., Darnley house, 

Barone rd 
Somerville Mrs Ann, Woodbine, High 

Somerville Jn, Woodbine. H Craigmore 
Somervil e Mrs, Park pi, Bridge st 
Speirs Angus, tailor and clothier, 10 

Galloweate ; ho, 1 Alma ter 
Speiis Chas S, joiner, 22 Bridge st ; ho, 

14 Marine pi 
Speirs Mrs Helen, 12 Wyndham rd 
Speirs J., gas worker, 179 High st 
Spellasie Mrs, Columshill st 
Spence Geo., Stewart Swimming baths, 

Batrerv pi ; ho., Mountplea-ant rd 
Spence John, bathman, Glenbeg 
Spence Susan, 15 Bridgend st. 
Spencer, Kdw.. B-echwood, Bishop ter 
Spreull And., vet. surgeon. 21 Ardbeg 
Spioul Mrs Marion H, 2 Ardbeg rd 
Sprowl Mrs Mary Barone rd 
Sprowl Kobt., joiner, 49 Ardbeg rd 
Sprowl Wm., foreman, Express; ho., 

Lilvoak ter, Ballochgoy 
Squair Mrs Wm. H, flesher, 5 Gallow- 

gate ; ho., Glenfaulds, Mountstuart rd 
Stark Geo, painter, cottaye. Glenrosa pi 
Stagg Wm., chimney sweep, 27 High st 
Stark John, p. inter and decorator, 16 

Argyle st ; ho, Dalcraig, Hi. Craigmre 
Steel I hos., 31 Bishop st 
Steel Thos., constab e, 2 Columshill pi 
Steele James H, heritor, Grangelea, 

Mou> tstuart rd 
Stephen Mrs Jessie, 23 Marine pi 
Stephen Mrs Maigt, 23 Marine pi 
Steven David, butcher, Columshill st 
Steven-on Chai. M., manager Buteman; 
res, Stewart villa, Barone rd 



Stevenson Jms, Daisy hank. Glebe lnds 
Stevenson Jms. , carter, 11 Gallowgate 
Stevenson, T. , 9 Bishop st 
Stevenson Wm, 16 Hillhouse rd 
Stevenson Mrs. Ballochgoy 
Stewart Miss Agnes, 52 Ardbeg rd 
Stewart Mrs Agnes Y, Catherine bank, 

Stewart Alx ,county sub-chief constable 

County Buildings, 37 Hit;h st 
Stewart Alex., Columshill st 
Stewart Andw, 3 B shop ter br 
Stewart Chas. H, 63 Mountstuart rd 
Stewart David, bootmaker, 105 Mon- 
tague st; ho., Argyll nunsions 
Stewart Mrs Eben., 2 Argyle pi 
Stewart Eliz., 11 B Princes st 
Stewart Misses Flora and Mary, news- 
agents, 80 Ardbeg rd 
Stewart Gilb rt. p 'inter, Crosshill villas 
Stewart Misses, Mountview, 55 Crichion 

Stewart Mrs Isa. , 23 Mountpleasant rd 
Stewart Mrs Isabella, 7 W Princes st 
Stewart Jms , carter, 31 Columshill st 
Stewart Mrs Jms., Newark, Serpentine 

Stewart James B., painter, 73 Victoria st 
Stewart James S , 20 Ru-sell st 
Stewart Misses Jane & Mary, Upr. Craig- 

Stewart Mrs Janet, IS Ardbeg rd 
Stewart mh Janet, 49 Argyle st 
Stewart John, boatman, 12 i Mill st 
Stewart John, porter, 20 bishop st 
Stewart John B., 3 Bishop ter br 
Stewart Robt., grain merchant, Balloch- 
Stewart Ubt., vanman, 38 Columshill st 
Stewart Wm., coal salesman 14 King st 
Stewart Wm, engineer, 4 ' !ioft In 
Stewart Win., engineer, 17 Bridge st 
Stewart Wm., pain ter, 19 Mountpleasant 

Stewart W. & J., painters, 22 West- 
Princes st 
Stewart Mrs, Toward view. Ardbeg 
Stirling, J. A M, Ivy cot, Bridge st 
Stirling John, firemaster, 77 Montague st 
Stud la. t Wm., 10 Mausetiel.t pi 
Stone Jos , steward, 2 t 'olamshill st 
StorerMrs A^nes, Argyll mansions 
Stowey Jms, Logie id 
Strachan Mrs isa., 6 Columshill pi 
Strang Jms, 3.^ Victoria st 
Strain , Pointhouse crescent 

Straitton , 11 Columshill pi 
Struthers, 22 Argyle st 


Stuart Mrs, Madei r a villa, Serpentine rd 
Stuart Mrs John, Castle st 
Stuart John, sheriff officer,42 High st 
Stuart Miss May L., 10 Bridge st 
Stuie John, petty officer, r n, 24 Mill st 
Sturgeon John, coal merchant, 20 Mill 

st ; ho, do 
Summers Jms, 19 Gal'owgate 
Summers Miss Janet, 19 Russell st 
Sutherland Mrs Ann, 24 Marine pi 
Swan Matthew, Auchencairn, 8 Brighton 

Swan Walter, 3 Crichton rd 
Swanston Dr, Larkhall, Westland r 
Swanston Mrs Arthur, Glenleo, 3 Crich- 
ton rd 
Swanston Mrs, 6 Mansefield pi 
Swanston David, seaman, 11 Mill st 
Swanston Geo. , Ardm< >ry rd 
Swanston John, 5a Argyle pi 
Swanston Jhn B., grocer, 26 W. Princes 
st ; ho, 3 Cros-hill villas, Glebe lands 
Sweeney Mrs E iz , 11a Argyle pi 
Sweeney Jas., shoemaker, 5 Argyle st 
Sweet Chs , photographer, white studio, 

19 Battery pi 
Symes Kbt., 27 Argyle st 

Tager Mrs Jane 4 Columshill st 

T iges Walter, clerk,. Havelock ter 

Tait John, 19 Stuart st 

Tait Matth, Seabank building, 26 Argyle 

Tait Mrs, 2 Wimbleton 
Taylor Ach., brush maker, 58 Montague 
Taylor Chas, engineer, 31 Coum-hillst 
'Taylor Edward, joiner, 27 Columshill s 
Taylor James G., boatman, Albert 

breast ; ho , 66 Montague st 
Taylor Mrs Je-sie, 71a Ardbeg rd 
Taylor John, 98 Montague st 
Taylor Thms., 4 Mansefield pi- 
Taylor Mrs Minnie, 17 Battery pi 
Temple Mrs Jeaunie. 109 Mon^gue st 
Tcnnant Dvd, forger, 37 Bridge st 
Tennant R bert, 77 Montague st 
Thorn Miss Jane, 70 Ardbeg rd 
Th.m , Albert pi 
Thompson Angus, sh emaker, 94 Mon- 
tague st ; ho, Bellfield, Bnxone rd 
Thompson MrsS uah, 34 East Princes st 
Thomson Alex., 71a Ar Ibeg rd 
Thomson Alex., 3 Logie pi 
Thomson Alex. C, stationer, 51 Ardbeg 


Thomson A. Boss, inspector of poor, 35 

Bishop st ; ho, 15 Mountplpasant rd 
Thomson Benj. J, slater. 41 Watergage 
Thomson Chs., manufactr, 7Wyndham r 
Thomson Misses Eliz, Mrgt. and Mry. A, 

29 Ardbeg rd 
Thomson Mis^ Fliz., 29 Ardhegrd 
Thomson Mrs Evaline, 41 Victoria st 
Thomson, Miss Hln. E, Ashgrove, Mont- 
Thomson Flu., cabinetmkr., 25 Bishop st 
Thomson Mrs E., fishmonger, 'lower st 

ho., Gowanbrae 
Thomson Jms., labourer, 109 Montague s 
Thomson James, teacher, 15 Jiighst 
Thomson Jms , twister, 8 Montague st 
Thomson Mrs Jessie, 29 Mattery pi 
Thomson John, 13 Victoria st 
Thomson J. H. engineer, 6a Ardbeg rd 
Thomson Mrs John, 8 Argyle si 
Thorns .n John, resirienter, 2G Ardbe s rd 
Thomson Corp. John, dcm, 38 Bndge 
Thomson Miss Mary, 29 Ardbeg rd 
Thomson Mrs Mary, 2 Castlehill st 
Thomson Ptr., seaman, 8 Argyle st 
Thomson Peter, 36 Mill st 
Thomson Peter, 41 Watergate 
Thomson Hubert, Sedd-ul-Bahr, Serpen- 
tine rd 
Thomson Wm., draper, 13 Montague st ; 

ho, Fauldmore, Serpentine rd 
Thomson Wm., 1 Orcadia 
Thomson Mrs W , 8 Argyle st 
Thorhurn Ang , fishmonger, 34a G'olums- 

hill st 
Thorburn Js., fisherman, 5a E Princes st 
Thoiburn Mrs John, fish merchant, 18 

West Piinces st ; ho , 4 Bishop st 
Thorburn Mrs Margt., Boslinlea, Glebe 

Th iburn Robt., 30 Columshill st 
Thorburn 'J V, fisherman, 2Chapelhill rd 
Thorburn Wm., Montague st 
Thornton Mrs El ztbeth, ISpringbank 
Tickle Mrs Marion, > olnmshill pi 
Tickell Wm., baker, 21 Columshill st 
Timmins Jas, 83 Montague st 
Timothy , 5 B idye st 

Todd Andw., 7 W Princes st 
Todd John, coal merchant, 25 Bridge st; 

ho. 27 do. 
Todd Wm., 11 Mansefield pi 
Tomlinson M ss Thomasina, 6a Ardbeg r 
Tonner Mrs Theresa, 40 Bishop st 
Torrance , 11 Hihhouse rd 
Torrence Mrs Jeannie, 10 Mansefieldpl 
Traill Eev Joseph, U. F. Parish Manse, 
Serpentine rd 

* 116 

Trescowthick Wm. H., telegraphist, 72 

Montague st 
Trivet Mrs, 117 High st 
Troy Janus, 98 Montague st 
Turnbull Miss Margt., Ascog 
Turnbull Miss, 76 Ardbeg rd 
Turnbull Mrs, Dunmore. Crichton rd 
Turner capt. Ach., 19 Argyle st 
Turner Colin B., Craigmore pier, house 

Mountstuart rd 
Turner Mrs May, 12 Marine pi 
Turner Wm., 49 Argyle st 
Tweedlie John, fisherman, 26 Russell st 
Tytler Wm , Poyal bank, Victoria ; st 

ho, Connestmore, 4 Brighton ter 


Urquhart John A., grocer, 13 Argyle st 
ho, Thistle bank, Argyle ter 


Viukery Arthur, 63 Montasrue st 
Vint Mrs Marion, 11 Mountstuart rd 
Vogt Alfred J, Park pi, Bridge st 


Waddell Alex, 10 Mansefield p 
Waddell Dvd., boiler makr, 32 Ardbeg rd 
Waddell John, 33 Bridge st 
Waddell Pobert D., 50 Montague st 
Waddell Win., 12 Mansefield pi 
Waddtll Mrs, Demerara p), Aidbeg rd 
Walker Ajnes, 1 Bridge end st 
Walker Alex., spirit dealer, 70 Mon- 
tague st; ho, Springbank, Chapelhill 
Walker Arch., burgh employee, Nettle 

cot .A-rdfo© " 
Walker Bvd°, carter, 32 Mill st 
Walker Miss Isa., 77 Montague st 
Walker James A, heritor, Lilvoak ter 
Walker John, blacksmith, 113 High 
Walker M, 60 High st 
Walker Martin, 11 Mansefieid pi 
Walker Peter, 27 Columshill st 
Walker Robt,, 109 Montague st 
Wallace Mrs Ann. 46 Mountstuart rd 
Wallace Mrs, 18 Mountpleasant rd 
Wallace Mrs Margt.. 16 Marine pi 
Wallace Mrs Mary, 15 Crichton rd 
Wallace Mrs Mary, 177 High st 
Wallace Mrs Mary, 79 High st 


Wallace Miss, Orcadia 
"Warden P, Fergusson pi 
Warren, Mrs Margt. , 25 Argyle ter 
Waterson Alex., engineer, 19 Argyle st 
Waterston, Mrs, stationer, Montague st 
Watson Mrs Daniel, grocer, Castle st 
Watson Mrs Isa., 41 A i gyle ter 
Watson Miss Jane, 56 Mountstuart rd 
Watson Mrs Jessie, Margaretslea, Ba- 
ron e rd 
Watson Jn , blacksmith, 1 Barone rd 
Watson John, spirit merchant, 3 Vic- 
toria st ; ho, hkeoch villa, Argyle ter 
Watson Mrs Jos., 141 High st 
Watson Mrs Mary, 6 Watergate 
Watson Mrs Kbt., Upper Ciaigmore 
Watson Thos B. , painter, 15 Staffa pi 
Watson Wm.. steamboat agent, Quay 

ho., Ardmorag, Ciichton rd 
Watson Wm., 32 Ardbeg rd 
Watt Alex., measurer, 45 Ardbeg rd 
Watt sirs, Auchnacloich rd 
Watt , Clandale, Kastlands rd 
Watt Mrs 13 Columshill st 
Watt Mrs, 20 Marine pi 
Waugh Mrs, 76 A'dbeg rd 
Waugh Mrs Isa., Y. W.C A., Battery pi 
Weaver Mrs Annie, 3 Union st 
Webster J C, Terra Nov3, Albany rd 
Webster Miss Mary, 3 Marine pi 
Weir Alex, gardener, 14 Argyle pi 
Weir Mrs Ann, Glenfaulds 
Weir Alex., baker, 4 Mountpleasant rd 
Weir D F, 11 Wyndham pk 
Weir Huyh, 7 Bishop st 
Weir Jms., shoemaker, 16 Windsor pi 
Weir Miss Jane, 4 Mountpleasant 
Weir John, 157 High st 
Weir Mrs M., 67 Barone rd 
Weir Martha, 27 Argvle st . 
Weir Kobt, bootmaker, Montague st 
Weir Kbt., carter, 4 Mountpleasant rd 
Weir , Weirholm, 23 Battery pi 

Weir Wm M, hairdresser, 4 Bridge st ; 

ho, 34a Columshill st 
Wheeling Jms., 17 Battery ho 
White Arthur, coachman, 2 Mount- 
pleasant rd 
White Robt, 16 Hilllmuse rd 
White Wm, Arthurlie, Mountpleasant r 
White Wm., coachman, 29 Columshill s 
White , 11a Argyle pi 
Whitecross Miss Jane, 4 Argyle pi 
Whiteford Jn., comp., 11 Columshill st 
Whiteford Peter, broker, 25 Mill st 
Whiteford Kbt., photographer, 23 Argyle 

st ; ho, 11 Columshill st 
Whiteford Miss, 112 High st 


Whitelaw Dvd., designer, Wyndham pk 
Whitelaw Ceo, 31 Bridge st 
Whitelaw Jas R., comp., 3 Mansfield pi 
Whitlaw Wm, butcher, 2 Ladeside 
Whitfield Mrs, 10 Mountstuart rd 
Whiteside Peter, musician, 77 Montague 

Whyte Dune-, gardener, 74 Ardbeg rd 
Whyte Mrs Mary, 19 Bishop st 
Whyte liobt. D., Town Clerk, Castle 

st; ho., 19 Bishop st 
Whyte 'I hos., carter, Logio pi 
Whyte Wm., gas manager, High st ; ho, 

1 Brandane ter 
Whyte Wm., 13 Argyle pi 
Whyte Wm. Simpson, Daisy bank, 

Glebe lands 
Wilkie Miss, 5 Mountstuart rd 
Wilkie Misses C & J, Battery pi 
Wilkie Hu., gas worker, 4 Mansefield pi 
Wilkie Jms , engineer, 18 Argyle pi 
Wilkie Jms , joiner, 46 Ardbeg rd 
Wil iamsonMisses Grace & Marion,3 Ard- 
beg rd 
Williamson Capt. John, steamboat 

owner, Kockvilla, 3 Ardbeg rd 
Williamson John, tailor, 21 Mill st 
Wilson Allan, Bellevue, Battery pi 
Wilson Colin, gardener. 90 High st 
Wilson M's Dvd, Fau'dtrees, Crichton 
Wilson Misses Chapel hill ho. 
Wilson Mrs Grace, Argyle Boarding ho- 

Oakshaw, 11 Argyll pi 
Wilson Miss Helen S, 32 Battery pi 
Wilson Hugh, carter, Bute mansions 
Wilson John, riviter, 46 High st 
Wilson John D., 63 Montague st 
Wilson Mrs Mary, 14 Bridge st 
Wilson Mrs, 1 M'Kinlay st 
Wilton Mrs, 94 Hi«h st 
AVise Mrs Bella, 5 Castle st 
Wishait Mrs Mary, 5 Ariryle st 
Wood Alf .-ed, 31 Columsh'll st 
Wood Robert H., tailr, Gowanfieldpl 
Woodburn, Ms Margt., 10 Manseneld 
Wooton Samuel, Balloch^oy ter 
Wootton Mrs, 25 Montague st 
Wren Mrs Cath., 70 \rdbeg rd 
Wright A., blacksmith, 70 Ardbeg rd 
Wright Alex., M a, schoolmaster, 25 

Ardbeg rd 
Wright Frank, ironworker, 46 Ladeside 
Wright John Yorville, Montford 
Wright Jms., painter, 22 K Princes st 
Wright Miss Jane, 17 Argyle pi 
Wright John, 5 Bridge st 
Wright Mrs, 13 Vic oiia st 
Wright Mrs, staymaker, 47 Argyle st 


"Wyatt Geo., shopman, 29 Argyle 
Wyllie Oeo., grocer, 28 Bishop st ; ho. 

ho. 30 do. 
Wylie Mrs, 3 Montford tpr 
Wyper John, engineer, 7a Argyle pi 

Yates Jms, tailor, 91 Montague st ; 

Yates Walter, 27 Bridgend st 

Yeates J Bichardson, procurator fisca, 

Watergate; ho, Ptnruddick, 6 Crich- 

ton rd 
Young And., blacksmith, 96 High st 
Young Miss Annie B., Monttord 
Young Miss Barbara, 71 Victoria st 

Young Mis? Cath. , 75 Ardbeg rd 
Young Miss E . 38 Bishop st 
Young Mrs Helen, 19 Russell st 
Young J' hn, 5 Russell st 
Young John, builder, 4 Mansefield pi 
Young Bobert. porter, 20 Castle st 
Young Miss, 2 Montford avenue 
Young Miss, dairy, Wyndham rd 
Young Mrs, 70 Ardbeg rd 
Young Mrs, 27 Argyle st 
Yovng Mrs, 2 A' dmilian, Crichton rd 
Young Mis, 31 Columshill st 
Young Miss, InVerman ter 
Yuille Alex, farm s-rvant, Meadowcap- 
Yuille James T., heritor, Ardclutha. 
59 Crichton rd 


33ute (JTountp Birectorp. £Tt)e®oast CSuibe. 

Is Esperanto (SSlortf) learning? 

Bonnie Jbcotlanti's Resorts. ISelega ^feotlaniJo. 

Gaid tu Boni Skotland in Fernetik Spelii). 

^corn's!) ^cenerg (^fcotlantia $ef?ag'o). 2Tfcc ^coi gtbroao. 

W\t iSeauttfuI ^tfnerg of t^e 23ritisfj Isles. 

Ha lEnamtg'o tie !a Nacioj— Wf)t (JTourtsbip of t|je Nations 

Esperanto publications— Original anb ^electfti. 

aSfrt^trag ©arte. OTJjristmas Cams, ^ost (JTartis. 

pitman's Sbfiortfianb 3T-abulatrt. 


The International Language is used with much mutual benefit by 
the Universal Red Cross Societies. 







'^ HI 

*>l -=£ 
.8 -2 

• 2 ^ 
5 X? 

s s 

e c-s 

- ^ s 

53 ^O & 

S ~s, ■» 
SS 5- ^> 
1 " § 

->S **! "53 

_ i ° a 

■I "s 1 


m <% 

a S 

> Cm 
J3 O 

.2 t3 

O ^3 
,— i o 

3 CD 

>^ O 

3 S 

re ttj 
& o 

S S ex § 

5ia S> <» O 

3^ 3 

=a 3 


^ 3 

13 c/T 

3 « 

13 s 

C O 

— « 

,JU o 

S o 

re |3 



«r ■< 

N « 

- S 

3! o 

j5 ~ .2 ^ 


Q Ja. S3 2 

a t 

2 ■£ « 

re *J -5 


oj H S pQ 

o W OS 

fc < 8 

c^> 2 3 

C <u C rh 



.2 W 

- o >? o 

■3 b/D S 13 

o w 

a a o 

■g 33 


S <u 

S 3.2 g 

0> Efl 

^ re 


o ts 

-1 hn'O 

3 bJO 

WS.5 5 

n o 

^d W OC i 

§ P^ 

tfl o b 

s ~ -^ 

= S o rj 

cr a; o > 
gj S PQ t> 

^ > c 2 
2 o o-£ 

« § 1<2 

diH ^ C 

*j o ^ 33 
rt >, c ^ 

•£ Z<? 



S g 3 

re o o 
c o2 

en _ O 
i-h « -13 

_r- C t>C 

'O O c 

•» re ju 

•a a 

CM I— I 

O"" en 

B.J3 B 

^ 3 a. 

_g eS O 

TiH » 


4jO 3"? 
a-r mcb 

^Scn o bo 
"39 ^iS 
&<% & 

c-icn -w B 


















With a view to this scientifically-evolved and easly-acquired Lang- 
uage becoming the means of intercommunication after the War 
business people in several countries are satisfactorily preparing for 
" the good time coming." Britons learned Esperanto sooner than 
they could the Russian alphabet, and foreigners acquire a fluent 
use of Esperanto long long before they can understand our words 
and the fickle and changing sounds of the letters of our adopted 



In Part III of our Directory, we do not aim at 
printing such complete lists of Householders as were 
found in the official Voters' Roll, published in 
pre-war times. While, however, we omit several 
of the names of the hundreds of persons whose 
houses are closed during the Winter months, we 
print those new ones which would not appear in 
the Voters' Roll until they had tenanted their 
houses for more than a year. 

HIGGIE & CO., Publishers. 
July, 1917. 

Parish of North Bute. 

(Including the Village of Port-Bannatyne.) 


Alexander, Jms., carpenter and boathirer» 
Marine pi; ho., Iona pi 

Alexander John, plumber, Iona pi 

Alexander John, vanman, Iona pi 

Alexander, John, yachtmaster, Iona pi . 

Alexander, Miss Sarah, fruiteier and con- 
fectioner, Inveryne pi 

Alexander, Wm., Marine rd 

Anderson A. Ford, draughtsman, Mel- 
bourne pi 

Anderson, Miss Braemar 

Annan Miss, Sardinia pi 

Archer, Mrs John, Blythswood 


Baird, David, shoemaker, Marine rd; house 

Kosebery pi 
Bannatyne, Robert, Kames castle 
Barr Peter, cook, New Hafton pi 
Barr, Thomas, farmer, Eskechraggan 
Barr W, builder, Quay st 
Bates, H T, manager,Tramways, pointhouse 
Bell, James, residenter, Ebenezer pi 
Bennet John, 4 Castle st 
Bennett Mrs John. Pointhouse cres 
Black capt, Dugald Lamont pi 
Black, John, joiner, Castle st 
Blaikie Miss, schoolhouse, Kildavanari 
Boag, Wm., fanner, Airdscalpsie 
Bodin, Wm., tailor. Castle st 
Bogan John, Govandale pi 
Bowie, James, dentist, Iona pi 
Brown, Ar., inspector of poor, Victoria pi 
Brown, Mrs Cath., Glenlee 
Brown, Mrs Isabella, baker, Ardenlea 
Brown, John gardener, Kames bank 
Brown Mrs Susan, Govandale pi 
Brownie, Wm. Gladstone pi 
Erownlie, Mrs Mary, Stonefield 
Bruce, George, gardener. Marine rd 
Buchanan, M. E. Gray, Ettiickdale 
Buchanan, Wm., Rosbery pi 

Campbell Mrs John, Sardinia pi 

Campbell, John B. chemist, Castle st 

Carmichael, Wm., farmer, Craigberoch 

Cassells Mrs Salsbury pi 

Clark. Dug., ploughman, Salisbury pi 

Clark James, Lome pi 

Clark W, Golf Course keeper, Crown bldgs 

Connell Dan, ploughman, Kildavannan 

Cook Lachlan, clerk, Iona pi 

Cook Wm., Kingston pi 

Coulter, Thos., tinsmith, Victoria pi 

Craig, Miss Eliz., Hafton pi 

Crawford Male, elec. engineer, Sardinia pi 

Crawford, Mrs Margt., Crown Hotel 

Crawford, John, farmer, Acholter 

Crosher Mrs, Laurel villa, Pointhouse cres 

Ciuden, Miss Jemima. Pointhouse cres 

Cunningham, Jas., grocer. George's pi 

Cunningham, Jo., engineer, Quay st 

Cunningham M. , painter, Quay st 

Currie, Duncan, carriage hirer, Marine rd 

Currie, Miss Jane, Post Office, Melbournepl 

Currie John, Marine rd 

Currie, Miss Mary, Bannatyne Mains rd 

Currie, Mrs Mary, Iona pi 


Dallas Dugald, carpenter, Victoria pi 
Dallas, Robert, blacksmith, Castle st 
Dallas Wm., baker, Shore st 
Davidson Hugh, Bay view 
Dewar, Rev. Peter, the Manse, North Bute 
Dick MisW., Melbourne pi 
Dickie, Wm. P., farmer, Cranslagvourity 
Dornan Hugh, cooper, Quay st 
Dougan, Neil, farmer, Shalunt 
Downie, Mrs, Rosha villa 
Dunbat, Jas., warehouseman, Rosebery pi 
Duncan, Mrs Chas.. farmsr, Little Kilmory 
Duncan, Cnas. McK.. salesman, Woodend 
Duncan Ninian, farmer. Little Kilmory 
Duncan, Mis, Daniel, Woodend 
Duncan, Robert, farmer, Kilwhinleck 
Duncan Thomas, gardener, Iona pi 
Duncan, Thos, wooaman, Iona pi 
Dunn, George, boots. Mason's land 
Dunbar Brothers, farmers, E St Colmac 
Dunn, John, engineer, Salisbury pi 

Calder James, contractor. Marine pi 
Cameron Mrs, Springuell pi 
Campbell, Alex, Port-Bannnatyne Inn 
Campbell, Mrs, West End ho 
Campbell, mis Cath, Ulva pi 
•Campbell, Donald, engineer, Glenlee 



Eadie John, Lome pi 
Edmund, R, carver, Victoria pi 
Elder Miss. 5 Creek drive 




Fairgrieve Dvd,, boilermaker, Govandale p 
Ferguson, Dun., yachtmaster, Kingston pi 
Ferguson, John, J. P., Laurel villa, Point- 
house crescent 
Finlay, John, iron turner, Ebenezer pi 
Findlay, Wltr. , grocer, George pi 
Frame, David, grieve, S St Colmac 
Frame Wm, residenter, Melbourne pi 
Francis A E, yaclitmaster, Melbourne pi 
Fraser J, yachtsman, Mountparb 
Fraser Ulva pi 
Fyfe, Chas, carpenter, Kingston pi 
Fyfe, John, boatbuilder, Ardmalish 


Gallagher Mrs, spirit merchant, Marine rd 

Garden Jos, postman Royal pi 

Gardner Alex, Govandale pi 

Gibb John. Govandale pi 

Gibson Andrew, ploughman, Ballycurrie 

Gibson, Chas., shopman, Castle st 

Gibson, Mrs J. L., farmer, Ardmaleish 

Gillies, Mrs, farmer, Quogach 

Girvan Rev Jhs W, U. F. C. Manse 

Graham Robt. . Pointhouse cres 

Graham Robt. D. bank clerk, Ulva pi 

Graham Mrs, Angus pi 

Gourlay. Mrs Catn., Pointhouse cres 

Greeley Isaac. Govandale pi 

Griffon Jane, Lome pi 

Guthrie, Jas., clerk. Stewart st 

Holt Jas, merchant, Victoria pi 
Howatt Jas C, 58 Marine rd 
Hunter, Mrs Jemima, Springwell pi 
Hunter, Wm., farmer. Upper Ettrick 
Hutchison, And. C, Appin villa 
Hyndman, Edw. , yachtmaster, Victoria pi 
Hyndman, Robt., labourer, Meikle Kilmory 

Innes Sam, Kingston pi 

Jack capt Wm, Knockdhu, Pointhouse crss- 
Jamieson Mgs, mate, "Vigilant," Appin vil 
Jamieson Hugh, Inveryne pi 
Jamieson, Jas . Govandale pi 
Jardin* Wm, Church officer, Crown bldgs 
Jenkins, Donald, iramekeeper, Craigandun 
Johnston James, Castle st 
Johnstone, James, Angus pi 
Johnstone, John, Govandale pi 


Kean, Miss Helen, Pointhouse Cres 
Keith Miss Cath.. grocer, Inveryne pi 
Keith, Duncan, Ebenezer pi 
Keith, Hugh, Royal cottage, Quay st 
Keith, Mrs Mary Castle st 
Kennedy, Wm, ploughman. Kilmichael 
Killock, Mrs, Pointhouse crescent 
Kinnie Mrs^West End house 


Haddow Burnbank ter 
Halliday, Mrs Duncan, Ulva pi 
Halliday, George, mercliant. George pi 
Halliday, Mrs Jane, Sawmill 
Halliday Mrs Margt., Angus pi 
Halliday, Mrs Mary, Stonefield 
Hamilton John, Govandale pi 
Hamilton, Robt., contra -tor, Lamont pi 
Hamilton Miss, Baimoral 
Hardie, Robert, merchant, Castle st 
Harper, Alex. R. , Pier ter 
Hart, Joseph, Oistle st 
Hart Ja«., Castle st 
Hatfon Silverburn, Creek drive 
Henderson, Mrs, Burnside avenue 
Henderson Wm., Jan., Old Hafton pi 
Henderson Wm.,sn.. painter, Govandale pi 
Hogarth, Arch., yaclitmaster, Bay view 
Hogarth, Mrs Jas., Shore st 
Hogarth, John, fisherman, St Ninians 
Hogarth, John, mason Glenlee pi 
Hogarth Mrs Male , grocer, Marine rd 
Hogarth, Wm.,M l Leisli's land 

Lamont, Miss Annie, Tighantraigh 
Lamont, Arch , accountant, Tighantraigh 
Lamont, Mrs Cath., Hafton pi 
Lamont, Misses Eliz. & Hannah, Fir cliff 
Lamont, Hugh, butcher. Marine rd 
Lamont, Jas., fencer, Cui.nashamrag 
Lamont, Jn. M'N.. writer, Fern bank 
Lamont, John, farmer, Stuck 
Lamont, Malcolm. Stuck 
Lamont, Wm. D., clerk, Fircliff 
Lawrie, Lewis, residenter, Inveryne pi 
Leitch, Colin, Shore st 
Leitch, James, yachtsman. Lome pi 
Leitch, John, yachtsman. Shore st 
Linden James, 4 ^tua'tst 
L vingsione, Win., blicksmith, Hafton pi 
Loch, James, joiner, Sprinirwell pi 
Loch, Wltr.. boatman. Hafton pi 
Loch, William, coal mere <ant. Castle st 
Lochhead. Thus, Kildavalinan farm 
Logan, Miss Alice, Ettrick bulk 
Lusk, Miss Ann, Salisbury pi 
Lyon Dugald, joiner, Springwell pi 
Lyon, Mrs James, farmer, Drumachlojr 




Mackie, Thomas, Salisbury pi 

Maitland, John, Angus pi 

Malcom, Agnes, George's pi 

Malcom Archibald, joiner and boat-builder, 

Shore st; ho Sandringham ter 
Malcom, James, carpenter, Rnsebery pi 
Malcom James P., farmer, Edinbeg 
Malcom, Mrs Mary, Castle st 
Malcom, Robt., carpenter. Albion pi 
Marshall, Miss Grace, Appin vil 
Marshall, John, boilermaker, George pi 
Martin, Arch, engineer, Scarrel 
Mather, Wm, Govandalepl 
Mather, Wm., Castle st 
Mathieson, Mrs, Victoria pi 
Matthew, Edward, m.a., schoolmaster, 

Castle st 
Matthews Sandringham ter 

Matthewson Ewen, painter, Shore st 
Meldrum, D., fencer, Cuilnashamrag 
Meldrum David, yachtmaster, Shore st 
Meldrum, Mrs, Georee's pi 
Meldrum mis John, Edinmore 
Miller, Hugh, farmer, Inchmarnock 
Miller John. George's pi 
Miller Joseph, Govandale pi 
Miller, Neil, cabmnn, 2 Buckingham ter 
Miller Mrs Wm., confectioner. Castle st 
Milne Alfred, yacht designer, Pomona ho 
Martin, John, jun., farmer, Scalpsie 
Montgomery Alex., farmer, Auchenteerie 
Montgomerie, Hugh, Buchingham ter 
Morgan, Henry, boxmaker, Sardinia pi 
Morrison Alex., woodman, Lome pi 
Morrison, Miss Janet C, Melbourne pi 
Morrison, Wm., farmer, Rulliecheddan 
Muir, Jas., Pier ter 
Muir Thomas, farmer. Mechnoch 
Murdoch Wm. M., engineer, Quay st 
Middleton, James, farmer, Milton 
Muir Bryce, Buckingham ter 
Munsie, Alex., Lome pi 
Murray Mrs Agnes, Shore st 
Murray, Alex. Govar.daie pi 
Murray Dug., fisherman, Bannatyne Mains 

Murray, Misses, Bannatyne Mains rd 


McAlister, mis, farmer Meikle Kilmcry 
McArthur, Mrs Janet, Casrle st 
McArthur, John D., fisherman, Straad 
McArthur, John, surfaceman, Pointhouse 

McArthur, Robt., sen. and jun. fishermen, 

Ballycurrie sh 
McArthur, Thos. .fisherman, Ballycurrie sh 
McAulay Si ewart, Mount park 
McCallum, Colin, John and Peter, farmers, 
Kilmichael and Rhubodach 

McConneehy, limy, fanner, Largivrechtan 
McCreacly, John, tailor, Royal pi 
McDermid, Henry, labourer, Angus pi 
McDonald, Dugald., farmer, Auchavoulaig 
McDonald, Hugh, joiner, Bay view 
McDonald R'>n., Ardgowan 
McDonald, Wm., woodman, Cuilnashamrag. 
McDonald, Mrs Jane, Victoria pi 
McDonald Krs, Braemar 
M'Douiall, Alex., Roseliery pi 
McDougail, Dun., Castle st 
McDougall, Jas., fisherman, Straad 
McDougail, Mrs, dairy, Castle st 
McDougall, Thomas, fisherman, Straad 
McDougail, Wltr., fisherman, Ballycurrie sh 
McDougall, Wm., fishermnn, Ballycurrie sh. 
McKarlane Chas, farmer. Cranslagmory 
McFarlanc, MrsAgnes, Upper Ardroscadale 
McKarlane, Miss Annie, 18 Castle st 
Mache, M, farmer, Mid Park, Inchmarnock 
McFie Duncan, gardener, Karnes castle 
Macfie, Hugh's heirs, farmer, Ballycaul 
Mactie, Jas. L., shipping agent, 6 Creek dry 
Macfie, John, farmer, Alltan Righ 
Macfie, John, farmer, Lower Ettrick 
McGlashan, Dug , yachtmaster. Marine rd- 
McGreeor, mis Eliz., Pointhouse cres 
McGregor, Miss, Glenlee 
Mcllraith, Mrs Elsie, Busnside ave 
Mclnnes, Mrs, Govamiale pi 
Mlntosh, Don., Orchid vil, Pointhouse ere* 
Mclntyie Andrew, farmer, Glenmore 
Mclntyre Alex., farmer, Dunalunt 
Mclntyre Mrs Don,, Lome pi 
Mclntyre mis Eliz., farmer, Kildavannan 
Mclntyre, Arch, farmer, Ballanlay 
Mclntyre , engineer, Pointhouse cres 
McKay Mrs John, farmer, Barone Park 
McKay Mrs, 1 Stewart st 
McKay Mrs, Victoria pi 
McKechnie, John, Govandale pi 
McKellar John, fisherman, Straad 
McKellar Mrs Peter. Burnside ave 
McKenzie, Robt S, Rothesay Steam Laun- 
dry ; Maple cottage. Creek drive 
McKenzie Miss. Stella Maris 
McKinnon mis Don , Marine rd 
McKinnon Don., yachtsman, Govandale p 
McKirdy Wm, Straad 
McKirdy Gilbert, carter, Angus pi 
McLean Andrew, carpenter, 26 Castle st 
McLean Dugald, farm manager,Glecknbaae 
McLean, John, Castle st 
McLean Lach., farmer, Cranslagloan 
McManus, Thos, gamekeeper, Rhubodach 
McMillan Duncan, joiner, Inveryne pi 
McMillan Mrs James, Burnside ave 
McMillan Jas. Angus pi 
Macmillan Miss M., Margaret villa 
McMurray John, residenter, Albion pi 
McNab Miss Mary, Lnmont pi 
McNicol, Miss Cath., Castle st 
McPhail Alex., roadman. Ulva pi 
McPhail Duncan, shoemaker Ballanlay 
McPhail, James, seaman. Castle st 
McPhail John, motorman, Buckingham te» 
McPhail Mrs, Male, Marinerd 



McQueen Andw, carpenter, Cuilnashamrag 
McQueen Neil, fencer, Cuilnashamrag 
McQueen Mrs, Cuilnashamrag 
Mc Vicar Arch, yachtmaster, Melbourne pi 
Me Vicar John, Kilmichael 


Narrowmore Fred, Govandale pi 
Nelson W H, Govandale pi 
Nicol Mrs, Lome pi 
Nicol Robert, Bannatyne Mains rd 

Orr Hugh Kerr, tailor, 31 Marine rd 

Paterson J. K., West End ho 
Pnton James, Govandale pi 
Paton James, Victoria pi 
Payne Miss. Mount Clair 
Petrie. James, eahirietmaker, Ulva pi 
Pollock miss, teacher. Marine rd 
Poole Wm., Castle st 
Poole Mrs, Strone view 


Rankin Peter, Angus pi 
Ritchie James S., farmer, Gortans 
Robertson Arch., tram way manager, Point- 
Robertson Jas., Castle st 
Robertson Jas. , miller. Greenan 
Robertson Mrs Janet, Sardinia pi 
Rodger mi's Margt., Rose cot 
Rodger Wm., saddler, Bannatyne Mains rd 
Rodger Mrs, Blythswood 
Rodger, Mrs, Mountpark cot 

Salmon Hrs, Govandale pi 
Scott Burnside ave 

Semple J. C, chemist, Lamont pi 
Sharp, Daniel, surfaceman, Iona pi 
Shaw Daniel, blacksmith, Straad ■ 
Shaw Neil, ploughman, Edinmore 
Shearer Jas., yachtmaster, Quay st 
Shearer Matthew, boat-hirer, Marine rd 
Shields Robt , Royal Hotel. Shore st 
Sievewrigid Wm H , licsd. grocer, Victoria 

pi; ho, do. 
Simpson, John G, farmer. Mid St Colmac 
Simpson John, farmer, West St Colmac 
Sinclair, Dugald seaman, Inveryne pi 
Sinclair John Kingston pi 
Smart Jas., Bannatyne Mains rd 
Smith Jas., C , engineer. Upper Quay st 
Smith John, Castle st 

Smith John, blacksmith, Ettrick 
Sou'er Mrs Mary, Rosebery pi 
Stalker Gilb , yachtmaster, Lamont pi 
Staveley, J. W., manager, Hatcheries, Kil- 

Stevenson Miss, farmer, Ardmaleish 
Stevenson mis Janet, farmer, Kilbride 
Stewart Alex. & Robt., farmes, Nether 

Stewart, Arch,, blacksmith, New Hafton pi 
Stewart James, Tighantraigh 
Stewart Thos., farmer. Upper Ardroscadale 
Stewart Mrs Mary, Nether Ardroscadale 
Stewart, Mrs Mary, Stratford, Pointhouse 
Stewart, Matt., Court-hse keeper. Brown's 

Stewart John, Ironlea 
Stewart, Robert W., church officer, Inver- 
yne pi 
Stewart Wm., gardener, Buckingham ter 
Stewart Mrs, Cuilnashamrag 
Stoddart Alex., Sawmill, Bay Head 
Sutherland Mrs Alex.. Ebenezer pi 
Sutherland Geo., Ebenezer pi 
Sutherland John gardener, Iona pi 
Symons Mrs, Ardentigh 


Taylor Jas., baker, Iona pi 
Thomson Dan., roadman, Ballanlay 
Thomson David, blacksmith, N Hafton pi 
Thomson, James, moulder, Govandale pi 
Thomson Miss Janet, Castle st 
Thomson mis Margt. , Royal pi 
Thomson Nurs^, Stewarthall 


Wallace, Arch., Tighentudor 

Wallace Dan., gamewatcher, Tighentudor 

Wallace John, 58 Marine rd 

Wallace Mrs, Govandale pi 

Waters mis Helen, Marine rd 

Watson Wm., music seller Victoria pi 

Weir Malcolm, Rullecheddan 

Weir Mrs Margt., Marine rd 

Welsh George, baker, Melbourne pi ;ho 

Beechbank, Bannatyne Mains rd 
White Mrs, Govandale pi 
White Wm. carpenter, Sardinia pi 
Whyte W. S., Daisy bank 
Wilson James, contractor, Victoria pi 
Wilson Thomas, 1 Stewart st 
Woods Mrs Sarah, Marine rd 
Wotherspoon John, draper, Ulva pi 
Wright Wm., tinsmith, Albion pi 

Yuille, Mrs Margt . Karnes bank 


Parish of Kingarth. 

(Including the Village of Kilchattan Bat). 


Allan James, Albert place, Kilchattan Bay 
Anderson Geo S., compositor, Kilchattan B 


Baillie Geo,, farmer, Langalbuinoch 

Ba01ie Wm., Culevine, Kilchattan Bay 

Bannatyne Mrs Bryce, Kilchattan Bay 

Bannat\ ne Mary. Kerrycroy 

Begs James, blacksmith, Kingarth 

Beith Miss J, Kilchattim Bay 

Bell Duncan, tiaker, Kilchattan Bay 

Bell Duncan, jun„ mason. Piperhall 

Bell John, blacksmith, Kilcnattan Bay 

Bell Malcolm, mason. Kilchattan Mill 

Bell M. jun., mason, Kilchattan Bay 

Bell His Jane. Kilchattan Bay 

Black Daniel, joiner, Kerrycroy 

Black Robert, roadman, Kilchattan Butts 

Blackwood Miss A, Kilchattan Bay 

Boag John Scott, fencer, Kilchattan Butt 

Brodie, Miss Flora, Kilchattan Bay 

Brown Alex., roadman, Kilchattan Bay 

Brown Alex, jr.tilework labourer, Kil. Bay 

Brown Miss, St Margaret's 

Bryden Win, sell. bd. clerk, Kilchattan By 

Burns Mrs Wm., Kilchattan Bay 

Burrige John, labourer, Mountstuart 


Cadger gardener, Ascog bank 
Calder A, coachman, Millbank 
Campbell Archd. Ascog 
Campbell A A (of GilTnook), Kilchattan By 
Campbell Duncan, Kilchattan Bay 
Campbell mis Wm., Kilchattan Bay 
Carlisle J, Kilchattan Bay 
Chrbter Miss C, teacher, Kilchattan Bay 
Christer Dvd., tilework labourer, Kil. Bay 
Clapperton W. , traveller, Kilchattan Bay 
Connell Edward, traveller, Kilchattan Bay 
Cowie L., Mountstuart 
Crawford mis , farmer, Little Kilchattan 
Crawford J , St Blane s ter, Kilchattan Ba 
Crawford, Thos., farmer. Drumreoch 
Crawford Wm., farmer, Langalchorad 
Crawford Wm., hotel keeper, Kingarth 
Cumming, Mrs John Kilchattan Bay 
Currie J., grocer, Kilchattan Bay 
Cunie Miss Mary, Post Office. Kilchattan B 


Davis Peter, Kilchattan Bay 
Day Mrs Cath., Kilchattan Bay 
Dean Adam, quarryman, Kilchattan Bay 
Dean John, ploughman, Piperhall 
Docherty Wm.. labourer, Mountstuart 
Duncan Miss Bella., Kilchattan Bay 
Duncan Jas., ironmonger, Kilchattan Bay 
Duncan Miss Janet, Kilchattan Bay 
Duncan Robt. , labourer, Kilchatian Bay 
Duncan Robt. T., carrier, Kilchattan Bay 
Iiuncan Mrs, Fernlee, Kilchattan Bay 


Elmer Thos., coachman, Ascog bank 
Esplin W. T., schoolmaster, Kingarth 
Ewing Mrs Annie, Kilchattan Bay 


Farmer David, gardener, Millbank 
Ferguson David, farmer, Ardnahoe 
Ferguson Dun. milkman, Culevin 
Ferguson Neil, labourer, Kerrylamont 
Ferguson, Mrs Mrgt., Kilchattan Bay 
Fernie Alex, forester, Mountstuart 
Fisher Geo., bootmaker, Kilchattan Bay 
Fleming Rbt, ssc, Oaktield, Kilchattan By- 
Fisher James, 'bus driver, Kilchattan Bay- 
Fisher Peter, hedger, Kerrylainont 
Fisher Wm, postman. Kilchattan Bay 
Fraser Mrs A S, Kilc'iattan Bay 
Fraser Donald, manager, Plan 
Fulton J., Gilroy, Kilchattan By 
Fulton Wm., teacher, Kerrycroy 


Galbraith Miss E.. Kilchattan Bay 

Galbraith mis John, Kilchattan Bay 

Gemmell Dn & Wm, farmers. Kerrytonlia 

Gill Hugh, labourer, Kilchattan Bay 

Gill James, Kingarth 

Gillespie W., Gilroy, Kilchattan By 

Gilmouv Thomas, tilemaker, Kilchattan By 

Gordon Robt.. gamekeeper, Mountstuart 

Govan Mrs, Kilchattan Bay 

Gow John G., Kilchattan Bay 

Greig David, Kiln villa, Kilcnattan Bay 


Hall Jas, vineries, Ascog 
Hall , gardener, Ascog 

Halliday David, gardener, Ascog house 
Hardie James, boxmaker, Kilchattan Bay 


Heron Michael, gardener, Mountstuart 

Hogg M, Kilchattan Bay 

Humphrey Rich., 'bus driver, Kilchattan 

Inglis Rev Robt, U F Ch., Kilchattan Bay 



•Keith Duncan, carter, Mountstuart 
Keith Dugald, Kerrycroy 
Kelso M. , Kilchattan Bay 
Kelso Robert, Kilchattan Bay 

:Kilpatrick R, Kil. Bay 

Laidlaw Wm, Balmory 
Lamont Andrew, joiner, Newfarm 
Lamont James molecatcher, Kilchattan Bt 
Linden James, hedger, Birgidale Butt 
Linsley, J C, schoolmaster and organist, 

Little James, ploughman, Kilchattan Bay 
Logan James, carrier, Kilchattan Bay 
Logan Jas., gamewatcher, Birgidale Butt 
Logie Mrs, Kilchattan Bay 
Lonie W. Kil. Bay 

Louden Wm. , clothier, Kilchattan Bay 
Lucas James, teacher, Kilchattan Bay 
Lyon Alex, farmer, Barefield 
Lynn J, Kil. Bay 


Marshall Thomas, grocer, Kilchattan Bay 
Martin Mrs Archd., farmer. Largiezean 
Martin James, farmer, Nether Stravannan 
Martin Mrs J»hn, farmer, Kerrymenoch 
Martin mis Moses, Kilchattan bay 
Meiklejolm Jas, Gnvanlea, Kilchattan Bay 
Meiklejohn Mis Jessie, Mill cot., Kingarth 
Meldrum , Kerry lamont 

Melvill ■ T, Kilchattan Hay 
Midilleton Angus, Newfarm 
Middleton Robert, watchman, Mountstuart 
Middleron Rodrien Mrs, Kilchattan Bay 
Miller Neil, labourer. Pipe-hall 
Mitchell Mrs, Ascog Post Office 
Morrison James, baker, Kilchattan Bay 
Morrison John, Ashirrove, Kilchattan Bay 
Morrison John, fisherman, Kilchattan Bay 
Monlson Robt., fisherm in, Kilchattan Bay 
Munro A, M ■untstttart 
Murchie Hugh, baker, Mountstuart 
Murray David, farmer, Quncnag 
Murray John, ploughman, Kingarth 
Murray mis John. Kilchattan Bay 
Murray S, butler, Mountstuart 

McAlister Rohert, farmer, Mid-Ascog 
McAllister Mrs W, Gatehouse, Kilchattan B 
McArthur A, J., Kilchattan Bay 
Mc Arthur, Donald K. H., Kilchattan Bay 
McCalman D.,pc, Kingarth Police station 
MeCallum Dug., carpenter. Kilchattan Bay 
McCnlloch, J., Kilchattan Bay 
McDermot , gardener, Monntstuart 
McDonald A I., rabbit catcher, Kilchattan B 
McDougall Mrs Jas., Kilchaltari Bay 
McDougall Js jun., engineer, Kilchattan B 
McDougall Miss Jane, grocer, Kilchattan B 
McDougall Jn., fisheiman, Kilchattan Bay 
McDougall John, labourer, Kilchattan Bay 
M Dougall John, ploughman, Mid-Ascog 
McDougall Dun & Rbt., farmers, Barnauld 
McDougall Miss, draper, Kilchattan Bay 
McDougall Robt, farmer, Birgidale Crieff 
Macewen Professor, South Garn chty 
McFarlane Alex., farmer, ^Culevin and 

Meikle Kilchattan 
McFarlane mis D., Kilchattan Bay 
Macfie Alex., fencer. Kilchattau Butt 
Macfie Dn. jn., carriage hirer, Kingarth 
Macfie Daniel and John, farmers, Lubas 
Macfie Dan., seaman. Kilchattan Bay 
Macfie Fergus, mason. Kilchattan Bay 
Macfie James, forester, Cossan 
Macfie Mrs Kobt.,, Kerry roy 
Macfie Robt.. joiner, Kilchattan Bay 
McGregor, Alasdair Hermitage, Ascog 
McGregor Daniel, fencer. Mountstuart 
Mcintosh John, tailor, Kilchattan Bay 
Mcintosh J, p. c. Kilchattan Bay 
Mcintosh Miss Kilchattan Ray 
Mclntyre Arch;, labourer, Kilchattan Bay 
Mclntyre Dugald, tile worker, Ki ehattan 
Mclntyre Wm., r< ad surv., Kerry lamont 
McKay Chas., tailor, Kilchattan Bay 
McKay Miss Jane, Kilchattan Bay 
McKay Mrs Margt., f rtner, Bruchag 
McKay Mrs Robert, Kilchattan Bay 
McKay Wm.. Ascog house 
McKellar Male, gamekeeper, Baramore 
McKellar.Mrs, Rosina pi, Kilchattan Bay 
McKenzie John, gardener, Stevenson home 

McKill R' bt , printer, Kilch»ttan Bay 
McKinnon John joiner. Piperhall 
McKinnon N*il, pi nughman, Kerrytonlia 
McLean, Hugli, farmer, Asi og 
McLean John, Dixon s Dam 
McLean Mrs, Upper Stravannan 
McLeod N., gardener, South park, Ascog 
McMillan Aichd., ploutrhman, BirgidaleBt 
McMillan Arch., jn , ploughman, Bruchag 
McMillan capt. Daniel, Kilchattan Bav 
McMillan Win., boatman, Kilchattan Bay 
McNee Mrs J , Kilchattan Bay 
McNeil Frank, Beechland. Kilchattan Bay 
McQuat David, sheph id, Kilchattan Bay 
Miciae, capt Colin, Ascog Hall 
MacRae, capt Clin, Ascog Hall 
McTaegart Archd, carter, Kerry lamont 


Page D, Govandale, Kilchattan Bay 
Park Alx com. traveller, Kilchattan Bay 
Paterson John, Bloomfield.Kilchattan Bay 
Pollock Rev John J. W., Hawkeston lodge 


Reid James, boatman , Kilchattan Bay 
Robertson Arch, farmer, Birgidale Knock 
Robertson James, Kilchattan Bay 
Robertson R., Kilchattan Bay 
Rose David, carter, Newiarm 
Ross Mrs, Kilchattan Bay 
Roy Peter, traveller, Kilchattan Bay 
Renouff Louis P W, St Margaret's, Ascog 

Saunders Rev John, m. a. , B. d., Kingartli 
Scott Mrs M., farmer, Gallachan 
Semple James, organist, Kilchattan Bay 
Shaw Arch, ploutchman, Kerrytonlia 
Shields Jas., engineer, Mountstuart 
Siddall, Miss Annie, Kilchattan Bay 
Smith James, uardener, Ascog hall 
Ssmith Mrs, Milibrae, Ascog 

Speirs John, ploughman, Birgidale Butt 
Speirs Mrs, Piperh ill 
Speirs A, Scoulag mocr 
Steel Robert, tileworlc lab., Kilchattan By 
Stewart Jas., joiner, Kerrycroy 
Stewart Miss Mary A, teacher, Birgidale 
Stewart Wm., wood intn, Kilchattan Bay 
Stocks John, traveller, Kilchattan Bay 
Strathern Mrs Geo., Kilchattan Bay 
Stuart John, Marquis of Bute, Mount- 
stuart House 

Telfer James, farmer, Kerrycruisoch 
Thomas John, trapper. Kilchattan Bay 
Thomson Dvd. engineer, Kilchattan Bay 
Thomson Wm, Balmory rd 


Walker T, Kilchattan Bay 

Wallace Daniel, gamekeeper, Piperhall 

Weir Mrs Alex., farmer, Dunagoil 

Wilson Mrs John, Kerrycroy 

Wilson Wm., butcher, Kilchattan Bay 

Winter Rev. William, Ascog 



Gpoeer, Bookseller, Stationer, & Newsagent 



(Late of Scott & Todd), 

Coal Merchant, 

25 Bbid&e Street, 


Mnrierymen and Seed§men,. 

Public Park Nursery, 


Seeds, Plants, Bulbs, Cut Flowers, Tomatoes and White Heather in Season. 



Opposite Stewart Statue, 

Mrs M'CORD, Proprietor. 

Breakfasts. Luncheons. Dinners. Teas. Fish Suppers. 
Excursion and Pic-Nic Purveyor. 

Phone, 101x5 


Upbolsterer, Blind and 

Bedding* manufacturer, 


21 Bpidg"e-End Street. 

COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHER- Floorcloth, Carpet, Bedding, dec. 

Picture Framing. Pianos on Hire. Removals Conducted. Furniture Stored! 

Carpets Beaten toy Steam Power on the Premises. 




t on War Service. 


Campbell, Alex., 29 Watergate 
Montgomerie, Ach.. 11 Albert pi 
Mackinnon James, CRA, 11 Albert, pi 

vErated Water Manufacturers 

Bapp & Co., 12 Watergate 
Cunningham & Co., Palace bldgs 


Dewap, Duncan, 15 Castle st 
McKinlay, Andrew M. 6 Castle'st 
McLintoek, George M., High st 

Art Needleworkers 
Macmillan's, Mrs, 7, 18 & 21 Argyle st 

Campbell, Alex., 29 Watergate 
Montgromerie Arch., Albert pi 
Johnston, D L. Watergate 

Brown, Arch., 6 Argyle st 
Co-Operative Society, 7 E Princes st 
Grant, Peter, 104 Montague st, 
Lamont, John, 19 Gallowgate 
Lamont, J. F., 69 Montague st 
Lawson. David & Son, 87 Montague st 
MoPPis, David I., Montague st 
Muir, Charles, 17 High st, 17 Argyle st 
McNicol James, 11 Wyndham rd 
McNicol, Neil, 81 High st & 23 Mon- 
tague st 
Robertson, John, 11 E Princes st 

Billiard Booms 
Lawpie, John M, Gallowgate 


Allen David <!fc Sons, 66 High st 


BaiPd, Andrew B., 113 High st 
M' Bride, Robert, John st 
Shaw Daniel, Croft lane 
Watson & Son, 11-13 Castle st 

Boarding Houses 

Arthurlie, Mountpleasant road — Miss 

Apdyne-Elysium, Craigmore — 

John W Muir 
APgyle Boarding House, 11 Argyle pi 

— Mrs Wilson, proprietrix 
Clifton, Argyle ter— Mrs M'Neill 
Empire, 5 Battery pi— Mrs Bainbridge 
Healtheries, Canada Hill 
Helenslea, Crichton road — Mrs Bur- 

ness, proprietrix 
Holiday Home, Mountstuart rd — Miss 

Holiday Resort— Mackinlay st 
Pension, Craigmore — Miss Cariick 
Rivepsdale, A M Boyd, 36 Argyle st 
Weirholm, 23 Battery pi— Mrs Weir 
Windsor Boarding House, 27 Battery pi 

Boat Builders 

Dewap Francis, Church lane, High st 
M'Farlane, George, Mill st 
Taylor Jas., King st 

Boat Hirers 

Campbell John, 15- Princes st 
Dewap, Francis, Esplanade 
Fpeekleton, Chas, Aiountstuart rd 
Fpeekleton, James, Esplanade 
Knox, Duncan, Albert pi 
Leitch, Duncan. Ardbeg 
McFaplane, George, Esplanade 
Mclvep, Jas., West Bay 
Scott Walter, West bay 
Taylor, James, Albert pi 



TRADERS- -Rothesay. 

Booksellers, Stationers &c- 

Allan, Misses, 102 Montague st 
Buchanan Andrew, 49 Montague st 
Campbell, Misses A & C, W. Princes st 
Clark John, 52 Montague st 
Clay, T. M., 11 Victoria st 
Craighead Mrs, Guildford sq 
Doug all J S.. 21 & 81 Victoria st, and 

27 & 29 Montague st 
Duncan, Miss, Argyle st 
Greer Alex, 58i High st 
Hill, Miss, 33 Gallowgate 
Lyle, Miss 1 Montague st 
M'Culloch, H. P., Victoria st 
McDonald, J., 8 Cridge-end &t 
McNeil. Wm ., E Princes st 
M'Mcol Miss, 6 Bishop st 12 Albert pi 
Robertson, Marion, 46 High st and 26 

Mill stj 
Stewart, Misses M. & F., 80 Ardbeg rd 
Waterson, Mrs, Montague st 

Boot and Shoemakers 

DickJR & J, 44 Montague st 
Duncan, Alex., Bishop st 
Greenless & Sons, Montague st 
Houston John, 12 Mill st 
Murdoch Angus, 24 Watergate 
McGaw, Mrs, 60 Montague st 
tMcMillan, John, 89 High st 
Stead & Simpson, 99 Montague st 
Stewart, David, (late R. & J. Dick), 

105 Montague st 
Thompson, James 94 Montague st 
Weir, Dugald, 71 Montague st 



Campbell. Jas. (second hand 

6 Ladeside 
Creighton Mrs, 6 Mill st 
Dewar Francis, Church lane, High st 
Faulds Wm., Will st 
McGuire Mrs. (Furniture Dealer), 31 

Mill street and Russell street corner 
Whiteford, Mrs, 21, 23, 25, 28 Mill 
st, and W. Castle st 


Bone, Robert, Russell st 
Duncan James, 62 Ladeside st 
Hunter John. Castle st 
Lyle, Wm., Townhead 
t M'Cord, Robt, Mill st 
Pinkerton James, ~ Bridgend st 

'Bus Proprietors 
M'Kirdy & M'Millan, E Princes st 


B & A Meat Coy. ,Ld.,63 Montague s 
Blyth, John, 115 Montague st 
Brownlie Wm., Watergate 
Crawford Brothers, 19 Gallowgate 
Currie, Duncan, 3 Bishop st 
Eastman's Limited, 57 Montague st 
Montgomerie Brothers, Albert pi 
M'Ewan, D., Mill st 
M'Intyre. James, 81 Montague st 
Squair, Wm. H., 5 Gallowgate 

Cabinet Makers 
Blair Duncan, 15 Bridge s 
Dodds, John G, Colbeck pi 
Gentleman Robert, High st 
Mathers, W., 3 Gallowgate 
Smith, James, 13 Bishop st 
Speirs, Charles W, 22 Bridge st 

Carriage Hirers 

M'Kirdy & M Millan. East Princes st 
Martin, J. & A., Chapelhill rd; Call 

Office, 20 East Princes st 
Moodie, Wm., Watergate 
McLean, Thomas, Battery pi 

Rothesay and Glasgow— 
Henry, Jas., 72 Montague st ; Glas- 
gow — 63 Osborne st, 54 Mitchell st, 
57 Buchanan st, 66 Quean st & 31 
Hutchison st 
M'Gilp, Daniel, 3 Tower st ; Glasgow 
—90 Argjle st 84 Virginia st., 104 
E. Howard St., 50 Queen st, and 17 
Miller st 
Rothesay, Port-Bannatyne, and 


Faulds, W John st 
Meikle & MeKellar, Quay 
Shaw & Gillies, Quay 

Rothesay and Kilchattan— 
Logan, James, Kilchattan Bay 

Carting Contractors 
Faulds W, John st 
Meikle & MeKellar, Quay 

Mackirdy Taggait, 34 Bishop st 
Todd John, 25 Bridge st 
Shaw & Gillies Quay 
Watson, Wm., Quay 

Kirk wood, David, 111 High st 
Blair Duncan, 15 Bridge st 
McBride James, John st 
Morrison Robert, Stuart st 
Robertson, John, Watergate 


TRADERS- Rothesay. 

Cattle Dealer 
Currie Robert Crossbeg 

Chemists and Druggists [168 

Gemmell John, 20 Argyle st. Phone 
Hicks, Geo & Son, 1 & 85 Victoria st 
Hill, Geo G., 64 Montague st 
Lyle, Wm , 13 E Princes st 
Meld rum Wm., 43 Victoria st, and 

Drug store. 
Roebuck, C M, 95 High st 

Chimney Sweepers 

The Slaters and 
Pinkerton, Jas., Columshill pi 

China & Earthenware Dealers 
Harris, W. W., 29 Gallowgate 
Howat, Jas., 1 Albert pi 
Kerr, Miss M., Dean Hood pi 

Coal Merchants 
Prentiee Kobt, Coal Depot, Stuart st 
Dixon, Wm., Limited, 13 King st 
Mackirdy Taggart, 38 Bishop st 
Sturgeon, John, 20 Mill st 

Todd John, 25 Bridge st 

The Grocers and 

Allan, Mrs E. K.. 63 Victoria st 
Bonacorsi , Watergate 
Buchanan, I. & M., Victoria st 
Campbell, Alex , Mill st 
Carruth, Miss L., 14 Mill st 
Cochrane, Mrs, Gallowgate 
Donaldson Miss, 19i Bridgend st 
Dobbie. Miss J., the Pier 
Haig, Mrs, Kiosk, Meadows 
Johnston Mrs. 4 Bridge st 
Johnston Mrs, 72 Victoria st 
Lawson Mrs, 17 Victoria st 
Lister Miss, High st 
M'Cord, Miss, s, Victoriast 
Mc Vicar, Miss, 24 West Princes st 
McParlane Samuel, 9 Gallowgate 
M'Kendrick, Mr« J , Wate gate 
Torri P, Montague st, Dean Hood pi, 

Gallowgate & Victoria st 
McMillan Mrs, Watergate 

Halliday, George, Lmtd, Rothesay, 
Pier budders. General Contractors 
and Contractors for Tar Macadam 
roadways and pavements 

Cycle Agents and Kepairers 

Aird, David, 1 Mill st 

Yates, James, 91 Montague st 

Dairy Keepers, &c. 

Birkett Mrs, Dean Hood pi 
Buttercup Dairy Co., Montague st 
Callan Mrs, E Princes st 
Carmicnael, Wm., 15 Tower st 
Laidlaw Mrs, It Bishop st 
Lauder, Mrs, Carlton Dairy Cafe", 19 

Argyle st 
Love, Miss M, 3 Dean PI 
Maypole Dairy Co. . 56 Montague st 
Miller Mrs, 72 High st 
Morrison Miss, Montague st 
McDougall Miss, 1 Gallowgate 
Stone, Mrs Joseph, 2 Columshill st 
Young", Miss 13 Wyndham rd 


Brown, John R., 3J Victoria st 
Nicol, R. A., rfps, lds., 28 Argyle st 
Mcll wraith, J. R. Ardbeg 


Brown A & Son, 31 & 33 Montague st 
Caldwell Brothers, 1 and 2 Albert pi 
Hill George, Montague st 
Lauder, Misses J & A, 88 Montague st 
Lauder, Rbt., 9 W Princes st, & Albert p 
Lyle Mrs, 52 High st 
Miller & Co., 48 Montague st 
Muir, Wm. C, 19 Montague st 
M 'Arthur, Peter, Albert pi 
Maerone Alex, White House 
Park, Miss, 75 Montague st 
Thomson, Wm., 13 Montague st 


Barr, miss, E. Princes st 
Freekleton, Misses. Ornatus ter 
Henderson Miss, Bute mansions 
Haig, Miss. Seabank buildings 
Higgle, Miss Mrgt. M'L., 20 Bridge st 
M Pherson, Miss Bridge-end st 
M'Pherson Miss. Columshill st 
Pinkerton Miss, Columshill st 
Thomson, Win., Montague st 
Weir, Miss, Mountpleasant 

Dyers and Cleaners 

Rapid Valet Service Co., 6 Dean 
Hood pi 

t Aird, David, 1 Mill st 



TRADERS— Rothesay 

I armers 
Ardbeg . . . . Mrs Alex. Currie 

Ashfield . . Alex McLaren 

Bogany . . . . AS Black 

Crossbeg .. Robert Currie 

Gartnakailly . . Andrew T Ritchie 
Knockanreoch and 

Larkhall . . John M'Millan 
Little Grenach .. Jas M'lntyre 
Little Barone .. Peter M 'Coll 
Lochend and Lochly, Peter Canning 
Meikle Grenach . . Dugald Cowan 
Westland . . Mrs John Currie 

Windyhall .. Mrs T. H. Harvey 

Fish Curers 

Barr, Peter, 35 Watergate 
Tweedley John. 17 Stuart st 


Fyfe, George, 6 Bridgend st 
Slaven Mrs Cath, 117 Montague st 
Slaven, J S, 22 High st 
Smith, John, 35 Victoria st 
Thomson, Mrs J., 5 Tower st 
Thopbupn, John, IS W. Princes st 

Florists, Nurserymen, Seeds- 
men, and Market Gardeners. 

Anderson, Hugh, Serpentine rd 
Cuthbeptson, M & Co., Public Park 

Geddes, John G., Springfleld,69 High 
Lister, Alex., Meadowbank, Barone rd 
M'Laren, John. Braeside 
M'Laren , Burnside. Millhole 
Wilson Colin & Co., Eden pi, High st 

Fruiterers and Greengrocers 
Beattie Miss M., 9 Argyle st 
Burgoyne, Mrs, 95 Montague st 
Duncan, Miss M., 6 WestPrinces st 
Ferguson, Miss, 79 Montague st 
Joyce, J, 74 h Ardbeg rd 
Lawson Mrs, 17 Victoria st 
Lister Miss, High st 
M'Douald &■ Hannay, 25 Gallowgate 
M'Dougall Miss, 1 Gallowgate 
Macintyre, M. & E., Wyndham road 
M'Nicol, Miss, B. Princes st 
Niblock, Miss, 14 Bridgend st 
Rankin. Missies. Albert pi 
Reid Mrs I, 10 Montague st ['Phoue, 
Slaven, James. 10 W. Princes st 29. 
Slaven, John, Stuart st 

Funeral Undertakers 

see joiners). 

Gentlemen's Furnishers. 
Meikle Helen, Victoria st 
McKay Charles, Victoria st 
McLachlan. John, 67 Montague st 
Pr>entice George, 25 Victoria st 


Murray D. C. & Co., 8"6 Montague st 
also several Painters and Joiners. 

Grain, Seed and Potato Mer- 
chants and Manure Agents 

Duncan, Ninian, Store lane 
Fisher, James, King st, W Castle st & 

King's Mill, Mill st 
McEwan & McMillan, 68 High st 
McMillan, Wm., John st 

Grocers and Provision 

(Licensed marked I). 
Adams, J. H., Barone rd 
Baxter, John M., 19b Argyle st 
Blue, Alex, 4 Mill st - 
Brown, Mrs Alex. 34 Columshill st 
Callan, Geo. M., 6 East Primes st 
(Callan, J.M'C , 21 E Princes st 
Clark J & J, Bishop st 
Cochrane Mrs, 6 Gallowgate 
Cooper & Co., Montague st 
Cunningham, Arch., 47 Victoria st 
Cunningham, Jas., 81 Montague st 
Currie. Miss Agnes, Wyndham rd 
Findlay, Wm., 137 High st 
Finlay, Peter, Wyndham rd 
Fordyce, Mrs, 72 High st 
Halliday, Male, 92 High st 
Hamilton, Andrew, 2 Bridge-end st 
Harvey Mrs B , 27 Mill st 
Henderson, Arch., 54 Montague st 
(Henry, Archd., 17 King st 
Hill, Miss, Ladeside st 
(Holt , Columshill st 

Laidlaw Mrs, 11 Bishop st 
Lipton, Ltd., Montague st 
(Maitland, Joseph, 6i Montague st 
Maltman, Mrs Arch., Mill st 
(Miliar, Andrew M., 1 Argyle st 
Miiler Mrs Mary 72 High st 
^Mitchell Mrs Wm., 8 W Princes'st 
(Moodie, George, 72 Ardbeg rd 
M'Callum, Mrs Neil. 96 Montague st 
McFarlane. Samuel, 9 Gallowgate 
McKendrlek, Mrs, 39 Watergate 
MacKinnon Mrs John, 6 Montague s 
(M'Lean Chas., Mill st 
McNata, Hamilton, 84 High st 
Paterson Mrs M.J. . Staffa pi 
(Perry, Arch., 2 Castle st 
Purvis, Mrs, High st 

TRADERS— Eothesay. 

Ross, James, 21 Stuart st 
Stone, Mrs Joseph, 2 Colurnshill st 
iSwanston, Arthur & Son, W. Princes st 
JUrquhart, J A., 13 Argyle st 
Watson Mrs Sarah, " Castle at 


Cameron, G. O., 51 Victoria st 
Gardiner, J., W Princes st 
Morrison, Arch., 90 Montague st 
McMillan, Archd, 7 High st 
Weir, Wm, 4 Bridge st 

Hosiery Manufactory 
The Orphanage, Barone id 

Hotel Keepers 

l Licensed 
iBlair, John. (Victoria), 57 Victoria st 
iCrawford Robt. (Queen's), Argyle st 
ZGrindley.Miss, ( Argyie),27 Watergate 
ZHagfgart, mis GW, (Royal), Albert pi 
Keith Mrs, (Livingstonia), Guildford sq 
Lawson, David jun., (Hotel Mxdeira), 

Victoria st 
JLyle J. & M., (George), Argyle st 
JLyle, John, (Lome), Guildford sq 
M Kinlay, Andrew M., 4 High st 
M'Millan,, James, West Princes st 
Pirie, Mrs G., (Osborne), 87 Victoria st 
JSmith.Robt., CButeArms), Guildford 


House Agents and Factors 

Burness, Robert, 29 High st 
'Campbell, Alex., 29 Watergate 
Dewar, Duncan, Castle st 
Fisher James, W. Castle st 
Miller, Robert C, Montague st 
Montgomerie, Arch , Albert pi 
M'Arthur, Peter, Albert pi 
Macbeth. Adam D., Mountpleasant 
M'Callum, John, Savings bank 
Maekinnon Jas , cr a, li Albert nl 
IStewart W. Alex., 47 Watergate " 
Turner, Colin B., Craigmore pier 
"Wilson John T., «Se Alexander, 
Castle st 

House Furnishers 

Dodds, John G., Tower st 
Innes, M. & G., 101 Montague st 
Mathers Walter, 3 Galluwgate 
M'Guire, Mrs, Russell st 
Robertson, Angus, Bridgend st 


Insurance Agents > 

Brown John, 5 Bridge st 

Campbell, Alex., 29 Watergate 

Campbell James, Academy ter 

Dewar Duncan, 15 Castle st 

Ferrier Wm, ~ Montague st 

Grant, Donald. Castlehill st 

Henderson Herbert, 1 Brandane ter 

Higgie, George, 22 Bridge st 

Hill Jack, Barone rd 

Johnstone, Alex. , Ballochgoy ter 

Macbeth, Adam D. Mountpleasant 

McFie. J. L„ Ardbeg rd 

M'Kay, Chas. Jnn., 16 Windsor pi 

Maekinnon James, CRA, Albert pi 

Masterton, J. L., Bank of Scotland 

Montgomerie, Arch., Albert pi 

McCallum, John, Savings bank 

Reid Peter, 3 The Terrace, Ardbeg 

Ross James, Mansefield pi 

Smith, G eorge, Clydesdale Bank 

Stewart W. Alex., 47 Watergate 

Symes, Robert, Bridge-end st . ; ■ 

Tait M., Bishop st 

Thompson, Angus, Montague st 

Turner, Colin B., Craigmore Pier 

Tytler, Wm., Royal Bank 

Wilson, John T. & Alexander, Castle st 

Brown & Co., 43 Montague st 
Gillies John, 45 Montague st 
M'Nab, John, West Princes st 
Napier, Thomas, 68 Montague st 
6Jd Bazaar, Montague st 

Blair, Duncan, 15 Bridge st 
Bowman, Wm., 1 West Castle st 
Brown, Alex., 18 Mill st 
Dob bie» Alex., Bishop terrace br 
Dodds, John G, Colbeck pi 
Hodgton David, Colurnshill st 
Holmes, John, 83 Montague st 
Morrison, Robert, Stuart st 
McBride, James, John st 
McCallum & Son, 50 High st & Ard- 
beg rd 
McNab, Alex., 24 Watergate st 
Robertson John, 33a Watergate 
Smith James, 13 Bishop st 
tSpeirs, Chas. W., 22 Bridge st 

Ladies' & Children's Outfitters 

Astle, Mrs, 100 Montague st 
Begg Miss, 4J Gallowgate 
Bradley Margaret, Bishop st 
Finlay, Miss, 93 Montague st 
Hadley, Mrs Clara, So Montague sc 
Hogg, Mrs, 15 Argyle st 
Lauder Misses J.& A. , 88 Montague st 
Lauder. Robert, 7 Albert pi . , x 

Miller Miss 53 Montague st 

M'Arthur, Miss, 69 Victoria st 

TK ADERS— Rothesay. 

McConnell C. & Co., 21 Montague st 
McConnell & McApthy, 59 Mon- 
tague st 
McPherson Miss F, 9 Bridge-end st 
Macmlllan's 7. 11, 18 & 21 Argyle st 

'Phone No., 92 
McTavish, Miss, 55 Victoria st 
Park. Miss, 75 Montague st 
Runciman, Miss, 14 W. Princes st 
Sillars, Mrs, 67 Victoria st 
Whiteford, Miss, 3 Dean Hood pi 
Wright Wm, 11 Gallowgate 

Laundry Keepers 
Bute Steam Laundry, Ladeside 
Johnstone Miss, 25 Barone rd 
Moore, Wyndham pk 

Rothesay Laundry, Bridge st — Robert S. 

Mackenzie proprietor 
Symes, Mrs, 85 High st 


Clay, T. M., 11 Victoria st 
Montgomerie, Frank, Albert pi 
Dougall J. S., 21 Victoria st 
M'Nicol, Miss, Bishop st 
Stewart Institute, Montague st 

Lime Merchants 

Mackirdy, T., 34 & 38 Bishop st 
Todd John, 27 Bridge st 


Fisher, James, the King's Mill, Mill st 
Robertson, James, Greenan Mill 


Astle, Mrs, 100 Montague st 
Fpeekleton, Misses, Ornatus ter- 
race, Ardbeg 
McConnell, & Co., 21 Montague st 
McTavish Miss. Victoria st 
Paterson, J., 31 Victoria st 
Runciman, Miss, 14 W. Princes st 
Thomson, Wm., 13 Montague st 

Newspaper Correspondents 
and Advertising Agents 

Ewing, 4., Buteman Office 
Higgie, Geo., Directory and Guide Office 
Mackenzie, M., Express Office 
Perston Wm, Buteman office 
Stevenson Charles W., Buteman office 


Murray, D. C. & Co., 86 Montague st 
tM'Coll, Hugh, 35 Mill st 
M'Fie, Dugald H., 65 High st 
Lumsden Robt. (Coach), Mill st 
Stark J. , 16 Argyle st 
Stewart W. & J., 22 W Princes st 


Innes, George, W. Castle st 


Adamson & Son, 23 Argyie st 

Burnette, F.R., Dean Hood pi 
Sweet, Charles & Son., 19 Battery pi 
WhitefOPd, Robt.. 23 Argyle st 
Rodger, David, 9 Victoria st 


Duncan, Matthew & Co., Ladeside 
M'Quistan, John, John st 


tChisholm , Ardbeg 

Cruiekshanks, John, 47 High st 
Cunningham, Daniel, 17 Bridgend st 
Napiep. Thomas, 68 Montague st 
Morrison Bros., 33 Watergate 
Peacock, A R., 23 High st 


1— Stewart, John, 20 Bishop st 
2— M'Cormick Thos. Bridge st 
3— M'Donald, Jas., 3 Russell st 
4— McLean John, 3 Mansfield pi 
5— M'Lachlan, Camp., 2 Mill st 
6— M'Murchie, Dugald, 56 Ladeside 
7 — M'Leish, Robert, 7 W Princes s 
8 — Young, Robert, Castle st 
9— M'Lean, Hugh, 7 Union st 
10— Shaw, John, 19 Victoria st 
11— Maitland John, 9 Mill st 
12— M'Lachlan Francis 
14— t Patrick Shields, 32 Mill st 


t Alexander John, 17 E Princes st 
tCampbell John, 66 Montague st 
tDuncan, Robt., Argyll mansions 
Dunlop, John, 30 Bishop st 
Ferguson, J., Argyle pi 
tHill, John, 10 Battery pi 
t Jamieson Robt, 20 Bishop st 
tJohnston John, 109 Montague *t 
t Johnston Robt., Bridge st 
Kean, Colin, 11 Mansetield pi 
Leitch, Colin, Port-Bannatyne 
JMutch, John W., 66 Montague st, 
M'Arthur, E., 94 High st 
tM'Farlane, R , Argyle st 
tM'Lean, D H, Union st 
M'Lellan, M., 27 Argyle st 
tM'Nab, Russell, Inkerman ter 
tM'Neil, Thos-, Argyle st 
•(•Nicholson Robt., 20 Bridge st 
Perston Gavin, 8 Mansefield pi 
tReid Arch, 71 Victoria st 
{Robertson, John, 1 Columshill 
tSmith, Arch,, 11 Montague st 
tSpence .James, 55 Ardbeg rd 
t On War Service 

TRADERS— Rothesay. 

Potted Meat Makers. 
Birnie, F., 21 Gallowgate 
Waddell, Montague st 

Poulterers, &c. 
Slaven Mrs, H7 Montague st 
.Slaven J S, 22 High st 

Smith John, 35 Victoria st 
Thomson, Mrs, 5 Tower st 
Thopbupn, John, W, Princes st 

Printers and Publishers 
Buteman Ltd.. 10 Castle st— Char; M 

Ste.'enson, mana,ger 
Higgle & Co., 22 Bridge st 

Bonnie Scotland s Resorts 
Belega. Skotlando 
Boni Shetland 
Bute County Directory 
The Coast Guide 
La Enamig'o de la Nacioj 
Scottish Scenery 
Mackenzie M., Express office, 11 
Montague st 

Quarry Masters 
Halliday.George, Limited, Long Hill 
Quarry. Office — Sawmills. Whin 
Sets, Kerb, Road Metal, &c, &c 

Remnant Shops. 

Lyle Mrs, 52 High st 
Robertson Miss, Bridge-end st 
Whiteford Miss, Dean Hood pi 

Restaurants and Tea Rooms. 

Allan, Mrs E. J., 63 Victoria st 
Bird , 3 Argyle st 
Buchanan, Donald. 27 Victoria st 
Buchanan, Misses I. & II, 15 Victoria st 
Cottage Tea Rooms, Albert pi. 
Goldie Mrs, E. Princes st 
Donaldson Miss 19J Bridgend st 
Norman Stewart Institute, Montague st 
Johnston, Mrs, 72 Victoria st 
Johnston, Daniel, 82 Montague st 
Keith James, 15 Montagu est 
Kendall Sisters, 106 Montague st 
Johnston, Mrs, 7 Bridge st 
Lawson, Mrs, 17 Victoria st 
Leitch, Henry, Argyle st 
Maxwell Miss, 15 E. Princes st 
M'Cord, Mrs, Albion, Victoria st 
M'Cord Miss, Boulevard, Victoria t 
M'Phee Mrs P, E Princes st 
M'Neil Dougall, 5 Montague st 
M'Quistan Miss, Montague st 
Napier, W., "Royal," 111 Montagues 
Robertson Robert J ., Montague st 
Scott, Miss, E Princes st 
Shaw, Mrs M., 15 Watergate 
Sloan, T., E. Princes st 

Burness, Robert, 20 High st 
Livingstone. Rich., 14 Castlehill st 

Saw Millers 

Halliday, George, Limited, Union st 
Home & Foreign Timber Merchants 

Sewing Machine Agent. 

Dickson, Steven, Post Office Build- 
ings, Bishop st — Singer Co. 

Kirkhope, Wm , Townhead 

Shipping and Forwarding 

Halliday, George, Limited, Union St. 
Roth , and 50 W ellington st, Glasgow 
Telegrams, "Halliday," Rothesay, & 
"Craigielea," Glasgow 

Miller, R C, Montague st 


Hyndman, James, Colbeck pi 
Leekie, Wm. M., Bridge^ st 
Miller, James & Son, Columshill st 
Paterson Robert, 50 High st 

Spirit Merchants 
The Licensed Hotel-Keepers 
Bell, Duncan, "Galatea Bar, 3, 5 and 

7 Bride End st 
Blue Pat, Guildford sq & Montague st 
Dewar John S, 8 Castle st 
Brown, David, High st 
Campbell, Angus, 13 Stuart st 
Campbell, Arch., Tower & Castlehill 

Crawford, Stewart, 4 Bridge-end st 
Galbraith Jas.. Castlehill st 
Heaton, James, 7 Victoria st 
Heaton, Robert, 12 E. Princes st 
Montgomerie, W., West Princes st 
McGiness, J , 20 Gallowgate 
M'Millan, Jas., E Princes st 
OConnop. Martin, 27 Gallowgate 
Robertson Wm. , 25 High st 
Taylop, D. M., Ltd , Tower st 
Walker, Alex., 70 Montague st 
Watson, John, 3 Victoria st 
Watson John, Athletic Bar, Gallow- 


TRADERS— Kotliesay. 

Steamboat Agents 

Meikle & M'Kellar (Buchanan's and 

Paterson, Chas , (Caledonian) 
Shaw & Gillies, (" Bute ") 
Sloan, Hugh, (G. & S.-W) 
Watson, W., (Macbrayne's) 
Yorkston, Alex., (N. B.) 

Tailors and Clothiers 

Dobbie, Andrew, Bisliop st 
Kepp, H. S., 38 Bishop st 
Miller Robert C, 46 Montague st 
Mowat, P. M. , 7 Bishop st 
Macpone, Alex, 26 Montague st 
McKay, Charles, 39 Victoria st 
Prentice, George, 25 Victoria st 
Speirs, Angus, 10 Gallowgate 
Yates, James, Montague st 


See Official List. 


Higgie, George, 22 Bridge st ; Dele- 

gito, Universala Esperanto Asocio 

Christie, Arthur S., Argyle ter 
Dryden George, Argyle st 
Love And. R, 

M'Kinlay Miss Marianne, Crichton rd 
Rodger, David, 9 Victoria st 

Higgie George, 22 Bridge st 

Spence Geo., swimming oaths 
Sprowl, Robt, Skeoch Bathing places 


NapieP, Thos., 68 Montague st 
M'Nab, John, W. Princes st 
MTavish, Edward 7J Bridge-end st 


Allan, Misses, Montague st 

Clark, John. Montague st 

Oougall & Co, 27 & 29 Montague st 

Lyle, Miss, 1 Montague st 

M'Culloch, H. P., 83 Victoria st 

McDonald J , Bridgend st 

McGilp, 3 Tower st 

M'Neill, Win., East Princes st 

Ramsay Hugh, 20 Argyle st 

Stewart Misses, 80 Ardbeg rd 

Stewart, R. B. , Albert pi 

Wilson, D., Mrs Victoria st 

Toy and Fancy Goods Dealers 

Campbell . Misses A & C, 1 W. Princes 

st & Guildford sq 
Clay, Thos. M., 11 Victoria st 
Dougall, & Co., 21 Victoria st, and 

27-29 Montague st 
Howat Jas. 1 Albert pi 
Lyle, Miss, 1 Montague st 
Stewart, Misses, 80 Ardbeg rd 

Umbrella Maker 
Maerne, Alex., 26 Montague st 

Fopdyee John, 17 Montague st 
Mathers, Walter, 3 Gallowgate 
Robertson, Angus, 21 Bridge-end st 

Watchmakers and Jewellers 

Coburn Jas., Dean Hood pi 

Dougall, J. S., 21 Victoria st 

Duncan, John, Roslin pi 

Lauder, Hugh, 8 Albert pi 

Law pence John Barr, 4 Gallowgate 

Wringing Machine Maker 
and Kepairer 
Aird, David, 1 Mill st 

Family Grocer — Peter Finlay, Wyndham Road, Ardbeg. — Orders 
punctually attended to. 

Millinery and Fancy Goods — M. K. Hogg, 15 Argyle Street. 
Potato Merchants— M'Ewan & M'Millan, 68 High street 

Tobacconist, Stationer, & Fancy Goods Emporium— Miss Stewart, 80 Ardbeg Road. 
Upholsterer, Window Blind and Bedding Manufacturer— John Fordyce, 17 Mon- 
tague street. 
Wholesale and Retail Fruit Merchant — John Slaven, Stuart street 


Parish of North Bute. 

(Including the Village of Poet- Bannatyne). 


Brown & Dallas. Crown Bids 
Welsh, George, Melbourne pi 


Smith John, Ettrick 
Dallas, Robert, Castle st 
Shaw Daniel, Straad 

Boat Builders 

Alexander James 
Fyfe, John, Ardmaleish 
Malcom, Arch., Marine id, west 
Mylne & M 'In tyre, Ardmaleish 

Boat Hirers 

Alexander James, Marine vd 
Lamont Norman, Marine rd 
Shearer. Matthew 
Wilson, James, Maiine rd 


Lamont Hugh, Crown buildings 

Carriage Hirers 

CuPPie Duncan, Marine rd 
Tramways Company 


CuPPie Duncan, Marine rd 
Loch & Son, Castle st 
Wilson, James, jun., Castle st 

Chimney Sweepers 

Leckie, W. M. 
Hyndman, James 

Coal Merchants 

Loch, George & Son, Castle st 
Wilson James, jun., Castle st 


Alexander, Miss, Inveryne pi 
Barbi Angi, Marine rd 


Callendar & Mann, Castle st 
Murray, Misses, Inveryne pi 


Bannatyne Miss, Marine rd 
Hunter, Miss, Springwell pi 


Meldrum, Wm., Marine rd 

Auchavoulaia .. D. M'Donald 








Bannatyne Mains 

Barone Park 



Cranslagmory . . 

Cranslagvourity . . 



East St Colmac . . 


Eskechraggan . . 







Mid Park 
South Park 
North Park .. 





Largivrechtan . . 


Little Kilmory . . 


Meikle Kilmory. . 

Mid St Calmac . . 


John Crawford 
Daniel Boag 
Mrs Stevenson 
Alex. Montgomery 
Arch. M'Intyre 
Daniel Macfie 
J. Currie 
Wm. P. Dickie 
Mrs John M'Kay 
Wm. Carmichael 
Lachlan M'Lean 
Chas. Macfarlane 
Wm. P. Dickie 
James Lyon 
A. "M'Intyre 
Dunbar J. & G. 
James P. Malcom 
Thomas Barr 
Marquis of Bute 
Andrew M'Intyre 
Jas. S Ritchie 
Robt. Robertson 
Hugh Lamont 

A.Macfie and T Bell 

Hugh Millar 
Mrs Stevenson 
Mrs MTntyre 
Colin M'Callum 
Robert T>uncan 
Henry M'Conechy 
Hugh Lamont 
Nina.n Dnncan 
R. Muir 

Mrs James M'Alister 
John Simpson 
James Middleton 

Nether Ardroscadale James Stewart 
Quogach . . Mrs Gillies 

Quien and Scalpsie John Martin, jun. 
Rhubodach .. Marquis of Bute 
Rullecheddan . . Wm Morrison 
Scalpsie . . John Martin 

Scarrel .. Mrs E. M'Intyre 

Shalunt . . Neil Dougan 

South St Colmac John Simpson 
Stewarthall .. A. M'Intyre 
Stuck . . John Lamont 

Upr. Ardroscadale,Stewart & M'Farlane 
Lower Ettrick . . John Macfie 
Upper Ettrick . . Wm. Hunter 
West St Colmac . . John G Simpson 

TRADERS— North Bute Parish. 


Alexander, Miss, Inveryne pi 


Alexander Mrs, Marine rd 
Cunningham, John, Alarine rd 
Hogarth, Mrs M. , Govandale pi 
Keith, Cath. , Inveryne pi 
M'Dougall Mrs, Castle st 
McGlashan, Mrs, Marine pi 
Sieve Wright, W. H., Victoria pi 

Hotel and Innkeepers, etc 

Campbell, A., Port-Bannatyne Inn 
Crawford, Mrs David, Crown 
Hydropathic, Swanstonhill 
McDonald, Ronald, Private, Pier ter 
Shields Robt., Royal Hotel 
Gallagher, Mrs, Anchor Tavern 

McPhail Mrs, Malcolm, Marine rd 

McFie John & Son, Creek Drive 
Maleom, Arch., Shore St, West 
M'Millan, Duncan, Castle st 

Newsagent, &c. 
Cuppie, Miss, Post Office 


Cunningham, M., 9 Quay st 


Stoddart Alex., Bay head 
Welsh, George, Melbourne pi 

Leckie, W M., branch from Rothesay 

Baird David, Marine rd 


Bodin, Wm. , Castle st West 
Opp, Hugh Kerr, 31 Marine rd 

Remember Friends at a Distance. 


Worked in Buteshire Heather and other Wild Flowers. 



Parish of Kingarth. 

(Including the Village of Kilchattan Bay. 


Bell, D., Kilchattan Bay 


Baipd, A. B., Kingarth 

Boat Hirer 

M'Fie, Daniel, Kilchattan Bay 

Bell, Duncan, Piperhall 
Bell, Malcolm, jun., Kelspoke 
Bell, Malcolm, Millhouse 
M'Fie, Fergus, „ 

Carriage Hirers 

M'Fie, D., Post Offieie, Kingarth 
M'Kirdy & M'Millan 

Gill, James, Little Bay 
M'Fie, Arch., Post Office, Kingarth 
M'Fie, D., Kilchattan Bay 

Confectioners & Fruiterers 

Bell D., Kilchattan Bay 
Campbell, J., Kilchattan Bay 
Currie Janet, Kilchattan Bay 
M'Dougall, E & J, Kilchattan Bay 
M'Fie, A„ Kilchattan Bay 

Brown, Miss Jessie, Little Bay 
Taylor, Miss T. , Kilchattan Bay 
Ferguson, Catherine, Little Bay 






Birgidale Crieff .. 

Birgidale Knock, 



Dixon's Dam 




J. .Jamieson 
Mrs Ferguson 
Hugh M'Lean 
Alex. Lyon 
Wm. M'Intyre 
Robt M'Dongall 
Arch Robertson 
Arch.M'Kay's hrs. 
Alex. M'Farlane 
Marquis of Bute 
Thos. Crawford 
Marqnis of Bute 




Kerry lamont 





T. & R Scott 
Marquis of Bute 
James Telfer 
Marquis of Bute 
Wm. Martin 
W. Gemmill 
Geo. Baillie 
Wm. B. Crawford 

Largizean, Mrs Martin & T. Mathieson i 
Little Kilchattan Airs Crawford 
Lubas Daniel Potts 

Meikle Kilchattan Alex. Macfarlane 
Mid- Ascog ... Robert M'Alister 

Nether Stravannan James Martin 
Newfarm . . Maiquis of Bute 

Plan and Kelspoke Marquis of Bute 
Quochag ... Arch. Murray 

Scoulag . . Marquis of Bute 

South Garrochty Professor Macewen 

M'Arthur, J., Kilchattan Bay 

General Dealer 

Campbell, Kilchattan Bay 


Cuppie, Miss, Kilchattan Bay 
M'Dougall, Jane, Kilchattan Bay 
M'Fie Flora, P O, Kerrycroy 
M'Fie, Eliz., Kilchattan Bay 

Hotel Keepers 

Crawford, Wm, Kingarth 

Morrison Mrs J, Kiln Temperance house- 

St Blane's, Kilchattan Bay 


Logan, Jas., Kilchattan Bay 
M'Fie, Robert, 

Newsagent, &c. 
Cuppie Miss, Kilchattan Bay 


Fisher, J. , Kilchattan Bay 

Tile Manufacturer 
Gilmour Thos , Kilchattan Bajr 


Parish of Cumbrae. 

(Including the Burgh of Millport). 

Allan Wm., Glasgow st 
Cunningham John, 8^ Guildford st 
Curr Wm., Ouayhead 
Speirs Allan. 2S Stuart st 

Graham Alex., Crawford st <fc Craig st 

Boat Builder 

Mauchline Colin, George st 

Boat Hirers 

Dunan S.' Glasgow st 
Hunter Neil, f-trathwherry 
Mauchline Colin, Strathwherrv 
Wilson, M Neil & Sons, Glasgow st 


Baillie James, Stuart st & Glasgow st 
Cunningham Miss, 19| Stuart st" 
Cunningham Jas., Post O., Guildford st 
Dick Mrs, Quayhead st 
Stewart C. , Glasgow and Stuart st 

Boot and Shoemakers 
Dunan Wm. H., Guildford st 
Little H., Stuart st 
Little H, Glasgow st 

Mackay David, 37 Stuart st 

Coal Merchants 

Co-Operative Soeietj 
Kerr Wm, Howard st 
Munro John, Barend st 

Confectioner p 
Boyd Miss, Stuart st 
Lyall A, Guildford st 
M'Nicol Mrs, 31 Stuart st 
Rowatt John 
TobiaC, Guildford st 
Whitton Mrs, Kelburne st 


Maycroft George, 20 Kelburne st 
Wishart B, Kelburne st 


Allan Misses I. & M., Glasgow st 
Caldwell Miss. Stuart st 
Campbell Arch., Glagow st 
Co-Operative Society Guildford st 
Logie miss, Guildford st 
M'Innes Miss, Cardiff st 
Rowatt Miss, Guildford st 
Shearer M. & H., 27 Stuart st 

Mclnnes Miss, Cardiff st 


Wishart Robert, Kelburne st 


M'Paplane J . Guildford st 
Shields, Thos., Glasgow st 
Templeton Wm., Stuart st 

Carriage Hirers 

Fraser R., Ashgrove 
Kerr Walter, ( lyde st 
M'Allister J., Kameston stable-; 
JVTColl H., Barend st 

Earthenware Dealers 

Baillie James, Stuart st 
Leslie Mrs H W., Guildford st 
Stewart, C, 15 Glasgow st 
Whitelaw, D., Stuart st 


Barbour John, Ballikellet 
Crawford Jonn & .Tames, Poi tyre 
Crawford Mrs. Karnes mill 
Crawford James, Figgatoch 
Finnie Mrs Mid Kirkton 
Jl'Kay, R., Ballochmartin 
M'Kirdy John, Nether Kirkton 
M'Kirdy R., Upper Kirkton 
Robertson Robert, Breakough 

TRADERS— Ombrae Parish. 


Houston Alex., Stuart st 


Baillie Mrs, 14 Glasgow st 
Boyd M., Stuart st 
Lyall Miss, Guildford st 
Rowatt Joon, Stuart st 
Smith John, Stuart st 


(Licensed, marked l.\ 
Allan Wra., Glasgow st 
Brown Miss, Cardiif st 
Co-Operative Society. Cardiff st 
Graham, James, Clyde st 
Houston Mrs A., Miller st 
Hunter Charles, Stuart st 
Hunter, Misses M. & I., Glasgow st 
M'Kay Jcnn T., Guildford st 
^Murray John Glasgow st 
Wallacs James 9 Quayhead 
Young Robt. , Keltaurne st 


Campbell Archd., Stuart st 

Hotel Keepers 

Sommerville. (Royal George), 


Cumbrae Hotel, Ltd. (Cumbrae), Stuart 

Gpaham Mrs, (Sommerville Temper- 
ance), Stuart st 


Kerr F., Stuart st 

Leslie, Mrs H. W., Guildford st 

Duncan Thomas Kameston rd 
Hunter, Robt.. Howard st 
Munro, Neil, Miller st 
Taylor John, Barend st 

Baillie James, Stuart st 
Stewart C, Glasgow st 


Logie Miss, Guildford st 
Rowatt Miss Guildford st 
Shearer Misses. Stuart st 

N urser ymen 

Martin Robt., Viewfiild nursery 
M'Lachlan W., Kirkton gardens 
R,owat, John, Glebe nursery 


Hastie Geo. , Howard st 
Matthewson Andrew, 34 Howard st 


Wright A. G., Cardiff st 


Golan .J. Barend st 


M 'David Wm., Crawford st 
Risk Jas., Howard st 

Connell Arch., 15 Stuart st 
Hamilton Miss, 12 Stuaitst 
Mauchlin C, Guildford st 
Wright Miss, " Three Little Maids" 


Seaton John, Clyde st 

Spirit Merchants 
The Licensed Hotel-Keepers and 
Holms, jits, Glasgow st 
Johnson J. (Keiburne), Stuart st 
Murray John, Glasgow st 
Paterson James, Glasgow st 
Train Mrs, 7 Cardiff st 

Steamboat Agents 

Miller John J, Keppel piei 

tewart James, Harbour 
Stewart Alex., Harbour 

M'Eavid Wm., Crawfoid st 
Risk James, Howard st 


Dunan Wm. Stuart st 
Leslie H. W., Guildford st; 
Stewart C, Stuart and Glasgow sts 
Whitelaw D., Stuart st 

Toy Dealers 
Baillie James, Stuart st 
Campbell Arch, , Stuart st 
Dick Miss, Quayhead st 
Graham Jas., Clyde st 
Leslie H. W„ Guildford st 
Stewart C. Stuart & Glasgow st 
Whitelaw, D., Stuart st 

Watchmaker and Jeweller 
Crawford Wm., 42 Stuart st 




Pottage, not exceeding 1 
and for every additional 2 

Id : 


Dimensions, 24 in. by 12 in. by 12 in. 

Registration Fee. 2d for .£5 value, 3d for £20. 

Id for every additional £10 up to £400 

Registered Envelopes, from 3}d. each 


Registered, 5<1 each ; if not registered, each 

2oz., Halfpenny. 

Maximum weight, 2 lbs. 

Dimensions, 24 in. by 12 in. by 12 in. 

Postage, 2 oz 

Foreign, each 2 oz, Id. 
To Canada and Newfoundland — 

registered newspapers Id per lb. 


. 12 for6d.; Replv.thin,... 12 for Is. 


Font Age, not exceeding 1 lb..4d; 2 1b. M: 
3, 6d; 5, 7d; 7, 8d; 8, 9d; t9, lOd; 10, lid 11,11 

Maximum weigh, 11 lbs. 

Dimensions — Length, 3 ft. 6 in. ; greatest 

length and girth combined, 6 ft. 

Registration — same as for letters. 



Sums not over £1, £3, £10, £20, £30, £40 
the charge is 2d. 3d. 4d. 6d. 8d. lOd 

Telegraph Money Orders. 

£3, 5d.: £10, 6d.. and ordinary charge for 



For6d to 15/, Id 

„ 15/6 to 21s, ljd 

„ broken amounts, stamps not over 5d 
may be affixed to P.O. 


For 12 words 

and for every additional word, Jd. 
Addresses charged for. 

Not over£5 Id 

£10, 2d. 

£25, 3d 


Not over£50, 6d 

„ £75 9d 

„ £100 Is 


"This Directory now-a-days contains the information dis- 
tinctive of both the Directory and the Almanac of past 
years, and the date of its issue is gradually becoming mid- 
way between the original dates of issue of these two 
publications. We begin our researches early enough, but 
the airy Summer publications must hustle out while the 
sun shines. The Directory, although very useful to the 
fluctuating visiting population, is not necessarily a fine- 
weather publication, but a hardy permanent resident. 

Our aim, in this publication, is not to record the passing names 
and achievements of visitors and those who come to cater 
foi them, but something of far greater importance — the 
registering of the names, standing, and businesses of the 
resident population — for the information of all having an 
interest in Buteshire, its burghs and rural districts. 

The Directory is, of course, not only for the remaining por- 
tion of the year in which it is issued, but continues the 
only printed reference book for the county of Bute until 
its successor appears. 

One edition of the Directory is no sooner off than we begin to 
note alterations (and prepare for probable additions) for 
the next — so that it may be thoroughly up to date. These 
alterations and probable additions lie at our office, and are 
at the service of our customers. 

Will Secretaries of societies, etc., connected with Buteshire, 
who do not already do so, please remember to forward 
to us particulars of their institutions, annual reports, 
and lists of office-bearers, as information for the next 
issue of the Directory 1 

We are not yet enabled to publish all the information that we 
desire, but that does not prevent us compiling (in antici- 
pation of greater reciprocity) more than we at present 

This Directory is not only found all over Buteshire, but in the 
libraries and other places of public resort in "the adjacent 
islands of Great Britain and Ireland." 


22 Bridge Street, Rothesay, 
June, 1917. 

Bute County Directory. 


" It is splendidly compiled." — Campbeltown Courier. 

" Being invaluable, it should have a large circulation." — Argyllshire Advertiser. 

" Contains a large amount of information carefully revised to date." — Glasgow 

The Directory is indispensible to business people in the county." — Rothesay Ex- 

" Useful local annual. A useful book of this kind is a convenience that no busy 
trader can afford to be without. ' — Buteman. 

" Every inch of paper has been utilised in a kind of bewildering profuseness, as if 
the publishers were determined to give full and overflowing measure,'^- Dunoon Ob- 

" Every little parish has its own pages in the book. It contains much general in- 
formation relating to the County of Bute. It is well worth the price — one shilling." 
— Ardrossan Herald. 

Messrs Higgie and Co, are to be highly complimented on the production of a 
volume which, for reference, should prove invaluable to all classes of the community. 
— Greenock Telegraph. 

" Will be found invaluable to those having any connection with Rothesay ; and as 
for the many visitors who are attracted to the island, they could scarcely get on with- 
out it." — (iieefloek Herald. 

" If the importance of a place is to be judged from the local directory, as claimed, 
then the County of Bute in general, and Rothesay in particular, must be said to occupy 
a high plane." — Evening Times. 

" The Directory should be indispensible to residents in the County of Bute, and all 
who have official or business relations with it. It is really a valuable volume for the- 
nhabitants of the County of Bute." — Largs and Millport Weekly News. 

" Indeed in this book is to be found all the information which the most inquiring 
persoQ requires to know about the county. The matter is well arranged. Such a book 
is a necessary part of the equipment of every office which does business with islands 
whose interests are so closely associated with those of Glasgow." — Evening Times. 


Besides the opinions of the Press we have received spontaneous testimony of the 
usefulness of the Directory — from professional and business gentlemen and pleasure- 
seekers, not only in the county but beyond it. 

A Rothesay public official wrote : — " The Bute County Directory has many times 
proved most valuable when visitors have come to me inquiring for the addresses of 
their Rothesay friends. In fact, we could hardly do without it." 

An Arran postmaster wrote : — " I am much obliged for your courtesy in sending 
me the Bute County Directory, but do not think it reasonable that I should have all 
the benefit of the information you have compiled with so much care and expense entirely 
free of expense, so I take the liberty of enclosing postal order for Is 4d for cost and 




Esperanto, and 

Business Methods. 

during the two Winter Quarters— October till December and January till 
March, Private Tuition by arrangement. 

Shorthand will continue to be taught with a view to its subsequent 
usefulness in Business and Professionally. 

In Typewriting special attention will be devoted to Punctuation and 
Capitalisation — a thorough knowledge of which is absolutely necessary in Practiaal 
Printing, and cannot longer be neglected by those aspiring to be First-Class Typists. 

Esperanto. — This wonderful International Language is already used for 
Business and Pleasure in all parts of the world. Mr Higgie, being an official of the 
Universal Esperanto Association, is in touch with important regions all over the world, 
and regularly corresponds with persons everywhere — notwithstanding their different 
national languages. 

This auxiliary language anticipates the happy time when there will be ' ' Peace 
on earth, good will to men," which is coming yet in spite of the present times of great 
tribulation. Its efficacy in tracing missing friends and making new ones has been 
repeatedly evidenced — even in this terrible War. 

Anticipating the boom in International Trading after the World War, experi- 
ments !>y means of inter-correspondence in Esperanto are being made by business firms 
throughout the world with eminently satisfactory results. " The meek shall inherit the 
earth." May we soon see the "complete overthrow of the blatant, self-righteous and 
arrogant despots. 

Business Methods. — Instruction given in other Up-to-Date Business 
Methods. Advertisement Writing is a Present Day Enviable Profession, and the 
ground-work and minutsea have long been familiar to Mr Higgie, apractical Printer. 


are known, read and appreciated thronghout the whole civilised world. Many of the 
contributions are written by up-to-date foreigners. 



at 22 Bridge street. 


]/' Dainty Literary " Winsome Little 






m / 










f « 




^ $ / 


" Guide on a point of 

" Really an International 

National, Honour. 





















For Correspondence among 
SCOTS and their FRIENDS 

At Hame and Abroad. 






To be had from 

and Booksellers.! 
the Esperanto Groups 

The Publishers, 
Newsagents and 
throughout the W«rld. 

Then let us pray that come it may 
As come it will for a' that, 

When man to man the world o'er 
Shall brithers be and a' that. 





In which art rested the Shares of the Railway Passengers Asauranoe Co., 
and the Ocean Marine Insuranoe Co., Ltd, 

FUNDS - - £23,806,000 

















Prosjpeokues and every information may be had at the 

Chiaf Offlaeat- 
IDINBUBGH— 04 Prinws Street. LOVBOV — 61 Threadneedle Street, B.O- 

Glasgaw Branch Office, 102 St Vincent Street, 
or I-oca,! Agrenciea